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00:04<Melchizedek>can someone describe what the io_tokens means and it's implications on performance? I see several postings in the forums about it.
00:05<@caker>Melchizedek: one token represents one i/o request to disk
00:05<@caker>Melchizedek: the purpose of the token limiter is to act as a brake for run-away Linodes
00:07<@caker>efudd: uh that's CG?
00:08<efudd>caker, that's someone video taping the replay of the lap he just drove in the demo that was released 1hr ago on the ps3 online store. :)
00:08<efudd>I'm at 25% downloaded..... FASTER FASTER.
00:09<Melchizedek>That's PS3? WOW!
00:09<@caker>that's pretty incredible. With all the fuzz youtube compression adds, I was unware it wasn't real until I read the comment 2/3 through the video
00:09<efudd>Yah :)
00:09<efudd>I'll confirm it shortly....
00:10<@caker>ok must sleep -- have fun efudd
00:10<efudd>nod. enjoy.
00:10<Melchizedek>So is the io_token similar to network rate limiting where you get a new bucket of tokens every second and when the bucket is used up you stop sending packets (or hold io requests)?
00:12<@caker>Melchizedek: yes --
00:13<Melchizedek>thanks, good night
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05:25<Nigel>Merry Christmas all
05:26<Nigel>Especially caker, mikegrb and tasaro
05:26<guinea-pig>and to all a good night! i'm going to sleep
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07:52<intuiworx-leonard>is host 39 down?
07:53<intuiworx-leonard>nevermind cancel that
07:53<intuiworx-leonard>just slwo
07:53[~]caker looks
07:53<intuiworx-leonard>it was just responding slow
07:53<intuiworx-leonard>Thanks anyway
07:54<@caker>intuiworx-leonard: looks like you hit the limiter, even with it's default/high values
07:54<@caker>doing somethin g i/o intensive?
07:54<intuiworx-leonard>like it wouldn't respond to any requests over a three or so minutes span.
07:54<intuiworx-leonard>yeah, I am transferring a lot of data
07:54<intuiworx-leonard>for backup
07:55<intuiworx-leonard>caker: how can I tell if I hit the limiter? Is there something in the control panel?
07:55<@caker>intuiworx-leonard: cat /proc/io_status
07:55<intuiworx-leonard>gotcha, thanks
07:55<@caker>if io_tokens is negative, io requests are being limited to token_refill/sec
07:56<intuiworx-leonard>ok thanks
07:56<intuiworx-leonard>Merry Christmas
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13:32<talat>hi i hve a account on linode and i have a vps but i want to same account diffrent vps but how ?
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13:55[~]caker makes "Latest 2.6" the default for new deployments
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14:40<@linbot>New news from forums: Distro: Gentoo 2006.1 in Announcements <>
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15:12<Nigel>i won't be using it, but nice work caker
15:35<SpaceHobo>using what?
15:39<erikh>benevolent linode operators:
15:40<erikh>I'm preparing a (relatively) short document on setting up a hobby mail server under limited resources -- having one of the guys in here proofread it when I'm done
15:40<erikh>is it ok to link to this kind of content on the wiki? I imagine it'd be helpful to linode users.
15:56[~]taupehat boggles at the notion of someone wanting to do gentoo on a linode
15:57<taupehat>that'd be like putting the engine of an old datsun into an f350
15:57<taupehat>where said f350 has been lowered, and had the bed filled with blown 15" woofers
15:57<encode>taupehat: sounds fun, lets do that
15:57<taupehat>encode: right behind you
15:58<encode>ok, well you supply the f350, the old datsu n engine and the blown 15" woofers, and i'll supply the rest
15:59<taupehat>encode: I can hook you up with the old datsun engine and the blown speakers
15:59<encode>thats a start
16:00<encode>i guess we'll just have to put this project on hold till one of us is rich enough to be able to spare an f350
16:01<taupehat>s/rich/stupid && s/spare/waste
16:01<encode>same difference
16:13<@caker>erikh: wiki is fine, too
16:22<taupehat>top 13 worst slogan translations
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16:47<erikh>I thought the coke thing was debunked by snopes?
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16:54<Nigel>Christmas present from Power Company... 5 minute power outage
16:54<Nigel>which in turn caused my DNS/DHCP server to not bring up eth0
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17:49<encode>efudd: haha
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20:35<Kurt>a free, open-content, wiki-based encyclopedia:
21:05<Nigel_>Kurt, M*A*S*H is a popculture most wanted article? i know it's good an that, just a bit surprised
21:06<Kurt>greatest TV show ever :D
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