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10:34<linbot>New news from forums: Good bye, farewell, adeiu in Customer Testimonials <>
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15:29<marc_in_lux>good evening
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15:37<marc_in_lux>is there a place to get cheap disk space to combine with a linode? I'd like to add space with a fuse-sshfs setup and some external drive space. I'd need about 20GB, and the Linode disk space is a bit expensive.
15:37<warewolf>google fs
15:38<@caker>anyone notice yet that we reduced disk space to $2/Gig? .. I haven't made it an official announcement yet
15:38<warewolf>caker- what was it before?
15:39<FireSlash>caker, Neat. I was just starting to run low... but the plan's included disk space is still kinda weak :)
15:39<marc_in_lux>$2 seems fair :-)
15:39<@caker>FireSlash: we're working on it :)
15:39<@caker>Tom and I spent this past week (14+ hr days) building machines
15:39<@caker>shipped the first three this morning
15:39<marc_in_lux>so I better wait a couple days and see what happens :-)
15:40<@caker>marc_in_lux: good plan
15:40<FireSlash>If this project goes through, I might be upgrading to the uber 400 linode depending on customer demand :)
15:40<marc_in_lux>what do current machines look like?
15:40<efudd>I'd like to see my current service level decreased by ~25% in price, honestly.
15:40<FireSlash>Though, It'd be cool to see a plan that had unlimited bandwidth. Hard to run a serious server on capped BW :/
15:40<@caker>they're nice -- dual core x2 Xeons (5130s), 500G hardware raid1
15:40<efudd>My monthly outlay for linode is beginning to frustrate me.
15:40<@caker>16G RAM
15:41<encode>oh wow, $2/gb
15:41<marc_in_lux>not wanting to suggest people move away, but the 400 seems somewhat overpriced. That money buys a real server with RAID.
15:41<encode>i have enough for the moment tho
15:41<efudd>marc_in_lux, yes, it does.
15:41<@caker>efudd: maybe downgrade after the next plan bump?
15:41<marc_in_lux>performance and space I don't need
15:41<efudd>caker, I guess that depends on what you rnext "plan bump" includes. :)
15:42<marc_in_lux>I'm on a 150 and a bit tight on disk and bandwith
15:42<efudd>I've got plenty of CPU, memory, disk, bandwidth, etc..
15:42<@caker>we'll likely do a disk bump (real soon) now, ram bump in a few months or so
15:42<marc_in_lux>but if something happens re:disk, that'll be cool
15:43<efudd>What prevents me from leasing an entire server at other outfits is primarily the lack of included serial console access.
15:43<FireSlash>Holy traffic spikes batman
15:43<FireSlash>I've done more traffic so far this month than I did in all of november o.O
15:44<marc_in_lux>again, not wanting to drive people away. 60 EUR buys 2x160gb and serial console. I helped a friend set it up and it seemed nice. Although way over what I need.
15:44<@caker>oh, all the new machines have the hardware virtualization extensions, too
15:45<efudd>and when Xen comes around......
15:45<marc_in_lux>is everybody on Xen now?
15:45<efudd>marc_in_lux, that's in .de tho : )
15:45<efudd>my requirements are pretty stringent.
15:45<FireSlash>caker, What are you doing with the old machines? :]
15:45<@caker>marc_in_lux: hell no -- Xen isn't stable enough
15:45<efudd>and, well, caker+lindoe hasn't made too many mistakes ove rthe last couple of years
15:45<marc_in_lux>efudd, .de is civilised, you know
15:46<efudd>marc_in_lux, yes, and germans make high quality products that last exactly until they break.
15:46<marc_in_lux>caker, seems plenty stable for my linode :-)
15:46<@caker>FireSlash: not sure .. I think we've decided that when it comes time to do upgrades/fixes on older hardware (fix dead drives or install RAM) that we're just going to replace them and sell off the old hardware (minus drives)
15:46<@caker>marc_in_lux: are you on host56? It goes down monthly, in case you haven't noticed
15:46<FireSlash>caker, sell me one of them! :D
15:46<FireSlash>s/sell/give ;)
15:46<marc_in_lux>caker, yes, more or less monthly
15:47<marc_in_lux>my linode seems configured nicely enough that it survives that well
15:47<marc_in_lux>so what's a couple minutes downtime a month... :-)
15:47<marc_in_lux>I'm no uptime junkie.
