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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-12-10

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02:37<tsp>u/whois tsp
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07:01<Narada>hi guys
07:01<Narada>was just curious about how the whole xen thing is going
07:02<Narada>by now every other vm provider i've come across has xen commercially so i feel like i'm lagging behind
07:02<Narada>i'd love some extra performance; what's the schedule with xen?
07:04<Narada>strangely for the past few times i've been on irc there's been not a single message other than mine
07:04<Narada>can anyone even see me?
07:07<Narada>this is really spooky
07:16<Narada>never mind; i found the answer on the forum
07:16<linbot>New news from forums: general xen status wrt linode in Xen Public Beta <>
07:16<Narada>and it isn't good news
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13:45<ferik>anyone experienced odd problems today ?
13:46<ferik>can't ssh into my machine anymore
13:46<ferik>though it seems alive
13:47<ferik>if I ssh to the console, I am in
13:47<ferik>but I can't download anything
13:47<@caker>what's ifconfig and "route -n" look like ( ?
13:48<@caker>also, can you ping the gateway IP?
13:49<ferik>not sure what my gatway IP is anymore
13:50<taupehat>wow, did I really send caker that dcc prank last night?
13:50<@caker>where's the "route -n" output?
13:50<@caker>taupehat: yeah - I didn't get it
13:50<taupehat>I was probably trying to send it to someone else
13:50<taupehat>it's a layered issue
13:50<ferik>at the bottom
13:51<taupehat>there was, years ago, an exploit against mIRC that allowed remote code execution when it saw DCC SEND [>16 digits] 0 0 0
13:51<@caker>ferik: ok - that looks OK to me... ping the gateway?
13:52<taupehat>so some home router manufacturers wrote triggers that watched for that string running across port 6667 and would drop connection if it saw that string
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13:52<ferik>is my gateway ?
13:53<ferik>--- ping statistics ---
13:53<ferik>4 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss
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13:54<@caker>ferik: I'd reboot -- maybe something on the host
13:54<ferik>I did reboot alreayd
13:54<@caker>ferik: ok -- open a ticket then, and we'll look into it (maybe this IP was null routed?)
13:55<ferik>thank you
13:55<ferik>ticket open
14:01<ferik>I think it stopped being accessible since yesterday around midnight
14:06<ferik>mgreb: I think I can remove it
14:06<ferik>mikegrb: I think I can remove it
14:10<ferik>can you open it back up ?
14:14<ferik>does the null hosting happen a lot ?
14:38<ferik>allo ?
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14:39<ferik>are you guys going to be able to remove the null routing ?
14:43<erikh>taupehat: you're going to reiterate that exploit in every way imaginable, aren't you?
14:54<ferik>anyone ?
14:59<taupehat>I can't recall seeing it before
15:05<guinea-pig>i remember being able to get people to disconnect by sending a CTCP PING +++ATH0
15:05<guinea-pig>yay IRC
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16:12<ferik>anyone from linode here ?
16:12<warewolf>ferik: that'd be mikegrb tasaro or caker
16:24<ferik>but they don't see to be hearing me
16:25<warewolf>they might not be at the computer at the moment.
16:25<warewolf>are you a current linode customer? or are you looking to sign up?
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17:36<heidi>ferik: I believe mikegrb has asked the data center to remove it, but hasn't gotten an answer back yet
17:36<heidi>i am sure he will update you as soon as he hears back
18:08<ferik>thank you
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20:07<ferik>my node is still null routed
20:18<@caker>PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
20:18<@caker>64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=55 time=49.8 ms
20:18<@caker>Works For Me
20:20<warewolf>hey caker
20:20<warewolf>what is linbot written in?
20:20<warewolf>(which reminds me)
20:21<warewolf>op. the. bot.
20:21|-|mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
20:21<warewolf>agh damn
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20:21<warewolf>hate python
20:22<warewolf>caker- diddle chanserv to auto-op linbot
20:22<warewolf>linbot is registered, right?
20:22<warewolf>oop, no it isn't.
20:22<warewolf>caker- register linbot with nickserv, then you can tell chanserv to auto-op or auto-half-op the bot when it comes online (and identifies)
20:27<@caker>yeah, I should
20:27<warewolf>linbot: rr
20:27<@linbot>warewolf: *click*
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20:29[~]warewolf signs into conference call at work
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20:41<guinea-pig>linbot: rr
20:41<@linbot>guinea-pig: *click*
20:47<warewolf>linbot: rr
20:47<@linbot>warewolf: *click*
20:47<guinea-pig>linbot: rr
20:47|-|guinea-pig kicked [#linode] linbot [BANG!]
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20:47[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
20:47[~]guinea-pig kicks galeon
20:48<guinea-pig>ever since i 'upgraded' to ubuntu, galeon's taken forever to re-load a saved session.
20:49<guinea-pig>it always get's X cpu usage to shoot up when it does so
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