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00:01<taaK>yea this host15 fiasco is the last thing i needed
00:02<staynalive>I figure that I didn't have anything important, and I need to upgrade anyways.
00:03<staynalive>But then host62 is probably being being hit pretty hard with everyone rebuilding right now.
00:04<shrap>Sure is
00:04<taaK>at least it happened on a low traffic day
00:04<shrap>Atleast im so drunk im still awake to fix this
00:07<staynalive>Now if I can just remember how to set up bind again...
00:08[~]taaK shudders
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02:01<taupehat>happy ex-xmas!
02:03<encode>l0l taupehat
02:04<encode>if i were one of the people on host15, i'd be seriously considering some form of backup from now on
02:04<taupehat>encode: what are you about to do to it?
02:04<encode>no, ive alwasy done offsite rsyncs
02:05<encode>and its days like today that i know why
02:05<taupehat>what'd I miss then
02:05[~]taupehat used to be on host15
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02:05<encode>host15's disks died
02:06<taupehat>ow, crap!
02:06<encode>poor caker too
02:07<taupehat>hell of a day for something like that to happen
02:07[~]taupehat sends caker a gift certificate for a bottle of something very strong and numbing
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06:27<@linbot>New news from forums: Great service, keep up the good work. in Customer Testimonials <>
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06:45<@linbot>New news from forums: DNS Manager - Now in Beta in DNS Manager Beta <>
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11:45<@caker>tjfontaine: :)
11:45<tjfontaine>caker: :)
11:46<tjfontaine>caker: I have a referral coming in I think :>
11:46<@caker>tjfontaine: already activated -- thanks
11:47<tjfontaine>caker: my pleasure, merry christmas :)
11:47<@caker>tjfontaine: you too.. get that hula hoop you asked for?
11:48<tjfontaine>actually now that you mention it, my nephew got an Alvin that sings with a hula hoop :)
11:48<Griswald>now THATS a gift
11:48<tjfontaine>the damn song was stuck in my head for about 3 hours
11:49<Griswald>could be worse
11:49<Griswald>ghostbusters theme song
11:49<tjfontaine>I like that song :)
11:49<@caker>when there's something strange...
11:50<@caker>in the neighborhood
11:50<Griswald>I can go one step further then that caker
11:50<Griswald>the music video that goes to the song
11:50<Griswald>as shown on MTV
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11:56<Griswald>and all became silent.
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13:17[~]linbot dispenses Advil Cold and Sinus
13:17[~]caker doses
13:20<warewolf>caker- any easy way for me to buy a second linode and mirror my current one to the second?
13:20<@caker>warewolf: we could copy the images for you, sure
13:20<@caker>warewolf: probably faster than you doing it bootstrap like with tokens and all
13:20<warewolf>I wonder how bad it would be to copy a linode's fs life
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13:29<@caker>warewolf: fs life?
13:29<@caker>oh, live...
13:29<warewolf>yeah live, sorry
13:29<@caker>I've done it -- it works (post fsck)
13:29<@caker>but I don't recommend it
13:29<warewolf>it scares me honestly
13:29<warewolf>too many dirty buffers
13:30<warewolf>especially how I run my linode to save io tokens
13:30<@caker>while true; do sysrq s; done
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13:54<fo0bar>suckage re: host15
13:55<fo0bar>I know it's been stated when you sign up that there are no backups, but I wonder how many people got screwed because they themselves didn't keep backups?
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14:06<warewolf>it was probally quite a few, because people got used to how well the linode boxes were administered
14:06<warewolf>there wasn't really a need
14:20<warewolf>grah my jaw hurts
14:20<warewolf>and I have no idea why
14:57<encode>yeah, hosts are generally pretty reliable, so I'm sure most users don't do backups
15:00<encode>im a little surprised linode doesnt offer a paid backup service, but i realise it would be way too much hassle from an admin point of view
15:02<@caker>backing up the raw images would suck, too -- since from our perspective a 10G disk image is 10G worth of data -- regardless of how much is used inside the actual filesystem
15:02<@caker>sure, they might be all zeros, but if it's been written to then erased
15:03<@caker>I guess a more proper solution would be to offer it over NFS or somesuch, and allow people to perform backups themselves -- and have some kind of compression on our end to save space
15:04<encode>i think from your perspective, the best thing to do is what you're currently doing
15:05<encode>maybe recommend a company for people to rsync to
15:05<encode>otherwise its so much infrastructure, and administration overhead
15:05<encode>even if the whole process is automated, people will still complain that they're missing an essential file or 2
15:06<@caker>I agree ... I'm in the camp of do one thing really well, but also I want a complete and reliable service
15:07<@caker>yeah -- saying we back up would keep people from doing their own backups
15:07<@caker>I think no matter how many clauses we add to the service description (only weekly, rolling, etc)
15:08<warewolf>the best solution for caker would probally be a _massive_ san or something.
