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00:00<Ephemeris>I miss
00:03<Ephemeris>Thank you all for the help. I'm off to write an angry letter about SRV records and browsers to ICANN and Google ... then not mail it.
00:03<HoopyCat>definitely a beakman's world fan, and of course bill nye, but i still pour a beaker out for don herbert every summer
00:03<HoopyCat>Ephemeris: actually, IPv6 would probably solve your problem ;-)
00:03<@drussell>James_T: Who knew, they give me breaks! <3 But awesome, glad to hear that bud
00:04<Ikaros>I always remember being shown Bill Nye tapes while going through high school chemistry class
00:04<Ephemeris>IPv6 is a fad. I'm waiting for IPv8.
00:04<HoopyCat>Ephemeris: you do what you want over there, but IPclamato
00:05<Peng> Reported: 1999-09-20 04:58 PDT by smoerk
00:05<Peng>no doubt Firefox SRV support is just around the corner ;)
00:05<Ikaros>It's like, every time someone brought down the A/V cart with the Zenith and VCR on it, everyone muttered "Watch it be another Bill Nye video"
00:05<Eugene>Someday they'll bother to merge that
00:05<Peng>Somedaaaaay over the rainbow
00:06<Eugene>It looks like it even got a review last month; nice.
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00:06<Peng>I hadn't scrolled down
00:06<HoopyCat>Ikaros: my claim to fame: i share a bench with a guy who, on a moment's notice, tracked down a bow tie in the university colors so that it could be worn during a commencement speech by bill nye
00:06<Peng>I assumed the bug would've been untouched for years and I was joking
00:07<Eugene>It was, for 4 years. Somebody re-upped it
00:07<HoopyCat>Ikaros: it was returned, autographed
00:08<Eugene>AFAICT this particular bug is for the underlying mozilla API to support SRVs at all. It's still up to Firefox(I'm sure there's another bug open....) to actually /use/ them.
00:08*jfred wonders if Servo supports it
00:09<Eugene>Also, after a small argument with sed, my DNS is now properly referring to 443 for _https SRVs \o/
00:09<Eugene>So many AXFRs, heh
00:09<HoopyCat> <--- i've had my code reviewed by the guy who owns THAT SPECIFIC bow tie
00:10<MajObviousman>how in the heck ... why did this bug get drug up again?
00:12<HoopyCat>MajObviousman: because the fix didn't get merged into the stable branch i forked from
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00:12<HoopyCat>MajObviousman: ... oh wait, different bug
00:13<HoopyCat>huh, according to my phone, it's Caker Day
00:14<dwfreed>in LST, yeah, it's the anniversary of the cakerpoch
00:14<dwfreed>as of 14 minutes ago
00:14<dwfreed>I can never remember the year
00:14<dwfreed>74, maybe?
00:15<HoopyCat>dwfreed: sounds plausible
00:15<James_T>I have code making it into the next mainline release of nginx! beware!
00:15<Eugene>I know that Minecraft /does/ respect SRV records
00:15<Peng>dwfreed: that sounds right
00:15<James_T>Eugene: they had to, due to millions of complaints
00:15<Eugene>Heh, really?
00:15<Eugene>Link to bug
00:16<HoopyCat>James_T: so wonderful that "proxy_pass dickbutt:///;" will now be supported on mainline
00:17<James_T>HoopyCat: o.O
00:17<dwfreed>yeah, 74, which means today caker is 41
00:18<dwfreed>2014-01-04 11:30:10 <dwfreed> lordy, lordy, look who's 40!
00:18<dwfreed>^ sent that to him last year :)
00:18<James_T>oh nice, TPB fixed their placeholder page to work in firefox
00:19<HoopyCat>and with, i'm off to bed
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00:42<badlynamed>Hello everyone. Is this an okay place to ask for technical support or should I create a support ticket?
00:42<+linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient!
00:43<badlynamed>I had a linode reactivate last week and I have everything booted. There is no public IP address however. Is one not included by default?
00:43<MajObviousman>you should do both, because in here we have no obligation to give you good advice
00:44<MajObviousman>sometimes you will receive hilariously bad advice
00:44<badlynamed>I understand lol
00:45<MajObviousman>in this case however, you will get good advice
00:45<MajObviousman>in your linode's page, there is a tab labelled "remote access" or something like that
00:45<MajObviousman>it will list what the public IP assigned to your server is
00:45<MajObviousman>then, you have to set your server up to use it that way
00:45<badlynamed>So I have two DNS resolvers but no public ip
00:46<badlynamed>If I click to add one
00:46<badlynamed>it ask for me to pay for a new one
00:46<MajObviousman>that's correct. You already have one assigned to your instance
00:46<MajObviousman>these days, even if you wanted to pay for another one, you wouldn't get it since ipv4 is so scarce
00:47<badlynamed>So it would be a bug then if there was no address listed
00:48<badlynamed>perhaps I lost my ipv4 address
00:48<badlynamed>and only have access to ipv6
00:48<akerl>badlynamed: If there's no IPv4 address at the top, open a ticket
00:48<Kyhwana>badlynamed: you don't have a v4 IP listed in "remote access"? O.o If so, open a ticket
00:51<Peng>You said "reactivate" -- I'm guessing something weird was going on, and your IPv4 address got misplaced?
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00:52<MajObviousman>ooh he didn't like that
00:53<Peng>hope it wasn't reassigned to someone else
00:54<praetorian>i has it
00:55<arlen>MISSING: 1 IPv4. Reward if found.
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01:19<James_T>MISSING: 1 arlen. Reward if not found.
01:19<arlen>lost forever
01:19<Peng>dammit, now we won't get the reward
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01:36<eagleeye2>hey Peng James_T how are you guys doing
01:37*Peng yawns
01:39<eagleeye2>hows it going
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01:48<arlen>its going
01:55<@drussell>arlen: Where?
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02:01<Haifeng>When will Tokyo VPS ready?
02:01<Haifeng>Seems it sold out
02:02<arlen>when its available
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02:04<keung>how to do reset passwd for lindow manager
02:06<arlen>click the reset password link
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02:22<md_5>been compiling AOSP for nearly 2 hours on a linode 8192
02:23<dwfreed>needs more make -j
02:24<dwfreed>also, android is huge; 2 hours is not very long
02:24<md_5>dwfreed its make -j6
02:25<md_5>I would test it on my desktop, but 35gb of source code is a stupidly high percentage of my australian internet allowance :p
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02:46<zifnab>md_5: move to a country that doens't do shitty allowances then
02:47<zifnab>(being almost none now, sadly)
02:47<Kyhwana>We even have unlimited plans in NZ now
02:47<md_5>thanks for your input
02:47<zifnab>my isp tells me often i must have a virus
02:47<zifnab>i reply with 'i just watch a lot of porn, sorry'
02:48<zifnab>it normally gets me off the hook
02:49<James_T>We have unlimited plans on !TWHOLESALE in australia
02:49<zifnab>(we don't have a bw cap, but i've been known to use 50% of my line each month)
02:49<zifnab>thats a lie, maybe 4tb
02:50<James_T>which isp do you have, zifnab?
02:51<zifnab>James_T: charter, but not really charter
02:51<zifnab>'Charter: Mountain States'
02:51<zifnab>we're entirely disconnected from the rest of charter's network
02:51<zifnab>in my lifetime, we've had time warner, bresnan, comcast, bresnan, optimum, and charter
02:52<zifnab>bresnan was good: it was only 8x1, but it was at least consistantly 8x1
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02:52<zifnab>oh well, we'll all be crapcast at some point
02:52<zifnab>they'll pay off whoever to buy twc and charter
02:52<+linbot>New news from forum: Difficulty setting up DNS records in Linux Networking <>
02:56<zifnab>oh god i just posted on the forum
02:56<zifnab>please kill me
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02:56<Question1>ummm hello?
02:57<Question1>excuse me i.. just havea question..
02:57<+linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient!
02:58<+linbot>New news from forum: Difficulty setting up DNS records in Linux Networking <>
02:59<Question1>form the -- page: -- if i were to say start with the Linode4GB then i notice that my site gets hammers with massive visitors in the first month or two; what to do ( and how would downtime be ) to upgrade to a Linode16gb or Linode32gb account?
03:00<RumpledElf>click a button, wait a few seconds
03:01<RumpledElf>well, sometimes there's a little bit of a wait before the few seconds but yeah, still fast
03:01<Question1>Sorry, i don't know anything about cloud or vps, i have always used either shared hosting or a dedicated server in the past
03:02<Cromulent>no worries - upgrading is pretty easy on linode
03:02<RumpledElf>you must be expecting insane traffic O_o
03:02<Question1>thanks guys ( yes if things go according to plan then i should have millions of hits daily during my marketing campaign but if not then well... let's hope i do :)
03:03*RumpledElf can only dream of such traffic
03:03<+linbot>New news from forum: Difficulty setting up DNS records in Linux Networking <>
03:04<RumpledElf>at those levels you'd be wanting load balancers and stuff too
03:04<Question1>i was also wondering if there is a way to have Linode auto-upgrade ( i have no idea what that means but i was told to ask by a friend ) from the current account to a 'specific' LinodeXXgb as a maximum upgrade in order to prevent my site going down due to massive hits in a given period?
03:04<RumpledElf>no downtime at all if you set it up right in a cluster
03:04<Question1>load balancers?
03:05<RumpledElf>I'm expecting what by your standards is mediocre traffic next week so I've just set up a second server, but that's just 1 web 1 db, no loadbalancers
03:06<Peng>Question1: You could script something yourself using the Linode API, but there's no magic load button.
03:07<RumpledElf>linode will send you alerts if you go over thresholds
03:07<RumpledElf>make sure your phone or pc alerts on emails and it'll wake you up to upgrade ;)
03:07<Question1>Cromulent, thanks for link i was reading through and it sounds pretty sweet
03:08<RumpledElf>I've never had high enough traffic to need loadbalancing
03:08<Question1>RumpledElf: i like that idea! so if i understand you right, i could have Linode send me alerts when i get close to the limits then just go into my account and click a button to upgrade?
03:09<RumpledElf>it'll send you alerts anyway, the level of the alerts are configurable in the control panel
03:09<Question1>Peng: is there a page on the site about the Linode API?
