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01:47<warewolf>I have a difficult decision to make.
01:48<warewolf>in the past 30 days, not a human being has touched ratemylinode
01:48<warewolf>so nobody (including myself) is getting any benefit from it
01:48<encode>touched in what sense?
01:49<warewolf>nothing but bots, and the collector script is visiting the website
01:49<warewolf>nobody has gone to the site to look at it or anything
01:49<encode>im quite sure i've been there
01:50<warewolf>you're right
01:50<encode>in fact, ive definitely been there
01:50<warewolf>I accidentially had an extra | in my egrep regex
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01:51<warewolf>I was getting really concerned there for a moment
01:53<warewolf>there are a *lot* of people who havn't completely activated, and a *lot more* people who just stopped running the collector
02:00<encode>so how many people are using rml?
02:00<warewolf>there are ....
02:01<warewolf>almost fifty.
02:02<warewolf>and there are approximately 30 more accounts that have seen use, but aren't active
02:02<warewolf>and almost fifteen more accounts that have never been used
02:03<warewolf>what I need to do is I need to _stop_ processing the submitted data realtime, because it's DoSing my box :)
02:03<warewolf>I need to offload it, and process it a moment later
02:04<warewolf>every 5 minutes the box chokes for about 20 seconds
02:09<encode>maybe get the linodes submitting the data to process it?
02:09<encode>though i have no idea how that would work
02:10<encode>or, only submit every 10 minutes, but submit 2 values at a time?
02:10<warewolf>I have no control over other people's linodes
02:10<encode>so you;re only generating the graphs every 10 minutes, but retaining the same granularity
02:10<warewolf>oh no
02:10<warewolf>I'm not generating graphs frequently at all
02:10<encode>oh ok
02:11<warewolf>they don't get created if they're not used
02:11<encode>so then what processing is taking so much
02:11<warewolf>but the data is stored
02:11<warewolf>it's fifty boxes connecting to my apache all at the same time :)
02:11<warewolf>when my apache is limited to 5 concurrent connections :)
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12:14<Apreche>there seems to be some network problem between my linode and the world.
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14:45<@linbot>caker: Linode100 - 40, Linode150 - 30, Linode200 - 20, Linode300 - 11, Linode400 - 11
14:45<@caker>Come and get 'em!
14:45<Battousai>holy hell
14:57<erikh>oh god
14:57<erikh>"Metal Slug Anthology"
14:57[~]erikh must get a Wii now
14:57<erikh>wow, that's a lot of new capacity!
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15:20<Xel>caker: Can we move my Linode?
15:21<warewolf>tradewars: go play: telnet
15:23<Xel>caker: I'm afk for about 10 mins, but I'll be back.
15:24<@caker>Xel: if you want to be a guinea pig, sure
15:25<@caker>still need about 30 minutes to wrap up some config stuff, but we can get you set up after
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15:35<Xel>Ok back.
15:35<Xel>caker, err guinea pig?
15:38<@caker>Xel: hehe, just messin
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16:21<Xel>Ok, backie.
16:21<Xel>Caker, don't make me frost you
16:22[~]caker shivers
16:22<Xel>Ok, ready for the move? :P
16:22<@caker>"hey, who aliased scp to rm -rf?"
16:22<Xel>YOU SUCK! :P
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16:23<Xel>Quitting this client - it is on my linode
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16:23<Xel->Ok ok
16:23<Xel->So how does this work?
16:23<Xel->Should I shut my linode down?
16:23<@caker>Xel-: not yet --
16:24<@caker>still need about 5 minutes
16:42<@caker>Xel-: ready?
16:42<@caker>Xel-: (re)log into the LPM, shutdown, hit migrate
16:42<@caker>it'll be a new button
16:44<Xel->Shutting down
16:44<Xel->shutdown -h now is still going... hehe
16:45<Xel->caker: It is called something new now.
16:45<Xel->The new host I mean
16:45<Xel->It is saying ""
16:45<Xel->Is that how you want it, or did I discover a potential misconfiguration?
16:46<@caker>that's correct
16:46<Xel->Ok cool
16:46<@caker>the old format still works -
16:46<Xel->Ok good
16:46<Xel->Cause I use lish sometimes, hehe
16:46<Xel->I don't want to remember new words!
16:47<Xel->Was the machine that I was on (host21) oversold or something?
16:47<@caker>just some people are swappy
16:47<Xel->Seemed like a lot of people
16:47<Xel->Even opening a new window in screen could take 1-2 seconds.
16:48<@caker>efudd: heh
16:48<warewolf>efudd: quit spamming that url into multiple channels
16:49<efudd>oh, wtf.
16:49<efudd>that's you.
