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02:34<warewolf>eBay: Sony PlayStation 3 PS3 60GB IN HAND XTRA CONTROLLER (item 280050635902 end time Nov-18-06 15:07:46 PST) [] US $9.99 [jce422( 16)] Auction ended Nov-18-06 15:07:46 PST
02:36<warewolf>it did not end for $9 wtf
02:36<efudd>yes, it did. :P
02:36<efudd>am i blind?
02:36<warewolf>somebody is a !@#$ idiot, and somebody is very lucky.
02:36<efudd>The seller ended this listing early to sell to the high bidder(s) at current bid price.
02:37<warewolf>holy crap
02:37<warewolf>somebody must have hacked ebay or something
02:37<warewolf>for a single !@ bid
02:37<efudd>Nah, I was looking for something like that... :)
02:37<efudd>spent about 3 hours today trying to find one like that in fact.
02:38<warewolf>Video Output: NVIDIA RSX
02:39<warewolf>look at the page
02:39<warewolf>it says that
02:40<efudd>Yes, I realize what video is.
02:40<warewolf>the video chipset is NVIDIA RSX? Like Acura RSX?
02:40<warewolf>you've got to be joking
02:40<efudd>it was a custom made chipset
02:41[~]warewolf 's jaw hits the floor
02:43<warewolf>seriously, I think someone must have hacked ebay to end that auction early or something.
02:43<warewolf>nobody is that stupid
02:44<efudd>folk were doing that with the xbox360 y0
02:44<efudd>think of it as a "gift"
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02:45<efudd>read the story at the bottom of that auction....
02:50<warewolf>oh god
02:51<warewolf>that was absolutely evil
02:56<Nigel>efudd, thats funny
03:17<taupehat>efudd: that's hilarious
03:17<taupehat>the ebay one
03:17[~]taupehat will check out the youtube now
03:18<taupehat>zounds, plasma!
03:19<taupehat>ya rly
03:19<taupehat>check this one out
03:21<efudd>more useful information and an almost-darwin!
03:24<efudd>now THAT's a bed!
03:26<efudd>16,000 firecrackers, 60 seconds. hilarity.
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03:29<efudd> tenaciousD+Smeagol
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03:36<taupehat>check out #13
03:48<warewolf>so I run the "snack drawer" at my office.
03:48<warewolf>I buy sodas, chips, candy, etc
03:49<warewolf>I bought a box of variety nuts (peanuts, cashews, etc) in little plastic packages, and they sold really quickly
03:49<warewolf>so I bought a *big* tub of salted/roasted peanuts
03:49<warewolf>I have absolutely no clue how I am going to meter it out for people to "purchase" some
03:50[~]warewolf ponders getting a little plastic cup for them to dip out of the tub or something
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04:14<Nigel>warewolf, haha, you need one of those lolly vending machines
04:14<Nigel>insert the coin, and twist!
04:15<warewolf>you're obviously not from .us
04:15<warewolf>aha, you're a kiwi
04:15<warewolf>(atleast I think that's the appropriate slang for a new zelander)
04:16<Nigel>same with fizzy drinks :P
04:16<warewolf>eh? do explain
04:16<warewolf>I love picking up bits of slang from other parts of the world
04:17<warewolf>I call coke/pepsi/fanta/etc soda
04:17<Nigel>Fizzy drinks == Lemonade etc
04:17<warewolf>no carbonation?
04:17<Nigel>well the idea is that carbonated drinks are fizzy
04:18<warewolf>where I come from, lemonade isn't usually fizzy
04:18<Nigel>Lemonade as in Sprite
04:18<warewolf>oh goodnes
04:18<warewolf>that ain't lemonade!
04:18<warewolf>that's lemon lime soda
04:18<Nigel>i know, but thats what they brand it as
04:18[~]encode is from .au, we have pretty similar slang to new zealanders
04:19<encode>like lolly, fizzy drink, and lemonade
04:19[~]warewolf needs to travel the world more
04:19[~]encode too
04:19<warewolf>I need to learn more accents 8-)
04:19<encode>i wanna visit the US
04:19<encode>ive only been there once, when i was 4
04:20<warewolf>I learn them quickly, but I can't grasp them once I leave the general area
04:20<encode>and yeah, accents are soo cool
04:20<encode>im exactly the same with accents
04:20<encode>in a day or 2 im speaking with a similar accent
04:20<encode>but i quickly lose them upon leaving
04:20<warewolf>if I think about it for a sec, I can pull off a pretty good faux british accent
04:21<warewolf>brits use a lot of different words than americans
04:21<encode>americans are rather unique in their use of 'english'
04:21<Nigel>encode, agreed
04:22<warewolf>like "take out" in the US (eg, go to the fast food resturant and "take out" your food) is "take away" in the uk
04:22<warewolf>encode- Nukulear.
04:22<Nigel>warewolf, yeah, takeaways
04:22<warewolf>cash register == till
04:23<encode>warewolf: dont you guys use the phrase "to go" synonymous with "take out"?
04:23<warewolf>encode- yes.