03:09<Cromulent>Question1: yeah Linode have a load balancing plan that handles it all for you
03:09<RumpledElf>they are disk use and cpu type limits
03:10<Question1>Cromulent: Linode has a load balancing plan? do you have a link to that please?
03:10<Question1>thanks for link dwfreed
03:10<RumpledElf>wonder what this marketing budget is
03:10<RumpledElf>we spend millions a year at work and get like 2M pageviews a month
03:11<RumpledElf>mind you I spend nothing at all and I'm not far off that
03:12<Question1>our marketing budget is considerably less
03:13<Question1>so on the nodebalancers; the page says that they share bandwidth with the linodes? that part i don't exactly understand..
03:13*RumpledElf will suck it up and get a loadbalancer later this year
03:13<RumpledElf>you get a total bandwidth limit
03:13<Question1>or i mean "transfer quota"
03:14<RumpledElf>I have a bunch of linodes, I have about a 11TB limit atm, of which I use almost none cos I have a relatively low traffic site
03:14<Question1>so then the billing system adds up all my linodes and load balancers and then they all share the bandwidth limit?
03:14<Question1>oh that kicks a$$ :-D
03:14<RumpledElf>beats having one linode run out of bandwidth while others have lots spare
03:15<Question1>yeah i have had that issue inthe past with dedicated server setups
03:15<RumpledElf>I've been with linode about 2 years and never had any issues with them that aren't self-inflicted. Would seriously recommend
03:16<Question1>well many thanks guys; you've given me a lot to think about and i'm really liking the bandwidth sharing :-)
03:16<Question1>have a great night!
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03:18<RumpledElf>shall believe the millions of hits a day when it happens
03:22<RumpledElf>last time someone was going on about a marketing campaign they actually posted stats - they'd got a big spike from reddit of around 100k views but it had dropped off within about 2 days. They were extrapolating stats from that one high day when they were talking
03:22<md_5><James_T> We have unlimited plans on !TWHOLESALE in australia
03:23<md_5>Telstra only goes up to 200gb
03:23<md_5>* 500
03:23<md_5>Im on 200 atm
03:23<md_5>Also, nearly 3 hours D:
03:23<md_5>thats already like 36c
03:25<trippeh>data cap? on internet access? wat
03:25<RumpledElf>welcome to australia
03:25<trippeh>core infra built from rope?
03:25<md_5>trippeh Australia
03:25<RumpledElf>not rope. Tin cans and string
03:25<trippeh> Dec '14 2.64 TiB | 2.58 TiB | 5.21 TiB | 16.72 Mbit/s
03:25<trippeh>heh "oops"
03:26<RumpledElf>I have a 250G limit, use about 100G
03:26<md_5>200gb is tonnes for me, however certain family members enjoy lots of video content
03:26<md_5>also 20gb far cry 4 download wasnt fun.....
03:27<trippeh>having to think about how big things are must be a drag
03:27<RumpledElf>well, everything good to download here is illegal anyway so you have to think before you get it anyway
03:27<trippeh>*streams som 4k/UHD to the telly*
03:28<md_5>what is 4k anyway, about 5mbit?
03:28<trippeh>15-20, if from netflix
03:28<RumpledElf>my connection is slower than that, no can do
03:28<RumpledElf>also netflix is one of those illegal things :P
03:28<trippeh>but that is low bitrate 4k
03:28<RumpledElf>"coming soon". Right then
03:29<trippeh>netflix is cheaping out ;)
03:29<RumpledElf>I have this odd notion to not download anything illegally so left to my own devices I use like 15G a month
03:29<md_5>right now Im trying to compile AOSP on a linode because I cant stomach the 35gb download lol
03:30<RumpledElf>teenager in the other room takes up the slack for me
03:30*trippeh hugs the 1000Mbps uncapped service provider neutral ftth
03:30<RumpledElf>6Mb here
03:31<James_T>md_5: the ! operator man
03:31<James_T>the ! operator!
03:31<eagleeye2>trippeh: here in malta we used to have data caps
03:31<md_5>James_T ?
03:32<RumpledElf>hopefully move to a place with faster internet next year, mine is unusually slow for where I live
03:32<James_T>Networks other than telstra wholesale offer unlim
03:32<RumpledElf>er this year. Damn change of date
03:32<James_T>RumpledElf: how's the linchodes
03:32<RumpledElf>oh god I have to do all this stuff I said I'd do next year now
03:32<trippeh>I wonder if I can get the network operator to move my patch cable to one of the 10000Mps ports?
03:32<trippeh>would need a slightly longer patch cable
03:33<RumpledElf>James_T: new linode is being delightfully well behaved, and near constant traffic
03:33<eagleeye2>now here they have a fair usage policy instead no caps they will throttle you if you are on a residential line and business lines get priority here
03:33<James_T>is DB linode in same DC as Site linode now?
03:33<RumpledElf>James_T: always was in the same DC. Its talking with private traffic now - averaging 400k, which is disturbing
03:34<RumpledElf>I've never had access to stats from a database server before. TIL the damn things use a LOT of traffic
03:34<James_T>You using longpoo?
03:34<RumpledElf>lol ... no idea what youre talking about
03:34<James_T>You using longview?
03:35<trippeh>the on-wire encoding most dbs use are very space inefficient, too
03:35<trippeh>encodings, even
03:35<RumpledElf>I've never even looked at this longview thing
03:35<RumpledElf>just the little graphs
03:36<James_T>haha :)
03:36<eagleeye2>RumpledElf: the default graphs you get with your linode
03:36<RumpledElf>eagleeye2: yup
03:36<eagleeye2>RumpledElf: there is software out there where you can get alot of various statistics as well.
03:36<RumpledElf>they say new linode is very happy, all is good
03:37<RumpledElf>and old linode seems to be on very good speaking terms with the new linode, also all good
03:37<eagleeye2>i have a bit of an issue with one node of mine
03:38<RumpledElf>all I need now is 100k extra visitors a day to mess with my evil plans
03:38<eagleeye2>apache is eating up all cpu power and sites are very slow giong through all websites on that server cuz there is something php related causing this slow down
03:38<RumpledElf>one of mine crashes fairly often, but its full of drupal sites and whenever I get a flurry of spambots boom, its dead
03:38<RumpledElf>happens every 90 days like clockwork
03:40<eagleeye2>RumpledElf: check out google recaptcha and implement that that shoudl also help mitigate the issue
03:40<RumpledElf>eagleeye2: last time it happened I'd missed one form, it was uncaptcha'ed. Oops
03:41<trippeh>eagleeye2: did you manage to get APC working yesterday?
03:41<RumpledElf>but even hitting captcha protected ones can bump it over the edge
03:41<RumpledElf>its a 1G linode with several sites on, same setup on a 2G linode I never had crash. Just being cheap and living dangerously, they aren't important sites
03:42<eagleeye2>trippeh: no :( i think its some outdated wordpress sites on the server and respective plugins
03:42<eagleeye2>RumpledElf: thats not a good mentality to take
03:42<eagleeye2>RumpledElf: unless they are personal sites like a blog etc
03:42<RumpledElf>eagleeye2: they're my sites
03:43<RumpledElf>yeah. all personal
03:43<eagleeye2>ok lol.
03:43<RumpledElf>no way I'd do that to clients
03:43<eagleeye2>RumpledElf: was going to say
03:43<RumpledElf>you're making me want to check if I'm running apc now. How do you check you've got it installed
03:43<eagleeye2>trippeh: goign through the sites and removing ones that are no longer necessary and cleaning things up a bit on the server side of things
03:44<trippeh>RumpledElf: if your php/distro is recent enough, apc is not needed, as an alternative has been merged into php proper in 5.5.x
03:45<RumpledElf>hmm php 5.4
03:45<RumpledElf>perhaps I should upgrade that
03:46<eagleeye2>trippeh: could it be some bot net trying to denial of service the server?
03:46<trippeh>it makes code-heavy sites run much faster, as its caching the compiler output for the scripts, so no compiling needs to happen on every http request
03:47<RumpledElf>I really just want varnish in front to cache stuff static for a day or so
03:47<trippeh>eagleeye2: could be. but wordpress without apc (or the php proper alternative) is painful botnet or not :P
03:48<eagleeye2>trippeh: tbh when i had another server on apache event and php-fpm it wasnt bad at all
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03:52<dcraig>what will be the big vps trends in 2015??
03:54<avenj>free hats for all!
03:54<dcraig>white hats?
03:54<dcraig>black hats?
03:54<dcraig>drussell-flavored hats?
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03:58-!-Sputnik7 [] has joined #linode
03:58<eagleeye2>dcraig: forgot the grey hat's
04:00<@drussell>dcraig: I question how I taste.
04:10<dcraig>take a lick
04:10*arlen licks dcraig
04:11<dcraig>I feel dirty
04:11<dcraig>on airplane all day
04:12<eagleeye2>dcraig: travelling back home from all the holiday festivities?
04:12<@drussell>arlen: You prolly just got some nasty disease from licking him, considering he's been on an aeroplane.
04:13<dcraig>eagleeye2, yessir
04:13<arlen>time to spray my tongue with lysol
04:13<eagleeye2>dcraig: hope you had good holidays
04:13<dcraig>ohio to oregon (via atlanta lol)
04:13<dcraig>it was ok
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04:53<+linbot>New news from forum: Linode Alert - outbound traffic rate in General Discussion <>
04:57<czr>hey peeps
04:57<czr>happy new year or what ever is the custom :-)
05:02-!-mikev [] has joined #linode
05:04<@drussell>czr: That's implying we have customs here:p
05:05<czr>you should. and then nominate someone to be the customs officer
05:07*drussell nominates czr
05:08*czr puts on his customs officer hat and prepares his baton for the pain
05:08-!-mikev [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
05:09<dcraig>CZR = Customs Czar
05:09<czr>Customs Zero Respect?
05:10<czr>anyway, by the power invested in my baton, I hereby stipulate that the changing of the year in calendar shall be celebrated with joyous singing and all around happy prancing
05:11<czr>now prance!
05:11<czr>drussell, see, what kind of monster you just created?
05:11<czr>there will be no end to this
05:11<@drussell>Fwiw, I just nominated you. No one voted.
