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04:36<yacbox>Hello is there a Linode Admin here?
04:49<warewolf>not this early in the morning
04:49<warewolf>if you're having a problem that isn't related to a host being down, open a support ticket
04:49<warewolf>if a host is down, they already know (they got paged)
04:50<encode>and if a host was down, there'd be more people in here saying so
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05:59<hello>anyone here
05:59<encode>hello: wrong time of the day
06:00<encode>check the forums, raise a support ticket
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07:29<@tasaro>yacbox: Are you still here?
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09:52<linbot>New news from forums: MediaWiki Problems--Can't Edit in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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12:34<@caker>Cyber Monday -- come and get it!
12:34<SpaceHobo>caker: wil u cybr with me?
12:34<@caker>sure .. 14/f/Miami
12:34<SpaceHobo>h@wt lol
12:35<@mikegrb>mmm cake
12:35<SpaceHobo>cybr cake
12:35<@mikegrb>mmm cake
12:35<SpaceHobo>mmm cake
12:35<@mikegrb>mmm cake
12:35<SpaceHobo>mmm cake
12:35<@mikegrb>mmm cake
12:35<SpaceHobo>mmm cake
12:35<@mikegrb>mmm cake
12:35<SpaceHobo>mmm cake
12:35<@mikegrb>mmm cake
12:35<SpaceHobo>mmm cake
12:36[~]caker sends The Funky Chicken song directly into your brain
12:38<SpaceHobo>fortunately i do not know the funky chicken song
12:38<SpaceHobo>but I might just take you to the funky town
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12:38<SpaceHobo>I couldn't make it through the BSD kernel internals class without giggling
12:38<SpaceHobo>because everytime I'd see the kernel function to unset a file's ownership data
12:39<SpaceHobo>I'd think to myself "oh won't you take me to... the funsetown()!"
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14:44<linbot>New news from forums: Adding a second linode in Sales Questions and Answers <>
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14:59<linbot>New news from forums: Increasing munin use in the Southeast USA in General Discussion <>
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15:24<ferik>hi all
15:24<ferik>I have a quick questions for you guys.
15:24<ferik>I have been running my web/gallery/mail server in linode for a while
15:24<ferik>so I have enough linux knowledge for that
15:24<ferik>I'd like to make an image of that machine
15:24<ferik>so that I could have a backup
15:25<ferik>and possibly run it out of Parrallels should something bad happen
15:25<ferik>what's the best way to do that ?
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15:25<@caker>rsync, tarball, scp...
15:26<kvandivo>check the wiki for a rdiff solution
15:33<ferik>what happens if I restore it on a new sarge installation on a VM somewhere though ?
15:40<npmr>what's "Parrallels"?
15:41<afv-13>a xen that apple are trying to pass off as theirs
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15:47<ferik>parallels is not made by apple
15:47<ferik>and has nothing to do with xen
15:47<ferik>other than the fact that it's a virtualization application
15:47<ferik>parallels was windows and linux before it was Mac OS X
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16:13<@caker>Poll: A) 3.2Ghz Xeon @ 1066Mhz FSB, 2M cache or B) 2.0Ghz Xeon @ 1333Mhz FSB, 4M cache?
16:14<@caker>same price for the faster FSB, but quite a hit in Ghz
16:14<npmr>for a linode host, right?
16:15<@caker>Yes, I'm leaning towards B, too -- not only for the cache, but hopefully some power savings over the 3.2
16:15<npmr>ah, indeed
16:15<npmr>i was thinking in terms of context switches and cache flushing
16:16<kvandivo>is the context switching intelligent enough to only flush the segments of cache that it needs to?
16:18<npmr>iirc, it's tied to TLB entries, so i it should be at least as intelligent as the VM system is about managing the TLB
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16:20<kvandivo>hmm.. i'll be the first to admit that I'm not intimately familiar with the TLB, but it looks like the TLB would be wholesale dumped and refilled with each context switch..
16:21<kvandivo>hmm.. maybe not..
16:21<kvandivo>it might reside outside of context space..
16:21<kvandivo>*shrug* who knows.. interesting thing to do research on when i get some free time (which means it won't happen)
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17:38<Kush->I am looking for a secure environment, is it easy for others to access the data thats inside my virtual os? (even if I have root access)... does the root in the global OS have access to all the virtual OSes?
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20:50<gpd>I am trying to match keywords in a bash_completion script like this: p:project. The tab completion works to display the keywords but when the p:[tab] is pressed I get p:p: then a list of files. Any suggestions?
20:59<kvandivo>what if you do p\:[tab] ?