16:49<warewolf>IT IS ME.
16:49<warewolf>dumass :P
16:49[~]efudd blink
16:49<efudd>fucking internet is too small.
16:49<warewolf>Yes! it is.
16:49<efudd>how long have you been in #unix? heh.
16:49<Xel->warewolf, busy kicking him?
16:49<@linbot>come here often?
16:50<efudd>my memory sux
16:50<efudd>oh. only marked as "half clued"
16:50<efudd>makes sense.
16:50<warewolf>yeah that needs updating
16:50<Xel->caker, I'm betting that this will take a while because of the disk use on host21 - it'll take a while to read the 3gb of data, hehe
16:51<efudd>ww, i automatically separate common nicks as being unique people. :)
16:51<warewolf>efudd: heh
16:51[~]efudd wins the "older in #unix" card at least
16:51<warewolf>efudd: can't
16:51<warewolf>efudd: keep
16:52<efudd>I'm about to stab you.
16:53<Xel->wewt, big partition is done transferring
16:54<warewolf>for those of you who aren't in on the joke, efudd just discoverd that I am infact the warewolf he knows on efnet.
16:54<efudd>Yes. mindboggle.
16:54<efudd>gotta fix my ignore here.
16:54<efudd>had him on ignore 7 years there.
16:54[~]efudd hide
16:55[~]caker wants a #linode album
16:55<efudd>actually, there -is- one #unix'er that's been on ignore for years....
16:55<@caker>Xel-: problems?
16:55<Xel->Hehe, does it take a while for this to take effect ont he overview page?
16:55<Xel->Your Linode is currently
16:55<Xel->Brand New
16:55<Xel->No boot button. Do the configs not transfer?
16:55<@caker>Xel-: that's a cosmetic artifact of migrating... just Boot
16:55<@caker>look harder
16:55<efudd>that picture of me on is nearly 12 years old :)
16:55<Xel->Well caker, if your service wasn't so STABLE then I'd have to boot my machine more often
16:55<@caker>Xel-: everyone gets snagged by that, don't feel bad
16:55<Xel->And be more familiar with where the boot button is
16:56<Xel->caker, well just crash my server like once a week
16:56<Xel->And then I'll use the button more
16:56<Xel->Thanks for the help btw caker.
16:56<@caker>welcome to 4 core goodness!
16:56<Xel->(And if a lot of people get snagged by that, maybe you should add a boot button right in that area.)
16:56<Xel->Are you serious?
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16:57<Xel->AFK a few - i'll deal with this when I get back
16:57<@caker>Xel-: no biggie -- permissions thing .. lemme dig
17:05<@caker>Xel-: bingo
17:09<encode>ooh, public beta of vmware fusion out now :)
17:11<@caker>and fusion is VMware's answer to Parallels for Mac?
17:11<warewolf>caker: there's a guy in anothre channel who announced it, apparently he had a lot to do with it.
17:12<@caker>warewolf: not on oftc, right?
17:12<encode>warewolf: with fusion? which channel?
17:12<warewolf>yes, the vmware for intel macs
17:12<@caker>Parallels is pretty sharp
17:12<encode>ive no idea how it compares to parallels
17:13<encode>since i dont feel like buying it
17:13<@caker>I started thinking today .. hmm, iServes running parallels ... :)
17:13<encode>and fusion beta is free
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17:13<@caker>er, xserve (whatever)
17:13<encode>oh, and now i know why its free
17:13<encode>i just crashed it
17:14<encode>browing for an iso image
17:35<Xel->caker: My linode won't boot still
17:37<Xel->See, NOW he goes afk.
17:38<Xel->I think it might be up
17:38<Xel->Wait... maybe not.
17:39<Xel->Hey uhh caker
17:41<Xel->aurora:~# ifup eth0
17:41<Xel->Failed to open /dev/net/tun, err = 13
17:41<Xel->SIOCSIFFLAGS: Permission denied
17:41<Xel->Failed to bring up eth0.
17:41<encode>Xel-: you clearly broke it
17:41<Xel->That was also in the dmesg
17:44<@tasaro>Xel-: caker will be back ~ 45 minutes
17:45<Xel->tasaro, well you must be at least as technically apt as him :P
17:45<Xel->I mean he did hire you!
17:45<Xel->I just had my linode migrated to one of the new servers - caker took care ofthat.
17:45<Xel->But now I can't bring up eth0
17:46<Xel->So no network.
17:46<Xel->Think you could figure out what the deal is?
17:47[~]tasaro is in linode boot camp.
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17:47<Xel->Ahh, so you are still getting coffee for them?
17:47<encode>maybe the network tunnel isnt created on the new host for Xel-'s linode?