05:12<czr>meh, but I like the baton. it's grown on me already
05:12<czr>beats having a baguette for a hand anyway
05:12<dcraig>!vote czr
05:13<@drussell>Apparently it lights up, and only costs $5.50
05:13<czr>yeah, that's about it, except mine comes with all sprinkly dust and.. halos
05:13<czr>I call it my "little wand of joy"
05:13<@drussell>Some people call it 'Mental Hospital'
05:13<czr>some people, sheesh
05:14<@drussell>Mostly mao in that one, no laughing necessary.
05:16<czr>it's a good thing people are starting to take mao more seriously
05:16<czr>all he ever wanted was to be loved anyway
05:17-!-DXI [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
05:18<DXI>I was looking at this package Linode 1GB
05:18<DXI>Is there any offer on this?
05:20<DXI>Are you busy?
05:20<czr>DXI, . I don't work for linode btw
05:20<DXI> lol..
05:20<DXI>I found this chat option in that website.
05:20<czr>yes, I laugh at it too
05:21<DXI>What kind of chat room is this?
05:21<czr>ah, well, maybe if you tell us what you're looking for (other than the pricing information on the URL I linked), someone might able to help you
05:21<czr>this is Linode Community Support (on IRC)
05:21<DXI>Ok. no problem.
05:21<DXI>Do you know about the kind of service I can expect here.
05:22<czr>yes and no. your question is quite vague
05:23<DXI>You said this is community support. Does it mean that I can learn something from here?
05:23<DXI>Actually I am beginner to VPS. I just want to learn something about Linux.
05:23-!-ghoti [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
05:23<czr>DXI, well, as long as your questions are related to running VPSes on linode, then you will get more joy
05:24<czr>but you can always ask I guess, people will tell you whether the question is outside regular code of conduct
05:24<DXI>Thank you.
05:24<DXI>Are you from Russia?
05:24<czr>DXI, yes and no. Born in .su, don't live in .ru
05:25<DXI>Thank you.It was nice chatting with you.
05:25<czr>:-). ha.
05:25<czr>my wand of joy seems to be scaring people
05:25*czr adds some glitter to it
05:25<dcraig>scarring too
05:26*DXI slaps akerl around a bit with a large fishbot
05:26-!-DXI [~oftc-webi@] has left #linode []
05:26<dcraig>charming fella
05:27-!-temp [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
05:27<dcraig>hi temp
05:27<temp>What kind of chat room is this?
05:27<dcraig>same as it was 5 min ago
05:28<temp>I am new here. I was just checking some VPS hosting.
05:28<czr>a joyous one
05:28<dcraig>but speaking of temp, it is too cold in my apt
05:29<czr>dcraig, put on the face heater?
05:29<dcraig>it's on
05:29<dcraig>it is slow, though
05:29<czr>this one? . awesome
05:33*temp slaps rarlan around a bit with a large fishbot
05:33<czr>temp, that's not very polite. slapping people around just for the kicks
05:34<Cromulent>temp: feel free to ask your questions
05:35<temp>Oh. I was just checking around the options :p
05:35<temp>Sorry for that.
05:36-!-temp [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
05:37<dcraig>apology excepted
05:40-!-ghoti [] has joined #linode
05:40<czr>exceptional verbiage
05:42<czr>I just noticed (while ripping old driver cd-roms) that EMC bought a company that developed a document/scanning interface called ISIS. the disc is from 2009. ominous
05:47<dcraig>ripping CDs?
05:47<dcraig>what year is this?
05:48<dcraig>I think you need to hit your *own* head with the 2015 fun stick
05:48<James_T>czr: there was an australian construction firm called ISIS, too
05:48<czr>the year of moving apartments. going through all old crap and doing dd on the content and throing away the physical media and manuals when I have electronic versions
05:48<czr>dcraig, next you're going to tell me that I should get rid of the 80-90s databooks as well?
05:49<czr>there are no electronic versions of some of them at all (not even scanned ones, at least I couldn't find them after furious searching, although this was before the stick)
05:49<dcraig>wtf is a databooks
05:49<James_T>my laptop is stuck in a chkdsk bootloop
05:49<czr>related to electronics
05:49<dcraig>omg james its a metaphor for ur life
05:49<czr>James_T, I have spare set of IBM DOS 3.0 diskettes if you need them
05:51<czr>dcraig, here's an example of proper databook (it's quite large, 90 megs or so, scanned):
05:52<dcraig>I love it
05:52<dcraig>wish intel would have kept that logo
05:58-!-RumpledElf [] has quit [Quit: My Mac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
05:58<czr>yeah, me too
05:58<czr>datasheets were better back in the day too
06:00-!-Pupeno [] has joined #linode
06:09<+linbot>New news from forum: Upgrade / Migrate from Ubuntu 12.04.5 to 14.04 in General Discussion <>
06:12<learner>czr, dos 3.0?
06:12<learner>on 5.4 inch diskettes?
06:13<learner>I unfortunately only have dos 5+
06:18<czr>5.25" you probably meant?
06:19<czr>nah, there were for PS/2:s, they had 3.5" by default
06:28<learner>sorry that's before my time, I never had those
06:29<learner>my first computer was a 286sx, then got 386sx, 486dx, pentium,....
06:30-!-michealxu [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
06:30<michealxu>are you there?
06:30<michealxu>can you help me to check my account
06:30<learner>!ask michealxu
06:30<+linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient!
06:30<+linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient!
06:30<michealxu>my user name:michealxu
06:31<michealxu>i can't login in my account
06:31-!-michealxu [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:31<learner>hah, that was quick
06:31<learner>in other news
06:32<learner>who's checked under the hood of HEVC
06:32<learner>it's super interesting
06:32<learner>VLC has encoders if you wanna check out
06:33<Cromulent>strange dig isn't showing my DMARC TXT record
06:34<Cromulent>ah there it is
06:34-!-michealxu [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
06:35<Cromulent>how many of you guys bother configuring DMARC for your email?
06:36-!-michealxu [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:37-!-michealxu [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
06:38-!-michealxu [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
06:41-!-michealxu [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
06:42-!-michealxu [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
06:47-!-Asandari [] has joined #linode
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06:54-!-logiii [~me@] has joined #linode
06:54-!-ghoti [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
07:00-!-ghoti [] has joined #linode
07:01-!-Asandari- [] has joined #linode
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07:05<eagleeye2>hey Cromulent
07:12<logiii>I’m still waiting for tokyo linodes to be available.
07:13<logiii>Usually, how long does it take for my turn ?
07:13<logiii>Most of the plans now say: No open slots for this plan!
07:14-!-The-spiki [] has joined #linode
07:15-!-Asandari [] has joined #linode
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07:24-!-sandeep [~sandeep@] has joined #linode
07:26-!-cameron [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
07:27-!-logiii [~me@] has quit [Quit: logiii]
07:30<Cromulent>cameron: hi
07:33-!-cameron [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
07:38-!-Asandari- [] has joined #linode
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08:05-!-Dedalo [] has joined #linode
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08:07-!-laser` [] has joined #linode
08:13-!-logiii [~me@] has joined #linode
08:13-!-Asandari- [] has joined #linode
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08:20-!-lbft [] has joined #linode
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09:26-!-ed [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
09:27<HoopyCat>current status:
09:28-!-ed [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
09:34-!-Asandari- [] has joined #linode
09:36<buhman>I bet in-context she's being just as unpleasant and rude as the 'ok' gif someone made of Jennifer Lawrence during a hunger games conference.
09:37-!-Asandari [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
09:37-!-toastedpenguin1 [] has joined #linode
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09:48-!-Asandari [] has joined #linode
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10:01-!-Asandari- [] has joined #linode
10:02<HoopyCat>Peng: ntp 4.2.8p1-beta4 fixes a solaris build regression introduced in june 2009. in other news, nobody has compiled ntp for antique solaris since 4.2.5p181
10:03-!-logiii [~me@] has left #linode []
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10:15-!-Asandari [] has joined #linode
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10:20-!-bbankes [~bbankes@] has joined #linode
10:28<Hawson_>HoopyCat: heh, sounds about right.
10:28-!-Hawson_ is now known as Hawson
10:28<Hawson>IIRC, Solaris ships with an ancient xntpd
10:28-!-Asandari- [] has joined #linode
10:31-!-Asandari [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:31-!-ghoti [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
10:33<Peng>I belive Solaris uses ntpd, but they rename it to "xntpd" for compatibility.
10:33<HoopyCat>Hawson: in the interest of full disclosure, i have remarkably little solaris experience. i tried installing it on an x86 back around the turn of the century, when they were releasing it free-as-in-cocaine, and ended up totally bricking the PC. this is why i was a DEC Alpha specialist and not a Sparc specialist...
10:34<Hawson>HoopyCat: alphas were nice. :)
10:34<Hawson>Sparc has always been a little odd
10:35<Hawson>two different /usr/bin dirs, for example.
10:35<Hawson>And Sun was pretty bad about software...
10:35<Hawson>...and Oracle is far, far worse
10:35-!-keung [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
10:37-!-ghoti [] has joined #linode
10:39<HoopyCat>Hawson: for a time, the DEC Multia was the must-have computer for linux work: compact, affordable, reasonably performant, and quiet
10:40<keung>my cllick "reset password" but not receive email
10:41<arlen>check spam folder
10:41-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
10:42<HoopyCat>Hawson: back when i was bootstrapping my life, i lived in a duplex in a part of town best known for homicides and the best donut shop in the history of frosted toroids. i had a dual-monitor setup! a dumpster CRT hooked into the back of a DEC Multia, and a VT220 also hooked into the back of a DEC Multia.
10:44<dzho>> best donut shop in the history of frosted toroids
10:44<dzho>wat. please elaborate.
