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08:03<timber>anyone here this morning?
08:14<timber>caker mikegrb: I could really use your help on something
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09:28<timber>hey guys: is there a way to remove an IP that has just been added to the account?
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10:03[~]timber shouts "HELLO" just to hear the echo
10:10<timber>caker, mikegrb: either of you guys around?
10:10<citalim>i'm around!
10:10<citalim>but I don't know anything.
10:11<timber>do you know how to get rid of the IP?
10:11<timber>or sort the new one to the bottom of the list?
10:12<timber>no big
10:12<timber>I think it's gotta be someone from Linode anyway
10:12<timber>(to kill an IP or resort it's priority
10:12<timber>thanks for answering me though :)
10:29<timber>ping caker
10:29<timber>ping mikegrb
10:32<warewolf>that's ping mikegrb, or caker
10:32<warewolf>not #linode :P
10:32<purrdeta>yeah I know whaty I am doing thanks :)
10:38<timber>I guess I don't though.... what's that warewolf? did I do something wrong w/ the ping?
10:39<purrdeta>to /ctcp nick ping
10:40<timber>so "/ctcp caker ping" is the proper string?
10:41<warewolf>most clients understand /ping nick
10:42<timber>somebody ping me please? would like to see the other side of /ping timber
10:42<purrdeta>warewolf: sorry I couldnt resist :)
10:42<warewolf>when someone says "ping nick" they usually mean saying in channel "nick- ping?"
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10:43<warewolf>it's WAAAAY past my bedtime.
10:43[~]warewolf -c home &
10:45[~]timber passes the coffee
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12:01<@caker>timber: ping?
12:03<@caker>timber: pm?
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12:52<linbot>New news from forums: Everything is great in Customer Testimonials <>
12:58<Nigel>hmmm, i find that a little funny :P
12:59[~]caker makes payouts
13:01<Nigel>caker, so, been purging the bad comments eh? ;) ;)
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13:08<@caker>Nigel: never
13:08<Nigel>then whats with "Everything is great in Customer Testimonials" :P
13:09<@caker>dunno .. we must be doing something wrong
13:09<linbot>New news from forums: Redundant server on Linode? in General Discussion <>
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13:10<Nigel>hmmm, it is actually quite, good, but it's just a "so far...."
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13:14<Xel>I'm just waiting for a really random topic to be posted on the forums and then reported to here
13:14<@mikegrb>mmm cake
13:14<Xel>Like "Caker Had His Cake and Ate It Too"
13:14<Xel>You know, something that makes no sense but is funny at the time
13:17<Nigel>grrr, i hate this time of the day
13:17<Nigel>because it's time to give the bus company *another* $13
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15:09<FireSlash>I just had to stop myself... I had written a daily cron that simply did: echo Huhuhuhuhuhu
15:10<FireSlash>Which coencided with my new motd: Shh! be vewy vewy qwiet! I'm hunting wabbits!
15:12<tsp>the echo didn't do anything
15:12<tsp>since it goes ot null by default in cron
15:17<purrdeta>tsp: actually, on SD it mails you the results of the cron therefor you get an email with it in there :P
15:17<purrdeta>and actually on my computers too...
15:17<purrdeta>so if you use your servers email :P
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16:02<@caker>13:15 < caker> TRACKING NUMBER: 572546600827088
16:02<@caker>13:15 < caker> TRACKING NUMBER: 1Z51V2520321920399
16:02<@caker>13:15 < caker> TRACKING NUMBER: 015134863899210
16:02<@caker>13:15 < caker> TRACKING NUMBER: 015134863899180
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16:14[~]encode tracks caker's servers and reroutes them to .au
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16:19<tsp>route them to... .cn
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16:23<encode>why .cn?
16:26<purrdeta>china! the Great Firewall!!!
16:26<tsp>maybe .za
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16:27<xinu>What could cause a node to keep powering down for no apparent reason? It started after migrating to a new host.
16:28<xinu>i've been here over a year and that never happened, so it's a new feature.
16:30<xinu>my tickets aren't being answered either, but the bill is being paid on time so, help?
16:31<encode>xinu: have you tried using lish?
16:31<encode>theres a command that will list the last 100 lines of the kernel log
16:31<xinu>using it for what?
16:31<encode>sounds like its panicing
16:31<xinu>lish won't let me login
16:31<encode>logview or viewlog or something
16:32<encode>are you usiong the details listed in the web interface?
16:32<xinu>maybe the migration was slightly botched?
16:32<encode>username, address, and the password used to loging to web interface
16:32<xinu>yes it just doesn't work anymore, not on this new host anyway.
16:33<encode>caker: ping .. you still there?
16:33<xinu>i can get to lish, but the second login doesn't work
16:33<encode>thats your root password
16:33<@caker>encode: yes
16:33<encode>and you dont need the second login
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16:34<encode>caker: can you confirm that xinu's migration went ok?
16:35<xinu>well it asks for auth but then doesnt accept anything
16:35<encode>once you've connected to lish
16:35<encode>type help
16:35<encode>and then use the logview command or whatever its called
16:37<xinu>but i can't get past login
16:37<xinu>the second login
16:38<encode>what second login? you dont need a second login
16:38<@caker>xinu: it's a bug in recent 2.6 UML kernels that Jeff has had trouble tracking down
16:39<xinu>should i choose another kernel or is that the host os?
