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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-12-27

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00:59[~]encode wishes movie tickets were $7 here in .au - they're $15 for an adult ticket :S
01:00<Eman>i think i paid $13 to see eragon
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01:15<Nigel>i paid 11.50 to see a movie, (Student pricing)
01:15<Nigel>on a Friday too
01:16<Nigel>i think the max here is about $14.50 (NZ)
01:18<Eman>i usually go to the cheap theater that charges $4 to see a 6 month old movie
01:21<f8>I went to my grandparents the other day
01:21<f8>out in the middle of nowhere Texas
01:22<f8>and we saw a matinee new movie for $2.50
01:22<npmr>where movies still roam the land for free
01:22<f8>I was shocked
01:22<f8>in Dallas it would be like $8.00
01:23<Eman>then $20 for a small pop and small popcorn :/
01:23<f8>must resist food....
01:23<f8>and drink....
01:23<Eman>sneaking in a 2l bottle of coke ftw
01:24<encode>Eman: and peanut M & Ms, don't forget them
01:24<Eman>hell ya
01:41[~]warewolf blinks
01:41<warewolf>this needs to be on usenet, not on FOX
01:42<Nigel>hmmm, "Frozen Coke" here is about $5.50
01:42<Nigel>(half the price of the movie) :P
01:45<erikh>3:44:55 url_program = open
02:09<ajmitch>Nigel: miserable weather in your part of the country? :)
02:09<Nigel>it's raining atm
02:09<Nigel>Auckland here
02:09<ajmitch>nice & wet in dunedin tonight
02:10<Nigel>another Dunny guy
02:11<ajmitch>there are a few of us around
02:12<Nigel>yeah, there is Delph on Freenode
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07:54[~]caker <3 MySQLControlCenter
07:54<@caker>too bad they stopped development of it
08:00<slashtom>since my linode was rebooted (tuesday) been getting: "The following suspicious files and directories were found: /lib/init/rw/.ramfs" from chkrootkit
08:04<guinea-pig>don't know about the specific file, but /lib/init/rw seems to be a valid path
08:05<slashtom>the file exists, the timestamp indicates it was created on boot
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08:14<@caker>slashtom: alything referencing it? (lsof /lib/init/rw/.ramfs)
08:18<slashtom>no, nothing referencing it
08:21<@caker>"/lib/init/rw/.ramfs is created by the initscripts to flag that the
08:21<@caker>directory is a ramfs. It is intentional hidden to avoid name conflict
08:21<@caker>with anything we want to store there."
08:21<@caker>doesn't look like you need to worry about it
08:22<slashtom>good good, thanks
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10:25<tjfontaine>who kilt the linbot
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11:00<linbot>I'm BAAAACK
11:01|-|mode/#linode [+o linbot] by caker
11:02<@caker> <-- neat
11:03[~]f8 looks
11:13<tjfontaine>oh wow I can watch my life tick away infront of me :)
11:13<@caker>yeah, but is it y3k safe?
11:37<f8>I don't think I'm Y3K safe
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12:09<@mikegrb>caker: make me a 30" wall mountable version, kthx
13:20<encode>neat yes, useful not really
13:20<encode>irssi is my clock, it tells me all i need to know
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14:21<ehehe> /server
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14:43<harleypig>I have a question about the gentoo 2006.1 profile if anyone here can answer it
14:43<harleypig>Why was a 386 build used?
14:43<harleypig>The latest glibc requires nptl and nptlonly, which in turn requires a CHOST greater than i386.
14:44<harleypig>I can't just change chost in make.conf, that'll just cause more trouble than it's worth.
14:44<tjfontaine>nptl doesn't work in 2.6 uml
14:44<harleypig>(I really appreiciate the update btw, I'm not complaining).
14:44<harleypig>So I'll have to mask glibc to the current version.
14:45<tjfontaine>at least, last I heard
14:45<harleypig>Is that in the forums? If so I missed it .
14:46<tjfontaine>yes I believe there are lots of mentions of it
14:46<tjfontaine>you can also see it there
14:47<harleypig>Oh crap. There it is ... I just wasn't using the right keywords to search.
