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00:17<esskay>is it possible to upgrade linode from 12.10 to 14.04 directly?
00:18<ctpdump>assuming you have a backup and can restore it should anything go wrong, yes: "do-release-upgrade"
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00:24<esskay>that only returns "New release '13.10' available."
00:24<esskay>seems like one can't upgrade directly to 14.04 from 12.10
00:25<esskay>btw, approx how much time does it take to upgrade from one version to the other on linode?
00:33<JamesTK>depends on a number of veriables
00:33<JamesTK>can't really make a prediction
00:36<zifnab>question: whats the best way to timout connections in nginx
00:37<zifnab>assumption: i have an API that has a shitty client hitting it that isn't calling close() on its socket
00:37<JamesTK>pkill nginx
00:37<JamesTK>disable keepalives?
00:37<JamesTK>or shorten them
00:38<zifnab>thats what i was looking for, just wasn't sure what it was called
00:38<JamesTK>% yes
00:44<Eugene>zifnab - who is tim?
00:44<zifnab>Eugene: what
00:44<zifnab>oh timout
00:44<zifnab>Eugene: i had about 5 hours of sleep last night, haven't been able to fall back asleep yet
00:45<zifnab>i have sleeping meds somewhere, but i'm on call through tomorrow
00:48<zifnab>unrelated, gonna go hunting for this tomorrow night:
00:48<zifnab>it shoots foam balls at 70mph
00:49<Ikaros>Foam or not, at that velocity that'll still sting.
00:54<zifnab>thats the point
00:54<zifnab>tired of all the painfully modified guns at work
00:55<zifnab>replace a few springs and normal nerf guns hurt
00:57<zifnab>about to sleep, so here's a photo of rediculous england orange juice:
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01:41<Eugene>Ooooh, it's a bullpup design
01:42<Peng>English people don't know what orange pulp is?
01:46<dcraig>juicy bits sound a lot more appetizing than pulp
01:46<dcraig>or is it appetising?
01:47<Peng>Not to me. I'm used to "pulp", so "juicy bits" just sounds ridiculous.
01:49<dcraig>well... I would buy a london linode if it came with juicy bits
01:52<Peng>me too, but I wouldn't drink them
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02:00<dcraig>nothin' like a tall glass of linode
02:05<Ikaros>Is that so
02:15<dcraig>Ikaros, I drink your linode
02:18<Ikaros>lol I can't come up with a response to that
02:41<SelfishMan>zifnab: The rival is some serious nerf action. I think I just got them banned (again) at my office
02:41<zifnab> i dont' want them to get banned
02:41<zifnab>i'm usually the one starting shit
02:41<SelfishMan>I tend to go for kill shots. Center mass or head shot. I also don't miss...
02:42<zifnab>i normally accidentily hit people in the head
02:42<SelfishMan>psshhh...accident. go balls deep yo
02:45<zifnab>well its a combination of shitty gun i took from the wall of guns
02:45<zifnab>and shitty darts we ordered in bulk from china
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03:26<dcraig>how about doing work when you're at work
03:26<dcraig>anyone ever try that?
03:28<internat>thats crazy talk
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03:33<Peng>has anyone lost an eye yet or do you all work with PPE? o_o
03:38<dcraig>I have blue tinted safety glasses
03:41<Peng>very cyberpunk
03:41<Peng>now you just need a dyed mohawk and a leather jacket
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04:02<macsoft>sup guys
04:03<macsoft>quick question
04:04<macsoft>how can i give grant my apache username permission to modify edit delete all files included in public_html
04:09<Peng>chmod and/or chown
04:09<Peng>why do you want to do that ;_;
04:09<Peng>if you say "WordPress" I will cry
04:10<rsdehart>Peng: prepare to cry
04:10*rsdehart hands Peng a box of tissues
04:11*Peng sharpens spoon, opens ice cream
04:11*Peng opens box wine
04:13<macsoft>Peng i'm installing opencart
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04:13<macsoft>when i try to edit modules from admin section i get permission denied error
04:15<macsoft>thats why i'm trying to find a way to grant myself access to edit modify subfolders files in public_html in a secure way
04:15<macsoft>thru admin panel
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04:28<macsoft>any ideas?
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08:27<squidly>Is there sn issue with IPV6 and remote tunnles?
08:27<akerl>I heard they have a beef with Trump
08:27<squidly>so what would that have to do with
08:28<akerl>Having a beef with Trump?
08:28<akerl>I imagine it would cause them to get rude tweets and media coverage
08:29<squidly>I ask wtf does that have to do with a routing issue?
08:30<akerl>But for reals, you're gonna need to be more specific
08:31<squidly>well I'm having a general slowdown between my home IPv6 net and my Linode
08:34<Peng>THat sucks, but it's unlikely to be Linode's fault.
08:34<Peng>If HE or another backbone ISP is having problems, ~shrug~
08:34<squidly>I'm not saying that I was wondering if there was a known or new issue between them
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10:29<Pici>Just saw a weird spike in packet loss between two of my linodes, both in Newark.
10:30<Pici>I was just about to put a ticket in, but it looks like it may have resolved itself
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10:33<SelfishMan>someone must be hosting in Newark
10:37<jetlag>I can't reach newark at all.
10:37<akerl>Not surprising
10:38<dataiv>i have access again, was seeing packet loss and high pings for about 5 minutes but it was restored about 5 minutes ago
10:41<jetlag>So that stock market, huh.
