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00:14<warewolf>linode is expensive?
00:14<warewolf>who do you work for, Nike in a third world country?
00:34<Nigel_>i just got the invoice for $20.99
00:34<Nigel_>it's only expensive at invoice time :P
00:39<tsp>$20/month, imo, is expensive
00:39<tsp>but I don't have much money here in canada, so heh
00:39<tsp>hosting with dreamhost... probably gonna be the eath of me, but I got it for around $20 for a year
00:39<tsp>think god there shell has a half decent /bin/ed
00:40<Nigel_>tsp, dreamhost is only $20 for the first year
00:41<Nigel_>Linode's extra $10/mo has so many advantanges over a $10/mo DH plan
00:41<Nigel_>it all depends on what your using it for
00:43<tsp>I'm going to use my dh for hosting blindness-related info
00:45<Nigel_>but you can't just compare shared hosting against virtual private hosting
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01:24<taupehat>who sharted/
01:30<Nigel_>taupehat, pardon?
01:32[~]taupehat nods at Nigel_ and now knows whodunnit
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04:54<canburak>hi, i'm happy with linode but can't figure out lockdowns because of the io limit. can someone suggest me a way of finding which process is the cause of the drain?
04:56<canburak>i'm using my linode for postfix + mysql + apache + php. i set up mysql for low memory consumption by one of the configs found on forums
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09:40<jack>can i ask a question
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15:18<jordanb>So if I file a ticket to upgrade to a linode 150 now, how long would it take, and how soon would I get my new ip address, do you think? I'm trying to figure out how to do this with dns as my linode is my primary dns server.
15:36<Nigel>jordanb, hmm, if you upgrade and your in the same Datacentre i don't think you change ip
15:37<jordanb>Well that would be grand.
15:37<jordanb>I figured ips were allocated per host.
15:38<Nigel>also, if you want to be smart, you could change the TTL of the effected records to 3600 so that if the ips change, it will take less time for TTL-Compliant ISPs to pickup the changes
15:40<jordanb>I'll have to have the glue records changed.
15:40<jordanb>And that takes 48 hours minimum no matter what.
15:41<jordanb>Because my linode is one of my name servers.
15:42<erikh>can the linode dns servers purely do secondary yet?
15:42<erikh>that'd be a really nice feature.
15:42<jordanb>I would like to at least be able to change all of the records in my zone files and have it have time to propagate to the slave server before the switch happens and the primary drops of the net.
15:43<erikh>set the TTL really high and do a axfr?
15:43<jordanb>So that way at least the secondary will be serving the proper address while I'm waiting for the glue records to update.
15:44<encode>but if you're still in the same datacentre your ip wont change
15:44<@caker>erikh: not yet
15:44<jordanb>Is axfr push? I thought it was poll.
15:44<encode>there will be some downtime moving between hosts though
15:45<erikh>restarting the server will do a push.
15:45<@caker>btw, we just purchased a boat load of hosts, that should be online before xmas
15:45<erikh>caker: excellent!
15:45<encode>how many hosts can one fit in a boat?
15:45<erikh>I have a buddy doing secondary for me right now, but it would be nice to be independent of that if I chose
15:45<@caker>so availability shouldn't be an issue
15:46<@caker>encode: about 15
15:46<erikh>encode: considering how small computers are getting these days, i'd suspect a lot.
15:46<jordanb>caker, So I have a linode 100 on host9, will the IP have to change for me to get a linode 150?
15:46<erikh>encode: that and the fact that a treo is considerably faster than the boat of a 286 I had in 1988
15:46<encode>must only be a small boat then
15:47<@caker>jordanb: no, they're going into the same DC as host9, so you're in luck
15:47<jordanb>Oh, do I have to wait until those new boxes are in then?
15:48<@caker>jordanb: it looks like there is at least 1 L150 open in Fremont
15:52<jordanb>Great. I put in the ticket requesting that it be held if there isn't one available in the same datacenter until there is. I'm not in a huge hurry and would rather keep the IP than have it now.
15:52<jordanb>In case that one disappears before it gets handled.
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17:42<jordanb>Should I be worried that I started the host transfer an hour ago and it's still working at it?
17:53<@caker>jordanb: one sec -- bug in the migration stuff .. your jobs will say failed but it's just a cosmetic thing
17:57<@caker>should be all set
18:02<jordanb>Could you check my disk resize request now?
18:04<@caker>resizing takes a bit -- no bugs there :)
18:05<jordanb>Ok cool.
18:15<tsp>linnode is running just on UML?
18:16<@caker>we've got Xen implmented but we're waiting for it to mature...
18:16<@caker>so, yes, UML
18:19<tsp>neat - once I get more money, I'll have to consider it if DH flops - which it might due to what my deram site is going to become
18:19<tsp>I'm planning to create a disability/accessibility info site - screen readers, braille displays, etc
18:20<tsp>does a domain need an "a" record? or just the "in ns" fields?
18:20<jordanb>I got a question about that.
18:21<jordanb>I have a friend who insists that msword is better than pdf as a format for tts.
18:21<tsp>lol, seriously... pdf is horibly slow and inefficient
18:22<tsp>listen to - and see what my synth sounds like
18:23<jordanb>Well my point is that it's an open standard.