21:01<gpd>the tab replaces the p\: with p: then the problem returns --
21:03<gpd>seems to happen with p: p= but not with p- or p+
21:04<gpd>: must be a special character - maybe I can switch it off somewhere in bash_completion setup
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21:51[~]mikegrb switches off gpd
21:51[~]mikegrb runs
21:53<RobZombie>what's gpd?
21:53<linbot>gpd: *click*
21:54<RobZombie>oh, alright. i got it...
21:55<linbot>warewolf: *click*
21:55<warewolf>someone needs to op the bot
21:56<warewolf>!caker op the bot
21:56<warewolf>!mikegrb op the bot
21:56<warewolf>!caker op tasaro
22:02|-|mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
22:02<warewolf>there we go
22:02<warewolf>now the bot won't fire blanks anymore :)
22:02|-|warewolf kicked [#linode] linbot [BANG!]
22:02[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
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22:02<warewolf>yaay, I feel special
22:03<@caker> <-- me tailing tasaro
22:05[~]mikegrb phones the THP
22:05<@mikegrb>caker: two people died on motorcycles here this weekend
22:06<@mikegrb>one was their fault though
22:06<@mikegrb>feel bad for the other guy
22:16<RobZombie>lol i love tailgating people
22:18<RobZombie>i just sit right on somebodys tail until they move lanes
22:19<RobZombie>sometimes people try to piss me off by slowing down and then when i pass them i cut them off and slam on my breaks trying to scare them
22:19<warewolf>ever think that maybe you shouldn't do that?
22:19<RobZombie>nope, i like my road rage, thanks. :]
22:19<warewolf>Oh, you must like paying the people you rear-end then.
22:19<RobZombie>that's why i play games with them when i get in front
22:19<warewolf>I hope you have a deep wallet.
22:19<RobZombie>so they have to buy me a new car
22:20<@mikegrb>heidi hates when I cause people to rear end me
22:20<RobZombie>when im behind i keep a safe distance and just blind them with my high beems if i think they will try to get me to hit them
22:20<@mikegrb>says I do it too often
22:20<warewolf>I sincerely hope you're trolling, and not accurately describing your aggressive driving.
22:21<@mikegrb>then there was the guy three weeks ago that was tailgating then passed and slowed down
22:21<@mikegrb>he killed his passenger
22:21<@mikegrb>he didn't fair too well either
22:21<warewolf>^ see? reasons why to repsect others on the road.
22:21<RobZombie>yup, people do that alot, once they get back they try to pay you bak
22:21<@mikegrb>he was a paraplegic at the scene
22:21<RobZombie>i must admit, i get horrible road rage
22:22<@mikegrb> <-- audio from that accident
22:22<RobZombie>i will get within 2 feet of someone going the speed limit in the fast lane
22:22<RobZombie>and then use my high beems to blind them
22:22<RobZombie>once i do get buy in the next right lane, i cut them off on purpose
22:22<RobZombie>but that's normally the end of it
22:22<warewolf>you will cause an accident. And you will pay for it. I hope that will learn you something.
22:23<RobZombie>why will i get in an accident?
22:23<RobZombie>i do it all the time since i got my license...
22:23<warewolf>23:22 < RobZombie> and then use my high beems to blind them
22:23<warewolf>^ that is malicious
22:24<RobZombie>dude, they're asking for trouble
22:24<RobZombie>they know they're blocking traffic...
22:24<RobZombie>some people love to block traffic in the fast lane
22:24<warewolf>no, they're following the law.
22:24<@mikegrb>probably 3/4 of the accidents I've been to have been caused by road rage
22:24<RobZombie>no, it's against the law...
22:24<warewolf>um, no.
22:24<@mikegrb>I certainly don't feel bad when the people responsible are badly hurt
22:24<RobZombie>yes, it is.
22:25<npmr>cite it
22:25<@mikegrb>RobZombie: you are sorely mistaken
22:25<RobZombie>you may not sit in the fast lane, regardless of speed, if more than three cars are accumulated behind you.
22:25<npmr>RobZombie, chapter and verse, please
22:25<RobZombie>that's the law in most states, police are etting more serious about it too.
22:25<RobZombie>left lane = passing
22:25<warewolf>what, they're going to ticket you for following the speed limit? Idonthinkso.
22:25<RobZombie>hang on, lemme find source
22:25<warewolf>RobZombie: Right! So why are you traveling in it?
22:25<RobZombie>umm, yes, warewolf, they do.
22:26<warewolf>RobZombie: and that url you're about to paste had better be from
22:26<warewolf>where xx is the two-letter abbreviation of a US state
22:26<RobZombie>hang on...