10:45<HoopyCat>dzho: donuts delite
10:46<dzho>groove is in the heart
10:46<dzho>ok, that's where I was guessing
10:47<dzho>must away for moviegoing prep
10:47<HoopyCat>dzho: now of course known as "Salvatore's at the Historic Donuts Delite Building"
10:49<HoopyCat>dzho: or, probably more legally, "Fantauzzo Family Brands Inc. DBA Salvatore's at the Historic Donuts Delite Building"... as they say, "We Deliver Everything ... But Babies!(TM)" (Drivers do not carry change)
10:50<keung>"spam folder" no mail
10:52<HoopyCat>keung: probably want to get in touch with support... either via e-mail or phone. (
10:54<Nivex>HoopyCat: (two of the DJs from the reunion show)
11:02-!-Asandari [] has joined #linode
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11:16-!-Asandari- [] has joined #linode
11:17-!-bbankes_ [~bbankes@] has joined #linode
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11:23-!-bbankes [~bbankes@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:24<HoopyCat>Nivex: nice! thx. it's back to work tomorrow, so i should preload these onto my radiotelephone
11:26-!-ytsejam [~ytsejam@] has joined #linode
11:27<ytsejam>Happy new year. I got a warning mail from linode .. Your Linode, linode292559, has exceeded the notification threshold (1000) for disk io rate by averaging 1587.61 for the last 2 hours. ... I dont know what it means and what do I have to do?
11:28<Nivex>that's a user configurable threshold. it's a monitor for convenience. since yours is at the default, it just means your disk has been a bit busy.
11:28<Nivex>you might fire up iotop and see what's chugging the disk and whether it's a problem or not
11:28<ytsejam>I was cping files from folder to folder ?
11:28<ytsejam>can it be about it?
11:28<Nivex>oh, if it's expected behavior then you can disregard
11:29<Nivex>I tend to get those when I hop on the Ubuntu release day torrents :)
11:29<ytsejam>ok normal I guess
11:29-!-Asandari [] has joined #linode
11:30<ytsejam>thanks Nivex
11:32<wltjr>does one need to have grub installed for pv-grub? I am thinking not just need the conf file or what ever
11:32-!-Asandari- [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:35<HoopyCat>wltjr: in some distros, it includes the config file and also stuff to automagically generate the config file when you install a new kernel package. so you don't *need* it, and in fact you might not even want it, but it can be handy.
11:35<HoopyCat>wltjr: but yeah, just the config file is enough
11:36<wltjr>HoopyCat: cool, udpates to grub are failing so rather just remove it entirely :)
11:37-!-hfb [] has quit [Read error: No route to host]
11:37<HoopyCat>wltjr: you may be in the "in fact you might not even want it" exception! woohoo :-)
11:38<wltjr>HoopyCat: yes, I am a minimalist, not needed remove or don't install
11:39<wltjr>I tend to prefer sys/pxe/extlinux to grub for normal systems anyway :)
11:39-!-anuvrat [~chatzilla@] has joined #linode
11:46-!-hfb [] has joined #linode
11:47-!-Asandari- [] has joined #linode
11:50-!-Yoda [~Yoda@2607:5300:60:1ba8::3] has quit [Quit: YourBNC - (]
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11:50-!-zoid_ [~ari@] has joined #linode
11:50-!-Yoda [~Yoda@2607:5300:60:1ba8::3] has joined #linode
11:54-!-getsmart [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
12:01-!-Asandari [] has joined #linode
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12:14-!-Asandari- [] has joined #linode
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12:24-!-shingshang [] has joined #linode
12:25-!-Vegar [] has joined #linode
12:27<Vegar>is it possible to manage only a subdomain from the linode dns manager?
12:27*Peng twitches
12:28<HoopyCat>Vegar: yep; use NS records to delegate from the higher-level domain
12:28-!-Asandari [] has joined #linode
12:28<HoopyCat>Vegar: (remember that '' is simply a subdomain of 'com', which is in turn a subdomain of '.')
12:29-!-learner1 [~Learner@2600:3c03:e000:c0:1001::c001] has joined #linode
12:30-!-Asandari- [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:31-!-learner [~Learner@2600:3c03:e000:c0:1001::c001] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:32<Vegar>HoopyCat: yes, makes sense
12:32<akerl>What if all of us are just 6th level subdomains?
12:32<HoopyCat>it's NS records all the way down, akerl
12:35<learner1>HoopyCat, I have 5 git zombie processes, I've tried killing them, but they're persistent, how do i kill them?
12:35-!-Aexoden [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:37<dwfreed>you can't kill a zombie, it's already dead
12:38<HoopyCat>learner1: kill their parents
12:38<Cromulent>someone who wasn't very technical would misinterpret that pretty easily :P
12:40<HoopyCat>learner1: the 'f' ("forest") option will display the family tree, if you will
12:43-!-Aexoden [] has joined #linode
12:45-!-Asandari- [] has joined #linode
12:47<akerl>run, process, run?
12:48-!-Asandari [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
12:53-!-learner1 is now known as learner
12:54<learner>I've been experimenting with HEVC
12:54<learner>the encoders seem to be nice
12:54<learner>but then you have a problem playing, cause it doesn't seem to have been standardized yet
12:55<learner>I think for the time being i'll stick with 264
12:55<trippeh>hevc works okay for me. plays fine on my smarttv, vlc and totem at least
12:56<trippeh>as long as I dont screw up the parameters
12:57<trippeh>but its early days for sure
12:58<trippeh>first gen asics tend to be a little fiddly
12:58<trippeh>and the software slow
12:59<learner>trippeh, yeah if you encode with the vlc's encoder and play with it, then it'll work
12:59<trippeh>I used handbrake/x265
12:59<learner>i tried encoding with divX and it took 2 hours for a 2 hour movie
12:59<learner>and it only plays right on divx
12:59<learner>not on vlc, smplayer or exmplayer
13:00<trippeh>try encoding uhd/4k content with a software hevc encoder, urgh :P
13:00<learner>ok lemme try
13:00<trippeh>I get like 2, maybe 3 fps. with 6 cores @ 4Ghz
13:02<learner>well i've got quadro set up, i wanna try to pass calculations to the GC if possible
13:05-!-zivester [] has joined #linode
13:06<learner>i'm so glad we're not talking on voice here
13:06<learner>some of these names are hard to figure out how to pronounce
13:07<learner>is it like Zai vester, Zee vester, or maybe something I can't even pronounce lol
13:07-!-Asandari [] has joined #linode
13:09-!-piney0 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:09-!-steveski [] has joined #linode
13:09-!-Asandari- [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:14-!-dand [] has joined #linode
13:15<dand>are there network issues on London data center?
13:15<dand>feels similar to what happened on Dec 30, 2014
13:15<HoopyCat>dand: there's nothing on (yet)
13:17<trippeh>my london-nodes seems to be OK
13:19-!-sandeep [~sandeep@] has quit [Quit: sandeep]
13:21-!-Asandari- [] has joined #linode
13:23-!-Asandari [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:28<lakridserne>my nodes in London seems to perform well
13:34-!-Asandari [] has joined #linode
13:36-!-Dataforce` [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
13:36-!-Dataforce [] has joined #linode
13:37-!-Asandari- [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:39<dand>maybe it's just me. thanks
13:48-!-Asandari- [] has joined #linode
13:50-!-Asandari [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:51<ytsejam>how I can fix first time byte problem. google fonts api slows the site when I use tests with pagespeed and webpagetest
13:51<ytsejam>this is what to be optimized <link href='|&subset=latin,latin-ext' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
13:55-!-neersighted [] has joined #linode
13:58<HoopyCat>ytsejam: don't use the google fonts api (probably hard), or cache and dynamically inline the CSS snippet returned (probably easier)
13:58<ytsejam>HoopyCat, you mean downloading the fonts ?
14:00<HoopyCat>ytsejam: try just inlining the CSS snippet (returned by|&subset=latin,latin-ext) to start with
14:01<HoopyCat>ytsejam: there's still the url fetch in there, BUT it's likely more cachable, and gives the user a chance to already have Lato Regular
14:01<ytsejam>ok.. I live in Turkey and I use Linode London.. is there more things I can do ?
14:02<HoopyCat>ytsejam: it's not a linode problem, it's a problem
14:03<ytsejam>HoopyCat, is my site .. I will try inlining first
14:03<ytsejam>btw do I use the code in CSS or Html
14:08<HoopyCat>ytsejam: for what it's worth, from the northeastern US, / TTFB was 1.35 sec, the fetches were ~470 ms, and the actual font fetches were probably ~225 ms. DOMContentLoaded time was 3.82 sec, time to display was 7.48 sec
14:09-!-vsync_ [~vsync@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:09<HoopyCat>ytsejam: you might actually benefit, perhaps, from mod_pagespeed itself...
14:10<learner>HoopyCat, I find it that it's better ro lazy load fonts in the end
14:10-!-vsync [~vsync@] has joined #linode
14:10<learner>load the page, let it render with what the user has, then change appearance once everything's loaded
14:10<HoopyCat>ytsejam: and for inlining CSS, you'd put it within a <style>
14:10<learner>that way page load time is gonna be <= 1 sec
14:11<learner>and then you can add additional theme values over
14:11-!-toastedpenguin1 [] has left #linode []
14:11<ytsejam>learner, how can I success that ? I know it but I dont have any clue to make it
14:11<learner>so I add css using javascript at the end of html body
14:12<learner>include jquery at the end of your html body
14:12<learner>then select your head and attach the inline css to it
14:13<ytsejam>hmmm I will try
14:13-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
14:16<ytsejam>learner is this the way to do ?
14:18<learner>ytsejam, there are different ways to do this
14:18<learner>some people use json methods and use webfont style of font inclusions
14:19<learner>some download the actual font like here
14:19<learner>both are valid and work
14:20<learner>you probably have heard of fontsquirrel right
14:20<HoopyCat>there's no single solution to the problem... for what it's worth, for my page load, the fonts were only about 10% of the rendering delay. it was pulling in stuff from facebook and twitter and adsense and heaven knows where before it showed me anything other than a white screen :-(
14:21<ytsejam>HoopyCat, can addthis plugin cause problem?
14:21<ytsejam>actually not a plugin itself , I use Laravel php framework
14:21<HoopyCat>ytsejam: sure, that could be part of it. have it load that after the page is done rendering.
14:22<learner>HoopyCat, if you put all of those last, and load async, then your page loads fast, and the additional things get added as they emerge
14:22<learner>ytsejam, are you using php 5.5 or later?
14:22<ytsejam>let me check
14:23-!-Georgyo [] has quit [Quit: - Chat comfortably. Anywhere.]