14:47<tjfontaine>no problem, also see:
14:47<tjfontaine>section 13.15 and 13.16
15:03<harleypig>Wait ... says that nptl *is* supported now.
15:04<harleypig>nm ... that's later than the other one
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15:10<fo0bar>I thought >=2.6.17 was fully nptl-enabled
15:11<tjfontaine>yes, it does appear to :)
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15:12<fo0bar>harleypig: so are you saying that with the glibc changes, gentoo is now incompatible with <686?
15:12<fo0bar>(I don't follow gentoo anymore, but used to)
15:12[~]tjfontaine boggles at source based distro on linode anyway
15:14<harleypig>fo0bar: No, you just have to mask glibc to whatever it's currently at for a gentoo distribution.
15:14<harleypig>fo0bar: why boggle? Other than glibc and maybe gcc it's not that io_token intensive.
15:15<tjfontaine>you meant me
15:15<harleypig>tjfontaine: :> Right. Thanks.
15:15<tjfontaine>and I boggle mostly because it's just silly
15:15<tjfontaine>seems like there are better things to do with io, bw, and time
15:15<harleypig>I'm curious as to your reasons for believing that. I've heard others reasons, but none have convinced me (obviously).
15:16<fo0bar>tjfontaine: mellow greetings, sir. what seems to be your boggle?
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15:16<harleypig>bandwidth? How is bw usage different than debian, for example.
15:17<tjfontaine>dunno, I just picture genflooers syncing more often than those of us running sarge :)
15:17<fo0bar>the average source tarball is going to be bigger than the average .deb, but not terribly
15:18<harleypig>tjfontaine: Well, smart people only sync once a week at most, which is the same as I do for my kids ubuntu boxes at home.
15:18<tjfontaine>it comes from a rather basic aversion to gentoo, added on top of the smaller footprint requirement of a linode machine
15:19<tjfontaine>it seems to me one of the major arguments for a gentoo is the ability to squeeze the most out of your hardware, and if the host isn't doing that already in a UML system there is no point wasting your time in the guest
15:19<tjfontaine>the other arguement I guess is that you have a hardon for its dependency management system, in which case I feel sorry for you :)
15:20<harleypig>tjfontaine: well, caker isn't exactly spending a lot of time optimizing the gentoo image. :]
15:20<tjfontaine>as even urpmi was better than emerge
15:20<tjfontaine>well, the point of gentoo is that you optimize it, he just gives you a start
15:20<harleypig>? well, I can't argue with that ...
15:21<tjfontaine>but, the point is moot for UML, you're at the whim of the host when it comes to performance
15:21<harleypig>tjfontaine: A decent starting point would be about 500MB, not 1600. I'm not faulting caker, he's doing a terrific job, but you can't point at the provided image and say it's a relevant sample.
15:22<tjfontaine>I wouldn't point at anything of gentoo and call it relevant anyway :)
15:22<harleypig>tjfontaine: It's not so much about performance as it is control and geek factor.
15:22<tjfontaine>oh right:
15:23<tjfontaine>anyway I've not the time to discuss this, I'm late for leaving work
15:23<harleypig>:D rebooting for CS:S
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15:29<Nigel>the bit on TLS/UML is actually quite interesting
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16:03<erikh>warewolf: your twgs is broken
16:07<warewolf>it is?
16:08<warewolf>no it's the ethernet cable
16:08<warewolf>1 sec
16:08<warewolf>lemme find another one
16:08<warewolf>try now
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16:20<@mikegrb>oh he left
16:21<@mikegrb>isn't portage up to a gig or so now anyway?
16:21<@mikegrb>making anything less then about 1200 mb impossible
16:22<@mikegrb>seems silly they make every install have the installation data for every single package rather then says "this is package x it does y and needs z and q" like every other distro
16:24<erikh>warewolf: ok, cool
16:24<erikh>got 3-4 guys interested
16:24<erikh>it's OSS now
16:25<erikh>mikegrb: i just find it amusing that portage was intended to be "a better ports than ports", but it's utterly failed in that task
16:27<erikh>warewolf: what's the most active game on that server?
