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00:28<encode>anyone know how to set a gigabit card to 1000baset manually in linux?
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02:58<erikh>jayyers: the first thing I would be doing in your case, is to set authdaemon to work against /etc/passwd and make sure it's actually working
02:58<erikh>either that or pay close attention to whether or not that query is being executed on the mysql server
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03:34<Narada>morning; anyone home?
03:35<Narada>i was thinking of moving from gentoo to ubuntu on my linode; just wanted to ask how you guys normally approach a clean install; do you move everything offsite or do you put it somewhere temporary?
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04:10|-|Kanal #linode zsynchronizowany w 54 sekundy
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08:52<d0minar>who can help me with settings up linode?
08:54<d0minar>hello? anyone here?
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10:09<linbot>New news from forums: Minimal Mail in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
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12:29[~]warewolf has new tivo
12:29<warewolf>new HD tivo!
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14:02<eromero>hi everyone, is there a way to get a newer version of gentoo installed by default on a linode?
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19:24<jayyers>im getting this error in my mail client "maildir invalid(no 'cur' directory)
19:25<jayyers>i have my home directory set to /home/vmail and my Maildir set to jason/jason/ in courier authmysql
19:26<jayyers>anyone know why im getting this?
19:27<mikegrb_>sounds like the maildir isn't properly formatted
19:27<mikegrb_>needs a cur new and tmp subdir
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20:08<jayyers>mikegrb: should postfix and/or courier create this directory structure or do i need to set it up for each user?
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20:09<Nigel>hmmm, i knew there was a channel that i wasn't in
20:09<jayyers>like if an email is sent to the user shouldnt it be created when it recieves the first message?
20:13<mikegrb>not necessarily
20:13<mikegrb>I know maildrop/courier won't create it
20:14<mikegrb>dunno about postfix
20:15<mikegrb>even if postfix will create it, you won't be able to check the mail via courier until postfix has received a message and created it
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21:12<taupehat>the local cragslist just got a gem
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21:18<guinea-pig>medford where?
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21:20<guinea-pig>crazy left-coasters
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21:22<taupehat>but only medford on the Best Coast gets the medford.craigslist honor. Medford, MA will probably have to settle for if they ever even get their own page. Living back on the Least Coast is uncool like that
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21:31<guinea-pig>nah, medford, ma SUCKS
21:32<guinea-pig>they're not even worthy of sharing boston.craigslist
21:32<taupehat>medford, or isn't really any better
21:33<taupehat>downtown is full of cinder block depression and dive bars
21:33<taupehat>beautiful creek meandering through it that's been left to the street people
21:33<taupehat>too many hicks around here to do things the right way - ever
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21:47<dobblego>hi, can have only one terminal open to my linode? and if so, how do I kill it?
21:50<taupehat>dobblego: can you flesh those questions out a bit?
21:51<dobblego>I have a terminal open at the moment: ssh
21:51<dobblego>if I try to do it from another terminal:
21:51<dobblego>There is no screen to be resumed matching dibblego.
21:51<dobblego>Your Linode isn't running, or another console session is already active.
21:51<taupehat>you need to setup a sshd on your server
21:51<taupehat>what you're connecting to is lish
21:51<dobblego>no I already have one
21:52<dobblego>oh wait, I am so dumb
21:52<dobblego>never mind me
21:52<taupehat>then ssh username@youripaddress =]
21:52[~]dobblego slaps /me
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