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01:51<fo0bar>21:52 < tag> ajmitch: I tend to stick with LTS releases on my server.
01:51<fo0bar>all 1 of them so far :)
02:18<encode>heh, true that
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09:54<@linbot>New news from forums: Load spikes in the last 24 hours in General Discussion <>
10:00<@linbot>New news from forums: Game Server in General Discussion <>
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13:20<lily>is anyone familar with xenstore? I cannot start domu and got the error message "Error: (28, 'No space left on device, while writing /vm/54305349-373e-0825-21af-fc792a6fde44/image/ostype : linux')"
13:21<lily>I tried to stop xend, remove /var/lib/xenstored/tdb, then restart xend or restart the whole computer, does not help
13:21<lily>help, please
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14:02<Wolfling>any news on my payment problems?
14:04<afv-13>payment problems?
14:04<afv-13>yours or global?
14:04<Wolfling>no just mine
14:04<kvandivo>the 'my' kinda gives it away
14:04<afv-13>i fail reading
14:05<kvandivo>i've always heard that no news is good news. I've yet to figure out if that means that not having news is good, or that there isn't any news that is good
14:08<Wolfling>well I know that the money has not gone of my account yet, and I received a mail telling me im a naughty boy and they gonna suspend my acc on the 12th, but the linode is still up...
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14:09<kvandivo>they try to be as kind as they can
14:10<Wolfling>well ive actualy got a plan to fix the problem, but I would like to run it by one of them first before I do it...
14:10<kvandivo>probably wise
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14:11<timber>hey guys
14:11<timber>anyone here?
14:11<Wolfling>yeah, but its very quiet...
14:12<timber>I'm curious, should I be worried about daily activity like this:
14:12<timber>especially if I expect my user base to grow significantly
14:15<Wolfling>hmm, do you mean that you already running at 100% in less than 2 weeks?
14:16<timber>pretty much
14:16<timber>I'm on a Linode 400
14:16<timber>and only using 5% of my bandwidth
14:16<Wolfling>ok, im not sure about this, so dont quote me...
14:17<Wolfling>but I think that graph shows your part of the usage
14:17<timber>that's what I've heard a couple times
14:17<timber>it's my usage of the total processor... but they're duallies
14:17<Wolfling>in other words the other linodes are not using any
14:18<timber>so the total is 200%
14:18<timber>but you're right... there's a 1:10 ratio of Linode 400 users to the box
14:18<timber>so, I'm using much more than my 10%
14:19<timber>on average I'm closer to 24%
14:19<Wolfling>the moment the other sites kick in the will start taking up their share as well
14:19<timber>is there anything I can do to bring that usage down?
14:20<Wolfling>its just that the other linodes are not doing anything, so the server is 'idling' in your linode
14:21<timber>so 100% is the current CPU usage... not the total CPU available for usage?
14:21<Wolfling>yeah, something like that
14:21<timber>I see..... so I shouldn't be concerned?
14:22<Wolfling>no, dont think so
14:22<Wolfling>I have a Linode 200 I and I peaked at 60% today
14:24<timber>I got the 400 because I've got one main site that I expect 2000-3000 people using it as frequently as many of us use office or an email client
14:25<timber>I've got 40+ now
14:25<timber>so that would suck if I had already maxed the account
14:27<Wolfling>if you go back to the members overview, what load does it show in the Host Summary?
14:31<timber>and I'm at 96.14%
14:32<timber>does that mean I should colo?
14:32<timber>get a rack w/ 8 TB?
14:32[~]timber drools
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14:41<timber>jk guys
14:43<Wolfling>oh, sorry. got sidetracked
14:43<Wolfling>duno, ask mikegrb...
14:45<Wolfling>as I said 'dont quote me'
14:48<timber>I'm not,... but I'm feeling much better now
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17:21<@mikegrb>timber: don't worry about that too much
17:22<timber>for the reasons listed? or does it work in some other way?
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18:19<timber>thanks for the help guys
18:19<timber>I'm out
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