14:23-!-Georgyo [] has joined #linode
14:23<learner>ok that's good
14:24<learner>are you connecting via socket / ip, or doing an apache plugin
14:24<ytsejam>$(document).ready(function() { $.getscript('url'); });
14:24<ytsejam>I will put addthis on the bottom with this
14:24<ytsejam>learner, php-fpm nginx
14:25<learner>ok that's not a slow down either
14:25<HoopyCat>nod, object load time from your server's pretty good
14:25-!-steveski [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
14:25<HoopyCat>just... there's a lot of it :-)
14:25<learner>umm yts load all js libs at the end of body too
14:25-!-kaare_ [~kaare@] has quit [Quit: Konversation terminated!]
14:25-!-kaare_ [~kaare@] has joined #linode
14:25<learner>load all js at the end of your body
14:25<ytsejam>learner only this two are at the top sorry for sharing code btw ..<script src="{{asset('assets/js/jquery.js')}}"></script>
14:25<ytsejam> <script src="{{asset('assets/js/plugins.js')}}"></script>
14:26<learner>yeah move those down too
14:26<learner>that alone can cause 1 sec delay on load
14:28*HoopyCat watches windstorm intensify
14:29<HoopyCat> + = best sunday entertainment since the buffalo bills last made the playoffs
14:33<Yaakov>The Uniden Trunk Tracker IV is the most egregious abomination of a scanner since the dawn of time.
14:34<Nivex>that's good to know. I hear good things about Bearcat
14:35<Yaakov>It's probably a GREAT scanner, but programming it is worse than making Zenoss work.
14:35<Nivex>I've tried to make Zenoss work. That's damning.
14:35<Yaakov>I have one here, and just making it work for my local P25 using PD has actually been impossible.
14:36<Yaakov>In theory, I can do it from the keyboard. In THEORY the system I want is pre-programmed.
14:36<Yaakov>In practice, UGH.
14:36<Nivex>unitrunker and a couple RTL-SDRs?
14:36-!-Dataforce [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:37-!-Dataforce [] has joined #linode
14:37<gparent>id have to do some reversing to listen to cops here :( No public feed
14:37<gparent>we do get fire fighters though
14:37<Yaakov>Nivex: I would like portable. That would be nice.
14:38<Yaakov>I suppose I have to get some proprietary software and a propietary cable if I want to make it work.
14:38<Nivex>I have some scripts that use rtl_fm to scan through the frequencies and pipe it to dsd. It's not trunk tracking, but it gets the job done for simple listening
14:39<HoopyCat>there's software out there which'll take in complex baseband samples of over-the-air P25 and do the voodoo. i'd love to run it, but i probably ought not to
14:40<HoopyCat>(it's got a snazzy web interface, too)
14:41<Yaakov>Well, this thing TAUNTS you with pre-programmed systems that require some kind of arbitrary and convoluted button magic to use.
14:41<Yaakov>It's got P25 and even the system I need (at least the state system).
14:41<Yaakov>But, really... I can't make it stop trying to scan Alaska!
14:43<ytsejam>HoopyCat, learner it is improving I guess
14:48<HoopyCat>ytsejam: / TTFB 1.44 s, page render time 6.53 s... the bar is moving :-) hmm, took 1.6 s to load on my last hit
14:50<HoopyCat>ytsejam: something you might want to look at is spriting images (putting multiple images in one file, then referring to them by offset and width), and perhaps concatenating the .css files into one file... basically, reducing the total number of HTTP requests
14:50<ytsejam>I use maxcdn as CDN , I made a mistake while getting an SSL certificate. it is getting . how can I renew / get a free new one or buy a new one
14:50<HoopyCat>yes, there's always something :-)
14:51<ytsejam>HoopyCat, my actual problem here is the actual site ... it is completely mixed . I will make this template better and faster
14:52<ytsejam>Our site has a reward but my SEO sucks and also a lot to be concatenated and yes image optimization
14:53<HoopyCat>ytsejam: talk to your certificate authority (the folks you paid) and see if they'll reissue it for the correct name. (maybe a long shot...). otherwise, buy a new one and write off the $9 as a training expense :-). free ones aren't worth it in this day and age, IMHO.
14:54<ytsejam>where to buy $9 dollar one?
14:55<HoopyCat>ytsejam: i generally use
14:55<learner>yts there are companies that sell ssl for even less
14:55<learner>namecheap is expensive
14:57<learner>if you're providing multiple email services to different companies for example this is a really cheap way to do it
14:57<learner>they give you discounts on this even when you buy 100+
14:58<ytsejam>:) I am just a dentist , coding this simple blog .. thanks getting a new one
14:58-!-stopple2 [] has joined #linode
14:59<learner>make sure you get it for domain.tld
14:59<learner>not www.domain.tld
14:59<HoopyCat>my volume is low and i have some other business with namecheap, but yeah, go cheap. i probably can't tell the difference between my $9/yr cert and learner's $5/yr certs :-)
14:59<ytsejam>learner , there is a warning in the page ?
14:59<learner>HoopyCat, it's the same thing namecheap sells for 9, at a discount
14:59<learner>namecheap used to give this very same price
15:00<learner>but they got greedy
15:00<learner>learner, no warning
15:00<learner>ytsejam, no warning
15:00<learner>if you get ssl cert for domain.tld, not www.domain.tld, then it works for both
15:01<learner>but it doesnt' work the other way around
15:01<Peng>to be clear that's specific to your CA
15:01-!-stopple [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:01<learner>Peng, yes i'm telling him about what to do with the link i gave him
15:01<Peng>A cert for will not cover Most CAs would give you a cert that covers both, though.
15:02-!-tcpdump [~tcpdump@2602:ffda:da:2:216:3eff:feae:d69c] has joined #linode
15:04<ytsejam>domain.tld will be sirtcantalilar.tld am i right? sorry for newbie questions I dont want to make mistake again
15:04<HoopyCat>at the end of the day, it doesn't matter which certificate authority you pay off to "trust" you. you're still putting ketchup on a hotdog, so to speak, which is disgusting and wrong, but it's all we can do.
15:05<HoopyCat>ytsejam: in your case,
15:05<ytsejam>ok now I got it
15:06<HoopyCat>ytsejam: which will (generally) get you a certificate that'll work for and
15:10-!-bbankes_ [~bbankes@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
15:12<ytsejam>I will write it to organization name
15:12<ytsejam>am I right
15:13<HoopyCat>on the CSR, only thing that really matters (unless you're spending more than $10 for a certificate) is Common Name, which should be the domain name (
15:17<learner>openssl req -nodes -newkey rsa:2048 -nodes -keyout -out -subj "/C=US/ST=NY/L=NYC/O=SirTCantalilar/OU=IT/"
15:17<learner>ytsejam, ^
15:18<learner>I gave you an example
15:18<learner>read it and follow
15:21-!-RumpledElf [] has joined #linode
15:23-!-sheuer_ is now known as sheuer
15:25-!-Vegar [] has left #linode []
15:29<learner>guys is there a lot of difference between commercial and private flights?
15:30<learner>anyone who's had experience with both?
15:30<Peng>... You'd probably have to be more specific.
15:30<learner>like how much hassle it is
15:30<learner>would you have to stand in line a lot?
15:32<@drussell>arlen && Peng: Morning <3
15:32<@drussell>How're you guys?
15:32<learner>i don't get a morning dave?
15:32<@drussell>learner: Morning :P
15:32-!-zerick [~zerick@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:32<learner>meanie pants
15:32<learner>morning to you too
15:34<arlen>drussell: excellent, how are you?
15:35<Peng>drussell: arlen: <3
15:38-!-asciant [] has joined #linode
15:38-!-laser` [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:38-!-laser [] has joined #linode
15:38-!-laser is now known as laser`
15:39<@drussell>arlen: I'm okay, tired, but okay. :>
15:39<arlen>Peng: <3
15:40<@drussell>learner: <3 Pls2be forgiving me and I will squeeze you and love you and call you George :> lolol
15:40<learner>am I george of the jungle in this scenario
15:44<@drussell>That may be my first TV reference ever.
15:44<@drussell>I'm so proud of myself
15:45<learner>good job, now don't go banging your head against the street light
15:45-!-arielp [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
15:46<@drussell>learner: I don't get the reference, if there is one :p
15:47<@drussell>I even tried googling it LOL
15:47-!-arielp [~arielp@2601:b:581:7600:ae72:89ff:fe1e:64d2] has joined #linode
15:47<learner>oh really
15:47<learner>donald duck
15:47<@drussell>Ah, I only saw a few of the shows from the Looney Tunes
15:47<@drussell>Technically Looney Tunes was pre-me
15:47*drussell is young
15:48<@drussell>I remember watching Cartoon Network when I was little and they'd have some of the older shows.
15:48<@drussell>I've watched just about every Tom and Jerry tho :p
15:48<@drussell>That was always my favourite cartoon
15:49-!-MaliutaLap [] has joined #linode
15:49<arielp>Technically that referance is from "Of Mice and Men"
15:50<learner>not the coyotte?
15:50<learner>road runner! omg!
15:50<@drussell>I've never seen Road Runner xD
15:50<ytsejam>what a miss:)
15:51<@drussell>I've heard of it, but never seen it
15:51<learner>haha you don't know what you're missing
15:53<learner>what about the daltons
15:53-!-ytsejam [~ytsejam@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
15:53<@drussell>Never heard of it.
15:55<learner>lucky luke
15:59<@drussell>Doesn't ring a bell
16:00<Hawson>I saw some Tom and Jerry cartoons a year ago....
16:00<Hawson>it terrified my toddler
16:00<@drussell>I loved Tom and Jerry lmao
16:00<Peng>I saw some Tom and Jerry Cartoons... 11 years ago?
16:01-!-learner1 [~Learner@2600:3c03:e000:c0:1001::c001] has joined #linode
16:02-!-learner is now known as Guest754
16:02-!-learner1 is now known as learner
16:02-!-coxn [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:03-!-coxn [] has joined #linode
16:06<learner>drussell, tell me you know who bugs bunny is
16:06<@drussell>I know of bugs bunny, yes.
16:06<@drussell>I've only ever watched a few of the shows though.
16:07<@drussell>Fwiw, I was born in 1996. Lol
16:07<learner>haha ok
16:07-!-Guest754 [~Learner@2600:3c03:e000:c0:1001::c001] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
16:07*learner feels old now
16:09-!-alnewkirk [~alnewkirk@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:09-!-alnewkirk [~alnewkirk@] has joined #linode
16:10*learner prescribes this for drussell
16:13<@drussell>Welp, I know what I'm doing for the first 4 hours at work
16:13<Nivex>well I say he DOES have to shoot me now!
