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00:32<taupehat>caker: if by some chance you're fool enough to be watching the meters, I'm doing a site upgrade right now, so my node isn't just randomly thrashing. If it goes right, it'll be done in about ten minutes
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00:47<rcs>I'm really confused now. I paid for the account it said would be set up "in hours", but my email address isn't recognized to log in, and username + invoice number doesn't work.. Am I going to be waiting until tuesday to get this up?
00:50<@mikegrb>rcs: if I'm not mistaken it says 24-48 hours but I believe your account has been activated
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01:03<taupehat>well, I think that's done
01:04[~]taupehat thinks it's almost time for "santa" to put the presents out
01:22<taupehat>anyone here able to confirm this page as looking reasonably like a webpage?
01:22<taupehat>upgrades are fun like that
01:23<npmr>what else would it have looked like?
01:23<taupehat><?php blah blah...
01:23<taupehat>or "MySQL Error..."
01:42<erikh>taupehat: look at #ngs
01:43<erikh>I made out like a f'n bandit
01:45<taupehat>if anyone wonders where the internets just went, blame the drunk savvis employee that just tripped over a fiber bundle
01:51[~]erikh isn't having any disruption
01:51[~]erikh razberries taupehat
01:54<encode>my internet tubes are looking good
01:56<taupehat>it went away
02:24<erikh>encode: no cholesterol?
02:52<encode>erikh: well, considering i live in .au one could argue there was quite a lot of cholesterol
02:52<encode>too much in fack
02:54<erikh>ah, that's why you're awake at this hour
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05:26<guinea-pig>i'm your only friend
05:26<guinea-pig>i'm not your only friend
05:26<guinea-pig>but i'm a little glowing friend
05:26<guinea-pig>but really i'm not actually your friend, but i am...
05:31<encode>guinea-pig: what the heck are you talking about?
05:37<guinea-pig>blue canary in the outlet by the lightswitch who watches over you
05:41<encode>you're not sounding too coherent
05:43<SpaceHobo>encode: it's a song popular among 14 year olds
05:46<encode>that explains the lack of coherency then
05:46<encode>thanks SpaceHobo
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10:37<taupehat>Merry xmas!
10:39<warewolf>bah humbug.
10:40[~]f8 wishes warewolf a merry ecks-mas and runs away
10:40<warewolf>won't help.
11:03<@caker>happy day.
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17:04<djsmith>Sorry to bother on the holiday, but I've had a reboot in the queue now for 15 minutes and no action. Any ideas?
17:08<encode>djsmith: did you shut down all your services before hitting the reboot button?
17:08<djsmith>I couldn't ssh to the box -- it appears hung. So I went for the reboot as a last resort. In the past it has bailed me out of situations like this.
17:10<encode>did you try lish?
17:11<encode>see what the kernel log says
17:13<djsmith>Didn't know about lish --- trying that now...
17:14<@caker>djsmith: taking a loook
17:16<djsmith>lish doesn't seem to be responding either, weird.
17:16<djsmith>It's been a while since I've had a problem like this, and I don't think lish was around back then. Lish looks really cool!
17:16<djsmith>As usual, props to the Linode crew for lish. :)
17:18<@caker>host15 is wedged pretty tightly
17:18<@caker>I'll give it a few minutes to see if it clears up, if not we'll reboot it
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17:43<@linbot>New news from forums: Outage: host15 in System and Network Status <>
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18:15<@caker> <-- bah humbug
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19:05<Griswald>Whats a good firewall for *nix?
19:06<tsuyoshi>a what?
19:24<@caker>yay for pxeboot + initrd
19:25<@caker>boo for completely dead drives
19:28<Griswald>try freezing one?
19:28<@caker>I wonder if HE has a fridge
19:28<Griswald>moisturesafe bag + dead drive = 30 mins or so of usage :D
19:28<Griswald>or atleast, has for me
19:29<@caker>"Merry Christmas From Linode -- enjoy your free data loss..."
19:29<Griswald>any backups?
19:30<@caker>Linode doesn't do backups, as you may already know
19:30<@caker>although this may cause us to revisit that policy
19:31<@caker>it's a significant investment given our usage
19:31<Griswald>I'm thankful that I put backups as a responsibility of my users
19:32<@caker>mount: Mounting /dev/hdc4 on /mnt failed: Invalid argument
19:32<@caker>blah blah
19:33<@caker>software raid -- forget even trying to mount /dev/md0 -- endless:
19:33<@caker>hda: dma_intr: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
19:33<@caker>hda: dma_intr: error=0x40 { UncorrectableError }, LBAsect=3297900, high=0, low=3297900, sector=3297729
19:33<@caker>ide: failed opcode was: unknown
19:34<Griswald>HD failures SUCK
19:34<@caker>I can move these accounts to another machine and give customers a few months credit -- but they'll need to start anew
19:35[~]caker moves slowly away from the keyboard, to think for a bit
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19:35<Griswald>I'd pass ya a beer, but thats not possible
19:37<Griswald>afk, bath time for little one
19:38<djsmith>caker: Did you check out the problem with host15?
19:46<@caker>djsmith: see above :(
19:46<djsmith>About the HD crash?
19:46<djsmith>I was unsure whether that was host15 or not :)
19:46<djsmith>Guess so
19:47<djsmith>Any chance I can get transferred? I have backups.
