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06:47<brc>Nigel: i dont want just to try it out :)
06:47<brc>where is the cheapest place to get a cpanel vps license ?
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09:28<@linbot>New news from forums: runaway query in Sales Questions and Answers <>
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11:52[~]erikh cheers
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12:45<emcnabb>linville: how's it going?
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12:55<emcnabb>I'm trying to access lish with 'ssh', but I'm getting "ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host". Any ideas about what's wrong?
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13:00<erikh>emcnabb: either one of two things happened
13:01<erikh>your side is preventing the connection, or their side is
13:01<erikh>(generally via tcp wrappers)
13:01<emcnabb>don't think it's my side (I can ssh into other hosts just fine)
13:01<emcnabb>-v doesn't give much more info
13:02<erikh>if you failed a certain number of logins, they will block your IP for a short amount of time. that time resets when you attempt another login
13:03<emcnabb>erikh: don't think that happened
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13:03<erikh>well, it's definitely tcp wrappers blocking on one end of the connection.
13:03<emcnabb>erikh: thanks
13:04<emcnabb>caker: mikegrb: why was ticket 20923 closed?
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13:20<@caker>emcnabb: not sure why it was closed -- I guess because of the inactivity
13:20<@caker>emcnabb: coincidentially, npmr hit a similar BUG yesterday.
13:21<@caker>emcnabb: I showed it to Jeff months ago (likely your stack trace) and he needs to be able to reproduce it and/or see a UML process in that state to debug it...
13:22<@caker>BUG: warning at kernel/irq/manage.c:276/free_irq()
13:23<emcnabb>caker: ok, just curious
13:23<npmr>emcnabb had that same thing?
13:23<@caker>looks that way
13:23<emcnabb>npmr: I've had it happen fairly frequently over the last several months
13:23<@caker>this was back in July, though
13:23<npmr>emcnabb, oh really?
13:23<@caker>emcnabb: same/similar trace?
13:24<npmr>emcnabb, care to compare notes?
13:24<emcnabb>yeah. I tried to ssh in a bit a go to check but I'm getting "Connection closed by remote host"
13:24<@caker>emcnabb: ok, lemme fix that -- one sec
13:36<gpd>what is the likely cause of a machine giving 'Out of Memory: Killed process
13:36<gpd>not enought swap?
13:36<gpd>it started killing various processes -- mysqld and apache
13:37<gpd>[this is not a linode - but an old desktop that runs sarge]
13:37<@caker>gpd: older kernels (and even recent ones) still have issues with OOM getting confused
13:37<@caker>gpd: meaning, even if there is free swap, I've still seen the OOM killer kick in
13:38<@caker>gpd: but yeah, generally OOM is caused by lack of VM (mem+swap)
13:38<gpd>thanks caker -- I should probably setup monit or something on that machine
13:39<gpd>and find out what caused the OOM
13:43<gpd>does the fact that OOM-killer killed mysqld mean that it was the likely cause of the loss of memory?
13:43<@caker>I don't think so
13:43<@caker>it just picked the best candidate (no idea what criteria -- possibly most memory used, what it decided as least harmful to kill, etc)
13:43<gpd>anywhere else i should look other than /var/log/syslog for clues?
13:45<@caker>dmesg, if you didn't reboot yet
13:45<guinea-pig>if the problem app is still running
13:45<gpd>no - it was rebooted :( the local 'support person' said the keyboard was unresponsive
13:46<guinea-pig>on debian, dmesg logs to /var/log/kern.log
13:46<gpd>but they probably didn't try sysrq even - windows people !
13:47<guinea-pig>/var/log/kern.log and /var/log/dmesg ... but /var/log/dmesg rotates on boot, kern doesn't
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13:49<gpd>all very strange -- this box was totally stable for 3 years until now :(
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13:50<guinea-pig>so you managed to be lucky for 36 months
13:50<guinea-pig>these things will happen. it's just a question of how often, and how severe
13:51<gpd>so I should increase swap size and cross fingers? or are there other configuration issues to look at?
13:51<guinea-pig>check other logfiles for errors around that time, maybe?
13:51<gpd>postfix-mgr stopped just before the first OOM-killer -- but nothing else
13:52<guinea-pig>are you monitoring how much swap you use normally?
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13:53<guinea-pig>there's some mrtg scripts on the forum somewhere that help with that. there are other options
13:54<guinea-pig> <-- my linode
13:55<gpd>ok - cool - thanks guinea-pig
13:55<guinea-pig>before you increase the swapfile, see if that's the problem :)
13:55<guinea-pig>monitor monitor monitor
13:55[~]guinea-pig has to sleep no... third shift yay
13:55<gpd>from looking in the past it normally doesn't use any swap -- so there must have been something weird
13:56<guinea-pig>but also
13:56<guinea-pig>there may be a regular event (cron-related?) that happens at a certain time that needs more swap...
13:56<guinea-pig>and you just don't notice it
13:56<guinea-pig>i've no idea
13:56<gpd>is there a tool that stores top to a file
13:56<guinea-pig>no idea
13:57<gpd>oh well -- thanks anyway
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14:43<linville>emcnabb: just don't let anyone here know that we know each other...
14:52<Kurt>Larry Linville?
