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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-12-30

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00:04<tjfontaine>caker: he's used other nicks when around
00:04<tjfontaine>!seen artifexx
00:04<@linbot>tjfontaine: I have not seen artifexx.
00:04<tjfontaine>!seen artifex_
00:04<@linbot>tjfontaine: I have not seen artifex_.
00:04<efudd> ho.
00:04<tjfontaine>I forget the last one he used, but he came in from cgiirc with a slightly odd spelling of it
00:05<tjfontaine>maybe with cks or so
00:05<tjfontaine>!seen artifexxx
00:05<@linbot>tjfontaine: artifexxx was last seen in #linode 19 weeks, 2 days, 14 hours, 59 minutes, and 29 seconds ago: <Artifexxx> yes, but it also means that emails from manufacturing, distribution, etc are all bouncing
00:06<tjfontaine>there ya go, closer
00:06<efudd>Clearly, there is only one solution.
00:06<efudd>!seen artifexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
00:06<tjfontaine>efudd: you're so right
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01:49<warewolf>I have crabs. Head-crabs.
01:52<encode>err, ok
01:57<warewolf>dude, look at the url. it's great:)
01:58<encode>i did look at the url
01:58<encode>i just have one question - why?
02:03<warewolf>because it is GREAT
02:04<warewolf>and beacuse I will wear that hat at work.
02:04<warewolf>I will wear it in the car driving around
02:04<warewolf>because it is CRAZY
02:04<warewolf>and homage to a wonderful video game.
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03:24<Nigel>I want to get a Red Fedora for when I travel to Wellington to sit my RHCT exam
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04:43<Nigel>Actually, i think Fedora's are a cool hat style
04:43<Nigel>something about them, don't know what though
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08:57<timber>I'm lovin' the Linode upgrades guys
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09:24<timber>HD storage
09:25<SpaceHobo>oh wow
09:25<timber>extra 4 GB
09:25<SpaceHobo>Oh my.
09:26<timber>and cheaper prices on add on storage
09:26<@caker>SpaceHobo: big time for you. with your annual 400 and all.
09:26[~]SpaceHobo hugs caker
09:26[~]caker takes a bow
09:26<@caker>now now, stop throwing roses...
09:27[~]timber lays a big smacker on caker
09:27[~]SpaceHobo stops throwing wooden tulips
09:27[~]caker blushes
09:27<@caker>what's better than a rose on my piano?
09:28<@caker>(wait for it)
09:28<@caker>tulips on my organ -- badump-tish!
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11:18<@linbot>New news from forums: Host10 Single Disk Failure / Migration Instructions in System and Network Status <>
11:19<tjfontaine>oof, my poor first host I was ever on
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11:32<@caker>adamg: I think that ss1 account is on that host
11:34<adamg>i think that account does not have any live dbs on, they are all on ss2
11:35<tjfontaine>host10 is HE?
11:35<tjfontaine>you should still migrate it adam :)
11:35<adamg>yeah just doing it now
11:43[~]caker heads out for the airport
11:48<adamg>new year with the parents?
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14:46<Xel>caker, what has been going on?
14:46<Xel>First host12 has both drives fail, and now host10
14:47<Xel>Are the people at HE kicking the servers as they walk by the rack or something?
14:50<Xel>Err host15, not host12
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15:32<Nigel>i was gonna say, i'm on host12, and last i checked it was working
15:40<Nigel>staff: I'm just wondering if the problems with host15 and host10 could strike the other HE hosts on similar hardware?
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16:08<marc_in_lux>evening, here :-)
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16:41<@linbot>New news from forums: Outage: host15 (Accounts moved to host62) in System and Network Status <>
16:44<Nigel>is there any explaination for a file to suddenly 'empty'?
16:44<efudd>you ask the strangest non-questions.
16:45<efudd>Please tell us more.
16:45<Nigel>efudd, i have a problem on my linode, where a pid file, either decides to delete itself (which i can't understand how), or just empties itself, it's kind of werid
16:46<efudd>The contents of a file do not randomly "empty themselves".
16:47<Nigel>thats my understanding to, but it happens in two different programs, that i've had no history of this weridness happening
16:47<@linbot>New news from forums: Fedora Core 4 Support? in Feature Request/Bug Report <>
16:47<Nigel>hmmm, might try and install them locally and see if i have that problem, just wondering if it could be UML weridness
16:53<@linbot>New news from forums: Redundant server on Linode? in General Discussion <>
17:02<Eman>so... how would you go about downloading the root_fs from a linode?
17:03<warewolf>Nigel: is your filesystem full?
17:03<Nigel>warewolf, not that i'm aware of
17:03<Nigel>let me check though
17:05<Nigel>warewolf, linode:~# df -h | grep "/data"
17:05<Nigel>/dev/ubdc 695M 325M 371M 47% /data
17:05<Nigel>the root fs is at 68%
17:06<warewolf>are you starting your program that writes the pid multiple times?
17:06<Nigel>well, i have a crontab that checks the pid file, and checks that the program is still up
17:06<Nigel>although, the script uses ps to gather that, i'm gonna make it read /proc directly
17:07<warewolf>why are you reinventing the wheel?
17:07<Nigel>i'm actually considering coding a mutex or whatever they are called to stop multiple executions
17:11<Nigel>that or i should assume it never goes down
17:12[~]efudd snickers
17:28<encode>mmm snickers
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20:06<warewolf>caker/mikegrb/tasurao- is someone (or me) thrashing on host47?
20:06<warewolf>my load average seems artificially high
20:06<efudd>that's my fault!
20:07<efudd>or something. :)
20:11<warewolf>man I have really go to do something about rml
21:15<Eman>wow, vnc to australia from canada isnt as slow as i thought it would be
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