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01:37<rk>anyone awake?
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04:33<xobul>i have question
04:34<xobul>i have created disk image
04:34<xobul>how is it possible to mount this image on my linode ?
04:38<fo0bar>xobul: edit your current configuration profile, add the disk under Drive Setup, save, then reboot your linode
04:38<Ciaran>And put the appropriate entries in /etc/fstab if you want to mount it at boot.
04:39<fo0bar>that too
04:42<xobul>thanks :)
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10:16<rk>good morning
10:18<@mikegrb>good morning
10:19<rk>just a quick question: is my linode's traffic filtered at all, or does it possibly go through a NAT?
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10:19<@mikegrb>no nat
10:19<@mikegrb>the datacenter you are in does filter just a couple of ports
10:20<rk>ah... any idea which ones?
10:21<@mikegrb>though that isn't completely current, a few on the list aren't blocked any more
10:21<rk>hmmm.. that list of ports shouldnt affect my linode
10:21<rk>any idea if any SIP traffic might be blocked?
10:21<@mikegrb>having issues with something?
10:21<@mikegrb>sip shouldn't be affected at all
10:22<rk>my install of asterisk worked fine until recently, now i can't communicate properly with one of my SIP providers
10:22<rk>symptoms are similiar to systems behind a nat or blocked ports, hence my question
10:22<@mikegrb>which provider?
10:23<rk>laugh if you will, but my provider for outbound calls is
10:23<@mikegrb>inbound through another provider is working okay though?
10:24<rk>bypassing asterisk on my linode works fine as well
10:24<@mikegrb>have you tried "set verbose 10" on the console to see if it sheds any light?
10:24<rk>i have
10:24<rk>nothing looks wrong
10:24<rk>it appears as if the rtp stream is lost somewhere
10:26<rk>IAX traffice to another provider works fine
10:27<rk>i went nuts yesterday, ended up updating asterisk, and my phone's ROMs, but problem remained
10:28<@mikegrb>yeah IAX traffic is a lot more resiliant
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11:27<siddslaci>hi channel! today I, siddslaci, will be your regularly scheduled newbie stumbling into irc with a perceived freakin' emergency, desparate for help
11:28<siddslaci>I've got a migration from a linode 100 to a linode 200 under way right now... job queue's been stuck on an in-progress task for ~ 30 minutes
11:29<siddslaci>task is migrating a 512mb swap filesystem
11:29<siddslaci>can anyone here provide guidance or assistance to get this cleared in a timely manner? I'd be very grateful!
11:33<kvandivo>sounds like something got stuck.. i will note that, unless you a very specific usage pattern, you don't need near that much swap on a linode
11:35<@caker>siddslaci: hello, I'll take a look
11:37<@caker>siddslaci: due to a bug, the migration jobs in the queue will report back failed, but alas, they've actually copied correctly
11:40<siddslaci>thanks for that
11:41<siddslaci>k, awesome, it's on to the next one
11:41<siddslaci>I appreciate the quick help!
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11:55<@caker>siddslaci: all set
12:05<siddslaci>so I see, thanks again!
12:05<siddslaci>y'all rock
12:05[~]siddslaci salutes
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14:15<warewolf>someone took a photo of a cat shaking it's head left/right with a long exposure and it blurred the cat's head
14:16<warewolf>the image then has text written on it "Drillcat will kill your family"
14:18<kvandivo>sounds absolutely hilarious
14:18<SpaceHobo>schrœdinger's kitten
14:23<SpaceHobo> <-- warewolf
14:33<warewolf>yaay, the sun has finally decided to come out and stop the rain
14:34<kvandivo>i guess we now know who'll stop the rain
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17:13<encode>does anyone know of any linux software that can do logging of bandwidth usage of traffic over an IP tables firewall/NAT, with breakdown of traffic type / port for each internal ip address
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17:39<@caker>encode: iam ?
17:39<@caker>looks rather old
17:40<encode>its not really what i want
17:40<@caker>shouldn't be too hard to roll your own with bash/awk/perl/etc
17:41<encode>i want something that says, this host on the network used this much bandwidth at this time, and have graphs of various intervals
17:42[~]linbot is bringing sexy back
17:45<encode>something like but for network traffic rather than blocked packets
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18:17<encode>i might try a combination of and
18:33<encode>actually ntop looks basically what im after
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18:40<jordanb>If I upgrade to the yearly pay scheme then do I get the 50% space bonus offer?
18:40<jordanb>Or is that only for new customers?
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19:12<@tasaro>jordanb: You can take advantage of that offer at any time - not only for new customers
19:17<jordanb>There's not a way to change that cycle on the member page though?
19:36<npmr>hey jordan
19:37<SpaceHobo>hey jordanb
19:37<SpaceHobo> <-- It's me!
19:42<jordanb>Hi crackmonkey.
19:42<jordanb>It's been a while.
19:43<SpaceHobo>I'm living in London these days
19:43<SpaceHobo>although I'm in SF for work right now
19:44<jordanb>How's the domestic life?
19:45<SpaceHobo>I'm working again
19:45<SpaceHobo>no longer domestic
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19:45<jordanb>You still in computers?
19:48<jordanb>I'm about ready to graduate with an english writing degree. I was hoping to get out of coputers.
19:48<jordanb>But I got this job with paul suda and it's pretty good.
19:48<jordanb>Doing linux admin right now, with php programming on the horizon.
19:48<SpaceHobo>yeah, I got a history degree and then surprisingly got right back into the linux industry
19:49<jordanb>The thing is computer jobs are easy to get and high paying.
19:49<jordanb>It sucks you in.
19:49<jordanb>I'd like to angle towards technical writing or something.
19:49<jordanb>To use my degree.
