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00:02<warewolf>a DS3 and T3 are the same speed
00:03<warewolf>I had no idea
00:03<warewolf> (when I was last with them) had 90 mebabits/second bandwidth -- two DS3s.
00:07<internat>we have t3 in au, just not at comsumer end
00:07<internat>universities etc are on those kind of links :)
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01:18<jayyers>i have phpmyadmin installed on my linode and when i try to go to the address it keeps tryin to get me to download a file and i have php and libapache2-mod-php4 installed anyone know why this is happening?
01:23<encode>jayyers: oh o - bad move
01:23<encode>phpmyadmin is a big red sign saying come root my server
01:24<encode>but that sounds like you dont have your mime type set correctly
01:24<encode>google for the correct mime type for php, and how to set it
01:25<jayyers>ive previously just used apt to install it and it worked so i dont understand why its different this time
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01:30<Nigel>hmmm linode use dps for handling credit cards right?
01:30<Nigel>(I could be thinking of another company though)
01:40<Nigel>actually, i think i know where i saw the dps logo...
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07:39<linbot>New news from wiki: CentOS (RHEL Compatible) <>
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08:43<linbot>New news from forums: Question about policy in Sales Questions and Answers <>
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10:34<pknetworks>hey caker are you around?
10:34<pknetworks>Someone around that can help us out with setting up servers?
10:37<kvandivo_>try asking the question and see what happens
10:38<pknetworks>I am a partner with and am insterested in running two additional servers, and woundering if the setup fee could be waved.
10:38<pknetworks>We currently have two servers now with Linode. Thanks
10:39<pknetworks>and if hte linode's coudl be on different host for redundancy
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11:43<pknetworks>well I am out of here for a bit guys. Tasaro, Mike P will signe up the two linodes this afternoon. THanks for all your help guys.
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11:46<gpd>hmm ... hard disk no longer showing up in BIOS on parents computer - /me wonders if I am wasting my time trying to trouble hoot
11:54<tierra>caker: The DNS manager will import A records for "*" (wildcard) hostnames, but doesn't let you add the same records manually.
11:55<kvandivo_>"no one would ever want to do that manually..."
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11:57<tierra>in most situations it is just dumb, but there are valid reasons for doing so, and it is valid syntax... for example, sites that setup username subdomains like
11:59[~]caker turns tasaro onto Peter Packet
11:59<@caker>tierra: huh .. I thought I made an exception for *
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12:00<tierra>The following errors were generated:
12:00<tierra># Invalid hostname.
12:00[~]caker looks
12:02<@caker>tierra: mind trying * ?
12:03<tierra>that doesn't work either
12:03<@caker>ok, one moment
12:04<@caker>are wildcards useful for records other than A?
12:04<@caker>or should I restrict * for just A records?
12:04<tierra>I'm not aware of uses for * on records other than A/AAAA
12:05<@caker>ok .. try again with just * ?
12:05<tierra>ok, worked
12:09<npmr>perhaps MX
12:09<npmr>* CNAME @
12:14<npmr>from an actual zone i use:
12:14<npmr>* 43200 IN CNAME dorothy
12:15<@caker>that makes sense
12:15<npmr>*._tcp 43200 IN SRV 0 0 0 .
12:15<npmr>*._udp 43200 IN SRV 0 0 0 .
12:15<npmr>do you do SRV records at all?
12:16<@caker>npmr: the dns manager? it supports them, yes
12:18<npmr>i really wish browsers recognized this kind of record:
12:18<npmr> 43200 IN SRV 5 100 443 dorothy
12:18<npmr>_https._tcp.mail 43200 IN SRV 5 100 8443 dorothy
12:22<npmr>i'd rather use a _http._tcp.www SRV record than a www A record
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12:59<brc>Anyone know a cheap place to get a vps cpanel license ?
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13:03<Nigel>brc, errr, if you REALLY want one, you can get a trial from the cPanel shop?
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13:11<npmr>linbot, roulette
13:11<@linbot>npmr: *click*
13:11<@caker>npmr: everythiung ok?
13:12<Nigel>good morning caker
13:15<@caker>Nigel: hello
13:15<npmr>caker, kernel oops
13:15<npmr>mind checking it out?
13:16<@caker>sudrere, ] bah, del key isn;t working
13:16<npmr>i just upgraded asterisk
13:17<npmr>i was on a call
13:17<npmr>i was using the debian stable package before, now i have the package
13:17<@caker>ehxx which kernel was this?
13:17<npmr>not the first since upgrading
13:17<npmr>i dunno
13:18<npmr>latest 2.6
13:18<npmr>but i last booted in early september
13:18<npmr>my uptime was 78 days, if that helps
13:18<@caker>hmm. . doesn't last -a show reboots/kernels/etc?
13:19<npmr>only in the last month
13:19<npmr>[inkblot@dorothy:~]$ last reboot
13:19<npmr>reboot system boot 2.6.18-linode25 Mon Nov 20 14:10 (00:08)
13:19<npmr>wtmp begins Wed Nov 1 10:17:33 2006
13:19<@caker>no other utmp files laying around that got rotated
13:19<npmr>utmp or wtmp?
13:20<@caker>I think wtmp
13:21<npmr>i have a wtmp.1.gz
13:21<npmr>odds are it goes back to Oct 1
13:21<@caker>right .. ok
13:21<npmr>but i can't seem to get last to unzip it or accept stdin
13:21<npmr>at any rate
13:22<npmr>last recorded uptime figure in the munin graph was 78.15 days
13:22<npmr>at 14:15
13:22<@caker>that'll work .. got the stack trace?
13:22<npmr>it's in logview
13:23<@caker>it might have been rotated into oblivion id you re issued more than one reboot
13:23<npmr>or not
13:23<npmr>i have a large part of it in screen backscroll
13:24<@caker>ok .. send me what you have in your ticket, please
13:30<@caker>an OOM thrown in there, too
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13:38<@caker>npmr: mind joining #uml for a few>?
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17:31<cobaltsixty>hello, which ACL-enabled kernels are available?
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18:40<fo0bar>efudd: yours?
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22:22[~]efudd orders some rum cake
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