22:26<RobZombie>lol hang on man
22:27<npmr>warewolf, what's wrong with *.gov?
22:27<@mikegrb>most state guberment websites are
22:27<warewolf>I *think* states enforce laws on the roads
22:27<warewolf>RobZombie: BZZT
22:27<npmr>warewolf, not mine
22:27<warewolf>RobZombie: try again.
22:27<npmr>not the neighboring state
22:27<RobZombie>i will find either a gov or .us in a sec..
22:27<npmr>and not the one i'm in
22:27<RobZombie>just read that for now
22:28<warewolf>RobZombie: I'll read it when you cite the letter of the law.
22:28<RobZombie>fine, i will post it for you on irc
22:28<RobZombie>In Colorado, state police have written more than 500 tickets to left lane hogs since the beginning of the year; in Florida, a bill is on the legislative docket that would impose a $60 fine and four DMV "demerit points" on the driving record of motorists who refuse to allow faster moving traffic by.
22:29<@mikegrb>"-- which of course were often ridiculous (the best example being the 55-mph National Maximum Speed Limit that Congress finally repealed in 1995)."
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22:29<RobZombie>to be honest, i don't mind getting in an accident with some soccer mom on a power trip. my vehicle is most likely 4 times the size of hers.
22:29<RobZombie>i will win...
22:29[~]npmr puts better than even odds on RobZombie being Blake Barrie
22:29<@mikegrb>umm if they think the 55 mph national speed limit had anything to do with safety, they are utterly wrong
22:29<RobZombie>yes, i am blake barrie, and don't use my name plz
22:29<RobZombie>we discussed that...
22:29[~]npmr rolls his eyes
22:29<warewolf>oh god
22:29[~]warewolf updates ignore list
22:30<npmr>warewolf, *
22:30<@mikegrb>and with failure to understand such a concept, anything they say can be taken with a grain of salt
22:30<warewolf>mikegrb: yeah it had to do with crude oil!
22:30<RobZombie>mikegrb: so, what do you think?
22:30<RobZombie>do you agree with me?
22:30<RobZombie>that people camping in the left lane are the cause of accidents?
22:30<RobZombie>at least agree with that?
22:30<@mikegrb>it is the people like you that cause the accidents
22:30<xinu>did host39 reboot recently?
22:31<@mikegrb>at least 3/4rs of the ones I've been dispatched to
22:31<RobZombie>ur a cop?
22:31<RobZombie>lol mikegrb
22:31<RobZombie>are oyu?
22:31<RobZombie>or an EMT
22:31<@mikegrb>fire fighter
22:31<RobZombie>see, the thing is, i'm not a dangerous driver.
22:31<RobZombie>i don't swerve like some of these assholes going 10 mph
22:31<@mikegrb>what you've said thusfar proves otherwise
22:32<RobZombie>but when somebody pisses me off, that's the end of them...
22:32<@mikegrb>watch your language, this is a family channel
22:32[~]warewolf cheers
22:32<RobZombie>... i doubt anybody under 16 is in here... but okey dokey
22:33<RobZombie>i'm a safe driver, i just like order on the road...
22:33<RobZombie>it doesn't make sense for somebody moving the same speed as the slow lane to be in the fast lane when others need to get somewhere...
22:34<xinu>my node mysteriously shut down, did host39 reboot recently?
22:37<xinu>any idea mike?
22:39<RobZombie>oh man
22:39<RobZombie>some funny shit on this site...
22:45<RobZombie>some of these are absolutely hilarious
22:46<guinea-pig>yeah. that person can't even spell 'idle'
22:49<guinea-pig>i fail to understand the concept of road rage
22:49<guinea-pig>if something's under your control, you have nobody to be upset with but yourself. if something's beyond your control, you have no say anyway, so just sit back and laugh
22:50<RobZombie>i can't agree, i always feal the need to teach people a lesson for making me late...
22:50<guinea-pig>you should allow more time for travel if you're late
22:50<RobZombie>after all, it's not fair to hold hundreds of people up on there way to work and not have to pay something...
22:50<RobZombie>yes, i know...
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22:51<guinea-pig>again, that's under your control. their driving speed isn't.
22:51<RobZombie>i shouldn't have to though, it's not like i'm going 120
22:51<RobZombie>i expect to be able to do 70 mph in the fast lane, nothing crazy
22:51<RobZombie>its often more like 55
22:51<guinea-pig>depends on the traffic density
22:51<RobZombie>i will see 15 cars behind one car in the fast lane that has miles ahead of it with no cars...