15:08<warewolf>I doubt that linode could afford _multiple_ of them for each data center though
15:09<warewolf>they're ass expensive
15:10<warewolf>wouldn't work
15:10<warewolf>rsync works well on files, not entire disk images
15:10<Kurt>go to the site
15:10<Kurt>see what it is
15:10<Kurt>don't let the name mislead you
15:10<Kurt>don't assume
15:10<Kurt>it makes an ass out of you
15:11<Kurt>though, not out of me
15:11<@caker>fuse/sshfs filesystem provider. Neat
15:12<warewolf>the enter
15:12<warewolf>key is not
15:12<warewolf>learn how
15:12<warewolf>to use commas and periods.
15:13<warewolf>also: I have a business card of theirs from when I was at Defcon/Blackhat. They were offering their services for dirt cheap. It makes me wonder how feasible their business model is.
15:15<encode>warewolf: iSCSI storage is a great alternative to a san, still pretty reliable (SCSI disk) and heaps cheaper
15:15<warewolf>encode: yet iSCSI does not include all the spiffy expensive features of SANs, that I'm sure caker could make good use of.
15:15<encode>such as?
15:15<warewolf>like snapshotting etc
15:16<warewolf>if he wanted to use that sort of capability, it would have to be done in userspace
15:16<encode>hmm, not sure about that
15:16<warewolf>like LVM or something
15:16<warewolf>and he's probally have to wrap it all up in GFS, so that multiple boxes could read/write to the iSCSI disks at once
15:16<encode>i dont know for certain either way, so i'll accept what you're saying for the moment
15:16<warewolf>way too much overhead.
15:16<warewolf>it'd be a configuration nightmare
15:17<encode>its great for esx storage tho, since esx handles all that for you
15:43<warewolf>oh great
15:43<warewolf>I just pissed someone off on efnet.
15:47[~]warewolf watches network graphs
15:48<@caker>!leet I'm going to ddos ur ip
15:48<@linbot>caker: 1'm g0!ng +0 dd0z ur !p
15:49<warewolf>caker: yeah, there's a particular reason why I have a separate IP for IRC.
15:58<encode>poor warewolf
15:58<encode>sounds like efnet is a dangerous place to be
15:59<fo0bar>3w-xxxx: scsi0: AEN: WARNING: ATA port timeout: Port #0.
15:59<fo0bar>3w-xxxx: scsi0: AEN: ERROR: Unit degraded: Unit #0.
15:59<@caker>fo0bar: rescan is your friend
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16:01<fo0bar>that drive had been making some interesting noises before
16:05<@caker>I've been seeing a lot of these on the new boxes: 3w-9xxx: scsi0: AEN: WARNING (0x04:0x004B): Battery temperature is high:.
16:05<@caker>few minutes later it goes back to normal
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17:22<tierra>warewolf: I got that same business card, but even with the discount it still wasn't cheaper than some other rsync providers I've heard of, such as which I've heard better reviews of than
17:22<tierra>kind of sad for a 50% off discount...
17:22<encode>i use bqbackup, they work great
17:23<tierra>see ;)
17:23<encode>only had 1 day of downtime in the 2 years ive been using them
17:23<encode>and i got a refund for that month's fee because of it
17:23<warewolf>linbot, tradewars?
17:23[~]f8 uses
17:23[~]warewolf fumes
17:23[~]f8 goes to investigate bqbackup
17:23<encode>warewolf: whats so good about tradewars?
17:23<warewolf>people: play tradewars :) pleeeeeease
17:23<warewolf> or telnet
17:24<warewolf>encode: it's a fun game, and it's so totally retro.
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17:28<warewolf>caker- play my tradewars server :)
17:29<@caker>warewolf: I'm too busy playing the GotJobAtLinode game
17:29<@caker>but thanks
17:33<Nigel>after a quick look, i think i'll pass
17:33<warewolf>Nigel: no tw?
