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10:21<linbot>There goes the neighborhood
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16:06[~]caker stabs DMV
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16:13<Rifkin>DMV = Dept. of Motor Vehicles?
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20:09<guinea-pig>caker: everyone stabs them. they never die
20:10<guinea-pig>i have a feeling the DMV does what they do because they *like* being stabbed
20:10<@caker>the nice lady I spoke with at DMV regarding the issue I had today said they get 1000s of calls about this daily
20:10<@caker>totally backwards
20:11<@caker>apparently, paying a ticket isn't enough to prevent your license from being suspended in TN .. go figure
20:11<@caker>so, off to DMV for me tomorrow. Hopefully I don't get pulled over on my way there
20:12<@caker>proof of insurance and another $65 bucks
20:12<@caker>(they suspended my license from a ticket I PAID for not having my insurnace on me)
20:12<@caker>wish someone would have ASKED me for it when I paid the ticket
20:13<guinea-pig>is TN one of those states that gives you an insurance card?
20:14<@caker>oh, I heeded your advice -- WS-C2960G-48TC-L <-- new switch :)
20:14<guinea-pig>i got pulled over in idaho, and i couldn't understand why the cop was asking for proof of insurance
20:14<@caker>guinea-pig: no, but NJ is. I found it odd that I just carry around some photocopied piece of paper
20:14<@caker>same with registration -- it's just a freaking receipt
20:14<guinea-pig>the cop couldn't understand why i didn't understand
20:14<@caker>in NJ we get cards for all this stuff
20:14<guinea-pig>in MA, you can't get a registration without insurance. they're linked
20:15<guinea-pig>and the registration is ... double-sized index-card stock, always in the car
20:15<guinea-pig>and it says ON the registration who insures the car :)
20:15<guinea-pig>insurance is cancelled, the registration is invalid
20:16<@caker>my options were: to either come in and show them my insurance, or bring a bond for $60k (!), then they'll let me get my license back (I have until the 21st)
20:16<@caker>MA is pretty on it, then... I'm impressed
20:16<guinea-pig>they just changed some insurance laws this year.. not sure what...
20:17<guinea-pig>a lot of national insurance companies won't bother with MA because our laws set the rates. you don't really need to shop around for better insurance rates here
20:17<guinea-pig>so we get geico commercials, but no insurance
20:17<@caker>in other news: Nov 15, 2006 8:01 PM Picked up SHANGHAI CN <-- my laptop finally shipped
20:17<@caker>ordered it three weeks ago (new 17" MacBook Pro)
20:18<@caker>awww yeah
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20:18<guinea-pig>also... next year, all residents of massachusetts will be required to have mandatory health insurance... not sure how i feel about that, being broke and unemployed.
20:18<guinea-pig>they'll fine you if you don't have any!
20:18<@caker>no kidding?
20:18<guinea-pig>but they won't pay for it for you
20:19<@caker>gods forbid you die! then they really sock ya
20:19<taupehat>that'll last about five minutes i court
20:21<@caker>haha .. "Cylons... why debugging matters" <-- in a VisualStudio webad
20:24<taupehat>speaking of which
20:24<taupehat>caker: can you see from where you are/
20:25<taupehat>webpage and all, or just ping?
20:25<@caker>via http
20:25<@caker>Yes, this is me. Beware!
20:25<taupehat>okay, that's the one
20:25<taupehat>best damn toaster money can't buy
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20:36<fo0bar>taupehat: it's "ha ha" funny, but vista isn't even officially released yet, so I would give them some slack
20:36<fo0bar>they'll probably have an installer update out by the end of the year
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20:38<fo0bar>but even better is this:
20:38[~]taupehat wonders if you'll have to run it as root/local admin
20:38<fo0bar>the background image is either the middle of a zombie attack, or a still from Girls Do Girls 17
20:39<Nigel[CPI]>that girl looks like she's in pain
20:39<Nigel[CPI]>or the other girl is trying to strangle her
20:40<taupehat>hard to tell what's got her so worked up
20:40<Nigel[CPI]>taupehat: it's obvious!
20:40<Nigel[CPI]>the Zune install failed, she's screaming in anger!
20:41<Nigel[CPI]>she's screaming "Someone help me"
20:42<taupehat>either that or the zune has vibrate mode
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20:43<taupehat>if that is really, truly not a photochop, all I can say is "What the heck were they thinking???"
20:44<Nigel[CPI]>haha... "Zune can vibrate to the tune of the music"
20:44<Nigel[CPI]>taupehat: seen their photo library?
20:44<Nigel[CPI]>it's quite funny seeing the odd places where Zune would be used
20:45<Nigel[CPI]>taupehat: he looks stoned
20:47<Nigel[CPI]>taupehat: ?
20:49<Nigel[CPI]>well, i'm out
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22:22<npmr> <-- Kurt
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22:57<dobedobedew>can anybody tell me what the ETA is for a newly created account? about a day?
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23:00<rrijkse>it depends on wether or not your credit card verification checks out or not
23:00<rrijkse>if it does it should be a day otherwise it might take longer
23:01<@caker>we've been averaging 6 hours for activation (since I started keeping track)
23:03<dobedobedew>OK. I already received a receipt for the CC payment. I'll wait for my email to come tomorrow.
23:03<guinea-pig>beware of the penguins
23:03<@caker>dobedobedew: I just activated a signup that came in a few minutes ago -- perhaps that was you
23:03<dobedobedew>It may have been
23:03<dobedobedew>linode 100?
23:04<@caker>Mr. Brown
23:04<@caker>or Mrs? :)
23:05[~]caker needs to remember to look at first names
23:05<dobedobedew>yep that's me. Thanks. I'll be done bothering you all now......
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