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11:36<linbot>New news from forums: Linode team in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
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12:44<@caker>in case anyone's been under a rock:
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13:18<Nigel>caker, oh yeah, thats amazing i reckon
13:19<Nigel>oh brilliant, they found the wife etc
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13:41<patrick>any plans to offer etch?
13:42<patrick>or should you just upgrade from sarge?
13:42<@caker>There are, but for now I think a dist-upgrade will do the trick
13:43[~]caker has the burned iso in hand
13:43<@caker>my hope is to finish upgrading a number of the distros before xmas
13:43<Nigel>like Redhat 9? ;)
13:44<Nigel>not that i use RH9
13:44<@caker>rh9 will be dissappearing completely
13:45<patrick>whats this announcement on storage?
13:45<patrick>or is it on io tokens
13:45<@caker>cheaper disk at a minimum and eventually upgrades on the plans (as usual)
13:46<@caker>the issue is we've got hosts with 200G drives all the way to 500G... It gets a little tricky
13:46<patrick>well thats good, was thinking about switching to another provider because of disk costs
13:46<patrick>might hold off to see the announcement
13:48<Nigel>what about memory?
13:48<patrick>memory is not a concern for me
13:48<patrick>or were you talking to caker
13:49<Nigel>i was talking to caker
13:49<@caker>Linode's plan upgrades have no end in sight, so .. yes, at some point
13:49<Nigel>well, it was directed at caker etc
13:49<Nigel>last i checked Host12 had no more memory to dish out
13:50<@caker>yup .. like I said, it gets tricky -- some machines are at their physical limits
13:51<@caker>so, we'd either move people off onto a box that's already had upgrades or a new box (most likely), or take the box down, do the upgrades, bring it back up, while nodes are still on it
13:51<chris>You can take me off host4 when you pry it from my cold dead hands
13:51[~]caker has a soft spot for host4, as well
13:52<@caker>dunno why, but host4 is my "home base" and has been since .. well, host4 went online/BIOS upgraded
13:52<Nigel>caker, yeah, realise what your getting at
13:52<chris>4 has been pretty reliable
13:53<patrick>too bad vmware esx is too costly
13:53<patrick>woudlnt have to worry about resource allocation
13:53<chris>By the way caker, what ever happened to the testing for xen? Did that go anywhere?
13:53<@caker>patrick: is that their grid thing?
13:53<Nigel>it's still happening
13:53<Nigel>esx is just their normal offering isn't it?
13:53<patrick>erm maybe i mean gsx
13:53<patrick>hold on
13:54<patrick>esx imean
13:54<Nigel>no, GSX/ESX are pretty much the same aren't they? except ESX comes with RH7 or something
13:54<@caker>chris: yeah, still going on -- and it's (xen) still buggy
13:59<patrick>esx runs directly on bare metal, lets you dynamically allocate hardware
13:59<patrick>without rebooting
14:00<patrick>ballooning model
14:00<patrick>so tiny daemon runs on each host
14:00<patrick>and shrinks/expands
14:00<patrick>when it needs memory.. of course you can set mins/maxes
14:00<patrick>also if hardware dies it can autofailover to diff boxes (assuming centralized storage)
14:04<Ciaran>caker: I've apparently been under a rock. *reads linkk. :D*
14:05<Nigel>ewww! i was under that rock before
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15:59<encode>esx is way better than gsx
15:59<encode>we use esx at work, its a fantastic product
15:59<encode>provided i'm not the one that pays for the license fees
16:04<patrick->are new accts backlogged?
16:04<patrick->anyone know?
16:04<linbot>encode: Linode100 - 4, Linode150 - 3, Linode200 - 13, Linode300 - 15, Linode400 - 15
16:04<encode>that would be no
16:05<encode>unless by backlogged you mean, you're waiting for your new account to be activated
16:05<patrick->i mean i bought one but no response
16:05<Xel>patrick-, rented... you rented one.
16:06<patrick->well i paid for something in any case heh
16:06<encode>the thing that usually holds up the activation is the credit card verification
16:06<encode>especially if you're not from the US
16:06<patrick->well this is my second one so shouldn't be too big a problem with the card
16:06<Nigel>credit card verification was okay for me
16:07<patrick->same account details etc
16:07<patrick->charge went through ok
16:07<Nigel>i thought you could just add another linode to your existing account?
16:07<Nigel>(via ticket)
16:08<patrick->well i didn't know about that, whats the difference?
16:08<Nigel>one bill?
16:08<Nigel>one credit card payment instead of two?
16:08<patrick->they're autobilled, what do i care ;-)
16:09<patrick->unless your a channop then YES YOU'RE CORRECT. MY MISTAKE
16:09<encode>then i guess caker / mikegrb / the new guy are all asleep
16:09<patrick->well i was just wondering, i can wait it out a bit
16:09<encode>Nigel: you cant - one account, one linode
16:10<Nigel>encode, ahh right
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16:10<Nigel>must've been something else
16:10<patrick->i think ips, ram, etc
16:10<patrick->disk space
16:11<Nigel>no, because diskspace you just add in the panel
16:12<patrick->so i wonder if the four available 100's get rented, i'll have a hard time getting the $30 back :-(
16:13<patrick->its rare 100's are available lately
16:14<Nigel>they don't go that fast... although from experience, i left home, there was a Linode 100 avail... got into town, got one of the Visa Gift Cards, and get into Campus and it's gone
16:14<patrick->they're pretty popular tho
16:16<Nigel>anyway, time to do some dev work
16:16<patrick->they're like my first webserver
16:17<patrick->i can't believe the number of idiot hack attempts i'm seeing on the thing
16:17<patrick->i don't even have a dommain name yet and i'm getting dumb requests daily
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17:27<linbot>New news from forums: emerge -u dhcpcd killed my linode in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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18:48<Grepp>what software firewall should i run on a vps? firewol?
