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00:00<taupehat>21:59 -!- Irssi: Starting query in oftc with linbot
00:00<taupehat>21:59 <linbot> Error: Spurious "]". You may want to quote your arguments with double quotes in order to prevent extra brackets from being evaluated as nested commands.
00:00<taupehat>JonR: did you refresh that forum entry?
00:02<linbot>New news from forums: What's the dumbest thing you've done with your linode? in /dev/random <>
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11:04<linbot>New news from forums: Xen update, KVM in Linux lernel in General Discussion <>
11:08<kvandivo>are we calling the Linux Kernel simply the "lernel" now, to save typing?
11:08<taupehat>that would make saying "linux lernel" the equivalent of saying "NIC card"
11:10<kvandivo>which people never do
11:13<taupehat>I've heard it said enough times
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11:59<rutger>Hello, can anybody help me. My linode server won't boot up anymore.
12:00<rutger>All I get is: INIT: /etc/inittab[1]: id field too long (max 4 characters)
12:00<rutger>for /etc/inittab[1-7]
12:00<rutger>And then "Enter runlevel:"
12:01<Xel>I think that the host that my linode is on has some general host lag
12:01<npmr>create a rescue boot image using Finnix
12:01<npmr>sorry boot profile
12:01<npmr>be sure to include your disk images in the second boot profile
12:01<rutger>Do I need storage space for that?
12:02<npmr>boot that profile and correct your inittab
12:02<rutger>The thing is, I don't remember editting my inittab file since my last reboot.
12:02<rutger>So I'm not shure I've altered it.
12:02<rutger>But I'll have a look at it using Finnix. Thanks
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12:07<rutger>How do I configure the Finnix rescue image. Now I get "Kernel panic - not syncing: No init found"
12:08<rutger>I've tried "Default Run Level" and "init=/bin/bash"
12:12<npmr>you've set ubda to "Recovery - Finnix (iso)"?
12:13<rutger>Yes, I forgot the uncompressed initrd thing. I'm rebooting now.
12:13<npmr>ah, ok
12:13<rutger>It's really, really slow
12:14<rutger>It works, I've got a Finnix prompt
12:16<rutger>When I mount my disk I get: EXT3-fs warning: mounting fs with errors, running e2fsck is recommended
12:16<rutger>Could this be causing my problem
12:16<rutger>My inittab looks a lot like my fstab file !
12:17<rutger>Could this be a corrupt disk image?
12:17<npmr>it definitely sounds like one
12:17<npmr>caker, mikegrb, tasaro: a little help
12:17<npmr>caker, mikegrb, tasaro: rutger has a corrupt disk image
12:18<rutger>I assume this is not good :-(
12:20<npmr>in all likelihood, it's very minor corruption
12:20<npmr>but there's always the possibility that it's worse
12:20<npmr>have you unmounted the image and tried running fsck?
12:20<rutger>Let's hope so. Should I run e2fsck?
12:21<@caker>rutger: that's a known issue -- here's how to fix: fsck your filesystem, replace inittab and reconstruct fstab
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12:21<@caker>I can provide an example inittab if needed
12:22<rutger>So I run e2fsck /dev/ubdb
12:22<rutger>mount the disk
12:22<rutger>edit my inittab file (yes an example would be handy)
12:22<rutger>and restore my fstab file?
12:22<@caker>ok (distro?)
12:23<@caker>er, I mean
12:27<afv-13>that distro share image is quite surprising
12:27<warewolf>distro share image?
12:27<afv-13>well, the gentoo slice at least
12:27<afv-13>caker: any plans for an updated one?
12:28<afv-13>1 year later kind of effect :p
12:31<rutger>caker, nmpr: rebooting now
12:34<rutger>It looks like it worked
12:35<rutger>I'm past the init thing.
12:37<@caker>afv-13: plans to update Gentoo? Yes, sometime in the next two weeks
12:37<@caker>I'm here with tasaro now, and we're building lotsa machines this week
12:37<afv-13>caker: no, update the pie chart
12:37<warewolf>holy nuts
12:37<afv-13>my gentoo days are over :p
12:37[~]caker nods
12:37<warewolf>caker- blackhole, for DoSing SMTP
12:38<warewolf>caker- that IP had my sendmail running it's maximum children and was simply holding them open for no reason at all
12:40<Eman>thats an adsl ip... it'll drop and reconnect with a different ip in short time...
12:41<warewolf>caker: great, now I have to find a way to prevent multiple concurrent connections from the same IP
12:42<warewolf>man, I have the logging turned down so far that when those IP's connected in, i didn't log anything.
12:43<@caker>probably spamming, no?
12:43<Eman>try emailing the isp, its a smaller one, so they should be able to deal with it quickly
12:43<warewolf>caker- most definitly
12:43<warewolf>caker- I have my sendmail throttled to 5 max concurrent child processes at a time; this guy had them held open for an hour plus
12:44<warewolf>it's almost tarpitting for sendmail, heh
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13:09<Xel>caker, I get the oddest thing on my linode. Even though my host (host21) shows low load on the status page almost all the time, when I am doing something that is somewhat CPU intensive things freeze up for a few seconds at different points along the process
13:09<Xel>And I'm sure I'm not running out of iotokens
13:13<Xel>warewolf, it isn't hard to do.
