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01:00<Ikaros>St. Louis is just getting blasted with attacks right now, from all over the world. My attack log on the Norse page is showing nothing but St. Louis targets.
01:06<nisstyre>Ikaros: hmm?
01:06<nisstyre>related to the protests or what?
01:06<nisstyre>people just ddosing random St. Louis IPs?
01:08<Ikaros>No, I mean I'm watching this counter increase by the thousands every few minutes and 99% of the entries I'm seeing on the Norse page are targeted at St. Louis, a lot of it originiating from within the US but also around the world as well simultaneously. It's hard to say from this. But I'd say from the sheer volume, that it's not random.
01:09<nisstyre>Ikaros: I mean people are ddosing St. Louis addresses systematically?
01:10<nisstyre>Ikaros: probably someone with a huge botnet decided to point it at there
01:10<Ikaros>That's my thought.
01:10<nisstyre>well, that is what happened
01:10<nisstyre>that's literally the only possibility since there's nothing hosted there that so many people would want to access right?
01:10<Ikaros>But how huge a botnet, is the question...or if it's even a single botnet or multiple botnets.
01:11<nisstyre>could be multiple operators co-ordinating
01:11<Ikaros>My counter's at 32000 and rising fast, most of these aimed at St. Louis now.
01:11<nisstyre>could be someone with a lot of money rented out several botnets
01:11<nisstyre>the largest botnets have been in the millions so
01:12<Ikaros>And this has been continuous for the past 2 hours that I've had this page open too so
01:12<nisstyre>btw you should join ##security on freenode
01:12<nisstyre>we are a fun group
01:12<nisstyre>someone might know more there
01:12<Ikaros>Well it's not actually affecting me or anything I'm doing right now, but this is insane enough to grab my attention regardless.
01:13<nisstyre>Ikaros: yeah, infosec is fun
01:13<nisstyre>join us
01:13<Ikaros>Maybe after I get off work Saturday.
01:13<nisstyre>channel is dead atm but it will be active
01:13<Ikaros>It's after midnight here.
01:13<nisstyre>it's 1:12 am here
01:13<nisstyre>I've been studying though
01:13<Ikaros>I really shouldn't be up but this was just so attention-grabbing.
01:13<nisstyre>heh, gn then
01:14<Ikaros>Your invite is definitely acknowledged however.
01:14<Ikaros>I've thrown it into my autojoins.
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01:33<James>/join #linodeisbetterthandigitaloceannoreallyitis
01:34<James>well that is a mouthful
01:41*arlen joins
01:41<nisstyre>can we also have #textsecureisbetterthantelegramseriouslyokay
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01:54<+linbot>New news from forum: What exactly happens after PHP mail function is executed? in Email/SMTP Related Forum <>
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02:55<synapt>that topic is still goin on?
02:55<synapt>or apparently it just took that long to get a response, lol
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03:40*eric slaps jchen around a bit with a large fishbot
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03:54*dcraig tickles arlen around a bit with a large bonefish
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04:03<dcraig>yes, mmmm indeed
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05:00<Farmi>Hi any body from sales is here?
05:01<Farmi>Can someone please send me the link to see managed service plans?
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05:59<Zimsky>sup sandeep
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06:39<ajay>i have just install debian on linode
06:39<ajay>i installed everything
06:40<ajay>but my htaccess did not working on virtual host
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06:50<ajay>my httaccess not working
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07:54<HoopyCat>so that looks like someone installed zonealarm on a few servers and made a pretty GUI. i suspect the reason st louis is getting so much traffic is because their sniffer is installed on more stuff in st louis.
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07:55<HoopyCat>pretty, but a bunch of crap
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08:02<HoopyCat>and indeed, they're based in st louis
08:13<HoopyCat>Ikaros: before you go and buy a nuclear weapon to save the central time zone, try doing a 'whois' and then formulate a more likely theory as to why st louis is over-represented
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09:00<dzho>> i installed everything
09:03<+linbot>dzho: (mtrfremont <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "web title$1".
09:04<+linbot>HoopyCat: [mtr] 2 hops, no loss, last hop average RTT was 0.4ms (urmom)
09:04<+linbot>dzho: Point (0.03536775, 0.10521257) lies within the unit circle. Hits: 436041 of 554915 (π ≈ 3.143119216456574 - 0.001526562866781). http://π
09:04<HoopyCat>oh man, does that still-- holy shit!
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09:05<dzho>it's the 7th most used command in . . . some logs
09:10<dzho>!echo what's up, $randomNick
09:10<+linbot>what's up, cwillu_at_work
09:10<dzho>ok, hmm. guess that's not a good idea.
09:10<HoopyCat>!echo heyyyyyyyyyyyy, $randomNick ;)
09:10<+linbot>heyyyyyyyyyyyy, tychoish ;)
09:10<HoopyCat>we'll never push that button again, dzho
09:12<dzho>what button?
