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00:00<jordanb>So if it has the thing I disable the active terminator and enable the terminator voltage?
00:00<sneakums>yes, i believe so
00:00<sneakums>i'm fairly sure a 50-pin cable won't have a terminator though
00:00<jordanb>So in that case I enable the active terminator and disable the terminator voltage?
00:01<sneakums>you'll definitely need the termination enabled somewhere
00:03<tsp>anyone have any ideas for a good mud?
00:07<jordanb>Ok reading the docs very closely the voltage thing is only used if I use an external terminator that needs it "You can enable +5-volt terminator power if needed for terminators or other SCSI devices through a jumper placement."
00:07<warewolf>it's a dikumud
00:08<jordanb>So if I can't find a cable with a terminator on it, that's what I'll do, enable active terminator and disable terminator voltage.
00:08<jordanb>sneakums, Thanks.
00:08<sneakums>glad i could help
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06:05<tongucyumruk>Hi, is there any way for me to know when my account will be activated?
06:09<warewolf>the linode admins probally aren't awake yet
06:09<warewolf>but they are in this irc channel, caker, mikegrb, and tasaro.
06:09<tongucyumruk>Oh, the time zone difference... I forgot... it's 14:00 here...
06:10<warewolf>I'm not sure where they are, I think it's around 07:00.
06:10<warewolf>possibly earlier, 07 is east coast, and I think one of them may be in nashville, tn
06:11<warewolf>one is in florida, so one is definitly in east coast time.
06:11<warewolf>not sure about the third.
06:11<tongucyumruk>OK, then I think I just have to wait, thanks...
06:12<warewolf>tongucyumruk: anyway, if you check out all clean (eg, nothing phishy about your CC or other details) you'll get activated soon. Just sit back and relax. Have a tea :)
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09:51<heidi>warewolf: we are in florida but we are on the alabama border so we are central
09:51<heidi>not east
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11:30<randallman>Something up with host34?
11:31<randallman>unable to lish and unable to issue a reboot command
11:31<randallman>or rather, been a few minutes since I issued the reboot command via the web UI
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11:33<randallman>hmm, how unfortunate :) Every other time I've come her, caker has always been sitting around just waiting to support me :)
11:33<randallman>Oh well, guess I'll open a ticket :)
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13:19<Nigel_>randallman, heh
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20:38<citalim>Hey guys, do you require faxed drivers license/credit card for each new account?
20:44<tsp>lol, faxed credit card?
20:44<purrdeta>he read it on the forums somewhere
20:45<citalim> a copy of the credit card. :p
20:58<tsp>how can a copy of the card help? it woul dhave the number and everythingo nit
20:58<tsp>oh nm, you give them the number anywya
20:58<citalim>tsp, didn't you used to use sd?
20:58<tsp>I still have an sd acct
20:58<citalim>ah, you never irc with us anymore :p
20:58<tsp>keep forgetting :)
20:58<tsp>I"m mostly an sdfer now
20:59<purrdeta>I use both really
20:59<citalim>sdf, hahah
20:59<citalim>sd > sdf
20:59<tsp>going to webhost with them I think
20:59<purrdeta>but sd more as of now
20:59<citalim>sd has military backing
20:59<tsp>how so
20:59<purrdeta>sd has rageful admins!
20:59<citalim>cause i'm an op!
20:59<tsp>sd doesn't have dns/vhost/etc
20:59<purrdeta>sd is quite lacking indeed but it serves its purpose to me! :P
20:59<tsp>what do you use it for?
20:59<purrdeta>irc and some hosting
21:00<citalim>trafficking warez
21:00<citalim>hoarding 0dayz
21:00<tsp>warez? heh
21:00<tsp>sd admins will kill you
21:00<purrdeta>SD admins love him
21:00<citalim>sd admins wont do shit to me :p
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21:01<citalim>not warez anyways
21:01<citalim>well, yeah :p
21:07<citalim>heard the new Celtic Frost album, tsp?
21:09<tsp>I listen ot Esperanot music...
21:09<tsp>to esperanto music
21:09<citalim>oh, I see
21:09<citalim>i thought you were a black metal fan for some reason
21:09<tsp>black metal
21:09<tsp>I like rock
21:09<citalim>i like black metal.
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21:12<tsp>citalim: do you use linode?
21:19<citalim>should I, tsp?
21:21<internat>linode is awsome :D
21:21<tsp>dunno, never used it
21:21<tsp>too expensive for me
21:21<citalim>so why are you in here?
21:21<tsp>dunno, somewhere to hang
21:21<citalim>well you're fucking crazy.
21:22<internat>umm i would recommend not swearing too much :)
21:22<citalim>thanks for the tip, internat :)
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