22:52<guinea-pig>so what
22:52<RobZombie>when i FINALLY get to that car... i am so pissed
22:52<RobZombie>i want to scare them
22:52<guinea-pig>often times when i see that, the 'slow' car in the fast lane is trying to pass a slower car in the slow lane
22:52<RobZombie>i normally blind wiht high beems, get in front, slam on breaks, etc.
22:52<guinea-pig>and you wonder why people get upset with you
22:52<RobZombie>i don't know if they do...
22:52<RobZombie>who said anyone was upset?
22:53<guinea-pig>those behaviours will cause the 'slow' guy to drive slower.
22:53<RobZombie>that's why when i get in front, it's my turn to have the fun...
22:53<guinea-pig>you can't win
22:53<RobZombie>i make them scared for there lives..
22:53<RobZombie>makes me feel better, ok?
22:53<guinea-pig>then you shouldn't be on the road
22:54<guinea-pig>hi blake.
22:54|-|guinea-pig changed nick to guinea-not
22:54<RobZombie>regardless, after that, they won't pull the same stunt again, agreed?
22:54<RobZombie>when they think they could get killed that wya
22:55|-|guinea-not changed nick to guinea-pig
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22:55<guinea-pig>you call what they do a stunt.
22:55<guinea-pig>i'd have it the other way around
22:55<RobZombie>no, they know what they're doing...
22:56<RobZombie>they know they're just looking to make everyone wait for them...
22:56<guinea-pig>they're driving safely. you're the one 'scaring' them and 'teaching them a lesson'
22:56<RobZombie>no, it's not driving safely
22:56<RobZombie>it's provoking other drivers... that's not safe
22:56<guinea-pig>blake, everyone ISN'T out to get you
22:56<guinea-pig>although with your attitude, they likely will be
22:57<RobZombie>i don't provoke others, i just want to mind my own business going 70-75 in the fast lane...
22:57<guinea-pig>when the speed limit is...?
22:57<RobZombie>when others provoke me, i CAN'T let them just go on with there day without paying some price...
22:57<guinea-pig>i'm not saying i don't speed
22:58<RobZombie>doesn't matter, it's not there job to enforce the speed limit... it is there responsibility to yield to people trying to pass in the left lane though...
22:58<guinea-pig>but if the guy is doing the speed limit or above, then i can't hold anything against him
22:58|-|linbot [] has quit [Server closed connection]
22:58<RobZombie>yes, you can. the left lane is for passing only...
22:58<guinea-pig>(let's not have this discussion again... learn the difference between their and there)
22:58|-|linbot [] has joined #linode
22:59<guinea-pig>it's not your job to enforce left-lane restrictions
22:59<guinea-pig>any more than it's their job to enforce speed restrictions
22:59<RobZombie>regardless, anybody that camps in the left lane is going to have there life in danger
22:59<RobZombie>same with anyone that double parks
22:59<guinea-pig>learn english
22:59<RobZombie>DONT DOUBLE PARK
23:00<RobZombie>i will fuck ur car up
23:00<RobZombie>it's always the soccer moms too...
23:00<RobZombie>they need to learn a lesson
23:00<RobZombie>just cuz they don't work, just have everything given to them by their husbands...
23:00<guinea-pig>i only really know a couple areas in boston where double parking is accepted
23:01<guinea-pig>elsewhere, i hardly ever see it
23:01<RobZombie>everyone double parks in boston, you kidding?
23:01<RobZombie>read that plz
23:03<guinea-pig>i'd always heard about cab drivers' reckless driving, growing up
23:03<guinea-pig>but at least the ones in cambridge/somerville... are pretty tame
23:03<RobZombie>oh, cab drivers dont bother me, i drive same as them...
23:03<RobZombie>Serious bicyclists are the ones who dress up like Lance Armstrong and ride down the middle of the street pretending that they're motorcycles. Well guess what? If your top speed is 25 miles per hour, get the fuck out of the road. You don't see me trying to drive a fucking golf cart down the freeway at rush hour, so you get your ass on the sidewalk and I won't run you off the road with my car. Seriously. I could probably crush you and yo
23:03<RobZombie>thats what i hate
23:04<RobZombie>bikers need to die...
23:04<RobZombie>espeically the "serious" ones
23:04<guinea-pig>the laws say bikes can ride in the same lanes as cars. it's only courtesy that they don't
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23:04<RobZombie>there is a min speed limit...
23:04<guinea-pig>on highways, perhaps
23:04<RobZombie>and who's to say i can't slam my breaks once i get in front of them and cause them to fly over my car..?
