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11:23<linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host50 in System and Network Status <>
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13:02<Guest139>Why'd it change my nick?
13:02<Guest139>Anyway ... has anyone been able to get distcc working against a machine behind a firewall?
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13:28<linbot>New news from wiki: GentooSetup <> || GentooSetup <>
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13:52<linbot>New news from forums: So long and thanks for all of the fish in Customer Testimonials <>
13:56<afv-13>in the land of hosting, uptime is the king
13:57<afv-13>i bet he's back in a couple of months
14:03<kvandivo>dreamhost has their level 3 plan.. $16 a month w/prepay.. 400 gigs of storage, and 2 more gigs per week.. bet that's what he went with
14:08<afv-13>2 more gigs per week?
14:08<afv-13>as in it's constantly increasing?
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15:49<IntuiWorx>Anybody using EveryDNS for DNS stuff ... and having weird problems with 'em today?
15:55<IntuiWorx>OK, it's not just me ... they're experiencing a DoS ...
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18:53<f8>heh, I was assigned a second IP that is already in use.
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21:32<tsp>I like the idea of a linode, but they're expensive :)
21:32<tsp>what do you guys find is cool about them?
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