13:14<Xel>Though because I have been using linux for a while and have the old sysadmin mindset, I won't just give you the answer. I will refer you to 'man iptables'.
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13:38<@caker>Xel: t's likely not you -- some of the hosts are just busy -- give us another two weeks and we'll have lots of new machines online onto which we move nodes onto
13:38<@caker>*we can
13:41<Xel>caker, you are awsome.
13:41<Xel>And I love you.
13:41<Xel>As a man. Man love.
13:41<Xel>Not the other type :P
13:42<Xel>You know, brotherly./
14:09<lucca>heya xel
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14:22<Kurt> <-- a free, open-content wiki-based encyclopedia
14:37<tierra>Kurt: I hate to point this out, but Wikipedia sort of beat you to the punch ;)
14:40<Kurt>yes, I know
14:40<Kurt>but I believe Wikipedia has serious structural problems which I think I know how to fix
14:43<lucca>like popularity?
14:43<Kurt>no, popularity is something Wikipedia's got going for it
14:43<Kurt>and something I hope to achieve
14:44<lucca>heh, okay
14:44<tierra>everyone hates Wikipedia for one reason or another, it generally comes down to the fact that they know how to run an open encyclopedia
14:45<tierra>hence why it's so successful
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14:45<Kurt>well, it has been my experience that the problems I've noticed are causing an increasing number of people to leave Wikipedia...and without contributors, Wikipedia becomes static and stagnant
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14:48<tierra>I don't think that's so much of a problem with an encyclopedia, it is supposed to only contain facts, and facts don't change
14:50<Kurt>no, but new facts come into existence all the time
14:50<Kurt>when someone dies, his date and cause and place of death are all brand-new facts
14:51<tierra>right, and I generally have not seen anyone given problems adding that additional information to an article given they have the sources
14:52<tierra>I am curious what you think Wikipedia's "serious structural problems" are....
14:53<Kurt>tierra: before I answer, are you familiar with Wikipedia's community (i.e. do you edit regularly and interact with other Wikipedia editors regularly)?
14:53<Kurt>it'll help me know how to phrase my explanation
14:54<tierra>I have on very small occasions, I have read of many "conflicts" on Wikipedia and the issues involving running it
14:55<tierra>but I don't claim to be an expert on any one subject, so I generally don't bother contributing
14:57<tierra>I have been involved in one POV conflict discussion myself
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15:44<@caker>"upgrade are failed" <-- nice message, Linksys, thanks.
15:45<Eman>yuor head asplode
15:45<Xel>caker, linksys set you up the bomb?
15:46<@caker>all I want is to bridge two wireless APs
15:46<Xel>I've tried to do that with linksys ap's before
15:46<Xel>It SUCKS
15:46<Xel>It didn't work, heh
15:46<@caker>looks like I need to flash this Linksys into oblivion
15:46<Xel>custom firmware?
15:46<@caker>er, I mean, to run some weirdo distribution made just for linksys
15:47<@caker>but, this brand new, out of box ap won't take any flashings ... just "upgrade are failed" (humorous once, but not after an hour)
15:48<Xel>caker, are you sure you are upgrading with the proper firmware?
15:48<Xel>I'm not teasing ya :P
15:48<@caker>no, Tom says DD-wrt and another...
15:48<Xel>The wrt54g's have 6 different versions
15:48<Xel>And they don't all take the same firmware
15:48<Eman>Xel: 7
15:48<Xel>They are up to v7 now?
15:49<Xel>I'm not talking about the wrt54gl
15:49<@caker>Xel: the hw is WRT54GS v66
15:49<@caker>er, v6
15:49<Xel>caker, you verified the AP/router version on the sticket on the bottom?
15:49<Eman>its a v6? you have to use the vxworks killer first
15:49<@caker>oohhhh kay...
15:49[~]caker googles
15:49<Eman>sec, i'll grab you the link
15:50<Xel>You are trying to get to 1.50.9, right?
15:50<chris>While we're discussing hating wrt* series, mine still completely craps out if I use BT
15:50<chris>Glad I move back to my apartment in ohio where I have my debian router soon
15:53<@caker>Eman: ok .. Tom's giving it a shot now
15:54<Xel>caker, expanding the linode service range to include your basement now, too?
15:54<Xel>j/k :P
15:55<@caker>close .. the garage, where all the servers will be blasting away while we run them through their paces before shipping them out to the DC
15:57<@caker>otherwise, I run the risk of going "datacenter" on everyone around me if I listen to screaming cpu fans for too long
15:58<Eman>going datacenter by unplugging random stuff like HE techs?
15:58<@caker>yes, then string people up with the cords
16:11<@tasaro>anyone know of a mac tftp app?
16:12<@caker>tftp server 3.0.3, looks like
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17:51<Kurt> little war against the Serbs is coming along quite nicely
18:19<taupehat>caker: host56 appears to be running pretty sluggishly
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18:26<taupehat> 2 MB in 54.65 seconds = 37.48 kB/sec
18:26<taupehat>ping caker mikegrb
18:59<@caker>taupehat: hmmm
19:03<@caker>taupehat: everything looks per usual
19:03<taupehat>so it's a transient barf
19:03<@caker>better now?
19:04<taupehat>seems that way
19:04<taupehat>my imapd didn't take thirty seconds to list a new folder
19:17<taupehat>thanks caker
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