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01:39<encode>caker: so you had a seperate /boot partition?
01:39<encode>that was ext3
01:39<encode>im sure i did that on a 6.06 box i built at work the other week, and it works fine
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06:02<linbot>New news from forums: These critical programs are missing or too old: gcc in Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP (LAMP) Forum <>
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08:01<npmr>ha ha gentoo
08:11<SpaceHobo>ha ha gentoo
08:12<SpaceHobo>ha ha
08:38<npmr> <-- still true
09:00<@caker>encode: yeah, it worked fine with the default config, but would hang with my custom grub.conf that was empty 'cept for two serial console lines and my kernel entries.
09:01<@caker>same on Debian and Ubunut
09:12<@caker>SpaceHobo: indeed
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11:59<Dreamr_3>what is the command to get info about an ext3 slice?
11:59<Dreamr_3>not tune2fs
11:59<Dreamr_3>but the command to show stats
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15:25<kvandivo>JavaWoman: Been climbing Annapurna or something else similarly exhilerating?
15:26<JavaWoman>been repairing Windows rather :(
15:26<kvandivo>Anna sounds more fun
15:27<JavaWoman>but plans for the next trip are gettng mor concrete, at least :)
15:27<kvandivo>Vinsson Massif?
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17:23<tierra>caker: I have a friend with a host that uses Virtuoso, that claims he has some "bustable" memory where his node shows 8GB of ram, and he gets charged for however much he uses... you know anything about this? I'm curious if he's not getting stuck on in swap on the host machine and I'm still confused how Virtuoso can even do that...
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17:24<Nigel_>tierra, 64bit processors can address more than 4GB for example
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17:26<tierra>Nigel_: I wasn't concerned about that aspect, and I did know that
17:27<Nigel_>i was just stating a reason that could allow that
17:27<tierra>I'm concerned about how that 8GB of ram could possibly be shared among multiple nodes...
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19:01<@caker>tierra: um ... virtuozzzzo can slide ram around, but not exactly sure what pressures it to do so
19:02<@caker>virtuozzo is a shared kernel (basically an advanced chroot), so I guess there isn't the issue of each kernel using all avail ram, since theres only one kernel
19:02<@caker>that's about as much as I know.
19:05<tierra>it does seem to me that hosts using Virtuozzo are using it to fit as many nodes as possible on it (as I've read it's the most scalable solution)
19:05<@caker>I guess, since there isn't the overhead of multiple kernels
19:06<tierra>and it doesn't seem like you're really dedicated resources
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19:06<tierra>more of a shared solution closer to shared hosting
19:06<@caker>you might be given a minimum
19:06<tierra>yeah, that's is the case with my friend's host
19:06<@caker>but, from what I've read, there are weird things that the shared environment forces upon you -- creating problems with iptables and the like (I think)
19:07<tierra>I've read network traffic is isolated, and it's possible to do individual firewall stuff on individual nodes
19:07<tierra>though I didn't see anything mentioned about iptables
19:08<@caker> <-- google for virtuozzo limitations :)
19:09<@caker>yeah, not too sure on the iptables recollection
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