17:33<warewolf>wait, you actually looked and decided no?
17:34<encode>i looked at the telnet interface last week, had no idea what was going on, and also decided no
17:34<warewolf>you hit A for game A, and then you're logged into the game
17:35<warewolf>I just want some friendly competition is all
17:36<Nigel>i hit A and nothing happened
17:36<warewolf>Nigel: even if you're not going to play, could you try it again and nopaste what you get for me? Also let me know what telnet client you're using
17:37<Nigel>in other news, i feel like sending Microsoft a thank you letter, FINALLY they have removed their Telnet client
17:37<Nigel>(From Windows that is)
17:37<Eman>why is removing it bad?
17:37<warewolf>telnet is useful
17:37<tsuyoshi>removed the telnet client?
17:37<tsuyoshi>that sucks
17:38<Nigel>tsuyoshi, no more telnet.exe
17:38<tsuyoshi>how am I going to irc from windows now
17:38<Nigel>imo it's a good thing
17:38<warewolf>Nigel: I think you're looking at it from the wrong perspective.
17:38<tsuyoshi>how is that good
17:38<warewolf>Nigel: sure, telneting and logging into a nix box, possibly su'ing to root is bad, but there are still lots of plaintext protocols that telnet is useful to get access to.
17:38<Nigel>nah, because there is enough third party telnet clients as it is
17:39<tsuyoshi>like irc!
17:39<warewolf>Nigel: .... and microsoft's telnet.exe is third party?
17:39<Nigel>no, but what i'm saying is, that there is enough third party telnet clients to make up for the loss
17:40<Nigel>also, telnet.exe might be downloadable from Microsoft still, i'm not sure
17:40<warewolf>I still don't understand why you think getting rid of it is ao good idea
17:40<Eman>is ftp.exe a bad thing too?
17:40<warewolf>how about ping
17:40<Eman>essential tools imo
17:40<warewolf>all the above (including telnet) are essential networking utilities
17:41<Nigel>when ever i telneted, i never used the Microsoft tool
17:42<Eman>its only 80kb, not worth arguing over
17:42<Nigel>i don't know, it all comes down to personal preference
17:45<Nigel> hmmm, simple enough to readd it seem
18:07[~]Griswald bites Eman.
18:08<Griswald>telnet is built into windows
18:08<Griswald>win2k and on it became a command prompt utility
18:09<Griswald>win 95/98 it was it's own windows GUI'ed program
18:09<Griswald>if not, there's always hyperterminal which is in older versions of windows, I think it can do telnetting
18:10<Griswald>I take it back, hyperterminal is also in xp :)
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19:14<erikh>warewolf: you have .... a tradewars server?
19:14<erikh>we ARE talking about tw2002, right?
19:15<erikh>because I'd love to show you guys how that game is played, given the opportunity.
19:16<erikh>my mine scripts > *
19:16[~]erikh just has to find them
19:24<warewolf>telnet:// or
19:25<erikh>you shelled out for the good stuff
19:25<warewolf>yes, I did.
19:25<warewolf>$80 something in total
19:25<erikh>well, let me see if I can get my license codes for TWX and SWATH renewed
19:26<erikh>and I will check it out later
19:26<warewolf>do this
19:26<warewolf>go create a player in game A
19:27<warewolf>you create a character?
19:27<erikh>i'm in
19:28<erikh>err, Roberts
19:28<warewolf>k, 1 sec
19:28<warewolf>happy xmas
19:28<warewolf>check your galactic bank balance
19:28<erikh>oh, goodness
19:29<erikh>gah, it's been a while
19:29<erikh>and i'm having terminal issues. :)
19:30<erikh>sweet! thanks
19:30<warewolf>then use the java client
19:31<erikh>eh, i'll use swath. :)
19:31<erikh>TWX and SWATh are dangerously ... dangerous
19:31<erikh>if only for the auto haggler/port inflater
19:37<erikh>they open sourced TWX
19:38<erikh>warewolf: if you've never used TWX, you will definitely want to try it.
19:53<warewolf>I've used attac
20:16<encode>ok, ive created a character
20:16<encode>ive no idea what to do now
20:21<encode>warewolf: ping
20:32<encode>ive created a user etc on your tradewars and now i have no idea what to di
20:32<warewolf>ever play pimpwars?
20:32<warewolf>like, on a ti85 calculator or something?
