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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-12-19

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00:35<guinea-pig>linbot: rr
00:35<@linbot>guinea-pig: *click*
00:35<guinea-pig>he really likes me
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02:57<@linbot>New news from forums: Gift certificates? in Sales Questions and Answers <>
03:15<@linbot>New news from forums: pop3d-ssl: Unexpected SSL connection shutdown in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
03:42<Nigel>I feel sorry for caker etc with it been Christmas now
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08:42<maladmin>morning everyone
08:42<@caker>good morning
08:42<maladmin>would someone please do me a favour and see if you can resolve an ip for ?
08:43<maladmin>hi caker, sorry having a few connection problems this morning
08:43<@caker>hold on, it'll timeout :)_
08:43<@caker>doesn't look like it's working
08:44<@linbot>caker: Host not found.
08:44<maladmin>is there a !ping function too?
08:45<maladmin>ok now I'm confused
08:46<@caker>maybe zoneedit is having issues
08:46<guinea-pig>i'm amused
08:46<maladmin>yeah perhaps - but I don't even seem able to connect by IP from here
08:46<maladmin>so maybe we're having network issuess too
08:47<guinea-pig> A
08:47<maladmin>excellent ;-)
08:47<guinea-pig>i'm glad it resolves to something instead of being undefined.... but it's still undefined! :P
08:48<@caker>maladmin: I can connect to your IP via ssh and http just fine from here
08:49<guinea-pig>'host -Z -a -l' gets the whole zone iff you're using the right host program, and the remote nameservers supports transfers
08:49<maladmin>ok so now it seems the DNS has fixed itself
08:50<maladmin>is there anyway I can find out what a remote machine things is the next routing step for an IP?
08:55<maladmin>ok is anyone going to tell me what the issue was?
08:55<@caker>I'd say zoneedit problem or a routing issue
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08:57<maladmin>probably routing - I'll never get an answer from our network guys here, so I'll just have to accept it as a christmas miracle
08:57<maladmin>anyway guys, thanks for your time - and have a merry one
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11:15<Wolfling>hello again
11:18<Wolfling>any Linode staff available?
11:41<guinea-pig>i keep forgetting kibo lives in boston
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12:16<Kurt>James "Kibo" Parry?
12:23<guinea-pig>is there any other?
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12:23<guinea-pig>do you like bacon?
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12:23<kvandivo>strange that a pig would be asking that
12:24<guinea-pig>i'm a rodent
12:30<@caker>Wolfling: pong .. PM?
12:32<Wolfling>lo there
12:35<@linbot>New news from forums: iptables --cmd-owner in Linux Networking <>
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13:09<Nigel>caker, i was refering to support influxes etc, but i guess you guys don't really get much of that
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14:05<kvandivo>that's the funniest thing i've seen in all of 2006
14:07<tsuyoshi>uhh.. what's so funny about it
14:07<tsuyoshi>I don't get it
14:11<tsuyoshi>maybe I have developed an immunity to engrish =^(
14:21<Wolfling>ok gtg
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