17:48<Xel->encode, there was already a permissions issue with my linode not even booting on the host.
17:48<Xel->I'm guessing that I wasn't give permission to use a network socket.
17:48<encode>oh ok
17:48<Xel->err create a virtual socket
17:48<Xel->tasaro, well can you let caker know about this when he gets back? I may not be herel.
17:49<Xel->(And as it stands, my linode is booted but without network connectivity, so I can get on with LISH but that's about it)
17:49<@tasaro>Xel-: Yeah - I'm brewing a pot now and he'll be over shortly ;)
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17:50<Xel->Thanks :P
18:03<efudd>Comment to Tiffany Feb 4th.
18:03<efudd>My four year old was also fastidious. Used lots of t.p. and clogged the toilet all the time. Soon he outgrew this behaviour and became more creative in the bathroom.
18:03<efudd>He liked to put one end of the toilet paper in the bowl and flush. Then stand there and watch the roll of paper wildly unwind as the receding water pulled the toilet paper off the roll and down the toilet.
18:03<efudd>A normal roll of toilet paper can disappear in only three flushes of an old fashioned toilet... all without clogging the toilet. Such a bright child!
18:03[~]warewolf groans at efudd
18:04<lucca>hm, my cats do that
18:04<efudd>your cats put the end of a roll of toilet paper in the toilet and flush the toilet 3 times?
18:04<lucca>or grab the end of the paper and run around the house
18:05<lucca>yes, they have flushed it before
18:05<lucca>they don't Use it though, sadly
18:25<Kurt><Michael> What have we always said is the most important thing?
18:25<Kurt><George Michael> Breakfast?
18:25<Kurt><Michael> No, family
18:25<Kurt><George Michael> Oh, yeah, family, yeah...I thought you meant of the things we eat
18:26<Xel->Bah caker get back to the office!
18:27<@caker>Xel-: pong
18:27<gpd>i seem to have broken mysql -- Access denied for user 'debian-sys-maint'@'localhost
18:27<gpd>can't even remove it with dpkg
18:27<Xel->caker, ahh yer back
18:27<Xel->caker, my linode is having issues still.
18:27<Xel->I can't bring up eth0
18:27<@caker>yeah, another permissions thing -- easy to fix
18:27<@caker>one sec
18:27<Xel->Not your fault
18:27<Xel->I blame mikegrb.
18:27<gpd>tried changing the pw in mysql user table for debian-sys-maint to the same as in /etc/mysql/debian.cnf
18:27<Xel->(He can't argue back, so I blame him)
18:28<@caker>Xel-: ok, reboot
18:28<Xel->Don't need to
18:28<Xel->ifup eth0 did it
18:28<Xel->Unless rebooting will do something else
18:28<@caker>that should do it
18:28<Xel->I'll just reboot - maybe some of the stuff that runs via the init.d scripts will need to re-run
18:29<warewolf>right, because those are never _ever_ supposed to be run outside of system boot.
18:29<Kurt> I want to listen to Kodaly's "Hary Janos" or Puccini's "Turandot"?
18:30<Xel->warewolf, no, they are
18:30<Xel->But I'd rather just reboot than manually run the ones that I need.
18:30<warewolf>Xel-: your sarcasm detector is broken
18:30<warewolf>sorry, I laid it on a little thick
18:30<Xel->warewolf: IRC
18:31<Xel->caker, thanks man!
18:31<Xel->This alwready feels faster
18:31<Xel->I think that host21 is just overcrowded
18:32<@caker>Xel-: cool -- sorry for the hiccups
18:32<Xel->caker, it's no problem at all.
18:32<Xel->I just ran my little apt alias and it screamed through it
18:32<Xel->I have an open ticket that you can close related to the latency
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18:34<Xel>There we are
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18:37<lkchaos>This the spot to ask about networking issues?
18:39<lkchaos>anyone here?
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18:39<warewolf>caker can help
18:40<lkchaos>*nods* Have a ticket open, but hadn't got a response. Maybe I should just let that take its course
18:40<lkchaos>Been locked out of my linode for about 2 days now though... heh
18:46<warewolf>define locked out
18:47<lkchaos>I changed some networking stuff, ifcfg-eth0 file in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts
18:47<lkchaos>And now I can't log in, my networking is broke
18:50<warewolf>log in via lish
18:50<warewolf>ssh to your linode's host, using your linode name and password you use on the website to log into your account
18:50<lkchaos>I did that, but can you actually change things via lish?
18:50<warewolf>you get _local console_ access.
18:51<warewolf>it's like you're at the computer, typing on the keyboard and screen.
18:51<warewolf>this is why linode kicks ass.