15:47<warewolf>caker- can you kick me into yearly billing? I'd enjoy the extra disk space that comes with yearly billing.
15:47<marc_in_lux>and I remember a very enjoyable bump in speed
15:47<marc_in_lux>when I moved to host56
15:48<@caker>warewolf: sure -- ticket us and we'll get it going for you
15:48<warewolf>caker- will do.
15:49<@caker>yeah, efudd and downtime don't mix
15:49<@caker>^-- things I've learned
15:49<marc_in_lux>depends on what one uses a linode for.
15:49<warewolf>BEST CUSTOMER EVAR
15:50<@caker>jdike mentioned he's going to make a UML "plugin
15:50<@caker>" or whatever for the new KVM stuff
15:50<marc_in_lux>If I lost 100$ per minute downtime, I'd be p*ed. But for my little playing around...
15:50<@caker>but I don't get why you would - just run a native kernel under it
15:51<FireSlash>marc_in_lux, If you were making $100/minute, you could afford a dedicated servier
15:51<warewolf>I OPENED A TICKET
15:51<@caker>warewolf: OK THANKS
15:51<warewolf>caker- *smooch* love ya.
15:51<FireSlash>See folks?
15:51<FireSlash>This is why I have a linode <3
15:51<warewolf>FireSlash: watch this
15:52<warewolf>hey caker, what do I always ask you do in here?
15:52|-|mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
15:52<warewolf>linbot: rr
15:52<@linbot>warewolf: *click*
15:52<FireSlash>linbot, rr
15:52<@linbot>FireSlash: *click*
15:53[~]warewolf has caker stringed up like a puppet "OP THE BOT, BISH"
15:53[~]warewolf hugs caker
15:54<@caker>!leet [rr]
15:54|-|caker kicked [#linode] linbot [BANG!]
15:54[~]linbot r3104dz 4nd 5p!nz +h3 ch4mb3rz.
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15:54<@caker>was it leeted?
15:54<FireSlash>* linbot has kicked caker from #linode (BANG!)
15:54<FireSlash>* linbot r3104dz 4nd 5p!nz +h3 ch4mb3rz.
15:55<FireSlash>!leet [rr]
15:55<@linbot>FireSlash: *c1!ck*
15:56<FireSlash>Linode: Wasting powerful servers to kick people from channels since 2003
15:57<warewolf>!leet [cyborg caker]
15:57<@linbot>warewolf: C.4.K.3.R.: Cyb3rn3+!c 4r+!f!c!41 K!11!ng 4nd 3><p10r@!0n R3p1!c4n+
15:57<marc_in_lux>well, gentlemen, I'll happily await whatever changes may come wrt disk space and leave you guys fooling around. Time to go to bed...
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16:09<warewolf>caker- are all the linode hosts ?
16:10<warewolf>caker- also, ignore the quick tcp-syn nmap I just fired against host 47. thanks :)
16:12<@caker>warewolf: they are, but some also have
16:12<fo0bar>"Port scanning is not a crime"
16:12<fo0bar>that should be on a t-shirt
16:12<warewolf>caker- I'm just making a quick bot here for #linode is all
16:17<warewolf>bah crap
16:18<efudd>laugh. about the only thing i complain about with linode is a reboot, intention or unintentional. :)
16:18<warewolf>I can't find my perl bot I had written forever ago
16:19<efudd>mmm about to go to firebirds. yummy Fsckin' burgers.
16:19<efudd>well, they sell nice steak and such too. they just make GREAT burgers.
16:22<@caker>I discovered last night that we received one 5160 processor in our order, instead of all 5130s... a nice treat
16:22<@caker>(5160s are about double what we paid for the 5130s :-)
16:23<@caker>gotta love that ... that's karma for you, for them screwing around with us with availability of components (still waiting on the rest of the RAM we ordered)
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18:47<warewolf>oh. my. god
18:47<warewolf>look at ebay item 150071169001
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18:58<internat>wtf mate?
18:59<FireSlash>That account hasn't had any new feedback since january
19:00<FireSlash>methinks it's a hijacked account.
19:01<FireSlash>If not, the guy is just hyping the fact that he'll have 1.5 MILLION to spend toward stuff.
19:01<FireSlash>I'm sure he'll manage to turn a tidy profit either way
19:01<FireSlash>Notice how the pictures are all like "Items show may or may not be in the mystery box"
19:02<FireSlash>I'd laugh if it came with all scale toys of what's listed.
