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00:40<flamesrock>hi, I have a question...
00:40<flamesrock>do we get unlimited ftp connections?
00:40<flamesrock>with linode?
00:41<taupehat>flamesrock: you set up your server the way you want to
00:41<flamesrock>so that means I can have unlimited ftp connections?
00:41<taupehat>as long as it's not causing legal or technical problems, then whatever you do with it is your business
00:42<taupehat>but you do have a bandwidth cap
00:42<flamesrock>sweeeeeet :)
00:42<flamesrock>that's not a problem
00:42<taupehat>and ftp is dicey to set up without having people 0wn your server
00:42<flamesrock>I might try a different method like http posts
00:43<flamesrock>haven't finalized it yet
00:43<taupehat>Just think of it as a server. A plain-jane linux box. Plunk, here it is, here is the IP address. No cpanel or any childish toy such as that. You config, manage, and maintain it.
00:44<taupehat>if it gets hacked, uses too many resources on the host, or is known to do things which are illegal, then you have a problem. If not, then you have a server.
00:44<taupehat>(the old rule of "don't blow the scene")
00:45<flamesrock>thats how I like it
00:45<taupehat>there is a TOS at which pretty much spells out what you can and can't do with a machine. Also read the FAQ.
00:45<flamesrock>too bad I don't a large pipe hooked up to the house
00:51<flamesrock>darn none available
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03:43<Nigel>"<flamesrock> too bad I don't a large pipe hooked up to the house" we have many
03:43<Nigel>It's called the spouting
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11:05<afv-13>are ftp servers big on IO?
11:06<afv-13>my io usage has been high over the last few hours and the only difference is starting the ftp server
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14:04<@tasaro>evalole: Still unable to ssh?
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14:15<alnr>anyone use weirdmind?
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14:19<wolfling>caker: have you been able to try that transaction yet?
14:23<@tasaro>wolfling: I beleive he is still looking into it -- if I remember correctly, the service we use down not have a spot for CVC number
14:24<wolfling>hmm i see
14:25<wolfling>im just getting a bit queezy with the cutoff date in 3 days and my server going down because i did not pay
14:26<wolfling>but I assume the process is not 'that' automated
14:26<@tasaro>Your server will not go down with the ball in our court
14:26<wolfling>ok cool :)
14:27<@tasaro>very worst case scenerio is that we request a new cc# from you, but I'm not sure we've reached that point yet
14:28<wolfling>new cc#?
14:28<@tasaro>credit card
14:29<wolfling>but that is what is the problem? I changed my cc to a new one but could not submit the CVC
14:30<wolfling>or do you mean like a new subscription?
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14:32<@tasaro>not a new subscription -- Why didn't this problem exist with your last card?
14:32<@tasaro>In any case, I believe caker is looking for a way to use the card that you wanted to change to
15:02<warewolf>everyone remember blake? aka grepp aka rob zombie?
15:03<warewolf>he needs to be permabanned.
15:03<Eman>he moved on to attack you now?
15:03<warewolf>he thought it was appropriate to go join another channel I was previously in and start pasting my personal information into it.
15:04<Eman>that deserves death
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15:27<wolfling>ok I have to go again
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15:30<Nigel>warewolf, people are idiots... full stop
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