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06:04<Ciaran>So yeah, James Kim's body has been found. :/
06:14<guinea-pig>he lost it?
06:20<Nigel>sad sad thing
06:20<Nigel>on the upside, it has proven that the IT media don't need to be at each others throats
06:21[~]Nigel is yet to decide if that is good or bad
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09:50<@linbot>New news from forums: help with blocks on a gentoo emerge -DavuN world (SOLVED) in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
09:57<kvandivo>i need a bluetooth adapter for my desktop.. USB would be fine. anyone have one?
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12:11<Wolfling>Hello again
12:12<Wolfling>any news on my problem with the CVC yet?
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12:15<@caker>Wolfling: I just need to CVC and we should be set
12:16<Wolfling>ok, must I put it in the ticket?
12:17<@caker>Wolfling: unless you have a better idea
12:18<Wolfling>not realy no
12:23<Wolfling>ok, have submitted it
12:25<Wolfling>any idea when the transaction will be processed? (need to use the rest for groceries... :(
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12:34<Xel>Wow, that's dedication
12:34<Xel>"First Linode, then groceries
12:34<afv-13>so there are only 46 hosts?
12:35<tierra>there's at least 56 that I know of
12:35<afv-13>oh, then the host-key fingerprint page must be outdated
12:35<tierra>yeah, I noticed that a couple weeks ago myself actually
12:36<afv-13>so you were as bored as i am now a couple of weeks ago :p
12:37<tierra>haha, exactly... I got curious if there were any new "hidden" features I hadn't noticed when I first signed up
12:37<tierra>or added since then
12:37<afv-13>easter eggs ftw
12:38<tierra>being that it's been a couple years since I signed up
12:41<@mikegrb>there's an easter egg in lish
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12:44<wolfling>erf, its quick and dirty, but it should be more stable
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12:47<wolfling>caker: did you get my last line? (I submitted it and would like to know how long its going to take as I need the rest of the money)
12:47<@caker>wolfling: one moment
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12:58<@caker>wolfling: not anytime soon -- I'm on hold with my processor ...
12:58<@caker>wolfling: when is a good (or bad) time for me to do this?
12:58<wolfling>well as soon as possible acctualy
12:59<wolfling>I want to get it cleared so I can know how much is left after excahange rates and tax
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13:08<afv-13>i budget on R200 pm but it's normally R155 (l100)
13:09<afv-13>this month was R145.02 :p
13:13<wolfling>yeah I normally pay R350, but being jobless for a few months puts a strain on the finances, so I need whatever is left...
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13:14<afv-13>that sucks, how's the job search going?
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13:15<wolfling>started a new job 4 weeks ago, but now all is 2 months in arrears and no extra cash
13:16<afv-13>i see
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14:07<wolfling>ok have to again
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14:52[~]caker wonders if iptable's --cmd-owner match is in the vanilla kernel
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14:59<@caker>iptables -m owner --help | grep cmd <-- anybody?
15:00<kvandivo>[!] --cmd-owner name Match local command name
15:01<@caker>thanks .. ok, so it's in the userspace app...
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17:26<@linbot>New news from forums: Kernel: 2.6.19-linode26 in Announcements <>
17:33<gpd>anyone tried the new kernel yet?
17:33<@caker>gpd: you could be the first!
17:33<gpd>... 7 minutes... come on people!
17:34<gpd>caker: may as well --
17:34[~]gpd hold hat
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17:39<Nigel>must be okay
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17:47<gpd_>caker: initiated reboot from within linode. didn't come back up -- so went to lish and issued 'boot' command -- now comming up
17:48<Nigel>gpd_, thats a feature not a bug
17:48<gpd_>what is the prefered method then?
17:48<@caker>gpd_: yeah, reboot from inside Linode has always just shutdown
17:49<gpd_>lish > lpm > inside linode ?
17:49<gpd_>or lpm > lish > linode
17:49<@caker>gpd_: either Lish or the LPM...
17:50<gpd_>seems to be up and running
17:50<gpd_>any checks to do?
17:50<gpd_>nothing weird in dmesg
17:51<gpd_>this old friend is still around:
17:52<gpd_>line_ioctl: tty0: unknown ioctl: 0x5603
17:53<@caker>gpd_: you could alias reboot to "ssh reboot"
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18:00<encode>is there linux software one can use to simulate a san?
18:10<@caker>encode: I don't follow (a bunch of UMLs as servers and clients in a virtual network?)
18:10<@caker>gpd: thanks for testing :)
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18:16<encode>caker: sorry, unrelated to linode
18:17<@caker>encode: I figured, tis fine, just need more info
18:24<encode>in the context of a test environment for our esx environment here at work
18:24<encode>the production environment has a san, but they're a little expensive to buy one just for a test lab
18:25<encode>so i was thinking maybe simulate a san somehow
18:27<@caker>and how is that different than running iscsi on a box somewhere on your network?
