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00:04<@caker>so wrong...
00:04<@caker>anyhow, has some interesting stuff
00:15<Nigel>you do realise i've run out of sys admin cookies don't you? ;)
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00:38<pknetworks>What is going on with host 8? There seems to be a lot of load on the system..
00:40<pknetworks>That really sucks.
00:53<pknetworks>has this issue been going on for a while?
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02:26<@linbot>New news from forums: So long and thanks for all of the fish in Customer Testimonials <>
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03:23<pknetworks>The load on host 8 is terrible. ;(
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06:35<Ciaran>Just wanting to confirm; if I were to submit a ticket to upgrade to another plan, I'd be able to do the resulting migration at any time, right? Or would I need to do it in the next <x> days after it's been set up?
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07:45<flamesrock>anyone here?
07:45<flamesrock>I got a question about linode
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10:12<newz2000>Hi, anyone know how I can contact linode support w/out a login? I don't know my login, and the "forgot your login" link doesn't send me an e-mail.
10:13<gpd>newz2000: ask here :) - esp caker or mikegrb or tasaro
10:14<SpaceHob1>hey newz2000
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10:14<newz2000>Hey nick
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10:14<newz2000>My company has two linodes, both of which have been offline for ~ 3 months or so.
10:14<newz2000>(just found out yesterday)
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10:15<newz2000>Since they've been offline for so long w/out anyone noticing, I think its safe to say we dont' need them anymore.
10:15<SpaceHobo>do you know which host they're on?
10:16<tsp>having anything offline for 3 months is bad...
10:16<newz2000>I know IPs and I have each host name
10:18<newz2000>danube:, and tejo:
10:18<SpaceHobo>newz2000: but no idea which host they're on?
10:18<newz2000>let me ask my coworker
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10:21<newz2000>I notice the rdns for those hosts says, and
10:21<newz2000>does li2 and li5 look like valid hosts?
10:21<newz2000>my coworker doesn't know the host either
10:21<Ciaran>newz2000: Those are the beginning part of your normal hostnames, but not actual hosts.
10:22<SpaceHobo>it's the guest hostnames, not the host hostnames
10:22<newz2000>I guess I couldn't get that lucky. :)
10:23<newz2000>We don't know what the e-mail address for the account is, so who knows where the password reminder is going.
10:23<SpaceHobo>it's not necessary once caker or mikegrb show up
10:24<newz2000>ok, thanks for the help
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11:41<@tasaro>Ciaran: It's prefferable if you could migrate within a few days
11:41<@tasaro>newz2000: Still here?
11:42<@tasaro>newz2000: pm?
11:42<dEvILmINd>Can Any one help how Can i Connect to Msn through this Server
11:43<afv-13>dEvILmINd: something like bitlbee or more like a proxy?
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12:19<Ciaran>tasaro: Right, okay. I most likely would, yeah, but I was just making sure. I want to be able to give people a week's notice of the downtime, but of course I don't know how quickly things would move through the ticket system, so I'm trying to work out when to announce it to people and how long after that I should actually request it.
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12:30<federico-II>easy peasy question for a brand new linoder:
12:30<kvandivo>you want #linode-easy-peasy, then
12:30<federico-II>in "Configuration Profiles"
12:30<federico-II>in <profile name"
12:30<federico-II>in "<profile name>", even
12:31<federico-II>what's that "root device" setting? and what is the ubd<x> device ?
12:31[~]federico-II presumes it is some UML thingy
12:31<@caker>no, it's standard Linux
12:31<@caker>the root device is the device node which contains your root partition
12:32<federico-II>sd<x> or hd<x> I have seen, but ubd<x> ?
12:32<@caker>"usermode block device" .. same thing :)
12:32<federico-II>oh - but it IS usermode then ;-)
12:33<@caker>that part is, yes (misread)
12:33<federico-II>can you enlighten me on the 'read only' setting ? I bottoed the linode and everything works as usual (and the root filesystem is definitely writable ;-)
12:34<federico-II>what does it mean than, that /dev/udba is 'ro' ?
12:34<@caker>some distros barf when they go to remount the fs r/w if it's already r/w, so that's why it's there
12:34<@caker>it means that "ro" is sent in the kernel arguments
12:34<federico-II>oh. learned something ;-)
12:34<federico-II>thank you Sir
12:34<@caker>np :)
13:34<tsp>interesting question - how do you manage everything in the data center, to give each linode its own ip address? do you have 16 NICs in one box?
13:36<kvandivo>ip address isn't tied a physical card
13:36<kvandivo>tied to, rather
13:40<tsp>it's not?
13:40<tsp>so I could give this one freebsd server I have sitting beside me two ip addresses on my internal network with just one nic?
13:42<tsp>I suppose, since vmware does it with its bridge
14:00<Xel>You could give it 255 IP's
14:00<Xel>Err 254...
14:01<federico-II>tsp: I have never tried on freeBSD, but on linux, yah, you can bind multiple IPs to the same NIC
14:02<federico-II>(actually, most OSes allow that nowadays)
14:03<pknetworks>yes you should be able to bind more than one IP address to one NIC on freeBSD I did it once a while back, but I am sure the same way you assigned two or more IP address as descirbed here in linode, you should be able to.
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14:05<pknetworks>ifconfig eth0: netmask up
14:05<pknetworks>ifconfig eth0:1 netmask up
14:05<pknetworks>ifconfig eth0:2 netmask up
14:05<pknetworks>route add default gw
14:05<pknetworks>Using this info, make sure that the IP addresses are not being used, and the is the IP address of your router.
14:09<kvandivo>or don't, and have fun debugging
14:10<pknetworks>Hahaha. Cute comment kvandivo. :)
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16:33<pknetworks>k I am out of here guys, talk to you all later.
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