19:02<warewolf>I liked the recepit for a wii from best buy that sold for $450 or something
19:02<internat>did i miss a link somewhere?
19:02<FireSlash>Or even better, a little note in a huge box full of bricks: "Just kidding"
19:02<warewolf> works just fine.
19:03<FireSlash>That's what I got from ebay's search box
19:03<warewolf>right, for some reason they're capturing the referring url
19:03<FireSlash>Aparrently their web server can't do it for them? o.O
19:04<internat>apparently not?
19:04<FireSlash>"What is inside the BOX are only gifts from me to you; so to make it clear you are only bidding on the box and the mystery of what is inside." <-- GG
19:07<internat>yeah someones going to get scammed
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23:23|-|smccoy changed nick to tag
23:23<tag>you should have a backup servic.e
23:24<tag>well I don't see it.
23:25<encode>howcome i cant read what taupehat is writing? it just looks blank
23:25<tag>encode: it is blank
23:26<encode>hmm, ok
23:26<taupehat>spacebar, return
23:26<tag>anyone know of a decent online backup service?
23:27[~]taupehat runs
23:27<taupehat>I don't, actually.
23:28<tag>I just wanna like, automate taring up and shipping of this small chunk of my fs, every day, and keep a few months worth of data at some location that has a huge raid and is willing to guarnatee that as long as I pay them a small fee every month they won't lose or break my data.
23:28<tag>ya know?
23:29<efudd>Tried /dev/null?
23:29<efudd>cheap, easy to use. unlimited backup potential.
23:29<@caker>,, etc. They're all fairly expensive
23:29<tag>yeah I did it didn't work.
23:29<efudd>(restoring is a bitch, but fuckall restoring.)
23:29<taupehat>hi caker
23:29<@caker>taupehat: hello
23:29<efudd>taupehat: hello
23:29[~]efudd felt left out
23:30<taupehat>hi efudd
23:31<taupehat>efudd: you shouldn't feel left out
23:31<taupehat>I sent you lots of blank pmsgs
23:31<tag>I really want one that doesn't want me to install some software
23:31<tag>'cause it wont work.
23:31<encode>tag: try
23:31<encode>or is it
23:31<encode>cant remember which their website is
23:31<@caker>efudd: <-- for you
23:31<tag>encode: seems to be both
23:31<encode>unless you dont want to use rysnc and pay $5 USD / month for 10GB
23:32<tag>oh wow this seems perfect
23:32<encode>ive been using them for nearly 2 years now
23:32<@caker>why not just get another linode in another datacenter and backup to it remotely? :)
23:32<encode>caker: ha, thats kinda expensive
23:32<taupehat>mc++, err, +
23:33<taupehat>or even caker++
23:33<@caker>my flow is like reentrand and preemptive multitasking
23:34<taupehat>you're the tertiary storage, I'm the L1 cache
23:34<encode>in that case, i'm the registers
23:35<tag>too bad they use paypal
23:35<taupehat>"I'll chown your home and take your access away!"
23:36<taupehat>now that java is GPL
23:36<taupehat>well, shit
23:36<taupehat>I'm going to do some nerdcore
23:36|-|taupehat changed nick to Public_Static
23:36<Public_Static>first album set for release in 07 named Void
23:37<ajmitch>sigh, looks like I may need more RAM for this linode
23:37<Public_Static>ajmitch: running out of tokens?
23:39[~]ajmitch wonders if he can cut a deal with caker, for being such a wonderful community contributor ;)
23:39<Public_Static>good luck with that
23:39<ajmitch>I can dream
23:40<tag>Oh. There goes my productivity
23:40<tag>I love it when I can just feel it exit the building
23:48<ajmitch>caker: is ubuntu edgy going to be available at some point, or will you stick with dapper?
23:51<@caker>ajmitch: is that 6.10? If so, should be up before new year
23:51[~]caker can't keep up with all these codenames
23:51[~]ajmitch tends to remember the code name before the version number
23:52<ajmitch>though I'll probably need to stick with 6.06 for now
23:52<tag>ajmitch: I tend to stick with LTS releases on my server.
23:52[~]ajmitch tends to run the development branch on personal machines, stable on the servers
23:53<tag>I see
23:53<tag>I like thinks to work a little better than that
23:53<tag>I used to do that though, when I used to use debian
23:59[~]ajmitch is somewhat obliged to run the development branches
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