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17:58<erikh>warewolf: would you be hurt if a friend and I used your server to test an application we may or may not be working on?
18:03<warewolf>erikh: you may or may not test your application that you may or may not be working on the server I may or may not be running.
18:03<erikh>warewolf: I may or may not thank you for your obsequious permission
18:07[~]encode wonders what sort of hypothetical application could be tested using tradewars
18:08<encode>unless of course twgs is something else entirely
18:13<warewolf>twgs is just a bbs-like front end for tradewars
18:15<encode>so i see
18:15<encode>it seems to provide quite a nice advantage
18:16<warewolf>it's nothing special
18:16<warewolf>although I *think* tw2002 only runs under twgs now or something
18:16<warewolf>'cause nobody uses bbses anymore
18:26<encode>i see
18:54<erikh>warewolf: heh, did you kick the ethernet cable out again? :)
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18:56<warewolf>it's still up
18:57<warewolf>every 5 minutes my linode craps itself as other linodes ddos it
18:57<npmr>other linodes ddos your?
18:57<warewolf>it's my fualt
18:58<warewolf>it's rml
18:58<npmr>ah, that
18:58<warewolf>50 boxes, all ntp time sync'd all hitting me all at once
18:59<npmr>which part of the update is the biggest i/o hit?
18:59<warewolf>5it's not
18:59<warewolf>my io is fine
18:59<erikh>twgs runs on unix?
18:59<erikh>I thought it was strictly a windows thing.
18:59<warewolf>erikh: no.
18:59<warewolf>erikh: I VPN it home
18:59<warewolf>erikh: so nobody really knows where it is
18:59<warewolf>I'd prefer someone send packets to my linode than my cablemodem
19:00<erikh>look at my ptr record :)
19:00<erikh>of course, now that i'm telnetted in, you know my secret.
19:02<erikh>although, it's been pretty snappy until now
19:03<erikh>which is pretty decent considering how it's probably routed
19:05<warewolf>something screwy was going on
19:07<warewolf>#1: vim eating up cpu cycles
19:07<warewolf>#2 mysqld
19:08<warewolf>#2, httpd :(
19:08<warewolf>#3 httpd
19:08<warewolf>better now erikh?
19:08<npmr>ooh, i can see the graphs now, too
19:13[~]warewolf gets very pissed at his windows box
19:14<warewolf>ok why isn't vnc working anymore
19:15<erikh>warewolf: considerably. sorry to be such a pest!
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19:20<erikh>warewolf: question - are any of the games unlimited turns?
19:20<erikh>not a big deal if not, just want to experiment
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19:32<yes>hello, is there some way I can access the files on my linode without having to boot it?
19:33<@caker>yes: no -- you'd need to boot *something* -- a recovery distro (Finnix) for example
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19:36<yes>Could I install that to the partition that my current installation uses for swap disk, and then access the files?
19:36<@caker>You don't even need any free space with Finnix ..
19:37[~]fo0bar knows caker has a /finnix alias set to paste that URL :)
19:37<fo0bar>or maybe it was mikegrb who said he did that
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19:38<@caker>linbot lost has hit infobot stuff removed, but I could still make some aliases :)
19:39<@linbot>Finnix --
19:39<fo0bar>linbot's not infobot though, right?
19:40<fo0bar>linbot: status
19:40<@linbot>fo0bar: I am connected to OFTC as linbot.
19:40<fo0bar>linbot: stats
19:40<@linbot>fo0bar: I have 7 registered users with 5 registered hostmasks; 2 owners and 0 admins.
19:40<fo0bar>that's definitely not infobot
19:40<@caker>nope -- supybot
19:41<@linbot>caker: The current (running) version of this Supybot is 0.83.1. The newest version available online is 0.83.2.
19:50<yes>ok, I've logged into the finnix console, how do I access my files?