04:23<Nigel>i always get stuffed up at like Starbucks "Do you want to eat in, or take away"
04:23<Nigel>"Do you want to eat in or take out"
04:23<warewolf>encode: "Would that be for here, or to go?"
04:23<encode>Nigel: what do you say, if you're only ordering a coffee?
04:23<warewolf>encode: QUAD SHOT CAP, NO FOAM.
04:23<Nigel>encode, when i order just a coffee, i say "Have here"
04:24<encode>Nigel: but they asked whether you wanted to *eat*
04:24<warewolf>encode: aha
04:24<warewolf>encode: good catch
04:24<encode>i dont know about starbucks coffee, but i dont tend to eat my coffee
04:24<Nigel>encode, i know, it's nuts
04:25<warewolf>nobody's perfect
04:25<Nigel>I normally say stuff like "Tall Mocha Frap w/cream", or "Grande Cappacino w/cream, have here"
04:25<encode>warewolf: except australians ;P
04:25<Nigel>do you don't have to say if your having a frap in or out, because they use the same plastic cups
04:26<Nigel>also, where i get the fraps from, if i have something there, it's always a Cappacino
04:26<Nigel>so yeah, fraps for me are always take out
04:26<warewolf>one thing that drives me nuts: bonnet and boot.
04:26<encode>so did anyone here go to vmworld the other week?
04:27<encode>warewolf: how does that drive you nuts?
04:27<Nigel>warewolf, bonnet == front, and boot == back
04:27<warewolf>it's HOOD and TRUNK
04:27<encode>warewolf: IT SO ISNT
04:27<Nigel>warewolf, no it isn't
04:27<warewolf>it is too.
04:27<encode>lets just agree to disagree
04:27<Nigel>duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuude, hood and trunk is so, 1580's
04:28<warewolf>because an american invented the automobile!
04:28<encode>they're both equally arbitary terms which arent terribly descriptive anyway
04:29<encode>bonnet - something you wear on your head (same as a hood); boot - something worn on your feet; trunk - an appendage of an elephant, or possibly what you pack your clothes in
04:29<encode>when you think about it, they're all as nuts as each other
04:29<encode>ahh english, such a funny langauge (tho not as funny as engrish)
04:29<warewolf>I can't think of a common use of the word "hood" that doesn't mean hood-of-a-car
04:30<Nigel>warewolf, hood on a jersey?
04:30<Nigel>a Hoodie!
04:30<warewolf>ok, sweaters yes
04:30<encode>warewolf: little red riding hood
04:30<warewolf>ok, yes, sweaters.
04:30<warewolf>care to go for three examples of sweaters?
04:30<encode>did she wear the front part of a car on her head?
04:31<warewolf>I don't own many hoodies (only one, actually) and I don't wear them often
04:31<warewolf>that's why it didn't come to mind
04:32<warewolf>and I don't exactly read little red riding hood anymore either ;)
04:32<Nigel>i don't have any hoodies that will fit me
04:33<warewolf>I think it's just PEACHY that I'm delegating a particular task to my superior.
04:34<warewolf>the little !@#$ needs to learn how to do it anyway ;)
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09:25<alex452>hi, my linode resides on host26 and the ping time is at 2000ms now from sweden. Thats unexceptable!
09:25<alex452>anybody else have the same time?
09:26<alex452>the same problem i mean
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09:29<fapestniegd> flaking again?
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21:11<jayyers>i just recieved my new Wired mag and saw a product in it called Slingbox has anyone heard anything about this product?
21:12<jayyers>its by SlingMedia
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21:22<@caker>jayyers: I have... streams media wirelessly, right?
21:25<warewolf>slingbox is like a mythtv or tivo, or slimp3
21:25<warewolf>I think the slingbox is just an entertainment center friendly front-end to content stored on your computer
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21:28<encode>they've been around for ages
21:28<jayyers>streams over internet
21:28<encode>i'd get one if i needed one, but my stereo is in the same room as my computer anywa
21:28<jayyers>not wirelessly
21:28<encode>so no need
21:29<encode>it can do wireless or over Cat 5
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22:00<jayyers>caker: anyways i was wondering how the device performs and if it was stable enough to set up at my parents house and do away with cable at my apartment at college
22:02<jayyers>warewolf: no it makes it so when u set it up and you take ur computer around the world you can control your tivo or live tv from your house and it streams the content to you, its very cool looking..
22:05<erikh>HP and Linksys have been making those things for ages
22:05[~]erikh has one
22:05<jayyers>what res does it stream at?
22:05<erikh>mine doesn't do video, it's fairly old
22:05<erikh>just music and photos
22:06<erikh>but there are oodles of them at, say, circuit city
22:06<erikh>some of them have local disks in them to store video
22:06<jayyers>basicly i want it so i can do away with the 50/mo cable bill and jus steal from my dads house
22:07<jayyers>whats hp's version called?
22:08<erikh>eh, I don't remember.