09:12*dzho doesn't see any button
09:13<dzho>HoopyCat: I don't know what you're talking about
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09:33<usman599>I want to host ecommerce website for Indian audience
09:33<usman599>So which location is best for me
09:33<usman599>just setting up the location.
09:34<usman599>As my Internet connection download speed is120kb/sec
09:34<usman599>for all the location it comes to be same
09:35<usman599>I am thinking about going for Tokyo Japan.
09:35<usman599>is there any difference in quality of service or hardware according to location?
09:36<usman599>Then finally should I go for Tokyo Japan. its nearest location to india i think
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10:19<lakridserne>How're you doing?
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10:25<Cromulent>lakridserne: yeah good thanks and yourself?
10:25<lakridserne>I'm excellent! - in a few hours there is christmas lunch in the karate club I attend :)
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10:31<Cromulent>lakridserne: ah nice :)
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12:09<bwire>I would like to know if on linode its possible to increase disk capacity without increasing the linode
12:09<bwire>Just the storage ?
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12:12<bwire>Thanks @Peng @rohara @Penny
12:12<rsdehart>bwire: @ isn't required in order to ping someone on irc
12:12<Peng>Good for my ego, though.
12:13<rsdehart>the overwhelming majority of clients will highlight a person from the mention of their name
12:13<rsdehart>Peng: fair enough
12:13<bwire>Just learnt that rsdehart thanks.
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12:15<@rohara>Peng: pseudo op (or sudo op)
12:16<akerl>sudoop, for when you want escalated map reduce?
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12:19<Peng>"Thanks @Peng, @rohara, @Penny, and not @arlen."
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12:26<Cromulent>damn it I can't get my daemon to change users - it seems that getpwnam(), getgrnam(), seteuid() and setegid() are failing for some reason even though I have created the user and group :|
12:27<Cromulent>ahh so the process needs to be started as root to change user and group ids - they didn't put that in the man page :|
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12:30<gparent>"Unprivileged user processes may only set the effective user ID to the real user ID, the effective user ID or the saved set-user-ID. "
12:30<gparent>would that be it
12:31<Cromulent>gparent: gah my reading skills suck
12:31<Cromulent>anyway problem solved
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12:34<Peng>You can also give non-root processes the capability to do more, no?
12:37<Cromulent>Peng: all I'm trying to do is drop the user privaledges to completely different system user and group account
12:37<Cromulent>Peng: the daemon is otherwise very simple
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12:39<trippeh>Cromulent: yes, having processes beeing freely able to jump from uid to uid without root would be a great idea :)
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12:56<dand>if a node has hardware failure and I'm changing DNS to point the a new node IP, do I have to wait 15 mintues for it to update?
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13:00<HoopyCat>you can also prossibly swap the IP address over to the new node
13:02<DrJ>yea, I would go with swapping if possible
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13:19<+linbot>New news from forum: Safari session issues on the Manager in General Discussion <>
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14:56<nimiao>hi, how can I recognize what is the reason for the high disk io rate before a few hours? I use long view but I'm not sure how can I see who is the process which is responsible for that.
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15:23<@johnmusbach>nimiao: try iotop
15:25<wltjr>banwidth between local nodes in same region on ipv6 is the same as private ipv4 right? doesn't count against usage or what ever
15:25<nimiao>johnmusbach: thanks and hoe can i understand what caused for this before 2 hrs?
15:26<wltjr>cool easier to do mesh vpn over ipv6 and can mesh with remote nodes as well as local and local won't count against quota :)
15:28<@johnmusbach>nimiao: hard to say. but if you use iotop to identify the service that's problematic you can then try and identify the cause by looking at the service's log files for the affected time period. usually log file entries are time stamped.
15:28<@caker>longview allows you to look at your processes through history, including their disk IO
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15:32<nimiao>johnmusbach: I see many io action from kjournald. should it be OK?
15:34<nimiao>caker: I can see the peak but not what caused for that
15:36<@caker>nimiao: longview -> process explorer -> sort my Avg IO
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15:40<spidr_mnky>Should I expect to have /dev/hwrng available in Debian?
15:40<spidr_mnky>I saw a forum post from about 2005 indicating that it should be there, but that was a while ago.
15:41<spidr_mnky>Mm ... here:
15:41<spidr_mnky>(I don't see it on my system.)
15:41<@caker>spidr_mnky: no - no longer applies
15:42<spidr_mnky>Aw. Any recommendation for smuggling in some entropy?
15:42<@caker>apt-get install haveged :)
15:44<spidr_mnky>Hm ... OK, I'll look into that.
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16:03<phlux>alternatively, check havediploma for a more educated resource
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16:06<nimiao>caker: thanks
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16:18<nimiao>johnmusbach: I see on iotop that nginx is in write mode everytime but on nginx access log I dont see any requests. what could it be?
