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#linode IRC Logs for 2006-12-31

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00:00<Smitty>anyone there?
00:01<Smitty>If I cancel one of my linode accounts mid-month, do I get a pro-rated refund?
00:02<Smitty>caker...are you there?
00:07<Nigel>Smitty, caker was going to the airport last i saw
00:07<Nigel>"* caker heads out for the airport" (12 hrs ago)
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00:16<jblack>Hi. I've been a linode 100 customer for a few months. Generally, I've liked the service.
00:17<Smitty>hello jblack
00:18<Smitty>i have been generally satisfied as well
00:18<jblack>Tonight, I'm wondering why linode is better than Thier prices are 1/2, so I'm figure that there's somethign linode does that's better.
00:18<Smitty>i have never used
00:18<Smitty>but as far as i can tell
00:19<Smitty>the big advantage I have seen with linode
00:19<Smitty>is the bandwidth
00:19<jblack> These guys seem to have more of that as well.
00:20<Smitty>I am in the process to moving on to larger servers
00:20<jblack>One of those too good to be true, so it must not be, sorts of things. I wonder if they have a bad backbone, don't provision well...
00:21<Smitty>do a google search on them
00:21<Smitty>usually someone has good or bad to say
00:21<Nigel>is it one of the virtousso? or whatever ones?
00:21<Nigel>yeah, Virtuozzo
00:22<Nigel>some of the things i've heard about that platform aren't very good (i havn't used it myself though)
00:22<jblack>Hmmm. Plenty of complaints about customer service. That's something linode definitely does well.
00:24<Nigel>"Bandwidth Abuse: Customer may not participate in P2P networks such as bittorrent, kazaa, streaming video, public proxy services, napster, IRC, gnutella, edonkey, instant message proxying, http/https proxy, or any other public proxy protocol. Attempts to circumvent these rules through a proxy, non-conventional ports, encryption or otherwise any other method will result in account termination without refund. These rules are to
00:24<Nigel>protect our network and also the quality of service we can deliver to clients. Companies which allow "anything" on their network will surely have constant downtime, the choice is yours."
00:24<jblack>Linode has unwritten rules about p2p as well.
00:25<jblack>which I'm fine with, myself.
00:25<Nigel>jblack, true, but streaming video, IRC, etc is accepted
00:26<Nigel>although i doubt many people would do streaming video
00:26<jblack>yeah. linode has a good neighbor policy. Don't cause any trouble for machine peers, and all is kosher.
00:26<jblack>Seed all of southpark, and there's an issue. seems sane to me.
00:27<Nigel>Smitty, to me they seem vague on certain areas
00:28<Nigel>Smitty, all in all, it's up to you, but search for Virtuozzo on the linode forums
00:29<Kurt>why don't we get drunk and screw?
00:29<Kurt>I just bought a waterbed, it's filling up for me and you
00:29<Kurt>You know, they say you are a smut queen, but honey I don't think that's true
00:29<Kurt>So why don't we get drunk and screw?
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00:36<tsuyoshi>unwritten rules about p2p?
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00:42<Eman>bandwidth abuse... sounds like a load of bullshit to me
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00:51<warewolf>linode's general policy is "don't do anything illegal" and they're OK with it.
01:04<Eman>anyone know of the best way to download the entire file system of my linode so i can play with it locally?
01:07<encode>Eman: i'd boot the finnix distro, and do a tar over ssh, or something like that
01:07<Eman>ah ok
01:08<Eman>i'd just rather not have to reboot it for that
01:09<encode>well provided you dont have services writing to disk, you could do the same thing while the system was live
01:11<Eman>nothing should be writing to the disk
01:14<Eman>where would i start?
01:16<encode>you need to figure out where you're going to dump the disk image
01:16<encode>if its a *nix box
01:16<encode>then you can either use tar over ssh or rsync
01:16<encode>im not sure which would be better
01:17<encode>if you use tar, you could do something like the following command
01:18<encode>tar zcvf - / | ssh user@hostname "cat > /path/to/disk/image.tar.gz"
01:18<Eman>ok, cool
01:18<encode>rsync allows you to exclude files / folders
01:18<encode>such as /proc
01:18<encode>which would probably be useful
01:19<encode>but you'd have to google for info on how best to use it
01:20<encode>you'd need to worry about the boot loader and kernel if you intend to boot this copy
01:20<encode>and im afraid thats beyond my knowledge
01:20<tsuyoshi>tar is going to be safer
01:20<tsuyoshi>I think
01:20<encode>l0l tsuyoshi, that doesnt exactly inspire confidence
01:21<tsuyoshi>why do you want a copy of the whole filesystem?
01:21<Nigel>caker, we need the "download my root_fs" option in the members panel ;)
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01:25<encode>if you were using solaris, the answer would be clear - fssnap and ufsdump
01:26<tsuyoshi>if you've got nothing running then tar or rsync should work fine.. just exclude /proc, whichever you use
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02:45<Eman>excellent, its copying
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09:59<newnick>empty much?