22:08<encode>jayyers: you should probably be careful with what you're saying, bearing in mind that this channel is logged and indexed by google
22:09[~]erikh forsees cox cable filing suit against "jayyers"
22:09<erikh>that'll stand up in court
22:09<encode>im just pointing it out, since some people dont realise
22:09<erikh>yeah, heh
22:10[~]erikh notes he posts with his real name on slashdot, when he used to post there
22:10<encode>and since i doubt he's from germany / EU, a subpeona could easily be filed at his ISP to match his current IP adddress against a user
22:10<warewolf>encode: killjoy.
22:10<encode>warewolf: just a realist
22:11<warewolf>I say again, killjoy.
22:11<warewolf>give me back my fair use
22:11<jayyers>bring it on big media
22:11<encode>i want one
22:11<encode>i just need to figure out where to use it, and what for
22:11<encode>warewolf: you're lucky you had fair use - .au never had it
22:11<erikh>and I want a BMW
22:11<warewolf>mine is slipping out of my hands more and more every day.
22:11<encode>millions of australians break the law simply by using their ipod
22:12<warewolf>encode: yeah that *sucks*
22:13<jayyers>erikh: bring it on cox
22:13<erikh>jayyers: heh
22:13<warewolf>I have cox cable
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22:14<warewolf>and I just bought a series 3 tivo (which has built in cable decoding, but uses a cable card for descrambling) -- so no more cable box.
22:14<jayyers>erikh: whats the name of the HP product? i cant find it on their site?
22:14<warewolf>and the high def channels I previously did not have access to that are free, I can now view :)
22:14<erikh>jayyers: I honestly can't remmeber
22:14<erikh>I just remember seeing them in the store
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22:15<erikh>I've been wanting to build a mythtv box for a while.
22:15<erikh>I don't want 800 channels or anything, I just want an integrated media center
22:16<erikh>having a dvd player, DVR and emulating console in the same machine would be sweet
22:17<taupehat>erikh: no, you cannot use your linode for a mythtv box
22:17<taupehat>you could, but fat lotta good it'd do you
22:17<erikh>taupehat: well there are some technical issues there.
22:18<taupehat>a few...
22:18<jayyers>all the other "media extenders" dont do what the slingbox does
22:18<erikh>I mean, I have to ask caker to give me drivers for the PVR card before I could even get started
22:18<erikh>because we all know that 1U machines have those cards.
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22:23<warewolf>oh eggcelent.
22:23<warewolf> upgraded their pay-for streams to 192kbit/sec
22:23<warewolf>I had no idea and was still listening to the 128kbit/sec streams
22:24<encode>i use their aacplus streams
22:24<encode>64kbit streams sound as good or better than the 192 streams
22:24<encode>although you notice the compression in the classical streams still
22:25[~]warewolf listens to at work
22:25<warewolf>but one thing really _REALLY_ pisses me off
22:25<warewolf>if you _EVER_ link to a mp3 from -- even mp3s that the artist is giving away for free, the forums mods will blow away your link
22:26<encode>thats pretty dumb
22:26<encode>i havent really participated in the forums
22:26<warewolf>for example, one of my favorite artists off is xerxes. He's got gobs and gobs of his music up for download on, and or something.
22:26<warewolf>One of the forums MODS cardarmar *also* puts up mixes for download!
22:26<encode>i like xerxes music too
22:27<warewolf>have you heard his 'go to bed world' mix?
22:27<encode>some nice mixes & music
22:27<encode>probably not
22:27<warewolf>-rwxr-xr-x 1 rgharm00 other 82M Jun 18 07:44 go_to_bed_world_volume_02-mixed_by_xerxes.mp3*
22:27<warewolf>if you send him an email, you might get a copy of whatever song/mix you're looking for.
22:27<encode>i havent been listening to xerxes style music lately
22:27<warewolf>that's how I got that.
22:28<warewolf>I even sent him $45
22:28<warewolf>a kind gesture "Here, keep up the good work."
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22:29<encode>what a nice person you are
22:29<warewolf>I'm a try-before-you-buy kind-of guy, so I actually download lots of music and games off the net
22:30<warewolf>but if I enjoy it enough, then I feel compelled to give them something for their work.
22:30<warewolf>for example, I downloaded the aliens versus predator game off the net
22:30<encode>ive bought some music / dvds as a result of listening / watching something obtained from the net
22:30<encode>but its not something i do as a matter of course
22:30<warewolf>fell in love with it, and now own all three AVP games.
22:30<warewolf>(own, as in purchased)
22:31<warewolf>and ONE I actually !#$ bought twice :( the CD got mangled in my mini-itx box as I kicked it and the CD spinning inside like a gyro rubbed up against the laser head, and made a nice scuff ring around the CD.
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23:21<taupehat><3 HE bandwidth
23:21<taupehat>Fetched 3780kB in 2s (1738kB/s)
23:49<Eman>i had an entire t3 to myself on friday night for a few hours... its strange seeing things work that fast
23:53<encode>how fast is a t3?
23:53<encode>(i dont think we have such things in .au)
23:54<Eman>45mbit or somesuch
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