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07:00<gpd_>host 47 ?
07:06<gpd_>looks like network issues -- nvm
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13:47<gpd>ok - this is weird - apt-cache search gives a segfault on my linode
13:49<gpd>as does dist-upgrade - but not update
13:49<gpd>nothing has changed recenlty except the 2.6.19 kernel - but I must have updated since then
13:50<gpd>is there something I should restart or kill - or try a reboot?
13:52<gpd>caker: mikegrb any ideas?
13:54<warewolf>gpd- do you have the tls libs nuked?
13:55<gpd>shouldn't matter with 2.6.19 - but tried moving it and no change
13:55<gpd>[although didn't reboot]
13:55<warewolf>strace apt-cache search
13:55<warewolf>see what it does
13:55<warewolf>no app is perfect, this might not be a linode-specific bug
13:55<gpd>of course --- i don't have strace installed :(
13:57<gpd>apt-get install strace breaks too
14:00<gpd>how do i get apt-get on a different machine to download strace if it is already installed?
14:03<gpd>ok packaged received and installed
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14:07<warewolf>do you think /var/lib/apt/lists/us.archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_dapper_main_binary-i386_Packages could be corrupt?
14:09<warewolf>ok, from a mis-paste, I got help from anotehr channel-- gpd, try moving that file out of there and it should re-download it.
14:09<gpd>deleted all lists -- trying again with new versions
14:09<@caker>gpd: rm /var/cache/apt/*.bin ?
14:11<gpd>caker wins the money
14:11<gpd>the package lists didn't help but the pkgcacke.bin fixed it
14:13<gpd>hmm. still no sign of svnsync
14:14<gpd>svn > 1.4 only - damn it
14:15[~]gpd ponders update to edgy on linode
14:16<gpd>edgy only had svn 1.3.2 anyway -- forgetaboutit
14:21<@caker>gpd: mikegrb deserves the credit for that fix
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15:53<linbot>New news from forums: Can I load external disk images onto my Linode? in General Discussion <>
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