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06:12<taoufik>join my site
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15:51<erikh>all the damn gold farmers have the PS3
15:52<taupehat>of course
15:52<erikh>did anyone get one who actually opened and *heaven forbid* played a game on it?
15:52<taupehat>one wonders
15:56<fo0bar>taupehat: from what I heard, on launch day at the local best buy, they sold their 26 PS3s, but only 6 games
15:56<fo0bar>(remember, there is no pak-in game)
15:57<taupehat>that says a lot
15:57<fo0bar>of course, a few may have bought their games already, but you know most were just resold
15:57[~]taupehat says "stupid" several times and wanders off
15:58<fo0bar>meanwhile, they had over 100 wiis (which comes with a game), and nearly everybody bought an extra game or two
15:58<fo0bar>speaking of which
15:58[~]fo0bar goes back to twilight princess
15:58[~]taupehat has fifa 07
15:58<taupehat>lotsa fun
15:59[~]erikh thinks he's going to wait until april or so, since he has a birthday then
16:00<taupehat>my daughter has a birthday then
16:00<taupehat>just the excuse I need
16:00<erikh>are you going to give her a bowling ball with "mike" etched above the thumb holes?
16:01<taupehat>erikh: maybe a table lamp that's a leg with fishnet garter on
16:01<taupehat>it's weird to see your name without an @ next to it
16:03<erikh>13:58:08 < lucsky> the whole point of floats is the point, which floats
16:03<taupehat>something floats...
16:03<erikh>the sentence is just amusing.
16:43<@linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host46 in System and Network Status <>
16:46<SpaceHobo> <-- Claim #9 FTW!
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18:06<caffeinated>caker. the funds are now available to move back to annual billing. what's the next step? open a ticket with the request?
18:07|-|caffeinated changed nick to javafueled
18:15<Nigel>nice nicks
18:16<@caker>javafueled: yes, please
18:16<javafueled>caker: will do.
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