15:10<Nigel>brc, I have no idea who their resellers are etc, just get a trial, find a reseller, and buy the full copy
15:10<Nigel>brc, trial means you can set it up while you find a reseller
15:11<Nigel>brc, also, i heard that the cpanel install can use a lot of io_tokens, so if you do the trial first, you can make sure it will work on your LN
15:12<linville_>kurt: a M*A*S*H fan, are we? :-)
15:13<linville_>kurt: sorry, he is not me
15:16<Kurt>you bet your ass I am
15:17<@caker>I started reading "Never Have Your Dog Stuffed" .. good stuff
15:21<brc>Nigel: Ok :)
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15:43<jekil>console on host21 dont work
15:45<emcnabb>linville: me, know you? huh? :-)
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16:22<jekil>host21 dont work
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16:59<Kurt>holy shit...people are still doing the Macarena...
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18:25<timber>hey dudes
18:26<timber>I'm curious about something
18:27<timber>on my CPU usage graph, my linode is peaking at around 70% during the day
18:27<timber>and it's steadily increasing
18:28<timber>so, if it hits 100%, what happens to the site?
18:28<timber>does it show an error
18:28<@caker>why would it?
18:28<timber>or slow down
18:28<timber>I don't know
18:28<timber>an error like "This site has used it's maximum CPU allowance
18:28<@caker>you're able to use as much CPU as you can, as long as no one else needs CPU. In that case, it's shared
18:29<timber>or something like that
18:29<timber>but if someone hits the site and there's no available CPU, would that user still get his page loaded?
18:30<timber>but still loaded?
18:30<tierra>It will slow down though if you really are using that much CPU.
18:30<internat>u realise u have 150mhz (linode 100 i think) garanteeded, and then after that if u need more and no one is doing anything u can have it right?
18:30<tierra>does top show about the same kind of numbers for CPU usage?
18:30<@caker>internat: that's what we advertise, but it's actually much higher (double), fwiw
18:31<internat>awsome :)
18:31<internat>there all on dual cpu boxes arent they
18:31<@caker>internat: yeah, except host1 and host2
18:31<efudd>host1/host2 have been up since 37bc tho
18:33<internat>friggen dentist. *mumbles*
18:33<timber>tierra: are you tierra on
18:33<tierra>timber: yes, do I know you in another channel?
18:34<timber>I'm timinator in my other life
18:34<tierra>ah, hehe
18:34<timber>here I'm a mild mannered timber
18:34<timber>I even have the thick glasses
18:34<Eman>do they have tape on them?
18:35<timber>no, I have lazer vision
18:35<timber>heat up the ends... works just like glue
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20:43<encode> <-- whats wrong with this picture?
20:45<timber>it's price is in GBP???
20:46<timber>are you trying to get USD??
20:47<@caker>encode: what, AMD?
20:48<encode>caker: take a look at the logos to the left
20:48<encode>and read the processor list
20:49<encode>well i thought it was funny anyway
20:49<@caker>Has anyone done VT/Pacifica stuff on Supermicro boxes yet (fo0bar?)?
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21:20<warewolf>top - 03:20:48 up 16:39, 1 user, load average: 91.91, 91.41, 87.34
21:21<warewolf>know what?
21:21<warewolf>there's something wrong with that box at work.
21:21<warewolf>I think I'll fix it.
21:26<encode>that sounds nasty
21:26<warewolf>the best part?
21:26<warewolf>this is an appliance!
21:26<warewolf>this sort of crap should not be happening.
21:27<warewolf>every day I deal with these boxes I lose more and more respect for the company
21:27<warewolf>interesting l33tsp3ak upgrade
21:27<encode>else everyone will do it
21:27<encode>and then mike will include it in his script
21:27<warewolf>good idea encode.
21:28<encode>anyway, how good is roundcube
21:28<warewolf>round what?
21:28<encode>its the best (OSS) webmail
21:28<encode>uses ajax
21:30<warewolf>I read and compose my mail via telnet
21:31<encode>i use mutt for my console based mail client
21:31<encode>but i like webmail for things like pictures
21:31<encode>and when people foolishly send non-plaintext emails that I need to read
21:32<@linbot>You've got mail!
21:32<Eman>You've got spam!
21:33[~]encode has spamassasin too
21:33<encode>or however that word is spelt
21:34<warewolf>hey, look at that
21:34<warewolf>ssh brokebox -l root 'shutdown -nrft0 now' and the box finally reboots
21:34[~]encode looks that way _->
21:34[~]warewolf less-than-three shutdown -nrft0 now
21:34<Eman>its like running winxp on a 486!
21:35<encode>now, if only i could do that with one of our ESX hosts that needs a NIC reassigned from an active bond, I would also be happy
21:35[~]timber 's weener just shrunk at the thought of winxp on a 486
21:36<encode>err, ok
21:37<timber>(that's a joke guys).... dang, hot crowd, hot crowd.
21:37<encode>timber: where are you from?
21:38<timber>I currently live in Utah
21:38<encode>its been many years since i've seen someone use 'dang' in a conversation
21:38<encode>but then, im not from the us either
21:40<timber>Utah has a lot of odd phrases
21:41<timber>where are you from?
21:42<Eman>i hear and use dang quite often here in ontario
21:42[~]encode is an aussie
21:43[~]encode is from 'Straya
21:43<timber>nice encode
21:44<encode>search for straya
21:47<timber>I understood.... but that's a great list
22:11<timber>I'm out guys
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