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18:57<f8>I just use a basic slightly modified IPtables shell script I stole from the web
18:58<f8>there are millions of them out there
19:00<Grepp>they're giving me trouble in #debian
19:03<f8>wow. There are a lot of people in #debian
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19:31<tsp>debian is weird :)
19:39[~]f8 is in love with aptitude
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19:48<gpd>ok -- here's one for you.
19:49<gpd>you want to reboot a remote machine with no console -- on a dynamic dhcp -- how do you know where it will come back up?
19:49<gpd>add to this that you just updated the kernel !
19:49<@mikegrb>ping the networks broadcast address?
19:49<@mikegrb>do you have another machine on the network?
19:50<f8>I install a dynamic dhcp client on all of my dynamic boxes
19:50<@mikegrb>or set an @reboot cron job to wget a weboage
19:50<@mikegrb>webpage rather
19:50<f8>but if you didn't plan ahead....
19:50[~]gpd never makes plans that far ahead
19:50<gpd>what will pinging the broadcast do?
19:52<gpd>how about nmap sweep to identify possible candidates (=evil!)
19:52<f8>nmap is always there to back you up
19:52<f8>and send suspicious packets
19:53<gpd>least offensive option?
19:54<f8>any services running on said box? do you know what subnet it's going to be in or is the IP totally wide open?
19:54<gpd>no - i know the subnet and it should be standard debian box
19:54<gpd>running ssh
19:54<@mikegrb>wrong window
19:54<@mikegrb>but the password is no good now, you lose.
19:56<f8>I would just nmap for it, and when you find it put a dynamic dns client on it
19:56<f8>or do the cronjob idea mike had
19:57[~]f8 had never thought of that
19:57<gpd>i did nmap -p22 - but all machines are closed or filtered -- so the new kernel must be spazzing... arse. 'till tomorrow then
19:57<gpd>thanks guys
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20:36<wirehead>are tickets supposed to be sent to the email address?
20:40<wirehead>ok, does anybody know postfix?
20:41<wirehead>the documentation is uttely unhelpful about how to prevent bounce messages.
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20:58<linbot>New news from forums: Backing up my Disk Image, to another Linode Disk Image? in General Discussion <>
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22:18<troy>3:18 troy
22:18<troy>3:18 troy
22:19<@mikegrb>mmm cake
22:19[~]linbot dispenses some ritalin
22:20[~]taupehat notes that ritalin is essentially speed
22:21[~]troy takes said ritalin and bounces off the wall
22:22[~]f8 gets sidetracked
22:22[~]taupehat wishes he remembered what everyone was talking about
22:22[~]linbot diagnoses you with ADHD/ADD
22:23[~]taupehat can't possibly imagine that anyone as terrifically lazy as himself could be put in a box with that H in it
22:27<linbot>New news from forums: help with blocks on a gentoo emerge -DavuN world in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
22:28<taupehat>why on earth would anyone think to run gentoo on a linode?
22:28<taupehat>just please don't run gentoo on host56, thanks
22:29[~]taupehat would greatly prefer that his node not be slowed down by someone thrashing it to death doing an emerge world with -O3 optimizations
22:29<warewolf>it took six weeks, but hey
22:29<taupehat>--teach-me-linux =]
22:31<@caker>awww... won't load for me
22:31<taupehat>it's wore out
22:32|-|mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
22:32<taupehat>oh noes
22:32<warewolf>linbot: rr
22:32|-|warewolf kicked [#linode] linbot [BANG!]
22:32[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
22:32[~]caker pets linbot
22:32<taupehat>now I'll have to go elsewhere to find pictures of riced-out minivans
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22:32<warewolf>haha I joined the wrong channel
22:32<warewolf>I joined #oftc
22:33<taupehat>I was wondering why certain things weren't loading for me
22:33<taupehat>guess what ISP I use?
22:35<taupehat>here's an irony
22:35<taupehat>funroll-loops AND aren't reachable for me at the moment
22:37<taupehat>okay, something seems to be repairing itself
22:38<taupehat>funroll-loops is still down, but for pure gentoo-flaming fun, one can always keep this link handy:
22:40[~]taupehat actually submitted a patch to that problem
22:40<taupehat>nevermind the fact that my "patch" was submitted in the form of a .spec file =]
22:44<taupehat>exit 666
22:45<fo0bar>I was about to say...
22:45<warewolf>1 is good oto
22:49[~]warewolf licks the glue on the SOAP envelope
22:49<warewolf>whoops wrong window
22:49<tsp>maybe I should start sending patches as ed scripts
22:49<tsp>since I use /bin/ed daily for almost everything
22:49<warewolf>awk would be better
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23:30<tsp>awk? why
23:41<@mikegrb>cat + keyboard = --^
23:44<warewolf>hunter + keyboard > cat + keyboard
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