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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-11-30

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01:11<jayyers>does anyone know of any software that i could use my scanner to scan a barcode and have the barcode be converted to numbers?
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03:36<lucca>mikegrb / caker: 2.6.18-linode25 seems to fix all of my problems
03:36<lucca>well all kernel problems anyway. kittens still chew on things they shouldn't, heh
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07:48<npmr>linbot, roulette
07:48<linbot>*BANG* Hey, who put a blank in here?!
07:48[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
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08:04<linbot>New news from forums: DNS Manager - Now in Beta in DNS Manager Beta <>
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12:14<Newsome>caker: you around?
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12:37<JonR>the irc logs for the last few days seem to not be working...
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12:55<timber>hey guys
12:55<timber>my linode is dragging....
12:55<timber>is anything going on?
12:56<timber>top is showing low activitiy, CPU graphs are showing low activity.... and yet everything is slow....
12:57<timber>are we getting hit or anything?
13:03<npmr>timber, run "vmstat 1" for a while and watch the "wa" column
13:03<npmr>it's a percentage and it should normally be very low
13:05<timber>is it just polling every second?
13:05<timber>so most of the time it's at 0
13:05<timber>but occasionally it's >60
13:05<timber>so I'm probably good
13:05<npmr>how often is that?
13:06<timber>every 20 secs or so
13:06<npmr>how are the numbers in the "bi" and "bo" columns?
13:07<timber>hitting 30-50 every 6 seconds
13:07<timber>or so
13:07<npmr>and "si" and "so"?
13:07<timber>goose eggs
13:08[~]npmr shrugs
13:08<npmr>what host?
13:08<timber>the sites are running a bit better
13:08<timber>the linode?.... 1 min
13:09<npmr>it's also in /proc/cpuinfo
13:09<npmr>no, the host
13:09<npmr>[inkblot@dorothy:~]$ grep host /proc/cpuinfo
13:09<npmr>host : Linux #1 SMP Thu Mar 30 20:26:23 EST 2006 i686
13:13<npmr>i'm seeing normal ping times from my linode in dallas
13:13<timber>how would I check host stats?
13:13<npmr>normal from sbc in chicago
13:14<npmr>timber, you'd have to ask someone on staff to check
13:14<npmr>timber, probably worthwhile at this point
13:14<timber>oh, you're just pinging
13:15<npmr>normal from speakeasy in ann arbor
13:15<npmr>normal from speakeasy in los angeles
13:16[~]npmr shrugs
13:16<timber>caker mikegrb: you guys hanging around?
13:17<timber>npmr: you know of any other staff members on here?
13:33<timber>looks like the probs worked themselves out
13:33<timber>thanks for your help npmr
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13:40<linbot>New news from forums: Which distribution? How to decide? in General Discussion <>
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14:08<npmr>linbot, roulette
14:08<linbot>npmr: *click*
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16:49<Newsome>caker: you around?
16:53[~]kvandivo waits for strike 3.
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17:20<Kurt>a Catholic friend of mine asked for advice on what he should give up for Lent next year
17:20<Kurt>I suggested he give up Catholicism
17:26<timber>I heard somewhere that last year was the first year in 2000 years that the Catholic Church's membership whent DOWN in numbers
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17:31<Battousai>caker: sorry about that, i need to give you a <3 too
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20:12<Newsome>caker, mikegrb?
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