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08:47<barries>I'm considering paying for 2007 in the next few days to take advantage of the disk space promotion; will I be able to mount the new space on my existing linode?
08:50<npmr>you'll have to either resize your disk images to fill all the new space, or create new disk images
08:50<npmr>but once you do that, the space is available to your linode
08:52<barries>I don't want to rebuild the single ext3 file system, unless there's a low risk, painless way to resize it; I'd just like to mount an additional filesystem.
08:52<barries>thanks npmr
08:52<npmr>there's a low risk, painless way to resize it
08:52<npmr>and it does not involve rebuilding anything
08:52<barries>where's the FM?
08:53<barries>FM is Fine Manual
08:53<npmr>log in to the website
08:53<npmr>poke around at the various tools you have available
08:54<npmr>most are pretty well explained in-line
08:54<npmr>there's also the wiki at
08:54<npmr>and FAQ at
08:55<robz>npmr: I've just registered, but I'm waiting for approval, what is the next step?
08:55<npmr>wait for approval
08:56<npmr>every new signup gets looked at
08:56<npmr>and there's only a staff of three
08:57<npmr>sadly, they all live in the same time zone
08:57<barries>npmr, found it, thanks.
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09:47<tasaro>robz: Check your e-mail for the next step -- Welcome to Linode!
09:48<heidi>yeah, tasaro lives in a diff time zone than the other two
09:51<kvandivo>what a difference an hour makes
09:52<npmr>good to know
09:52<tasaro>yeah, not much help there
09:52<npmr>what is it? eastern?
09:53<tasaro>for me, yes
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12:49<barries>should the signup page be saying "no plan was found that could match your request. Please narrow your selection, and try again"?
12:50<barries>(for a plain vanilla linode 100, no add-ons)
12:51<afv-13>then there must be none available
12:51<linbot>afv-13: Linode100 - 0, Linode150 - 0, Linode200 - 1, Linode300 - 9, Linode400 - 9
12:52<barries>wow, pretty pin thickins.
12:52<barries>are there any more scheduled to come online in the next week or two?
12:53<afv-13>that's the problem with dealing with people that are that good, always high demand
12:53<afv-13>barries: i think so, caker mentioned something about purchasing a few new hosts
12:54<afv-13>just a matter of time before they go live
12:54<barries>thanks. I'll open a ticket so they can let me know if/when one's avail.
12:54<afv-13>what do plan do you have now?
12:59<barries>linode200. We need to add an experimental server to play with, for instance, archiveopteryx.
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13:22<@caker>new hosts online next week if everything goes well. We're been receiving new hosts daily, then configuring, etc
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13:36<barries>thanks caker.
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13:50<Nigel_>barries, apparently cakers car got sacked to free up the garage ;)
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14:51<SNy>Heh, nice logo update on the page!
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15:03<Battousai>thats where your hard-earned money goes ;)
15:04[~]Battousai keeds
15:20<@caker>Battousai: no, just yours
15:20<Battousai>caker: not anymore :<
15:21<Battousai>be warned if they ever take my dedi away i'll be back to bother you again though
15:22<Battousai>more of a when than an if
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15:22<Battousai>the people i run a site for
15:22<Battousai>apparently they didnt like the way "virtual" sounds
15:23<Battousai>and i guess would like to put something like openexchange on it or something
15:24<Battousai>paid reboots suck by the way
15:27<npmr>my company has a completely different reboot problem with our dedi
15:27<npmr>it happens spontaneously due to equipment failures at the colo
15:27<npmr>happens about every two months
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18:46[~]caker discovers grub doesn't like ext3 partitions for /boot
18:50<Nigel_>it doesn't?
18:50<Nigel_>sounds like a bug to me
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18:55<@caker>grub + ext3 /boot + my non-ubuntu grub.conf == hang at "GRUB loading, please wait...", but with ext2 for /boot it's fine
18:55<@caker>grub2 wouldn't install, no matter what my syntax for grub-setup, so I gave up on it
19:09<Nigel_>caker, werid
19:09<Nigel_>btw, what host OS do you use?
19:09<@caker>ubuntu 6.6 lts ... I'm too scared to switch to 6.10 and whatever the init replacement is called
19:11<Nigel_>wow, i thought you'd be running Debian or RH or something
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19:14<@caker>I moved to debian for a bit, now ubuntu
19:40<Kurt>my war against the Serbs is coming along quite nicely indeed
20:36<Dreamr_3>caker: i went mac a year ago :-)
20:36<Dreamr_3>caker: no grub here
20:39[~]ajmitch wonders what will break on a dapper->edgy upgrade
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20:49<erikh>well that quit message was... provocative.
20:57<Battousai>uhh haha
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