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00:08<Nigel>caker, ahhh right, that makes sense then
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00:15[~]f8 wants a wii
00:16<efudd>I can't send enter ><
00:16[~]efudd sigh
00:16<Nigel>f8, there is a loo in the back
00:16<efudd>well, wii chat via http is wack :P
00:16<Nigel>but PLEASE, no 'wii'ing' in public
00:16<@caker>efudd: does wii do java?
00:16<@caker>I'm guessing no
00:16<efudd>first thing i tried to do was java ssh :)
00:17<efudd>lemme try it.
00:17<Nigel>haha, pogo via wii would be funny
00:17<efudd>apparently no java.
00:18<@caker> "POST /irc/pjirc/pjirc.cfm HTTP/1.1" 200 300 "" "Opera/9.00 (Nintendo Wii; U; ; 1309-9; en)"
00:18<Nigel>thats somewhat disappointing
00:19<f8>I hate java, but it is a slow buggy way to do almost anything
00:19[~]efudd pets caker for the "thin" paste.
00:19<Nigel>my gaming console went "Wii Wii Wii all the way home"
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00:23<efudd>oh my.
00:23<efudd>i'm playing the "spank the monkey" flash based game with my wiimote.
00:23<efudd>worse, i apparently started dancing when hte music played
00:23<@caker>root@host62:~# hdparm -tT /dev/sda
00:23<@caker> Timing cached reads: 14556 MB in 1.99 seconds = 7328.84 MB/sec
00:23<@caker> Timing buffered disk reads: 224 MB in 3.01 seconds = 74.34 MB/sec
00:23<efudd>cached reads there are useless.
00:24<efudd>the buffered ones are also "questionable" :)
00:24<@caker>4 cores!
00:24[~]caker tries a kernel compile
00:25<warewolf>caker: you want um .. make -j I think.
00:25<@caker>warewolf: no doubt
00:26<@caker>well, not -j by itself, if that was meant as a joke
00:26<warewolf>no I mean litterally make -j
00:26<warewolf>yes, j by itself :)_
00:26<@caker>"duhheeeyy ok"
00:26<warewolf>I know how to pwnz0r a box with a linux kernel compile
00:27<warewolf>what, think you'll kill the box?
00:27<@caker>dunno on a box this big. It would survive, I'm sure, but the question is how long would it be unusable
00:27<@caker>I'm tempted.
00:28<@caker>make -j4:
00:28<@caker>real 1m32.140s
00:28<@caker>user 4m59.255s
00:29<@caker>sys 0m26.414s
00:30<warewolf>go make an allyesconfig
00:31<@caker>real 1m27.881s
00:31<@caker>user 5m4.711s
00:31<@caker>sys 0m26.994s
00:31<@caker>^-- make distclean; make defconfig; time make -j8
00:32<warewolf>most of the kernel source was probally still cached in ram
00:33<@caker>root@host62:~# vmstat 1 2
00:33<@caker>procs -----------memory---------- ---swap-- -----io---- --system-- ----cpu----
00:33<@caker> r b swpd free buff cache si so bi bo in cs us sy id wa
00:33<@caker> 8 0 120 321248 414012 15722268 0 0 198 127 118 140 2 0 97 1
00:33<@caker> 7 0 120 305888 414060 15724192 0 0 0 24 295 1087 88 6 6 0
00:33[~]caker <3 15G cache
00:37<efudd>hrm. doesn't seem to be able to watch videos on the wii :/
00:38<@caker>google, youtube vids?
00:38<efudd>which, btw, is almost evil.
00:38<efudd>mind you, i really hope they change the opera interface before it ships.
00:39<efudd>ww, and for the off-the-record-ish, i despise snooze. :)
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00:40[~]warewolf tattle tales
00:41<warewolf>call him znibbl
00:41<efudd>he needs to be punched in the face IRL.
00:41<warewolf>that's what toor called him once, while drunk.
00:43<efudd>USB Powered voodoo doll+++
00:43<warewolf>efudd, and for off-the-record-ish, I despise toor. :)
00:43<efudd>I see.
00:43<warewolf>efudd, and for on-the-record-ish, this channel is publicly logged.
00:43<efudd>that's why I added "-ish"
00:44<efudd>the only reason snooze and I get along is that I ignore him unless he's /kicking folk. :)
00:44<efudd>now, back to my pr0n
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01:56<myfnp>why wont sendmail use my public adaptor to send emails????????????