19:53<yes>I only see the finnix files, I don't know how to switch to ubdb
20:06<Nigel>caker, just a thought, why not use the supy ChannelLogger plugin instead of VS_ChanLog? ;)
20:08<yes>n/m, found out
20:09<fo0bar>Nigel: it logs for several other channels as well, and not all of them have (or maybe want, I would imagine) linbot
20:10<Nigel>ahh right, appolgies then
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20:14<fo0bar>maybe there's another reason (IANAC), but that seems the most logical
20:15<tjfontaine>I Am Not A Crook?
20:15<tjfontaine>as in, don't quote me?
20:15<fo0bar>I Am Not A Caker
20:16<tjfontaine>is wikimedia trying to raise 2million dollars?
20:16<erikh>VS_Chanlog doesn't need to be opped?
20:16<encode>fo0bar: lmao
20:16<erikh>that'd be my guess.
20:17<tjfontaine>linbot is only op'd to do russian roulette I presume
20:17|-|erikh kicked [#linode] linbot [BANG!]
20:17[~]linbot reloads and spins the chambers.
20:17<fo0bar>I was just about to say that
20:17|-|erikh [] has joined #linode
20:17<@linbot>fo0bar: *click*
20:17<@linbot>erikh: *click*
20:17[~]erikh is going to add that to his bot.
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20:24<@linbot>Nigel: *click*
20:32<warewolf>erikh: so what are you testing on my tw server?
20:33<erikh>nothing at this point
20:33<erikh>me and my corpies are unhappy with TWXProxy, and want to write something similar
20:33<warewolf>I keep seeing what I can only guess is you logging in and logging out
20:33<erikh>i was distracted for a few minutes
20:33<erikh>I did some ZTM for a while
20:34<erikh>now i'm going to inflate some ports
20:34<warewolf>in game D?
20:34<warewolf>inflate some ports?
20:34<warewolf>what, SSM?
20:34<erikh>not at this point, need two ships for that
20:34<erikh>just some haggling scripts
20:35<warewolf>so what don't you like about twp?
20:35<warewolf>er, twxp
20:35<erikh>there's no port pair finder
20:35<erikh>and the haggler is crude
20:35<warewolf>so use attac or swath
20:35<warewolf>both have them
20:35[~]warewolf has attac, but hasn't used it
20:35<erikh>I have a license for swath, but I guess that's expired
20:36<warewolf>I wrpte sql to find port pairs
20:36<erikh>really don't think, with twx OSS'd now, that it'd be that hard to duplicate it with the features I want :)
20:36<erikh>just a dsl wrapped around ruby expect
20:36<erikh>i'd really like to have something that can run on other places than windows, too
20:38<erikh>yeah, something that has a sqlite backend would be /really/ nice
20:49<warewolf>sweet, fixed my scriptz.
20:49<warewolf>scripts even.
20:52<erikh>how are you gathering/dumping that?
20:52<erikh>just from CIM dumps/
20:52<erikh>yeah, that's kind of what i'm wanting to do, only in realtime on a proxy
20:53<warewolf>don't you dare upload any data besides game A into that
20:53<warewolf>it supports multiple people uploading to it
20:53<erikh>why bother uploading game data from *any* real game :)
20:53<warewolf>oh crap
20:54<warewolf>I uploaded data from game B
20:54<warewolf>okay time to reset that,.
20:55<erikh>well, this is going to take an hour or two
20:55<yes>Hmm. I ran out of space on my debian partition (somehow), and everything stopped working (ie. I couldn't connect to anything, even ssh). So I used finnix to free some space. Now I have 250MB free, and it's the same thing, after booting I can't connect with anything, even ssh.
20:55<yes>I logged in to view the console using lish, and it shows the question "Enter runlevel:" so I type 2, and it says "INIT: no more processes left in this runlevel" and then becomes unresponsive.
20:55<yes>Anyone know what might be going wrong here?
20:55<warewolf>holy crap
20:55<warewolf>are you ZTMing game D?
20:56<erikh>yes: you didn't "free" /etc/inittab, did you?