18:23<jordanb>He was saying that it doesn't flow properly.
18:23<tsp>pdf is open?
18:23<jordanb>I believe adobe has even given up control to W3C
18:23<tsp>most screen readers hate it :)
18:23<tsp>and I can't read them with ed
18:24<tsp>try using pdftotext and see how it looks
18:24<jordanb>It seems like it's more that they don't bother than that it's hard though.
18:24<jordanb>pdf2html works great.
18:24<taupehat>not really
18:24<taupehat>go to google, search for a pdf file you know about
18:24<taupehat>then click "View as HTML
18:24<jordanb>I don't know much about pdf though, but can say that postscript is very straightfoward.
18:25<jordanb>Well that's google.
18:25<jordanb>And even then they're readable.
18:25<taupehat>and what do you think they use to convert?
18:25<jordanb>google massacres word and ppt files when it converts them to html as well.
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18:29<jordanb>caker, Looks like all that is working great now. Thanks!
18:30<@caker>jordanb: thank you -- sorry you hit that bug .. it's on my most wanted list
18:30<jordanb>No problem. :)
18:32<sneakums>caker: my tokens/token_refill seem to be lower than normal
18:32<sneakums>host 11, username pjdc
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19:00<Nigel>caker, are the receipts delayed?
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19:09<Nigel>anyway, the important part is "Balance: $0.00"
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21:54<Nigel>caker, would it be possible to 'pre-seed' /dev/random?
21:58<Nigel>or is that a feature in Zen maybe?
22:01[~]taupehat sits crosslegged on a zafu and pre-seeds /dev/random
22:04<Nigel>not that i know how to seed /dev/random manually in the first place :P
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22:26<warewolf>Nigel: your linux OS should seed /dev/random
22:26<warewolf>Nigel: I'm aware that Red Hat linux does via init scripts, other distros should aswell.
22:26<taupehat>d'oh, heh
22:27<Nigel>warewolf, debian seems to be an exception then
22:27<warewolf>grep your initscripts for urandom
22:27<taupehat>I just set mode +b *!*@* on a channel I'm in
22:27<warewolf>the redhat sysv init script "random" reads 512 bytes from /dev/urandom at shutdown, and writes it back on the next boot.
22:27<sneakums>taupehat: i don't think ops can ban themselves, although i guess it could depend on the server
22:28<warewolf>taupehat- atleast you didn't kline *!*@*
22:28<sneakums>Debian's /etc/init.d/urandom seems to do something similar
22:28[~]warewolf giggles
22:28<sneakums># Description This script saves the random seed between restarts.
22:28<sneakums># It is called from the boot, halt and reboot scripts.
22:29<Nigel>werid then...
22:30<Nigel>no, actually, thats just werid, i was going to say that linode's halts mightn't call the scripts
22:30<warewolf>a linode "shutdown" procedure is no different than a regular linux box
22:30<sneakums>that's be a pretty lousy way to halt, so it's good that they do
22:31<warewolf>so any startup/shutdown rc scripts still get executed
22:31<sneakums>perhaps the symlinks are missing
22:31<sneakums>(small flood)
22:31<sneakums>ls -1 /etc/*.d/*urandom
22:31<Nigel>thats my thought
22:31<sneakums>you should get something like that
22:31<Nigel>oh well
22:31<Nigel>a simple solution is not to use SSL
22:32<sneakums>other option is that something runs at boot that's exhausting your entropy
22:32<Nigel>it's still a pretty much standard debian installation
22:32<sneakums>i haven't had any noticeable problems with entropy on mine
22:33<sneakums>which i've had ince december '03
22:41<tasaro>sneakums: tokens/token_refill reset to default
22:42<sneakums>tasaro: sweet, thanks!
22:50<tsp>who managed found a typo
22:52<tsp>in the uses file, it says preimum instead of premium
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23:31<otherBBS>caker, mikegrb, or tasaro around?
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23:49<jordanb>Anyone here know scsi?
23:54<jordanb>My drive has an "active terminator" switch and a "terminal power" switch.
23:54<jordanb>If it's the only device on the chain do both have to be enabled?
23:55<sneakums>the cable itself may have a terminator
23:55<sneakums>does it have a widget at the end that looks like an anti-theft device?
23:56<jordanb>I've not bought the cable yet. :< I just got the drive and the scsi card today.
23:56<jordanb>Should I get one with that on it?
23:56<sneakums>so it's newish, like 68-pin LVD?
23:56<jordanb>No it's 50 pin.
23:56<jordanb>It's new to me.
23:57<sneakums>i can't recall seeing 50 pin cables with terminators on them
23:57<sneakums>re termination power, the docs for the hab should say whether it supplies it or not
23:57<sneakums>er, docs for the hba
23:58<jordanb>Yeah it does if you have that jumper set.
23:58<jordanb>Says it supplies +5v
23:58<sneakums>in that case it's up to you which you prefer to enable
23:58<sneakums>but you only want to enable one
23:58<jordanb>and the 'active terminator' appearently supplies the resistance.
23:59<sneakums>if the cable doesn't have a widget then you'll need to enable that
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