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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-12-28

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00:17<erikh>warewolf: towing....
00:17<erikh>is not fun on low turn servers :)
00:33<taupehat>here's a new vaporware rule: If millions of people are using it every day, even if it's beta, then it's not vaporware.
00:33[~]taupehat is reading the wired vaporware awards
00:33<taupehat>the above was in reference to gmail
00:34<Eman>DNF will win that forever
00:34<taupehat>loz0R111!!!1!1eleventy-one (mikegrb avoidance laugh)
00:34<taupehat>yeah, for sure
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00:48<yes>I need to hang a picture of DNF on the wall
00:48<yes>that way no matter how lazy I get with a project, and no matter how ridiculously long I take, I can just look at that picture, and consider myself to be The Flash by comparison
00:49<yes>Tradewars 2002 is a really old game
00:49<yes>4 years old in fact
00:55<warewolf>actually, it isn't :)
00:56<warewolf>it's two years old :)
00:56<warewolf>Sep 3, 2004 :)
01:11<taupehat>Wired called the a380 vaporware!!!
01:46<erikh>stupid greylisting is making my confirmation email come /very/ slowly
01:46<warewolf>my greylist filter auto-passes mail immediately if the server has spf records, and they match up
01:47<erikh>warewolf: hmm, that'd be nice
01:47<erikh>btw, they have attac scripts at that site too
01:48<erikh>but a lot of the TWX scripts that are here are famously evil
01:48<warewolf>how so?
01:50<warewolf>taupehat: yes, we are still talking about tradewars. Maybe you should play?
01:50[~]warewolf grins evilly
01:54<warewolf>I'm fairly certian you made more than one person's head asplode with that taupehat.
01:54<warewolf>be careful how often, and how long your !!s are.
01:54<erikh>I believe I will be downloading the highly-rated "EP's Perfect Haggle" right this second
01:55<taupehat>warewolf: if I just say "lol"
01:55<warewolf>yes I know
01:55<warewolf>some people use l0l
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01:55<warewolf>or just don't use l o l at all
01:56<warewolf>(like me)
01:56<taupehat>maybe if I say \"/exec -o killall -9 irssi lol" it'd do something useful
01:56<warewolf>I waste bandwidth with "heh".
01:56<warewolf>IRC bandwidth will be halved, if irc servers ignored "heh".
01:57<Eman>if you have it ignore "lol" you'll cut it to nearly zero
01:58[~]taupehat considers fancy regex-matching
01:58<@mikegrb>mmm cake
02:12<taupehat>excellent satire
02:13[~]warewolf watches the last starfighter
02:13<warewolf>and yes this will be the very first time I've seen it.
02:13<taupehat>no shit eh?
02:13<taupehat>that's a very good movie
02:13[~]taupehat likes deep psychological studies, and TLS is an excellent example
02:18<warewolf>I'm not sure if it was the video, or my tivo doing a craptastic ob of encoding this that is making this look so grainy
02:18<warewolf>suprising thing is I'm doing a _lot_ of postprocessing to make thi slook better too.
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03:52<erikh>proZTM is fscking awesome
04:52<erikh>it uses an avoid list to find all routes from and to a sector
04:52<erikh>i'm running it on the 5k game right now
04:52<erikh>takes forever
04:53<warewolf>so it would find one-way warps
04:53<erikh>then, i got a script called move helper, which density scans (amongst a million other things, like port pair searching) every sector you fall in
04:54<erikh>and can fake a holographic scan based on data it's already collected
04:54<warewolf>you are taking playing this game to a whole new level, dude.
04:54<erikh>oh no
04:54<erikh>read the eisonline forums sometime
04:54<erikh>I am but a noob
04:55<erikh>these guys use some pretty insane heuristics on some of the more advanced hagglers
04:55<erikh>so they know, based on prior trades and how much the port has left to trade, exactly how much to offer to get the 2xp bonus, or avoid it.
04:56<erikh>also, these are the public scripts
04:56<erikh>generally the guys who write this stuff have extra toys they don't release just for tournaments
04:57<erikh>also, there's a script that can find blind warps to all the type 0 and type 9 ports
04:58<erikh>heh. one of the scripts there is intended for when you're idling and extern runs -- if your cloak fails, it will request that other corp members online transfer them money
04:58<erikh>if the other corp members are online, they will do it automatically
04:58<erikh>then the original person will land on stardock, buy a cloak, and re-cloak
04:58<encode>i cant believe people have put so much work into helping them do better at a game
04:59<erikh>eh, if you think this is bad
04:59<erikh>you should look at games like WoW and Everquest.
05:00<erikh>blizzard just invested a lot of time breaking it's own scripting language because people could control n accounts at once from one console
05:00<erikh>and completely destroy teams single handedly
05:01<erikh>it's kind of a fun project though -- it's not serious enough to feel like work, but the projects are just as hard (or harder) than most things you'd experience programming professionally
05:01<warewolf>ok bedtime :)
05:01<erikh>heh, night
05:01[~]erikh should sleep too
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16:17<harleypig>I'm confused. This post ( ) says NPTL support is enabled in the kernel and this post ( ) says it's not and I have to use the no-nptl profile (for gentoo). Can anyone tell me definitively what's up?
16:17<harleypig>With the normal 2006.1 profile, glibc dies on compile with NPTL needed messages.
16:18<harleypig>with the no-nptl profile it seems to be compiling fine.
16:18<tjfontaine>from what I understood yesterday the posts seem to indicate nptl is indeed enabled now in the latest kernels
16:20<efudd>^^ interview with Richard Hammond from top gear.
16:21<harleypig>tjfontaine: That's what I'm getting from the posts (the later one is the one that says NPTL is working). However, glibc dies on compile stating it needs NPTL. When I try to set that flag I get other error messages, which I don't remember at the moment.
16:21<harleypig>efudd: What's he talking about?
16:21<harleypig>err ... Richard Hammand
16:22<tjfontaine>harleypig: and you're sure you're running the latest kernel?
16:23<harleypig>Yep ...
16:23<harleypig>Latest 2.6 Series (2.6.19-linode26)
16:23<harleypig>cut-n-paste from the configuraton panel
16:23<tjfontaine>dunno, take it up with the leaders I guess :)
16:23<npmr>that kernel should have nptl support
16:24<npmr>2.6-series uml kernels up to (i think) 2.6.15 did not
16:24<harleypig>localhost portage # uname -a
16:24<harleypig>Linux localhost 2.6.19-linode26 #1 Thu Dec 7 17:38:04 EST 2006 i686 UML User Mode Linux GNU/Linux
16:24<tjfontaine>I don't think caker started building it into his until around 2.6.16 or 2.6.17
16:25<harleypig>There is no lib/tls directory ... hmmm
16:26<harleypig>Yeah ... according to the post it was 16
16:41<@linbot>New news from forums: Is you NPTL or is you ain't? in General Discussion <>
16:43<harleypig>gotta go, thanks for the help
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22:12<@caker>gee, thanks HE for installing two new servers and unplugging an existing one...
22:12<@caker>fiasco. Are all datacenter techs nincompoops?
22:16<encode>pretty much
22:17[~]encode runs and hides
22:18<@caker>I'm going to solder the freaking plugs together on both ends from now on
22:36<Nigel>caker, haha nice one
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23:13<taupehat>sudo make me a sandwitch
23:16<Newsome>make: *** No rule to make target `me'. Stop.
23:20<taupehat>21:19 -!- #linode You're not channel operator
23:20<taupehat>Newsome: consider yourself lucky
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