10:00<newnick>Woah, I look like a complete newb. Man, it's too early for me to be typing.
10:00|-|newnick changed nick to ScottM
10:00<ScottM>I have one of my servers hosted through a friend that has Linode. I can't get a hold of him, and my server's down. Is anyone else having issues?
10:03<slashtom>my linode working fine
10:04<@linbot>New news from forums: No login prompt on linode through lish in General Discussion <>
10:07<ScottM>wicked, thanks.
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11:51<chacara>howto migrate my domain to linode???
11:53<afv-13>change dns records and then wait a few hours
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16:54<khedron>hmm.. anyone want to help me w/ a stuck queue?
16:55<khedron>nm, fixed itself ;-)
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17:30<@mikegrb>afv-13: interesting, taking a look
17:30<@mikegrb>afv-13: also for some reason, I only just got paged
17:31<afv-13>it's cool, have a look tomorrow
17:31<afv-13>now is not the time for work
17:31<@mikegrb>nah, I want to look now ;)
17:32<@mikegrb>this is afvhome then?
17:32<@mikegrb>and it is ext2?
17:34<afv-13>i also resized home and root, both are as they should be
17:35<afv-13>there was a failed job when i confused 2 partitions and tried to decrease the size of afvhome to something smaller than it was (thinking it was home)
17:35<afv-13>back then the images we're called spareone and sparetwo
17:36<afv-13>i can't give the jobid though, more than 5 ago
17:41<@mikegrb>I'll take a look at those
17:41<afv-13>but it's not critical
17:41<@mikegrb>but interestingly the disk image itself was increased in size but the fs wasn't
17:41<afv-13>i really don't mind if you have a look tomorrow
17:41<@mikegrb>ok, ok, if you insist ;)
17:50<Nigel>mikegrb, out of interest, with the Disk failures of Host10 and 15, whats the state of Host12 like?
17:50[~]mikegrb takes a look
17:51<@mikegrb>looks good
17:52<Nigel>so it's not a trend? just bad luck
17:52<@mikegrb>er, right
17:53<Nigel>great news, just wanted to check though
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19:44<@tasaro>Happy New Year!
19:48<encode>well, the happy part remains to be seen
19:54<Nigel>so far not so good
19:55<Nigel>i'm gonna get rid of some of my New Years anger, by resizing my Linode disks
19:56<encode>Nigel: why the anger?
19:57<Nigel>Local Councils, etc
19:57<@mikegrb>obviously you have only one choice to make
19:58<Nigel>mikegrb, one choice?
19:58<@mikegrb>who dies first
19:58[~]mikegrb runs
19:58[~]efudd falls over
19:58<@mikegrb>well, that was an easy choice
20:00<Nigel>hmmm, wasn't there a 2.6.18-linode25?
20:00<@mikegrb>my son loves money
20:00<@mikegrb>went back to check on him after putting him down for a nap
20:00<@mikegrb>he had snagged the monopoly jr game off the dresser and had it open in his bed
20:01<Nigel>ahhh, nice one
20:01<@mikegrb>the money was all around him in his bed and he had a big pile of money in his arms clutched to his chest
20:01<@mikegrb>he was out cold
20:02<Nigel>and now is the time for one of those "ohhhhhh" moments :P
20:02<@mikegrb>took some pics but they are still on the cam
20:02<@mikegrb>they should be on planet linode sometime tommorrow or so
20:03<encode>mikegrb: sounds like you';ve been training him well
20:03<@mikegrb>was a bit of a surprise but yeah ;)
20:04<Nigel>mikegrb, why isn't "2006-10-07 - 2.6.18-linode25 " (from the Latest 2.6 Series list) selectable instead of 24?
20:04<@mikegrb>Nigel: yes there was a 2.6.18 - lin25
20:04<@mikegrb>but it was removed for some reason I think
20:04<@mikegrb>there is a 2.6.19-lin26
20:04<Nigel>according to this, it didn't revert back to 24
20:04<encode>wasnt it because of repeated kernel panics?
20:05<Nigel>yeah, i don't feel like .19 atm
20:05<@mikegrb>encode: don't remember exactly but quite possible
20:06<encode>doesnt really matter i guess
20:06<Nigel>i'll stick with 24 then
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20:19<@mikegrb>my new year's resolutions are 1680x1050 and 1280x960
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20:44<Nigel>damn, always the way, the one file that you don't back up is always the one that goes missing
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22:25<Kurt>So long, Brett Favre...
22:26<fo0bar>Kurt: ?
22:28<fo0bar>ahh, his last game
22:29<fo0bar>too bad the last few years haven't been the greatest, but he had an amazing career overall
22:31<Kurt>quite possibly his last, yeah
22:33<fo0bar>did the packers make it into the playoffs this year? I haven't been following them at all, sadly
22:38<Kurt>they beat Chicago 26-7 just now, though
22:38<Kurt>Brett Favre may have worn #4, but he'll be #3 all time
22:38<Kurt>after Manning and Unitas
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23:11<warewolf>happy new years nutzo
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