20:33<warewolf>basically you have a ship in tradewars, you have cargo holds
20:33<encode>never played anything like this before
20:33<warewolf>you go running around in the universe (this universe is 1000 sectors large) and you buy and sell stuff from the ports.
20:33<warewolf>as you get more and more money, you buy better ships
20:33<encode>i tried warping to another sector, but i could find any planets
20:33<warewolf>you create a citidel on your own planet
20:33<warewolf>the game makes a planet for you
20:34<encode>ok - so i build a citidel to begin with
20:34<encode>which requires materials i dont have
20:34<warewolf>no no no
20:34<warewolf>it takes a lot of time to build a citidel
20:34<encode> i keep warping around looking for stuff?
20:34<warewolf>that's something you get after you've built up a lot of cash, can defend your home world, etc.
20:34<warewolf>you warp around looking for ports to trade at
20:34<warewolf>buy low, sell high.
20:35<warewolf>you can either be good, or evil in the game
20:35<warewolf>good people can get a federal commission, and get one of the best ships in the game, the ISS (InterStellar Space Ship) or whatever it's called
20:36<warewolf>that ship you can purchase a warp drive engine, and move from one end of the universe to the other, like it was right next to you
20:36<warewolf>basically you want to find a pair of ports right next to each other
20:36<encode>so the core gameplay is trade, hence the name i guess
20:36<warewolf>one that's SBB and another that's BBS
20:36<warewolf>where SBB is sell fuel, buy organics, and buy equipment
20:36<warewolf>and BBS is buy fuel, buy organics, and sell equipment
20:37<warewolf>you trade fuel/equipment between the two of them
20:37<warewolf>SBB/BSS are the most profit making port pairs
20:37<warewolf>SBB BBS
20:37<warewolf>read the help in game
20:37<encode>ive been doing that
20:37<warewolf>or ask erikh for help
20:39<encode>so, does fuel organics and equipment vary in price?
20:39<warewolf>yes, all over.
20:39<encode>Fuel Ore Selling 1650 100% 0
20:39<warewolf>which is why you will find a particular port pair you will find most profitiable and go to that one the most
20:39<encode>is 1650 the price?
20:39<warewolf>that's how many units it has to sell
20:39[~]encode feels dumb
20:40<warewolf>naw, it's ok
20:40<warewolf>you'll get the hand of it quickly
20:40<warewolf>it's rather easy
20:40<encode>so how do i find the price at a port?
20:40<warewolf>trade at it
20:40<warewolf>the price changes every time you hit it
20:42<encode>i think im getting the hang of it
20:43<encode>but i better get back to work :S
21:57[~]caker just saw the movie Eragon
21:57<taupehat>caker: any good?
21:57<@caker>I liked it -- Tom and I took my nephew
21:58<@caker>taupehat: yeah -- good stuff .. of course, the ending left it wide open for Eragon 2
21:58<@caker>but it had closure for this episode
21:59<taupehat>so it's worth seven bucks then
22:00<@caker>I think so, if you're into that type o flick
22:01<@caker>geez, wikipedia has pages on it, and pages for each of the characters (about 20)
22:02<@caker>also, $7 bucks? It was $9 for an adult ticket
22:02<taupehat>damn, dude!
22:02<taupehat>in what major metropolitan area was that?
22:03<@caker>No where southern NJ
22:03<@caker>Hamilton area
22:03<taupehat>I thought you were in TN or similar?
22:03<@caker>visiting family over the holiday
22:03<@caker>even Nashville wasn't $9 last time I went, but was close
22:04<@caker>like $8.50
22:04<taupehat>holy crap
22:04<taupehat>it's seven bucks here in OR
22:04<taupehat>and we don't have to pump our own gas, either
22:04<@caker>hah -- NJ is like that
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22:05<@caker>why they have that rule, I'll never know
22:05<taupehat>I asked a guy when I was just up here visiting.
22:05<taupehat>He was pumping my gas.
22:05<taupehat>Says to me, "It's to keep people like me off the welfare."
22:05<taupehat>I shut up and paid him for the gas.
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23:02<Kurt>President Ford just died
23:07<Nigel>wow, is he still President? btw, i don't think this is the place, and i think the whole world knows he's dead
23:14<warewolf>yes, a past president is still referred to by "President <blah>"
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23:59<taupehat>!seen primus
23:59<@linbot>taupehat: I have not seen primus.
23:59<taupehat>linbot: then you're missing out!
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