01:56<warewolf>public adaptor?
01:56<myfnp>whell ip anyways
01:57<warewolf>I am confused, what is the problem?
01:57<warewolf>(I'm probally your resident sendmail guru)
01:57<myfnp>tcp 0 0* LISTEN
01:58<myfnp>is that right?
01:58<warewolf>that means sendmail is listening to every IP address your linode has.
01:58<warewolf> is special in unix
01:58<warewolf>it means everything
01:58<myfnp>is that correct?
01:58<warewolf>it can be, it depends on what you want. Nine times out of ten, that's ok.
01:59<myfnp>1 sec
02:01<myfnp>all my emails have this from in the headers from (localhost [] (may be forged)) by (8.12.8/8.12.8) with ESMTP
02:01<myfnp>and it used to not say (may be forged))
02:01<warewolf>why does that concern you?
02:01<npmr>you're sending email you yourself?
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02:02<npmr>try sending to an address on a different server
02:02<myfnp>uhh yah of corse
02:02<npmr>see what the headers say when that one's received
02:02<myfnp>im sending to yahoo hotmail
02:02<warewolf>which one?
02:03<myfnp>doesn't matter
02:04<myfnp>i've been trying to fix this for like a month
02:04<myfnp>its driving me up a wall
02:05<myfnp>you there?
02:06<npmr>what are the rest of the Received headers?
02:06<myfnp>its sending mail throught thee local adapter
02:06<npmr>show me the headers
02:06<myfnp>whats a site i can post it too?
02:07<npmr>well, your own would be fine
02:07<npmr>or in private message to me
02:07<npmr>if it's just a couple of lines, maybe into the channel
02:07<myfnp>well im using the cgi based irc
02:08<myfnp>1 sec
02:11<myfnp>get it?
02:13<npmr>so it looks to me like the localhost[] part is not the issue
02:13<npmr>the issue is the "(may be forged)" part?
02:14<myfnp>well it just started saying that like an hour ago
02:14<myfnp>i have one without it if thats better
02:15<npmr>why did it start?
02:17<myfnp>thats what im trying to figure out
02:19<myfnp>and not
02:20<myfnp>but im sure i can fix that one
02:21<myfnp>I dont want it to say the localhost
02:22<myfnp>is that possible?
02:22<npmr>here's the thing about that
02:22<npmr>your sendmail server really is sending that message to a separate piece of server software at
02:23<npmr>that other piece of software really is sending it back to sendmail
02:23<npmr>yes, these two pieces of software are using smtp
02:23<npmr>to communicate with each other
02:23<myfnp>does your say that?
02:23<npmr>your headers are going to say
02:23<npmr>i don't use sendmail
02:24<npmr>this is because you're using an adapter
02:24<npmr>this is how they work
02:24<myfnp>im starting to dislike sendmail
02:24<myfnp>5 years later
02:24<npmr>i started disliking sendmail about 7 years ago
02:25<npmr>and stopped using it about 6 years ago
02:25<myfnp>but when its all i know
02:25<npmr>it was all i knew, too
02:25<myfnp>sort of
02:25<npmr>you know, lots of other mail server software has this same feature
02:26<npmr>postfix has something like "adapters" too
02:26<npmr>so does exim
02:26<npmr>that received header is not there because you're using sendmail
02:26<myfnp>so this in know would interfear whith the delivery of any messages?
02:26<npmr>it's there because you're using the adapter
02:27<myfnp>i just want it right
02:27<npmr>ok, well here's my question to you, then
02:27<npmr>is it currently "not right"?
02:28<myfnp>I just started noticing it when I started having issues
02:29<npmr>what kind of issues?
02:29<myfnp>were issues
02:30<myfnp>I would not receive every message
02:31<myfnp>and sending
02:31<npmr>what does the adapter do?
02:31<myfnp>It would show status sent and never get ther
02:31<myfnp>piss me off
02:32<npmr>ok, it's late
02:33<myfnp>y y y y me
02:34<myfnp>ohh well F****
02:36<myfnp>localhost [] (may be forged)) GRRRRRRRRRErrrrrrrrrrrr
02:39<myfnp>I can't win
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02:43<myfnp><----picking up all the peices
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06:17<Nigel_>myfnp, haha
06:18<Nigel_>i love the "localhost ... (may be forged)"
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15:39<Kurt>you know, the great thing about being from Indiana is that I don't have to put up with some retard calling me a "bandwagon fan" when I mention I'm a Colts fan
15:42<npmr>that and cheap pot
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20:13<@caker>Xel: ping?