16:18-!-RumpledElf [] has quit [Quit: My Mac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
16:22-!-arooni-mobile [] has joined #linode
16:26-!-Pereba [] has joined #linode
16:30-!-asciant [] has quit [Quit: Textual IRC Client:]
16:32-!-Pereba [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:34<@drussell>Nivex: My, I'll bet you monsters live innnnteresting lives!
16:35<Nivex>Hassan, chop!
16:44<@drussell>Shhhh! I'm about to defy you!
16:46<@drussell>Yaakov: <3 D'aw
16:49<Pupeno>When registering a domain, does whois privacy hide your name as well as the other data? I'm finding conflicting information.
16:49<akerl>Pupeno: Generally, yes
16:49<Peng>It's up to your registrar. Usually they hide your name too.
16:49<akerl>But it's more or less ineffective
16:49<HoopyCat>Pupeno: it depends entirely on the registrar and who they contract to handle the "privacy" service
16:50<Pupeno>Gandi seems to not allow hiding first and last name :(
16:51<HoopyCat>Pupeno: it also depends on TLD... for example, 'whois' is pretty tight, but 'whois' is NOT so :-)
16:52<Peng>yes, if only hte name of hte owner of could be hiddem
16:53<Pupeno>Do you have a registrar to recommend?
16:53<akerl>Pupeno: Gandi is pretty solid
16:54<jchen>namecheap,, gandi,, if you want ccTLDs
16:54<Pupeno>akerl: yeah, I like them but they seem to be limited in the privacy of the whois.
16:54<akerl>Pupeno: Yes
16:54<jchen>namecheap does free whois, has a publicly available promo code for free whois protection
16:55<akerl>whois privacy is pretty much junk
16:55<Pupeno>akerl: what do you mean?
16:55<HoopyCat>i find it's effective at moving the carbon footprint of domain-related junk mail disposal to florida
16:55<akerl>I mean that the whole point of a website is to put things on the internet. It turns out that the use case for whois privacy is pretty small, and if somebody actually wants to find out who you are it's pretty easy
16:56<akerl>HoopyCat: I've actually only ever gotten a few letters
16:56<jchen>being the owner of a few choice domains i have received more than a few letters
16:56<akerl>Pupeno: For instance: if you don't have whois privacy on your domain *now*, adding it in the future is pretty useless
16:56<HoopyCat>akerl: used to get 'em all the frickin' time. great deals on urgent domain renewal, for only a couple hundred bucks a year
16:56<technoid_>I am getting some now from a Domain Services
16:57<Pupeno>akerl: that's all acceptable.
16:57<Peng>I was so happy when I got my first domain junk mail
16:57<Nivex>Flying Penguin Technologies gets all kinds of fund stuff
16:59-!-piney0 [] has joined #linode
16:59<technoid_>my oldest domain is from 98, back when NS was the only place to reg a domain. That email address gets tons of spam
17:00-!-ytsejam [~ytsejam@] has joined #linode
17:02<HoopyCat>myself, i finally got off my tush and got a PO Box again, partially for "privacy" but really mostly because mail delivery accuracy is pretty bell-curvy here
17:02<MajObviousman>bell-curvy meaning?
17:02<learner>jchen, free whois for only first year
17:03<HoopyCat>plot a histogram of the house numbers on mail arriving in our mailbox, and over time, it becomes a bell curve
17:04<learner>HoopyCat, I went for a 2 week trip and when we came back, I had 3 whole garbage bins of spam mail, despite the big "NO JUNK MAIL" sign lmao
17:04<Nivex>federal regs say they have to deliver it all. do you really want the government to decide what is and isn't junk?
17:04<HoopyCat>learner: you know what the difference between a "NO JUNK MAIL" sign and a "WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS" sign is?
17:05<learner>one's longer :P
17:05<HoopyCat>learner: some people still think the "WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE..." sign has some sort of legal basis
17:05-!-MJCS [] has joined #linode
17:06<learner>yeah one sided agreements are null and void
17:06-!-kaare_ [~kaare@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:07<ytsejam>learner, I am finishing registration , CN - Domain Name will be ok?
17:07<learner>ytsejam, ok you have my permission :P jk
17:08<ytsejam>thanks master learner.. ok I am not a native english speaker .. I dont want to make the same mistake
17:08<learner>i wanna go skating today
17:08<learner>ytsejam, hopefully no mistakes, i'm just teasing you don't take it personally
17:10<ytsejam>np learner , I got the humour . but some parts I dont get correctly when I read the docs and still want A's for my website
17:10*MajObviousman registers a new domain through google domains, wonders about security implications
17:10<MajObviousman>seems like as a registrar, their role is very carefully defined
17:10<HoopyCat>MajObviousman: well, google already knows anyway
17:11<learner>ytsejam, A/AAAA record means a record that maps a given ipv4/ipv6 to a given domain/subdomain on a DNS service
17:12<ytsejam>learner, I mean tests in I need A's for first byte also :)
17:12<dcraig>learner, I feel it means the opposite :p
17:12<learner>MajObviousman, google is 100 times more nosy about your private data than NSA with 0% of the legitimacy
17:12<Peng>learner: Google can't shoot people though
17:13<learner>dcraig, did you sleep on a bed of honey and you didn't tell me? :P
17:13<learner>Peng, can't or doesn't have the legitimate right to
17:13<dcraig>you're so sweet
17:13<learner>there's a huge difference
17:13<MajObviousman>that's the interesting thing
17:13<ytsejam>learner, I use arch linux , nginx, php-fpm .. what is my server to select? only some questions left sorry to disturb you again
17:14<MajObviousman>see, as a registrar, all they know is THAT I have registered it, on an account which I have very little else attached to it
17:14<learner>ytsejam, I don't understand your question, please reword it
17:14<MajObviousman>that's a matter of public record anyhow
17:14<learner>MajObviousman, also they have the ip you registered from, which they probably have hacked before
17:15<learner>since their map vans hack every wifi/network in their reach
17:15<ytsejam>learner I am at register stage There is a question select your server(optional) but there is no selection about nginx , arch linux, php-fpm
17:15<learner>ytsejam, just choose apache, thats fine
17:15<HoopyCat>Peng: automobiles are widely recognized as deadly weapons, however, and google DOES have a modest fleet of autonomous automobiles
17:15<MajObviousman>right, so are there any valid, well reasoned opinions besides learner's rabid ravings?
17:16<Peng>HoopyCat: I think those "Street View" cars actually have deadly laser guns
17:16-!-ghoti [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:16*learner grabs a big bush of poison ivy and smacks MajObviousman
17:17<@drussell>Seems harsh
17:17*MajObviousman taps into a rarely used feature of his irc client
17:17<dcraig>learner, you're no better than google guns now
17:17<learner>drussell, it's called the first hit strategy
17:17<learner>dcraig, i didn't say i was better than google
17:18<@drussell>Ugh my hair isn't doing what I want it to do today lol. I have like a proper cowlick on the right side. :( Need a hair cut.
17:18<czr>drussell, if you ignore it long enough, it will grow on you
17:18<learner>you need a humidifier and a nice shampoo
17:19*MajObviousman snickers
17:19<@drussell>czr: That mao humour tho
17:19*czr is like 4 months past due getting a hair cut
17:19<czr>drussell, it's customary
17:19<@drussell>learner: I use Pantene, which is pretty nice, but the cowlick is from my inability to sleep properly lol.
17:19<learner>l'oreal is better for your case
17:19<czr>depends on how much he's worth
17:20<learner>just wash it, then humidify it, then form, spray, blow dry
17:20<@drussell>I used L'Oreal when I had long hair (down to my buttox), but humidifying, forming, and blow drying my short hair seems excessive :p
17:20-!-ghoti [] has joined #linode
17:20<learner>your choice lol
17:20<czr>also, remind me the next time I should be packing to move apartments. DO NOT ORGANIZE YOUR STAMP COLLECTION. thanks.
17:20<MajObviousman> ?
17:20<dcraig>blow dryers are so damaging
17:20<czr>was the most idiotic idea I had today, and I had many
17:21<@drussell>dcraig: Agreed. I never used one when I had long hair tbh
17:21<learner>dcraig, there are better ones than the one you think
17:21<learner>there are iron blow driers too
17:21-!-PlasmaDuck [] has joined #linode
17:21<ytsejam>learner ty about ssl it is done now It is time to change linode ssl
17:21<@drussell>Instead, I chose to damage my hair by bleaching it many many times over and colouring it odd colours (blue, purple, green, etc)
17:22-!-PlasmaDuck [] has quit []
17:22<arlen>me too
17:22<dcraig>is this why the employee pictures are all black-and-white?
17:22<learner>>>>> Babyliss
17:22<@drussell>dcraig: It's my natural colour now :p
17:22<learner>ytsejam, np, hope things work out
17:22<@drussell>dcraig: It's also considerably shorter than it was back then
17:22*drussell looks for an ancient picture
17:23<HoopyCat>dcraig: hover over them with your mouse. (how i know this is [REDACTED])
17:23<learner>drussell, there are also gels that give color without damaging, they're just not permanent, which i guess from your frequent change of color isn't an issue
17:23<dcraig>HoopyCat OMG
17:24<MajObviousman>employee pictures?
17:25*MajObviousman did not know these were posted
17:26<arlen>lots of cool beards
17:26*MajObviousman is going to start judging the ats in the channel by the quality (or lack of) beards
17:27*learner thinks of Linode in future history books: a bunch of dudes known for cool beards
17:27<learner>jbower, cracks me up, makes me think of the show 24
17:28<@drussell>Heh' -- arlen && learner: I found an old picture of me, when I had blue hair and a ridiculous beard (which, btw, has since grown in properly, but I still shave it off). I went through an absolutely ridiculous phase in life.
17:28<@drussell>Unfortunately, I think that's the only picture of me with semi-long hair, I'd have to dig through my backup server or something -shrugs-. And even then, it wasn't that long
17:28<learner>drussell, most people do
17:28<@drussell> << arlen
17:29<dcraig>I like your decor
17:29<@drussell>As opposed to now >
17:30<arlen>I need a haircut, shave it all off
17:31<learner>haha last time i shaved my hair was 2000
17:35-!-Arandoler [] has joined #linode
17:35<Arandoler>I have a question about linode is this a good place to ask?