20:58<erikh>what's different about that one?
20:58<yes>erikh- no, just some huge log file
20:58<yes>I guess I'll look at inittab
20:59<erikh>40k CIM queries
21:00<erikh>well, there are probably some good bubbles in this one, though.
21:00<warewolf>game D?
21:01<warewolf>ofcourse, it's fecking huge
21:03<yes>inittab is zero bytes in size
21:03<@caker>yes: which distro (debian?)
21:03<erikh>yes: well, now you know what the problem is
21:03<yes>I have no idea how it got to be zero bytes
21:05<yes>ok, trying that...
21:06[~]warewolf loads up attac
21:07<warewolf>hey, you're using a helper, so now I have to.
21:07<erikh>eh, i'm not offended..
21:07<warewolf>sweet thing is that I'm running attac _ON_ the twgs server itself :P
21:07<erikh>ok, that bothers me a little :)
21:07<erikh>latency has lost many a battle
21:07<erikh>eh, you should chain it with twx
21:08[~]warewolf shrugs
21:08<warewolf>attac itself always worked just fine for me
21:08<warewolf>I just wish there was a *NIX version
21:08<erikh>me too
21:08<warewolf>need tea.
21:09<erikh>wow, attac registers based on your in-game name?
21:09<erikh>that is screwed up.
21:12<yes>great, fstab is empty too
21:21<yes>guess I'll try copying it from finnix
21:28<erikh>yes: time to find a statically linked copy of rsync and GTFO
21:32<yes>oh, I was looking for a program called GTFO
21:34<erikh>hah, no.
21:35<erikh>I'm making a guess here, but if inittab and fstab are gone
21:35<erikh>then likely you'll be rebuilding from scratch
21:35<erikh>get rsync, move the data off, repartition and reinstall
21:36<yes>I wonder what happened
21:37<yes>It's a huge amount of work to set everything up again
21:38<erikh>I imagine if a lot of your /etc is truncated, that it'll be more work to try and fix everything
21:40<yes>I can't even download it because my debian can't access the internet
21:41<yes>unless there is a way to send files to it via ssh
21:44<yes>Oh yeah, I guess I could do it with finnix
21:54<yes>yay, finnix comes with rsync
22:02<warewolf>ofcourse it does
22:04<@caker>yes: don't bother -- just repair inittab and fstab. It's a bug in Mike's code
22:04<@caker>that cause them to go blank
22:11<yes>how do I repair them though? I just tried, still get errors
22:11<@caker>yup -- we discovered it a few days ago -- happens when the filesystem is full and you reboot
22:11<@caker>ext3 errors? fsck the filesystem, the remake your fstab (fairly easy)
22:12<@caker>There's a little "helper" routine that was meant for the migration from uml -> xen (and/or back) that fixes up inittab and fstab, but it borks on filesystem full
22:13<@caker>In light of that, I'm going to disable the helper permanently
22:14<encode>caker: why not just fix mike's code?
22:15<warewolf>they probally will at some point when xen becomes stable enough
22:15<@caker>encode: it borks the files in another condition that we can't nail down, so I'd rather just turn it off, since the helper isn't needed anyhow.
22:16<yes>caker- ah, that's exactly what I did
22:17<yes>caker- I mean, have a full disk and reboot is exactly what I did
22:17<@caker>yes: yeah .. :(
22:17<yes>I have no idea what "fsck the filesystem" means, I'll have to read up on it
22:17<@caker>yes: you'll be fine with a remade fstab and that inittab I gave you
22:17<yes>caker- ok :))))))
22:18<@caker>23:11 < yes> how do I repair them though? I just tried, still get errors <-- what errors? Like file I/O errors?
22:18<@caker>if not, you can skip the fsck and just replace the fstab and inittab files and be on your way.
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22:19<yes>caker- well, as far as I can tell, fsck gets run on boot time, and that gives some error, and asks me to enter root password to go in and fix it, or press ctrl-d to boot normally (which doesn't work)
22:19<yes>I'll try it again to see the exact phrasing
22:19<warewolf>yes- log in via lish and copy and paste the error into nopaste
22:19<@caker>yes: that's probably because your fstab is messed...