18:51<lkchaos>awesome. didn't know that. I'll have to try that
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19:27<barries>When will the linode DNS server become production-ready?
19:28<lucca>it's a good idea to have entirely offsite backup DNS as well.
19:28<lucca>so e.g. when HE tanks you can still be resolved
19:33<@mikegrb>the managed dns uses name servers in multiple datacenters
19:44<barries>So is there a plan to offer a DNS hosting service?
19:45<barries>(or should I come back another time to catch caker or mikegrb?)
19:46<lucca>I think yes, and it is in testing?
19:47<@mikegrb>do you mean dns for non vps customers?
19:50|-|myfnp [] has joined #linode
19:51<myfnp>nameserver question
19:55<@caker>barries: the DNS service works now, until it's proven otherwise :)
20:07|-|Nigel_ [] has joined #linode
20:11<myfnp>how can i setup additional dns servers like ns3, ns4 ??
20:12<myfnp>with a different host for redundancy
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20:13<lkchaos>You here caker?
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20:15|-|Nigel [] has joined #linode
20:15<lkchaos>If you get back on here and read this, I got everything working.
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20:17<@caker>lkchaos: I just updated your ticket -- I did find one issue
20:18<lkchaos>ok, I'll look at it
20:20<lkchaos>I noticed myself that it wasn't completely booting, but I was getting a login prompt through ssh
20:21<@caker>well, that's just to get into the host, not the getty running on your node
20:21<barries>caker, thanks. Are you offering DNS hosting, then , or is it the RDNS service the only thing you offer.
20:21<@caker>barries: it's full DNS
20:21<barries>how do I use it? cluebat me to the right docs :)
20:22<barries>(and I did manage to snag a linode-100, thanks for adding the new host)
20:22<@caker>barries: DNS subtab in the member's area -- fairly self explanatory
20:23<barries>d'oh. Here I am searching the Wiki for it. Sigh.
20:23<@caker>set your domain's authortative dns servers to ns1 and
20:24<barries>gortcha, ta.
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20:43<Willie>hi all. anyone able to help me recovering a root password?
20:43<@caker>warewolf: sure -- it's pretty easy
20:44<@caker>er, s/ warewolf / Willie /
20:44<@caker>Willie: set your config profile to init=/bin/bash, reboot, login via Lish, run: mount -o remount,rw /
20:44<@caker>Willie: then, passwd (per usual)
20:44<@caker>Willie: set your config profile back to default run level, reboot, done.
20:46<Willie>config profile to init=bin/bash?
20:47<@caker>Willie: log into the website, click the config profiles tab, then your config profile
20:47<Willie>ah under run level
20:48<Willie>k... trying now
20:48<warewolf>caker- come play tradewars :)
21:01<@caker>I would if my mac temrinal wasn't screwy
21:01<@caker>after telnetting, it switches backspace to delete (or vice versa) for some reason
21:02<Willie>thanks caker
21:02<Willie>all fixed :-)
21:02<@caker>Willie: good job!
21:02<warewolf>caker- you can switch that in the prefs in the app
21:03<Xel>Caker this is so fast now
21:03<Xel>I could... cry
21:04<@caker>Xel: cool -- everyone's will be like that eventually .. that's the plan, anyhow
21:05<Xel>Well good.
21:05<Xel>I hope that this host doesn't get oversold though
21:05<Xel>I'm probably pretty alone on it since it just came up
21:06<Xel>Don't want it to turn into another host21
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21:28<Nigel>ohhh, are the new hosts coming up?
21:31|-|Moses [] has left #linode [Leaving]
21:34<npmr>looks like there's still just 60
21:42|-|Newsome [] has joined #linode
21:52<@caker>host64, but I skipped one for now (host61) .. two more on the way, and another 20 in mid-build
21:53<@caker>10 more to go to HE, and 10 to start at an east-coast datacenter (no contract yet, but have a good idea who)
21:58<Nigel>any coming with Xen?
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22:41<@caker> <-- Introducing the Linode 159744
22:41<taupehat>long horse
22:42<taupehat>getting value out of ram, heh
22:42<taupehat>if only you could find a bus that could slot and use all that =]
22:46<warewolf>taupehat: come play my tradewars server. telnet to :)
22:46<taupehat>no no
22:46<taupehat>I'm too busy
22:47<warewolf>yes yes
22:47<warewolf>dude, game A is 250 turns a day
22:47<taupehat>thanks anyway!
22:47<warewolf>you can burn through that in 15 minutes
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23:27[~]Nigel pokes caker
23:28<Nigel>caker, SSL Cert on expired start of last month
23:58<@caker>Nigel: is defunct, so doesn't really matter -- but thanks for the report
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