19:50<jordanb>But if I did that I'd want to find clients who let me use TeXy stuff rather than writing it in like word and sending it to a typesetter who uses indesign or something.
19:50<jordanb>Paul is going to have me do some writing for this client, in openoffice.
19:51<jordanb>So that's my story.
19:52<jordanb>I think everyone at ufo that you know is gone now, except nate and myself.
19:52<SpaceHobo>things move on
19:53<SpaceHobo>it's all about Ubuntu LoCo teams these days
19:53<jordanb>Is that what the cool kids are doing now?
19:54<jordanb>So how's London?
19:54<SpaceHobo>damn fine city
19:54<SpaceHobo>although I'm appreciating how beautiful San Francisco is.
19:55<jordanb>Livingstone seems like the best mayor ever.
19:56<jordanb>How'd you decide to go to London?
19:56<SpaceHobo>E got a transfer within her company
19:58<jordanb>Ahh ok.
19:59<jordanb>I'm planning on spending a month or two in montreal this summer, to get better with french.
20:00<jordanb>Are you much of a bicyclist?
20:02<SpaceHobo>Not since I lived in Seattle
20:03<jordanb>I have a friend who just came back from spain and is pretty down on bicycling in europe.
20:03<guinea-pig>ltns, jordanb
20:04<jordanb>We were talking about it and I mentioned London (as a counter-example), she said she thought london must have a horrible biking experience because UK drivers are so aggresive.
20:04<jordanb>But all of her UK experience is in Scotland.
20:05<jordanb>guinea-pig, Yeah.
20:05<jordanb>Man, all the old-timers hang out here.
20:06<guinea-pig>anyone else? hehe
20:06<jordanb>I got on #afda a few weeks ago.
20:06<npmr>i've seen ascott in here
20:06<jordanb>That was a blast from the past too.
20:06<guinea-pig>hell, by now, caker and mikegrb are old-timers to me
20:06<jordanb>'talked to deblon and screwtape for a while.
20:07<npmr>jordanb, got any ideas for ufo fifth thursday?
20:07<jordanb>npmr, We talked about that last meeting.
20:07<jordanb>Brian isn't going to be around.
20:08<jordanb>I think Neil and I made tentitive plans a little, but I don't think it's going to pan out.
20:08<npmr>beaujolais nouveau?
20:08<jordanb>npmr, Those netfilter things are amazing, btw.
20:08<npmr>cool, glad that's working out
20:08<npmr>you got the security update, right?
20:09<npmr>dsa-1212, openssh
20:10<jordanb>Probably not.
20:10<@tasaro>jordanb: If you want to switch to annual w/ the free disk space just submit a support ticket
20:10<guinea-pig>man, another ssh security....
20:11<jordanb>tasaro, Ok, that's what I figured after I couldn't find it in the members form. I suppose I have to decide if I need to upgrade to a 150 or not before I go annual though.
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20:12<jordanb>Yeah there it is.
20:16<jordanb>npmr, Do you know if that timeout thing is fixed in ipt_recent?
20:21<npmr>timeout thing?
20:21<jordanb>Its in the email that I sent to ufo tonight.
20:22<jordanb>I came across it while figuring out how ipt_recent works.
20:22<jordanb> <-- Here you go.
20:23<jordanb>Ok, I just saw that 2006 note.
20:23<jordanb>I started trying to sift through all those comments where patches were being submitted and rejected.
20:23<jordanb>And then lost interest before the end.
20:24<jordanb>The linode kernel is 2.6.18 so I guess there's no problem.
20:25<npmr>"blacklist" is the wrong way to think of it
20:26<jordanb>Did I get somewhat close to how it works?
20:26<npmr>more like, each time a matching packet arrives, recent will determine whether or not there have been three others within the last 60 seconds
20:26<npmr>if yes, recent matches
20:26<npmr>if no, recent does not match
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20:27<npmr>you got how it works, yes
20:27<jordanb>But if recent does match then the packet goes for a long walk on a short pier, and the timer gets reset, right?
20:27<npmr>the packet gets dropped, yes
20:28<npmr>but it's not "subsequent packets" that get dropped
20:28<npmr>which is how you worded it in the email
20:28<npmr>it's just the one netfilter is handling at the time
20:28<jordanb>Ok, so it's the fourth new connection request and subsequent packets.
20:29<npmr>the fourth packet within a minute will be blocked yes
20:29<jordanb>But, if I'm the fifth new connection request that would trigger that rule, what happens to me?
20:29<jordanb>That first rule.
20:29<npmr>subsequent packets will only be blocked if they still meet that criterion, though
20:29<npmr>i.e. fourth, fifth, etc *within the last 60 seconds*
20:29<jordanb>I see what you mean.
20:30<jordanb>The whole host isn't in a black hole.
20:30<jordanb>Just packets that match the first rule.
20:30<jordanb>Packets opening a connection to port 22.
20:31<npmr>if you send a TCP SYN ACK to port 22 with those rules every 20 seconds, they'll all get through
20:32<npmr>i stopped using those netfilter rules on dorothy when i stopped using password auth
20:33<npmr>i really don't care if crackbots try to brute force passwords when passwords won't do anything
20:33<jordanb>There is only one account that has password auth on my system (jordanb) and they never try that account. And even if they did, it's a strong password.
20:33<jordanb>But I don't like getting a billion logcheck messages.
20:33<jordanb>To that affect.
20:34<jordanb>Nor do I want to make logcheck ignore something like a dictionary attack on my ssh server.
20:34<jordanb>Which is the reason why I wanted that.
20:35<npmr>i like to cackle maniacally at the logchecks
20:35<jordanb>I guess that's fun too.
20:36<npmr>and imagine that there's a real live cracker saying "rats! foiled again!" with each password he enters
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