18:29<encode>only the latest version of esx supports iscsi
18:29<encode>the only option for shared storage in earlier versions is a san
18:30<encode>and we have a number of hosts running earlier versions
18:30<@caker>(san/nas newb here): what protocol does "san" imply? :)
18:31<encode>sorry, fibre channel
18:31<@caker>anyway, I'll be quiet now
18:31<encode>over fibre
18:31<encode>i wouldn't have picked you for a san/nas newb
18:32<@caker>In practice, yes
18:32<encode>in my (limited) experience, san implies fibre channel, iscsi is just iscsi, and nas is nfs/smb/cifs
18:33<@caker>fibre implies it's connected to .. not every box. There's a server (or two) involved, throwing out blk commands on some protocol to clients
18:35<encode>well yeah, only our esx hosts are connected to the san - not every box we have
18:36<@caker>ok, but all the hosts that use it have their own fibre connection to it?
18:36<@caker>interesting .. I'm guessing a block device shows up somewhere in /dev/ ?
18:36<@caker>well, AoE and iscsi would get you that, too ... ?
18:37<@caker>anyhow, that's the extent of my input
18:37<encode>but, only the latest version of esx supports iscsi
18:37<encode>esx is kinda limited in its hardware support
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18:38<encode>given that vmware have to extensively test all the hardware they support
18:38<encode>they just leave out drivers for anything they dont support
18:39<fuzzie>hello, happy people. is host38 having mysterious issues or is it just my linode which has oddly frozen up?
18:40<encode>so my idea was, put a couple of HBAs (host bus adaptor - the card used to connect to the san) in a linux box, and hook up our test machines to it, and simulate a san
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18:51<@caker>fuzzie: did it unfreeze, or did you have to reboot?
19:12<Xel>I seriously love the geeks in here :P
19:21<fuzzie>caker: Looks like it's unfrozen :)
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21:39<Internat>anyone else here use freenode?
21:43<encode>i use internode, does that count?
21:43<npmr>isn't oftc one of the several attempts to supplant and replace freenode?
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21:43<Internat>i use optus so no that doesnt count :P
21:44<Internat>im just corious cause i keep gettinb bad user info when i try to connect
21:44<Internat>but im getting that from my linode and from my home account
21:44<encode>connects fine for me
21:45<encode>14:44 [freenode] -!- Welcome to the freenode IRC Network encode
21:45<encode>14:44 [freenode] -!- Your host is[], running version hyperion-1.0.2b
21:45<encode>what client are you using?
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21:48<encode>theres half your problem
21:48<encode>irssi ftw
21:48<Internat>*yawn* irc client wars *yawn* :P
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22:01<npmr>issri beats mIRC 25 to 2
22:02<Xel>BitchX ftw :P
22:02<npmr>irssi beats BitchX 25 to 3
22:02<Xel>Doesn't make it better.
22:02<npmr>the people have voted with their feet
22:03<Xel>Bush won an election... twice.
22:03<Xel>Doesn't make HIM better.
22:03<npmr>no, he one more elections than that
22:03<npmr>if you're referring to presidential elections, he only won one
22:04<Xel>Maybe people have irssi rigged...
22:04<Xel>I've just been using BX since '99
22:04<Xel>It's what I know, it works very well.
22:04<Xel>So yea, there :P
22:04<npmr>yeah, i switched
22:04<Xel>Plus panasync is neat.
22:05<npmr>jesus h christ, even xchat beats mIRC and BitchX
22:05<Eman>perhaps the mirc users are smart enough to hide their version replies
22:06<encode>thats unlikely
22:06<Xel>Haven't used that in many moons
22:06<encode>mirc users and smart in the same sentence, thats a bit of a contradiction
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22:17<@caker> (nsw)
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22:19<Xel>caker, ahahaha
22:23<@caker>not safe for work
22:24<Xel>caker, see, you know you have the right sysadmin/netadmin when they paste stuff like that to their client base
22:25<@caker>Xel: :)
22:25<encode>isnt not safe for work usually abbreviated to nsfw
22:27<@caker>encode: picky picky
22:29<Xel>I remember when I used to get bored, fortune -o -s
22:29<Xel>Or, if I was bored and wanted to annoy an IRC channel of people, /exec -o fortune -o -s
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22:58<Internat>i love u all too :P just cuase i like mirc :P
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22:59<encode>hehe Internat
23:01<Internat>that mp3 is funny
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23:51[~]Nigel listens
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23:55<Nigel>caker, nice one... good sys admin
23:55[~]Nigel hands over the sys admin cookies
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