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03:42<Dreamr_3>how can i downgrade my linode?
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05:04<Dreamr_3>ticket filed
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05:21<chris1>Does anyone know if linode has a contract...?
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17:43<encode>fo0bar: ping
17:47<fo0bar>encode: yes?
17:47<encode>fo0bar: i was going to ask if finnix had a shred package, but then i found a package list for it
17:47<encode>im destroying my old linode 200
17:47<encode>running an rm -vRf / on it at the moment
18:08<encode>umm, how can i attach to a linode booted with finnix? i tried lish, but it says theres no console to resume
18:08<encode>then it just powers off
18:09<quietstormeagle>Is this y our first time running a linode?
18:11<quietstormeagle>Ok what do you mean by 'attach' to a linode?
18:12<encode>quietstormeagle: have you ever booted a linode with finnix?
18:13<quietstormeagle>whoops wrong window.
18:13<quietstormeagle>Well booting any linode is the same no matter what you are using.
18:13<quietstormeagle>what host are you on.. Are you trying too just get to the counsoul or what?
18:13<quietstormeagle>You are not being very specific.
18:15<encode>maybe so
18:15<encode>i've never seen you in here before
18:15<quietstormeagle>Well what are you trying to do. I have been in here a few times. :)
18:16<quietstormeagle>Knowing that I have never been in here before, doesn't specifically mean that I am not knowledge or unwilling to help you. I will do the best that I can to help you but must understand what you are attempting to do. :)
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18:19<encode>yes, but if you were in here often, you would realise i'm in here all the time, and that i likely know more about what im trying to do than you do
18:19<encode>unless you've ever used finnix to boot a linode bfore
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18:24<quietstormeagle>Ok so you are tyring to use 'finnix' linux "LiveCD" to boot a linode. Am I correct.
18:26<encode>ive sorted the problem now
18:27<quietstormeagle>:) Well from my understanding, I don't think you could boot the ISO from a linode unless there was a way to put the CD image on the server.. If you find a way to do it let me know. I am not sure the accounts will allow that. But if you find out let me know
18:27<encode>its in the configuration profiles!
18:27<encode>just forget i asked
18:27<quietstormeagle>Having a look.. :)
18:28<quietstormeagle>Ahh. :) humm... Interesting.. never seen that before.
18:30<quietstormeagle>Ok. You are trying something I have not done yet, and I am sorry that I interfered. :) I will have to take a look at that option.. I didn't even know it was there, and I have a few machines here at the house that are running finnix. :)
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20:24<efudd>so.. just went to compusa to buy a 60 sony sxrd tv for 2k... on sale from 3k... line was perhaps 1/3rd of a mile long with people waiting to get in the storet 9pm...
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20:48<Internat-afk>i would image that woudl suck
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20:49<encode>Internat: have you been drinking again?
20:49<Internat>cant say i have
20:53<encode>so, ive been trying to run scrub on my old linode
20:53<encode>the command has been running for hours
20:53<encode>but somehow i dont think its doing anything
20:53<encode>the io_status isnt showing io tokens being used
20:54<encode>(running from finnix)
20:54<encode>its like shred/wipe
20:54<Internat>oh.. fair enuff.. any reasn ur doiing that?
20:54<encode>cos i want all the data gone
20:55<Internat>fair enuff
20:55<Internat>u starting from scratch or leaving linode?
20:55<encode>i moved to a bigger linode
20:55<encode>by buying a bigger one, and slowly moving stuff across
20:55<Internat>fair enuff then :
20:55<encode>now that im done, i want to get rid of the older smaller one
20:56<encode>there would have to be a pretty big reason for me to leave linode
20:56<Internat>yeah me 2. i quite like linode :)
20:56<Internat>and since they now have dns thats going to save me even more monies!
20:56<Internat>once it has slaved zones it shall be even better
20:57<encode>im using zoneedit
20:57<encode>they're free
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20:57<encode>for the number of domains i own anyway
20:57<Internat>fair enuff :)
21:00<Internat>i wanna get me another linode when i have some money so i can set up redundancy
21:00<encode>that would be nice
21:01<Internat>if my business starts making me some more money i guess i will be getting another node
21:01<encode>what would be funky is a value add service that someone provides (even for a small fee) that copies our disk images every so often
21:01<Internat>then i have to work out load balancing and redundancy properly
21:01<Internat>yeah i just have a rsync backup done nitely to my home server
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