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17:35<simonlebp>Hello. I was wondering if I could get a little bit of advice on something.
17:35-!-A-KO [as@2601:a:f00:750:9422:a70c:e694:f6d8] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:35<simonlebp>I have been asked to investigate a suspicious A record on a DNS of one of my client
17:35<simonlebp>it points to a linode IP
17:36<Peng>Guess number one: Your client copied and pasted the wrong Ip into their DNS settings. :-\
17:36<Kyhwana>define "suspicious"?
17:36<simonlebp>its a subdomain called wp-dev
17:36<simonlebp>and it points to a political party australian website
17:37<simonlebp>and they are a US sport company
17:37<simonlebp>My guess is that they pointed to the correct IP ages ago and the IP changed
17:37<Peng>Also likely.
17:37<laser`>I'm guessing their original dev set it up to point at his server, which was a dev environment? And that dev is now working on a political party website?
17:37<Peng>good idea
17:37<laser`>(just guessing)
17:37<simonlebp>yeah that's what I am going to suggest to them
17:38<simonlebp>but since I work in Australia myself, I am just a little bit suspicious and want to double check a few things
17:38<simonlebp>I dont think they use linode at all. They are on ec2
17:38<simonlebp>could the public IP change between you and them?
17:40<Peng>I doubt it.
17:40<Kyhwana>It's probably just an old IP? When was it added? (Check your DNS change control records)
17:41<Peng>It wouldn't be odd for a developer to use Linode to develop something destined to be deployed to AWS.
17:42<simonlebp>Oh thanks for pointing out the change control records. I ll have to google it more because I could find it easily (they use route53)
17:43<Kyhwana>(You do have change control for your zone files right? :P)
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17:50<simonlebp>Thanks a lot guys. I don't think I'm going to be able to trace the changes but it seems too silly to be malicious and is probably just an IP change from a very old developer. How the CEO suddently noticed that weird subdomain is still unkown
17:50<simonlebp>I'll remove the A record and get on with it
17:54<+linbot>New news from forum: Python Server Side Script Inconsistency in General Discussion <> || Quotas problem on CentOS 6.2 64bit in General Discussion <>
17:55<simonlebp>cool, once again thanks a lot for your help. Bye
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19:22<@drussell>James: o.o
19:34<James>drussell: LINOOO?
19:34<@drussell>You're missing de.
19:34<akerl>Germany wasn't invited
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20:13<James>akerl has a good point!
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20:21<@drussell>James: akerl has many of them. Like a starfish.
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20:37<rsdehart>heh, wrong window
20:37<rsdehart>still amusing
20:37-!-wltjr [] has joined #linode
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20:41<James>rsdehart: how is your LINOOO treating you
20:41<rsdehart>James: my LINOOO is treating me quite well, thanks
20:44-!-Blake [] has joined #linode
20:44-!-EyePulp [] has joined #linode
20:45<Blake>is this support
20:45<arlen>community support
20:45<akerl>This is the user community
20:45<Blake>do u host samp server
20:46<@drussell>Not personally.
20:46<Blake>Y u no give me samp server?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
20:46<Kyhwana>What's samp?
20:46<akerl>Kyhwana: Solaris
20:47*akerl goes to get the troll bell
20:47<Kyhwana>akerl: ah, yeah
20:47<akerl>To be fair, I had to google. figured it was a LAMP variant, just didn't know which weird combo
20:48<akerl>drussell: Wanna do me a favor?
20:48<Blake>if i get samp i do
20:49<arlen>+b yo
20:49-!-mode/#linode [+b *!*] by drussell
20:49<akerl>Thanks muchly
20:49-!-Blake was kicked from #linode by drussell [Inappropriate behaviour.]
20:50<Tea>what even is a samp
20:50<Tea>that's a really niche thing to be whiny about
20:50<@drussell>San Andreas Multi-Player. Iirc. Unless he actually meant Solaris/Apache/MySQL/PHP
20:50<@drussell>I assumed he meant the game server though.
20:50<akerl>akerl's random advice of the day: If you're planning to use a large data partition and a small root, do make sure your data gets aimed at the former
20:50<@drussell>And yw akerl <3
20:50<akerl>If you aim the data at the latter, you're gonna hava a bad time
20:51<arlen>aimbot it
20:51<James>Lol what
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21:17*Eugene partitions James
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23:29<@drussell>Good morning James.
23:30<James>Good afternoon, drussell
23:30<James>Do you work sundays?
23:30<@drussell>I do.
23:30<@drussell>Do you?
23:31<James>Do I work? No.
23:31<James>Then how do I pay for my Linode!?
23:31<@drussell>Starbucks and cookies I hope
23:31<James>redirecting taxpayer dollars into america!
23:32<buhman>apparently illumos/indiana have domU support.
23:32<buhman>James: you should try this on a linode for science.
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