20:14<warewolf>linbot: rr
20:14<@linbot>warewolf: *click*
20:14<warewolf>Ah, veritas.
20:14[~]warewolf hugs his EMC SAN
20:15[~]warewolf stabby stab stab stabbity stab "SAN admins" who tell him to turn on rsh as root
20:20<npmr>ha ha
20:31[~]caker just found kernel bug
20:34<npmr>which one?
20:34<taupehat>npmr: it looks like a cross between a potato bug and a camel spider
20:58<@caker>ebtable bug of some kind
20:59<warewolf>oh man
20:59<warewolf>ebtables drives me batsh!t insane
21:00<warewolf>how buggy it can be
21:00<warewolf>and I hate -HATE- how ebtables (the program) tries to be like iptables, except it isn't QAd for crap.
21:01<@caker>the only issue I've had with ebtables (in-kernel, is my guess)) is that it isn't thread safe, but even then it just complains about lingering references or something
21:02<@caker>lemme rephrase -- only issue I've had in the past two/three years
21:02<warewolf>a lot more traffic flows through your bridge tables than mine, so you're bound to hit bugs more often than I do.
21:02<warewolf>mine's just a snort IPS.
21:03<@caker>this is obviously something that went into both stable ( and recently
21:04[~]caker peers are Chris Wright's ebtable patches on the 8th and 14th
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21:07<@caker>guess I could downgrade to 2.6.19
21:41<taupehat>"He looks like a pink nightmare!"
21:41<taupehat>argh, dammit
21:41<taupehat>wrong chan
22:03<encode>what does a pink nightmare look like?
22:04<taupehat>encode: well..
22:05<tsuyoshi>that kind of quote works best out of context, I suspect
22:06<taupehat>about 3/4 of the way down the page here:
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22:57<gregmess>I hosed one of my dns servers so I signed up here... how long does it take for them to activate a new server?
22:57<warewolf>gregmess: the people who are opped are linode employees
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23:18<Nigel>(expect linbot) :P
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23:23<@caker>gregmess: hello -- I can activate your account right now, but expect a reboot to fix a host kernel issue tomorrow
23:25<Nigel>new hosts are having fits already?
23:25<@caker>not the hosts themselves -- a recent bug
23:26<@caker>we were just lucky enough to have won the prize
23:27<gregmess>now would be great!
23:27<@caker>gregmess: all set -- thanks
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23:40<gregmess>wow this is one slick setup
23:42<Nigel>caker, 'the prize'? do they have a bug bounty or some such?
23:43<@caker>the prize, as in I spent hours tonight figuring out it was a bug :(
23:43<gregmess>so my eth0 is dynamic? my ip is really static though right?
23:43<@caker>as in .. sarcasm :)
23:43<@caker>gregmess: statically assigned through dhcp
23:44<Nigel>i actually like that idea, it's a pity it doesn't work the best for multiple IPs
23:45<@caker>It would if I gave nodes multiple interfaces (one per IP, each with a different MAC), but that's just ugly
23:45<Nigel>caker, out of interest, how hard would it be to assign say a second ethernet interface for linodes with 2 IPs, i have no idea how possible it is, i havn't looked at UML/Xen that much, but i'ts just a thought
23:46<@caker>Nigel: my initial code was designed for that, but it's since gone away because it's not really useful
23:46<Nigel>yeah, it was just a thought
23:48<Nigel>so what, the code for assigning multiple interfaces to a node isn't that great? (it's a pity but i guess can't be helped)
23:49<gregmess>why are cslip ppp xfs modules loaded?
23:49<@caker>gregmess: these are monolithic kernels -- everything should be compiled in
23:49<@caker>gregmess: also, you might want to change your config to "Latest 2.6" and reboot
23:50<@caker>Nigel: nono, the code _was_ there for multiple interfaces, but it was never used, so it's since gone away since multiple interfaces isn't useful
23:50<@caker>Nigel: this is in my code (LPM/host code) we're talking about
23:50<@caker>Nigel: UML and Xen handle multiple interfaces just fine
23:51<Nigel>oh right, i see
23:51<Nigel>Fair enough I guess
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