17:35<learner>Arandoler, no ask in #linode2
17:35<laser`>As good as any
17:35<dcraig>learner, be nice
17:36<learner>i am
17:36<+linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient!
17:36<Arandoler>I am swithcing to Linode for the first time, had dedicated servers and my developer insisits on VPS
17:36<dzho>I think !ask overstates it a bit, but still.
17:37<Arandoler>I am setting a VPD 8GB blah.. My question is, I read that Linode charges hourly, does that mean I can setup 3 linodes and only be billed when they are used?
17:37<laser`>They're billed whilst they exist, not necessarily whilst they're running
17:37<learner>Arandoler, it's a little different from amazon ones
17:37<learner>what laser` said
17:38<Arandoler>so, teh 320 a month will always be 320 a month?
17:38<Kyhwana>Arandoler: and you're billing for 3 seperate linodes
17:38<learner>Arandoler, there's an hourly rate, with a monthly cap
17:38<Kyhwana>Arandoler: yes
17:38<laser`>yeah, unless you destroy it and bring up a new one every time (e.g., using a stackscript or an image)
17:39<Arandoler>I can't setup a backup infrastructure in case y traffic spikes and pay a low tab for the servers sitting, and in case they are needed I dont mind paying
17:39<learner>if you multiply hourly rates by hours in a month it'll be more, but if you use a whole month or less, the cap is the amount you pay at max
17:39<learner>Arandoler, you have different options, like load balancing
17:39<Peng>Arandoler: Why not destroy VPSes when you don't need them and add them when you do?
17:40<Arandoler>Yes! that sounds good, do I have to do that manually?
17:40<Peng>You can script it with the API.
17:40<learner>Arandoler, also linode is testing an image service now
17:40<Arandoler>That's what I want, I want to be able to "spin up" more resources in case I need them
17:40<learner>you can install and configure a server fully, then make an image of it
17:40<learner>destroy the vps, and deploy when needed
17:41<Arandoler>manually though
17:41<Peng>You can script it with the API.
17:41<Arandoler>is there a preset script that Linode offers, perhaps, if more resources are needed it spins up automaticlly?
17:41<laser`>there's nothing like AWS's "auto-scaling groups" (yet?), so you do have to write some integration yourself
17:41<Arandoler>got it
17:41<learner>Arandoler, there's an api you have to write your own script
17:41<Arandoler>I understand
17:42<laser`>Something has to trigger the "scale" event basically
17:42<learner>Arandoler, but there's also paid service
17:42<Arandoler>and that's my best option no?
17:42<learner>you can have linode staff do things for you
17:42<Arandoler>for 100 a month?
17:42<Arandoler>is that the "managed" option youre mentioning?
17:42<learner>or, just hire them to write the scripts you need for you on a one off basis
17:42<Arandoler>however that is also a "cap" so If I only use them for 2 hours I am only billed for two hours?
17:43<ytsejam>learner Order Status :Pending (Awaiting Validation (Full) ) do you have an idea when does validation finishs?
17:43<learner>ytsejam, you should wait for an email
17:43<Arandoler>(learner thank you for all the information)
17:43<learner>it'll ask you to to go to a page and put in a validation token
17:44<learner>it shouldn't take more than 5 mins
17:44<learner>Arandoler, np
17:44<Arandoler>will a Linode 8 GB be able to handle 15,000 Vistors a day and a mid-heavy SQL app?
17:44<Arandoler>I will use cloudfront for all the media
17:44<Hawson> way to find out.
17:44<Arandoler>I have a dedicated server at dreamhost right now
17:44<Arandoler>but is very slow
17:44<learner>Arandoler, depends on what they're doing, but for usual usage that should be fine, but the best way is to set up metrics, and observe things
17:45<Arandoler>and add more linodes with a nodebalancer if needed?
17:45<learner>you have the long view option in linode
17:45-!-DougBishop [~textual@] has joined #linode
17:45<learner>as well as other server admin applications you can purchase on your own
17:46<Arandoler>but 20 bucks for backups, 20 for longview, 20 for this 20 for that it ads up to the same if not more than what I pay for the dedicated at dreamhost, you know what I mean?
17:46<learner>Arandoler, you have the option to upgrade / downgrade a linode (scale vertically) or node balance (scale horizontally)
17:46<Arandoler>Dreamhots Dedicated 12 cores vs Linode
17:46<learner>Arandoler, then buy a separate server admin application
17:46<learner>you can find one offs for 20 bucks or less
17:46<Arandoler>learner I will keep digging
17:47<Arandoler>I installed the $4 a month Plesk :s
17:47<Arandoler>im new to VPS
17:47<laser`>The host server for a VPS is normally way better than a dedicated one you'll get
17:47<laser`>Of course the downside is you'll have to share it, but most apps have low usage so the host servers have plenty of capacity
17:48<laser`>So when you do need to burst to higher usage, you'll get better performance
17:49<Arandoler>I understand that I just want to make sure I can spin up more "nodes" in case I need them and just pay for that.. but Learner has tol dme how.. Create a script that's triggered upon reaching capacity, Spin Up / copy an image to a new node and node balance them, destroy upon traffic lowearge
17:49<laser`>Basically yes
17:49<Arandoler>and this works?
17:49<laser`>as long as your app is capable of scaling horizontally like that
17:49<laser`>That is Cloud Architecture 101 :)
17:50<Arandoler>I am new to cloud
17:50<Arandoler>im oldschool dedicated
17:50<laser`>If you've got a SQL app your persistance layer is going to be a bit different
17:50<learner>Arandoler, even with dedicated this works
17:50<laser`>because you want to share state between the servers
17:50<learner>imagine you have a robot that brings dedicated servers up upon need, and you call it via an API
17:51<Arandoler>I need to find out if my app can scale horizontally then
17:51<laser`>What I normally build when I'm doing an app that needs to scale horizontally is to have a server (or cluster) which is just your persistance layer which are always running
17:51<Arandoler>ok, ... ?
17:51<laser`>And then the web component has no state, so you can add/remove them at will without losing data
17:51<learner>Arandoler, you need to worry about 3 things
17:51<laser`>If your database is on the same box, when you scale up, then you have 2 databases which need to stay in sync. And if you scale down, you end up destroying one of the databases, so you lose data.
17:52<Arandoler>right, so that's not good
17:52<Arandoler>should I get two nodes?
17:52<laser`>So you need to make the component that scales stateless
17:52<Arandoler>one for web app one for SQL
17:52<learner>1. database persistence (login, tokens, sessions) 2. state persistence 3. load balancing
17:52-!-DougBishop [~textual@] has quit [Quit: My MacBook Pro has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
17:52<laser`>That's one way of doing it, yes
17:53<laser`>Alternatively, you could just try deploying to one node right now, don't worry about horizontal scaling and see if Linode outperforms your dedicated server
17:53<Arandoler>I wodner if one of the small nodes (cheaper) would be good enough to host just SQL
17:53<laser`>It depends on what your SQL load looks like
17:53<Arandoler>I will talk to the dev guys
17:53<learner>Arandoler, why not just multiple linodes for multiple parts of your application?
17:53<Arandoler>he says I should be fine
17:54<dzho>Arandoler: the thing to keep in mind is that you can try it and if you guess wrong about the size, you then aren't stuck with hardware that is too small or too big
17:54<learner>use a linode for your db, scale that horizontally if the load gets heavier on db front
17:54<Arandoler>I want to save money too, I dont mind paying 1000 a month IF NEEDED that would mean im making the money you know what i mean?
17:54<learner>and get another for web app, and scale that horizontally if it gets heavier on the app front
17:54<learner>it'll work otu cheaper and more cost-effective
17:55<learner>and it'll be easier to scale too
17:55<learner>separation of concerns is key
17:55<Arandoler>got it!
17:55<ytsejam>learner, I got the certificate and key I changed the ones in my site and they are in ssl config but now nginx does not restart and I cant see where is the error when I check with systemctl status nginx.service any ideas?
17:55<Arandoler>Guys thank you so much
17:55<learner>Arandoler, i really recommend that you read this page
17:56<learner>even if you don't understand the programming side of it, get the phillosophy
17:56<Arandoler>I understand I can picture it in my head
17:56<learner>ytsejam, pastebin nginx -t
17:56<Arandoler>I will go now. Thank you again
17:56<Arandoler>going to read the article
17:57<Arandoler>so helpful friends. Thank you
17:57-!-Arandoler [] has left #linode []
17:58-!-Pupeno_ [] has joined #linode
18:02<ytsejam>learner ty it was complaining about the line /etc/nginx/logs
18:02<ytsejam>started to work again
18:02<learner>ytsejam, awesome
18:03<ytsejam>this is green now
18:03-!-Pupeno [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:04<ytsejam>it was working with a yellowish notification
18:04<learner>ytsejam, move all those js declarations to the end of body
18:05<learner>no js should load in header
18:06<ytsejam>learner , it is a mybb forum , now I am converting template to main site
18:06<learner>even non-crucial css should be added via jquery later
18:06-!-Pereba [] has joined #linode
18:06<ytsejam>ok started now I will see in half an hour
18:09-!-mrnegitoro [] has joined #linode
18:10<mrnegitoro>Hi! Is there a support chat that I can talk to someone about my plan?
18:10<+linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient!
18:11-!-Pupeno_ [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:11<mrnegitoro>I have a Linode 2048, I'm wondering what that equates to under the new plan structure.
18:11<Kyhwana>mrnegitoro: A linode 2048 (2GB)
18:12<Peng>mrnegitoro: How much are you paying for it? Is there a button in the manager saying you have free upgrades available?
18:12<@drussell>mrnegitoro: You're probably on the legacy plans, which means you don't actually have the same plan as any of the ones on the Pricing page.
18:12<mrnegitoro>I'm being charged $40 a month
18:12-!-Pupeno [] has joined #linode
18:12<mrnegitoro>@drussell Yes I am
18:12<@drussell>mrnegitoro: Then your upgrade would bring you to the 4GB Linode plan ($40 /mo) but you have to take the upgrade first from the right-hand sidebar of the Linode dashboard.