16:39<@caker>No, that's the UML kernel
16:39<@caker>I'd move /lib/tls out of the way and boot into 2.4 for now (sorry)
16:39<@caker>know what it's doing when you get it to crash?
16:40<xinu>encode lish asks for my linode pass, then the last login info scrolls by, then it immediately asks for another user/pass.
16:40<@caker>xinu: press control-a, then d
16:40<xinu>just running webserv, nothing specific afaik
16:41<xinu>(apache, etc)
16:41<@caker>xinu: ok
16:43<tsp>UML is weird
16:43<@caker>how so?
16:43<tsp>I want bmb - bsd mode bsd
16:45<xinu>caker: thanks for the clue on lish, i'll try your suggestions, which i've seen mentioned on the forums in the past.
16:46<@caker>xinu: I'm impressed you've been able to hit it so frequently -- the other two reports I have of it have only happened to each of them once in a long while
16:46<@caker>xinu: I doubt there's anything useful in that, but I'll let Jeff know anyway
16:47<xinu>this is the 4th time since the migration last week
16:50[~]xinu is not really impressed either, heh
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17:05<linbot>New news from forums: Load Average in Performance and Tuning <>
17:05<@caker>xinu: were you running latest 2.6 on your previous host?
17:06<@caker>xinu: also, how long since you had rebooted (in other words: was it running 2.6.18-linode25?)
17:16<tsp>you should make a 5mhz linode :) for all us cheapies
17:16<tsp>then again, my 386sx would outperform it
17:18<xinu>caker: it was running the latest 2.6 and last reboot was 2 days ago
17:19<tsp>what's the uptime for the linode hosts themselves? just wondering
17:19<Battousai>a lot
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17:57<gpd>random banter:
17:57<gpd>is there a reason why there is no unix command to switch a symlink around
17:57<gpd>ie. foo -> bar
17:57<gpd>fliplink foo
17:57<gpd>bar -> foo
17:58<gpd>[I just wrote one in python]
17:58<gpd>but it seems odd that symlinks are so poorly supported in linux
17:58<gpd>npmr: ping
18:09<gpd>thought you might have some insight :)
18:09<gpd>into the above
18:09[~]npmr shrugs
18:09<npmr>it's just like mv and cp
18:10<npmr>source is the actual file, target is the symlink
18:10<npmr>there's no reverse mv or cp either
18:10<gpd>right -- and also when you move a file with links to it - they break
18:11<gpd>ie. the whole links thing is broken
18:11<gpd>clearly nobody cares...
18:11<npmr>hard links don't break
18:11<npmr>also, you're right
18:12<gpd>true -- is there a disadvantage to a hard link over a sym?
18:12<npmr>nobody particularly cares that symlinks break when you move the file
18:12<npmr>yes, hard links only work within a filesystem
18:12<gpd>you mean a single hard drive partition?
18:12<npmr>and you can't hard link directories
18:13<gpd>ah -- yes there's yer problem
18:13<gpd>ok --- well i am writing some little scripts to handle links better
18:13<gpd>but i wonder if i am missing some larger point
18:13<npmr>put your arguments to ln in the right order
18:14<gpd>this is for exisiting links
18:14<npmr>about the breaking?
18:14<guinea-pig>i think you're both missing something
18:14<gpd>i want to switch them around
18:14<gpd>ie i have a file foo.txt with link to it called /path/bar
18:14<guinea-pig>gpd: why do you want to switch it?
18:14<gpd>i want to switcharoo...
18:14<gpd>so that now i have /path/bar/foo.txt and link to it at foo.txt
18:14<npmr>put the link where the file is and vice versa?
18:15<npmr>and have the link still link to the file?
18:15<gpd>which means you have to delete the link, then move the file, then create the new link
18:15<guinea-pig>i.e. why don't you have the file where you want it in the first place?
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18:15<npmr>gpd, yes, that is the way
18:15<gpd>npmr: so i have a little script called fliplink to do that
18:15<gpd>which is so blindingly obvious to me that i wonder why it doesn't exist
18:16<gpd>there are weird things like lndir
18:16<gpd>and nice things link symlinks
18:16<gpd>lndir creates a shadow dir tree from an exisiting one
18:16<guinea-pig>why is it blindingly obvious? i don't recall ever having the need for 'fliplink' in 6 years of linux use
18:16<npmr>oh, i see
18:16<npmr>lndir is mv -l
18:17<gpd>guinea-pig: it fits in with my larger scheme to take over the world
18:17<npmr>er, cp
18:17<npmr> -l, --link
18:17<npmr> link files instead of copying
18:17<npmr>^-- the GNU cp man page
18:17<guinea-pig>gpd: invest in giant robots
18:17<gpd>npmr: good point -- cp -l might be useful :)
18:17<guinea-pig>npmr: but is that hard or symlink?
18:18<gpd>anyway -- have to run -- but thanks for listening :D
18:18<npmr>i believe it's hard
18:18<npmr> -s, --symbolic-link
18:18<npmr> make symbolic links instead of copying
18:19<npmr>so lndir is practically a shell alias
18:20<gpd>so the broken link problem -- no fixes? [i have gone]
18:20<npmr>also, lndir appears to be an X Windows thing, not a Unix thing
18:20<Kurt> <-- this guy is the drum major in the high school marching band I teach
18:21<npmr>gpd, find / -type l -print0 | xargs -0 file | grep broken?
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18:24<timber>I'm out guys
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19:52<j0e>ne1 know about how long it takes to have an account activated?
19:54<j0e>guess not... tx ne way...
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