19:48<@caker>I think from here I'm going to reassign host15's accounts to another machine, let people reconfigure from scratch, meanwhile attempt to recover for those that need it but I'm not too optimistic
19:48<djsmith>Understood. That'd be great.
19:48<djsmith>Gonna head back to Holiday Festivities now. Thanks caker.
19:48<@caker>djsmith: sorry ... I'll email everyone once it's done
19:49<djsmith>That's an email I won't receive. :) That machine was hosting my email server. :)
19:49<djsmith>I'll look for an announce here.
19:49<@caker>heh, ok -- check here and the forum thread
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20:22<Griswald>anyone know of a proper way to see apache's version info? :P
20:23<Griswald>I know I have apache2, just not sure which version... man I'm retarded >.>
20:26<Griswald>httpd -v
20:26<Griswald>damn I'm retarded
20:28<psereno>Do i need to modify kernel boot params for make other disk images visible?
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20:35<Griswald>you can mount them freely
20:35<@caker>after rebooting
20:35<psereno>found what I needed on the configurations tab
20:36<channa>hi...I have aproblem with my linode...It says "/lib/modules/2.4.29-linode39-1um/modules.dep (No such file or directory)" do I recover?
20:36<psereno>wasn't obvious... but that's why there are forums ;-)
20:36<channa>Can anybody help?????
20:36<psereno>As a suggestion, how about colored icons on the job queue page for the impatient who don't like to read to tell the status of the job
20:37<Griswald>brb, getting off vnc
20:38<channa>Hello...anybody out there?
20:38<channa>Can you help me...please?
20:38<Griswald>I'm no expert though
20:39<Griswald>1 sec
20:39<Griswald> mines only got 2.4.21 :(
20:40<Griswald>but then again, I run mandrake 9.1 :E
20:40<channa>It just goes to single user mode
20:40<npmr>under what circumstances does that message appear?
20:41<channa>when I reboot....and It doesn't go beyond this
20:41<npmr>at what point during the boot process?
20:41<Griswald>did you try logging into LSH during bootup?
20:41<channa>There are no files in directory "2.4.29-linode39-1um"
20:42<Griswald>and if you get into the shell, are you looking at dmesg?
20:42<npmr>the linodes kernel are not modular
20:42<Griswald>also, which version of *nix?
20:42<npmr>there are no modules, and so the statement is correct
20:42<npmr>the question here is why that is causing a failure
20:43<Griswald>there's a forum post about someone using a gentoo install and updating some software caused a failure to bootup
20:43<npmr>you're using gentoo?
20:44<channa>There were no updates to the system...It just got stuck...and I rebooted
20:45<Griswald>is that the very final lines in dmesg while in single user mode?
20:47<channa>1 sec
20:50<Griswald>dmesg | tail
20:51<channa>It just booted this time when I exited the single user mode
20:51<@caker>channa: are you sure you have "Default runlevel" selected in your config profile?
20:51<@caker>and not "Single user mode" or "init=/bin/bash" ?
20:51<channa>It was there...I haven't checked this
20:52<channa>I suspect...somebody may have changed inittab had a # missing
20:52<@linbot>New news from forums: Reboot: host42 in System and Network Status <>
20:52<Griswald>omg, mikes not afk
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21:41<@linbot>New news from forums: Outage: host15 (Accounts moved to host62) in System and Network Status <>
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23:05<Griswald>hey caker, you around? :)
23:06<Griswald>thinking about getting a second node, how quick could it get setup? XD
23:06<@caker>either now or in the morning
23:08<guinea-pig>caker: have a merry christmas. get the heck out of here :P
23:08<@caker>guinea-pig: ugh...
23:08<guinea-pig>caker: wha?
23:09<@caker>guinea-pig: you too .. I can go back to playing chipmunks Christmas songs now
23:09[~]linbot dispenses Hula Hoops
23:09<guinea-pig>i hate 3rd shift
23:09<guinea-pig>not only is nothing open on the "weekend" ... but with the holiday thrown in... i'm fucked
23:11<taaK>anyone recognize this message:
23:11<taaK>VFS: Mounted root (ext3 filesystem) readonly
23:11<Griswald>order placed. :)
23:12<guinea-pig>taaK: what about it?
23:12<taaK>a fresh ubuntu install seems to hang after that message
23:12<@caker>taaK: switch to Latest 2.4 in your config
23:12<taaK>ok lemme try
23:12<taaK>i think it's set to latest 2.6
23:12<@caker>yeah, switch it to 2.4
23:12<@caker>should work ..
23:12<guinea-pig>caker: not everyone's ready for NTPL yet?
23:13<@caker>you just confirmed a bug in kernels > 2.6.16
23:13[~]taaK is not much a kernel hacker
23:13<@caker>guinea-pig: it was either a bug in SKAS or a bug in > 2.6.16
23:13<guinea-pig>ubuntu specific?
23:13<@caker>we revered the skas version, but now we know it's > 2.6.16 that is the problem (thanks taaK)
23:14<@caker>also, :)
23:14<taaK>you might want to change the default for ubuntu in the distro wizard then
23:14<@caker>taaK: yeah, doing that now
23:17<taaK>ok, looks like it's booting normally now
23:20<@caker>Griswald: boom
23:20<Griswald>thanks :)
23:21[~]Eman prods Griswald
23:21[~]Griswald gets prodded.
23:21[~]Griswald dies.
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23:59<staynalive>Rebuilding a linode on Christmas. Fun fun :-)
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