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05:25<dibblego>hello, I noticed the sign up special by paying annually - but if I sign up now for one month, then sign up annually after that, can I still have that special? i.e. the setup fee waived + 50% disk space increase?
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09:50<erikh>npmr: amen, getting rid of password auth is the best way to solve that problem
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10:01<linbot>New news from forums: GD Graphics Install? in General Discussion <>
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13:50<efudd>wii available -now-
13:51<kvandivo>what's the base console price on the wii?
13:53<kvandivo>anyone actually have a PSP? they any good?
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14:06<fo0bar>kvandivo: $250USD, comes with 1 controller and wii sports
14:07<fo0bar>assuming each game is $50, you're not saving anything there, but the idea of ordering now is cool
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14:09<fo0bar>if I can get one sunday (O'
14:09<fo0bar>I'll be trying, but not hard
14:10<fo0bar>if I can get one, I'll get the console and excitetruck
14:10<kvandivo>i used to go after all the new console stuff.. then i accepted that i'm no longer a gamer.. and my money is just wasted
14:10<kvandivo>so now, i just watch others have their fun
14:10<fo0bar>and over time these titles look interesting: zelda, nfs carbon, red steel, monkey ball
14:11<fo0bar>kvandivo: I play windows game stuff (mostly titles in steam). I have a PS2 with maybe a dozen games over the years, and before that the last console I had was an SNES
14:12<fo0bar>but I'll get a wii because it looks different and fun
14:12<kvandivo>did you get a cube for similar reasons?
14:12<fo0bar>I don't have a cube
14:13<fo0bar>IIRC that was because my PS2 was relatively new, and I didn't feel the need to get yet another console
14:14<kvandivo>i have a ps1, a dreamcast, and 2 xboxen (bought mostly for unix, not games).. based on that, you can tell about when i decided that i didn't play games
14:14<kvandivo>i was a gamaniac in college.. but those years are past.. now i don't have the patience to play a game more than a few hours total.. usually only an hour or two at a time at that
14:15<scott>you need bzflag
14:15<kvandivo>having spades and a good set of solitaire games on the cell phone manages to satisfy my gaming needs
14:17<scott>you need some kids to play with
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15:24<Dreamr3>anyone use backup ninja?
15:24<Dreamr3>i can't even find it on the net
15:25<Dreamr3>what do you all use to auto backup mysql databases, etc to another server without intervention?
15:25<Dreamr3>any suggestions?
15:26<Dreamr3>ha, found a manpage for it
15:26<Dreamr3> got it :-)
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15:38<erikh>Dreamr3: eh, put mysqldump --all-databases >$(date -s) in cron?
15:38<erikh>err, date +%s
15:39<erikh>ideally if your system backup is doing it's job, it should be able to handle the output of mysqldump
15:40[~]erikh bought a gamecube to play metroid
15:40<erikh>and strangely, almost all of my purchases in recent years have been GC games
15:40<erikh>that's not saying much though, because 99% of the time if I'm playing something, it's CS:S or WoW
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18:13<dibblego>are you Chris who works for Linode Customer Service?
18:14<Kurt>no, he's Loretta who works for the Exotic She Lounge
18:14[~]Battousai satisfied customer
18:15<dibblego>if I sign up now for a linode for one month, can I get the offer after that for no setup fee + 50% extra disk?
18:16<dibblego>btw, s/exta/extra
18:17<Battousai>way to go mikegrb
18:18<heidi>dibblego: i think you can get the 50% extra
18:18<heidi>not sure about the setup though since you will have to pay it now
18:18<heidi>i dont' know if they refund or not
18:18<dibblego>heidi, I know, that's what I mean :)
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18:19<heidi>i don't know if they do
18:20<Redgore>hey heidi, hows Hunter ?
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18:28<dibblego>I'll sign up when I am sure of the answer to that question - thanks guys
18:28<dibblego>and girls
18:29<@tasaro>dibblego: I thought you were answered?
18:29<dibblego>tasaro, not really
18:29<@tasaro>dibblego: You can switch to the annual plan at any time to get 50% free disk space
18:29<dibblego>tasaro, and the setup fee waived?
18:30<@tasaro>I'll have to check with caker...
18:30<dibblego>ok thanks
18:30<@tasaro>How long are you talking? a few weeks?
18:31<dibblego>I'll sign up for one month - if it works, I'll sign up for a year
18:32<encode>dibblego: the setup fee is only charged when you do the initial sign up
18:32<encode>im quite sure that changing from monthly to yearly plan doesnt incur a setup fee
18:32<encode>since its not setting stuff up
18:32<dibblego>right, but if I do an initial sign up for one year, I pay no set up fee
18:32<@tasaro>encode: I think he wants to know if it would be refunded
18:32<encode>tasaro: oh - well thats not something i can answer
18:32<dibblego>it's not a big deal - it's just so I know where I stand
18:33<dibblego>US$10 == $AU13 == a tank of fuel for my bike :)
18:34<encode>dibblego: ahh, another aussie - didnt notice your hostmask at first
18:34[~]encode is also from .au
18:35<@tasaro>dibblego: If you sign up for a year after one month, I'll refund the setup
18:35<dibblego>tasaro, nice thanks
18:35<@tasaro>dibblego: Just open a support ticket at the time and remind us
18:35<dibblego>tasaro, Chris was emailing me, but sometimes my email is picked up by spam filters - I am Tony Morris tmorris _at_
18:35<dibblego>tasaro, excellent thanks, will do
18:37<heidi>Redgore: he's great
18:37<heidi>too big
18:37<Redgore>lol, becoming a handful ?
18:39<heidi>2 now
18:39<encode>so, the network monitoring tool that i was looking for yesterday - ntop fits the bill perfectly
18:39<encode>in case anyone was wondering
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18:44<jayyers>ive got a server with postfix and courier using mysql for auth i got the postfix part working but when i try to connect with my mail client to get mail from courier it does not accept my password
18:45<jayyers>i have set up /etc/authdaemonrc to use authmysql and have set up the server settings in authmysqlrc why would it not be working?
18:47<jayyers>ive tried using courierauthtest and that fails to accept the password as well
18:47<jayyers>any suggestions?
18:51<encode>what does the logfile say?
18:51<jayyers>it jus says password not accepted
18:51<jayyers>no errors or anything
18:51<jayyers>besides that
18:56<jayyers>i dont get it
18:58<jayyers>any ideas anyone?
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19:38<dibblego>cripes, lots of identity checks for sign-up :)
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19:41<dibblego>thanks again guys, I signed up under username: dibblego
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22:09<jayyers>sure is quiet in here must be alot of ppl that are playing with their new ps3's
22:09<taupehat>at six bills a pop, I kind of doubt it
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