22:19<warewolf>yes- then we can figure out exactly what's going wrong
22:19<@caker>yes: boot with finnix, and edit /etc/fstab
22:20<@caker>here's an example:
22:20<@caker>(well, edit /mnt/etc/fstab, or where ever you mount your root fs)
22:20<yes>I copied finnix's fstab and modified it as far as I think I should
22:20<yes>it's rebooting now, so I can't look at it
22:20<warewolf>you can watch it boot via lish
22:21<warewolf>caker- tell me to stfu if I'm too many sysadmins in the data centre :)
22:21<@caker>/dev/ubda / ext3 defaults 0 0
22:21<@caker>/dev/ubdb swap swap defaults 0 0
22:21<@caker>proc /proc proc defaults 0 0
22:21<@caker>^-- that should be enough
22:21<@caker>warewolf: go for it
22:22[~]warewolf stfus
22:22[~]caker pets warewolf
22:22[~]warewolf always tries not to step on caker's toes .. too often.
22:22<yes>oh, oops, I forgot to change /mnt/ubdb to /
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22:29<yes>Well, it's much closer to working now!
22:30<yes>I guess the rest is all local problems-- thank you all very much for your help!
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22:41<yes>have to somehow get daemontools to work again
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22:43<@caker>yes: back in business?
22:44<yes>daemontools had made some modifications to inittab, those are lost
22:44<yes>so everything is running but my mail server
22:44<kvandivo>anyone seen adam around lately?
22:47<@caker>adamg? No
22:47<@caker>!seen adamg
22:47<@linbot>caker: adamg was last seen in #linode 7 weeks, 1 day, 5 hours, 13 minutes, and 36 seconds ago: <adamg> lo
22:47<warewolf>wow he hasn't been here in forever
22:47<kvandivo>ya.. that's been a while
22:47<warewolf>almost two months
22:50<kvandivo>i'm thinking my apache problems might.. just might.. be related to a corrupt database table on his server. time will tell
22:51<warewolf>ok wow
22:51<warewolf>I really _must_ go back to this tea store, and buy more of this tea.
22:51<warewolf>this tea rocks.
22:51<warewolf>it's an earl gray with bits of orange rind
22:52<@caker>warewolf: give to radiskull
22:52<yes>Is it.... boiling hot?
22:52<warewolf>*** no such nick radiskull
22:53<warewolf>^ the tea
22:54<kvandivo>looks like a bunch of night crawlers that i used to use to catch catfish with
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23:07<yes>Yay, e-mail is back up. I hope I didn't miss any important spam.
23:07<taupehat>I never knew a simple regex could be so tough
23:08<taupehat>am trying to write an exact match for the string "*",8,1 in TCL format
23:08<warewolf>taupehat: ?
23:08<warewolf>I know nothing of TCL.
23:08<warewolf>therefore I will shoosh.
23:08<@caker>taupehat: 10 GOTO 10
23:08<taupehat>even a dog simple regex for that is not trivial
23:09<warewolf>regex in perl
23:09<warewolf>would be
23:09<warewolf>* is the only regex meta char you'd need to escape, everything else is just literal
23:12<taupehat>I'm writing a plugin for my bmotion bot
23:13[~]taupehat recalls leaving one of those in here for a while, where it amused and confused people for a surprising length of time before mikegrb rumbled it
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23:28<erikh>still with the ZTM
23:29<taupehat>poor erikh
23:29|-|NeonNero [] has quit [Quit: Everybody who believes in telekinesis, raise my hand!]
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23:38<erikh>taupehat: play!
23:38<erikh>you should
23:39<erikh>you'd enjoy it.
23:44<warewolf>taupehat: play tw :)
23:44<taupehat>no no
23:45<Eman>ha c64, i could almost hear the grinding floppy drive
23:47<warewolf>taupehat: I guarantee that you have time to play game A.
23:47<warewolf>taupehat: it's 250 turns a day.
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