18:13<MajObviousman>so, not a fan of google domains so far
18:13<@drussell>You'll also be migrated to our new SSD platform.
18:13<MajObviousman>A record is taking a long time to get added
18:13<Kyhwana>mrnegitoro: Then you have a free upgrade, check in the manager for that node and there should be an upgrade button. (requires reboot etc) That will upgrade it to a Linode 4GB
18:13<mrnegitoro>I actually want to downgrade
18:14<@drussell>You'll need to upgrade, then downgrade.
18:14<Kyhwana>Or you can "downgrade" to paying $20 for it, but i'm not sure if you have to do a "side grade" to the new hardware, but for still 2GB, etc
18:14<Kyhwana>what drussell said
18:14<mrnegitoro>Thanks for the help! I will do that (upgrade/downgrade)
18:14<@drussell>Or, actually, if you open a support ticket I'll do the downgrade for you manually and bring you over to the SSD platform. <3
18:14<@drussell>That way you only have one migration
18:14<mrnegitoro>I can do it
18:14<Peng>mrnegitoro: You want less disk space and transfer?
18:14<mrnegitoro>oh right
18:15<mrnegitoro>Peng: Yes
18:20-!-Pereba [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:25<MajObviousman>hmm, the boot command in lish is a tad ... funny
18:25-!-laser` [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
18:28<Peng>funny, you say?
18:28<akerl>You type boot -> it boots
18:29<Peng>if I type "boots" will Linode send me a pair of green wellies?
18:29*MajObviousman tried to "boot <profilename>" and it whined at me
18:30<retro|blah>no vend
18:30<Nivex>!help vend
18:30<+linbot>Nivex: (vend <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "do smacks you".
18:31-!-silphium [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:31<retro|blah>Probably missing a channel param
18:31<Nivex>it said it wouldn't because I wasn't registered
18:31<Nivex>I haven't ident'd to the bot lately
18:35<@drussell>!vend Nivex
18:35*linbot smacks you
18:36<+linbot>Nivex: urmom is so fat, even her jokes cant fly. (837:9/1) [ommur]
18:38<MajObviousman>so when I do an `ip addr show` I get a pileton of extraneous devices
18:38*MajObviousman is rolling a new install of Arch btw
18:38<MajObviousman>any reason to keep any of these?
18:38-!-silphium [] has joined #linode
18:40-!-silphium [] has quit []
18:41<ytsejam>MajObviousman, Arch +1 , I will have to upgrade mine to 64bit btw
18:41<akerl>MajObviousman: Like what?
18:42<Peng>MajObviousman: You mean all the sit0 and stuff? It's just an artifact of obscure stuff being compiled into Linode's kernel instead of being non-loaded modules.
18:43<MajObviousman>teql0, tun0, gre0, gretap0, ip_vti0, ip6_vti0, sit0, ip6tnl0, ip6gre0
18:43<MajObviousman>I might use one of those, eventually?
18:43<Peng>The point is your kernel supports it.
18:44<MajObviousman>"my" kernel
18:45<mrnegitoro>Me again! I can't seem to find a guide to copy my data from an existing linode to a new deployment as suggested here: (under Considerations)
18:47-!-arooni-mobile [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
18:53<akerl>mrnegitoro: That's because it depends on your data
18:58-!-arooni-mobile [~arooni-mo@] has joined #linode
18:59-!-Pupeno_ [] has joined #linode
19:02-!-niemeyer [~niemeyer@] has joined #linode
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19:10-!-bbankes [] has joined #linode
19:14-!-PlasmaDu_ [] has joined #linode
19:15-!-mib_wz327ve [] has joined #linode
19:17-!-PlasmaDu_ [] has quit []
19:18-!-Medic [] has joined #linode
19:18-!-sorch [] has joined #linode
19:18<Medic>does anyone know how to configure a nodebalancer
19:18<mib_wz327ve>drussell, you there..?
19:20<ytsejam>I upgraded my site thank you
19:20<@drussell>I am always here mib_wz327ve
19:20<mib_wz327ve>drussell: PM..?
19:20<@jfred>Medic: I'd suggest taking a look at the getting started guide first -
19:20<@drussell>Sure, why not.
19:20-!-tusk_ [] has joined #linode
19:21<Nivex>drussell: ITYM
19:22<@drussell>Idk what ITYM means, but that's odd.
19:22-!-sorch [] has quit []
19:23-!-mode/#linode [-b cooldude*!*@*] by drussell
19:23<@drussell>mib_wz327ve: Sorted.
19:23<Nivex>ITYM = I Think You Mean
19:23<mib_wz327ve>drussell: k
19:23-!-ryush00 [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
19:23-!-cooldude [] has joined #linode
19:23<@drussell>Nivex: Ah, okay.
19:23<Nivex>when you're done watching Looney Tunes, go watch Babylon 5
19:23-!-mib_wz327ve [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
19:24<cooldude>drussell, still look in PM for a bit
19:25<@drussell>Lol Nivex
19:25<@drussell>Nivex: Should I hilight on youngin now? :P
19:30-!-Medic [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
19:31-!-Medic [] has joined #linode
19:41-!-sorch [] has joined #linode
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19:43-!-Medic [] has joined #linode
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20:02-!-steveski [] has joined #linode
20:06<HoopyCat>a document about booting:
20:10<akerl>Tangental: I highly recommend anybody remotely interested in development or sysops take the time to learn how to build a kernel / initrd / really simple "hello world" init
20:10-!-Medic [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:11-!-Medic [] has joined #linode
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20:26<MotoHoss>HoopyCat, thank you for that distraction... I didn't want to redo all my rsync schedules anyway.
20:27<HoopyCat>MotoHoss: you're welcome!
20:29-!-Pupeno_ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
20:29-!-Medic [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:30-!-Medic [] has joined #linode
20:31<MotoHoss>HoopyCat, That article reminds me(rather elegantly) how simple complexity can really be.
20:38-!-Medic [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:39-!-Medic [] has joined #linode
20:46-!-steveski [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
20:47<HoopyCat>MotoHoss: wait until you read about how reboots are handled! you'd be amazed how complex simplicity can be...
20:48<akerl>I was very glad to learn how easy they are on Linode :P
20:49<akerl>Though I *also* learned that the Linux kernel has a path coded into it that it expects a reboot binary to exist at
20:49<akerl>cat /proc/sys/kernel/poweroff_cmd
20:50<HoopyCat>a little subsystem i'm working on has a delightful way of rebooting: stop handling interrupts and wait for the next subsystem up the chain to time out, which will cause a fault to propagate up to the software, which will bounce my reset line and reset everything else :-)
20:52<HoopyCat>only things that can go wrong are hardware failure below me or bad configuration from above me. i can't do shit about #1, i can't do shit about #2, so i just stick my thumb up my butt until everyone else falls apart too
20:53<HoopyCat>(the system design document is worded a little differently.)
21:05-!-lakridserne [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:07-!-DrJ- [~w@] has joined #linode
21:09<MotoHoss>sounds like semantics.
21:09<MotoHoss>or relativity.
21:11-!-DrJ [~w@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:13-!-kaare_ [~kaare@] has joined #linode
21:15<zifnab>mmm rsyncing to nfs
21:16<zifnab>so fucking slow
21:20-!-anuvrat [~chatzilla@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
21:21-!-anuvrat [~chatzilla@] has joined #linode
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21:36-!-cooldude [] has joined #linode
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21:56<+linbot>New news from forum: To VPN or not to VPN... in General Discussion <>
21:58-!-tcpdump [~tcpdump@2602:ffda:da:2:216:3eff:feae:d69c] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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22:02-!-Dedalo [] has joined #linode
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22:15-!-cooldude [] has joined #linode
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22:19-!-cps_ is now known as cps
22:19-!-cloudmiami [] has joined #linode
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22:27<MotoHoss>One finds over time a misplaced wild card in a logrotate config file is painful, in direct proportion to the amount of time it ran undetected.
22:29<MotoHoss>bash: /bin/rm: Argument list too long
22:31-!-cloudmiami [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
22:31-!-kaare_ [~kaare@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:32<akerl>MotoHoss: find -delete bro
22:33<MotoHoss>Bless you!(or whatever it is you think is nice...) thank you.
22:34<MotoHoss>Seems I can't find find in my memory, lol... it is a handy tool.
22:38-!-cps_ [] has joined #linode
22:38-!-cps [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
22:38-!-cps_ is now known as cps
22:43-!-cooldude [] has joined #linode
22:47<MotoHoss>I have to laugh.... "Display all 785665 possibilities?" (<btw> that is for just one of the 7 different files thast were supposed to be rotted properly.....)
22:47<MotoHoss>s/rotted/rotated same diff. :)
22:50<Peng>I'm impressed your shell didn't just barf trying to tab complete
22:55<MotoHoss>me2 😏 good ole bash, intel cpu ,6gb ram... and a debian kernel... I claim no part in it except the foobar conf file that caused it.
23:02<dwfreed>MotoHoss: logrotate will automatically delete old files
23:02<dwfreed>unless you really messed something up
23:06<Peng>dwfreed: well, MotoHoss said there was a typo
23:07<MotoHoss>I really messed it up... there's at least 5499655 files in that directory....
23:07<MajObviousman>that's ... a lot
23:09<MotoHoss>sad part is it has been foobar'd since the spring(2014)... and I just now noticed...
23:10<Peng>run out of disk space?
23:10<MotoHoss>RAM.... logrotate was using 1.4GB... in one process...
23:12<Peng>hahahaha, that's awful. I guess logrotate's designers didn't anticipate *that* one.
23:12<Peng>No harm done, I hope?
23:13<MotoHoss>no real harm... my pride will heal.
23:15<Peng>There you go, then. :)
23:15<MotoHoss>Proves to me that if you futz with these things you need to pay attention to _every detail. 😏
23:16<Peng>You might be embarrassed, but it didn't do any harm, and it's so absurd it's kind of funny, so all's well that ends well.
23:17<MotoHoss>exactly... the robustness linux in general speaks well in this case.
23:29<+linbot>New news from forum: Linode Alert - outbound traffic rate in General Discussion <>
23:44<MotoHoss>23 minutes to delete 785665 files with find ....
23:47-!-RumpledElf [] has joined #linode
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