23:05<RobZombie>they would be in the wrong?
23:05<guinea-pig>also... bikes aren't allowed on the sidewalk.
23:05<guinea-pig>you have a problem with that, take it to the state house
23:06<Eman><guinea-pig> also... bikes aren't allowed on the sidewalk. <-- for the win
23:07<RobZombie>you know that anybody can get your address at city hall?
23:07<RobZombie>using ur license plate?
23:07<guinea-pig>anyone can get my address using whois.
23:07<guinea-pig>anyone can get my address using the phone book
23:07<RobZombie>right, but if you piss someone off on the road, they won't know your domain...
23:07<guinea-pig>anyone can get my address using any number of ways
23:08<guinea-pig>i don't piss people off on the road
23:08<RobZombie>seriously though, people can't prove shit
23:08<guinea-pig>or at least, i don't let them piss me off
23:08<RobZombie>that's why i throw shit out my window at people that piss me off
23:08<guinea-pig>i find myself laughing at the idiots
23:08<RobZombie>every day driving to work i bring a dozen eggs in the car
23:08<RobZombie>to throw at people that need ot move out of my way
23:08[~]guinea-pig laughs at RobZombie
23:09<RobZombie>egg will ruin your cars paint job
23:09<RobZombie>peels it right off in a spider web shape
23:09<guinea-pig>that went right over your head, didn't it
23:09|-|Dreamr3 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:10<RobZombie>laugh as you will... cambridge is a pussy town
23:10<Eman>you'd never see the egg with all the rust on my van :(
23:10<RobZombie>driving around real boston isn't quite the same...
23:10<guinea-pig>i've driven boston
23:10<guinea-pig>i still laugh at the idiots
23:10<guinea-pig>you let them get to you. i don't.
23:11<RobZombie>oh well, just get out of my way...
23:11<guinea-pig>just put on some tunes and enjoy the ride
23:11<RobZombie>that's all you need to do guinea-pig...
23:11<guinea-pig>sometimes it's slower, sometimes it's faster. doesn't matter. you get there eventually
23:11<RobZombie>eventually is not always good enough for a professor or manager... is it?
23:11<guinea-pig>everyone's in too much of a hurry
23:11<RobZombie>some of us have real responsibilities...
23:12<warewolf>I take the outer loop of rt 495 in dc/md/va to get home
23:12<RobZombie>lol 495
23:13<RobZombie>guinea-pig, do you drive drunk / high / crunk?
23:13<warewolf>there's an on-ramp that comes in on the left side, which I believe may be rt 1, not sure.
23:13<RobZombie>holy shit, that must suck...
23:13<warewolf>anyway, in the morning all 4 lanes wide are gridlocked.
23:13<guinea-pig>when i go 90, it's still a leisurely 90. it's not about being in a hurry.
23:14<RobZombie>i can't imagine merging with a fast lang
23:14<warewolf>people seem to enjoy thinking that they can pull into the on-ramp and cut ahead of everyone.
23:14<RobZombie>oh, i do that...
23:14<RobZombie>i pull into on ramps lol
23:14<RobZombie>if a tons of cars in a lane to turn right i go in the middle lane and then just cut someone off to go right
23:14<RobZombie>i dont care rly
23:16<RobZombie>weaving in and out of slow assholes on storrow dr.
23:16<guinea-pig>when you cut someone off, and they can't stop in time, then you'll care
23:16<RobZombie>nope, i get a new car...
23:16<guinea-pig>and monsterous insurance
23:17<RobZombie>if somebody hits somebody from behind.... they are at fault :]
23:18<guinea-pig>in that case, though, i would interpret it as you hitting them from in front
23:19<guinea-pig>i've spent about $3800 on gas this year, that i've reciepts for
23:19<RobZombie>how did i hit them...
23:20<guinea-pig>who uses that acronym anymore? that's so juvenile
23:20<RobZombie>omg omg omg
23:20<RobZombie>watch that video
23:21<guinea-pig>i haven't enjoyed anything else you've linked thus far
23:23<RobZombie>i would love to give guinea-pig a beating in southie
23:24<RobZombie>MASSHOLE PIKE
23:27<guinea-pig>jesus. if you have anything with Bank of America... be advised to transfer it elsewhere
23:28|-|mode/#linode [+b *!*RobZombie@*] by mikegrb
23:28|-|RobZombie kicked [#linode] mikegrb [language]
23:29|-|avid [] has joined #linode
23:35<guinea-pig>man, i should know better
23:35<guinea-pig>i never let drivers provoke me... but he gets me good
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