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11:20<tonyyarusso>jetlag: Remember when a 100-point change was front-page news?
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12:04<jetlag>So my node doesn't appear to be on the internet, but I can lish into it. Should I reboot?
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12:21<gbti>I'm wondering for how long Linode started to keep backup snapshots saved for disabled backup services?
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12:41<jetlag>reboot did the trick
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13:32<Michel_>Buenos días
13:33<Michel_>I need your help!
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13:40<sp_>hola Michel
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14:20<dand>how can I see the current used bandwidth on ubuntu 14.04?
14:21<dand>caker: looking thanks
14:21<dand>is there something I can use now without installing something new?
14:21<dand>I'll install it later when I won't have 500 users online :)
14:21<akerl> /proc ?
14:22<dand>akerl: how can I use /proc?
14:22<akerl>It's a filesystem, find the file that shows network activity, check it once, count to 10, check it again
14:22<akerl>do some math
14:25<dand>what are my options for large storage combined with linode?
14:26<dand>s3 and similar has reasonable storage prices but bandwidth prices are huge
14:26<akerl>S3 is pretty solid
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14:26<akerl>Your options basically amount to "put the data elsewhere", and for most definitions of elsewhere, the transfer will cost money
14:27<akerl>CDNs are nice if you're just trying to serve the data to folks anyways, since you cut out a lot of round trips
14:27<dand>akerl: yes but S3/google compute network prices are a problem
14:27<praetorian>how much data are you looking at using?
14:27<praetorian>bandwidth wise.
14:27<dand>object storage service in linode will be nice :)
14:27<praetorian>dand: it already exists.
14:28<dand>praetorian: ?
14:28<praetorian>and you can a free linux kernel with it
14:29<dand>maybe store stuff in S3 and have linode act as a cache?
14:29<dand>is there something that knows to do it?
14:29<praetorian>i would suggest you dont want to do that.
14:29<praetorian>can i ask two questions?
14:29<praetorian>- do you want to serve content directory to the user
14:29<praetorian>- how much data in GB or TB or are you looking at sending out?
14:30<praetorian>caker: p.s. hi! i'm watching planes take off :D
14:30<dand>I have two use cases, one is to send content directly to the user
14:31<dand>the other is to store raw files that the server might need
14:31<dand>I need around 10TB of storage, maybe 1TB of network each month
14:32<praetorian>Use S3.
14:32<praetorian>and a combination of cloudfront if you want faster edge-to-edge download times
14:32<praetorian>your network usage each much is a pityful amount.
14:32<kcaj>Guys, I've heard there is Linode swag available
14:32<kcaj>Where can I purchase
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14:33<dand>praetorian: the network will increase over time and 0.1$/GB is too high
14:33<praetorian>0.1$ GB?!
14:33<dand>transfer in S3
14:33<dand>or 0.08$
14:34<arlen>kcaj: open a ticket asking for some
14:34<praetorian>at the economies we are talking about. 0.1 and 0.08 are two different figures.
14:35<praetorian>dand: what price range are you looking for?
14:42<praetorian>dand: anyway. s3 is your best option. besides that, your disk storage needs are insane. I would doubt linode could have a product with a cheaper price point than s3 in this regard.
14:42<praetorian>caker can prove me wrong, but i dont believe they have the volume to make sure a cost.
14:43<Peng>praetorian: A Linode-internal product would save transfer costs, though.
14:43<praetorian>true. but doesnt meet his use case
14:44<praetorian>also, linode still haven't used their ip block assigned for anycast. maybe that is the next product out.
14:44*caker is working on cakercast
14:44<praetorian>caker: all caker all the time?
14:44<kcaj>That sounds like a globally redundant cake snacking product
14:45<ericoc>cloud cakes!
14:45<kcaj>dand: What region are you looking to store items in?
14:46<praetorian>ericoc: how's orange country?
14:46<ericoc>orange country?
14:46*praetorian headdesks
14:46<praetorian>ericoc: "OC" :) it's umm.. umm.. never mind
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15:11<Guest3456>Can I get two network adapters on a single node?
15:12<@caker>Not out to the network, but you can use tuntaps or dummy interfaces, etc
15:12<@caker>I didn't say that right.
15:12<@caker>Not multiple eth devices, but you can make plenty of virtual devices -- tuntaps, dummy, place them onto a bridge, add eth0, and everyone's happy.
15:13<Guest3456>ok thanks.
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15:14<Eugene>Sushi is fish cake
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15:15<MsRuiz>buenos días
15:15<MsRuiz>Quiero adquirir un plan linido 4gb
15:16<MsRuiz>como hago?
15:16<kcaj>E N G L I S H
15:16<MsRuiz>Hi, I need to purchase Linode VPS 4gb
15:16<MsRuiz>How may i get it?
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15:17<MsRuiz>So, i need to create an account there?
15:17<kcaj>Of course
15:17<MsRuiz>does Linode have spanish support?
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15:41<Peng>kcaj: I don't think speaking louder helps people understand English on IRC
15:43*kcaj shrugs
15:43<Nivex>I was able to fumble through most of that until I got to "hago"
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16:01<Nivex>Ich hab zewi jahr Deutsch im oberschule gelernt.
16:03<SNy>Naja, fast, Nivex.
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16:35<dand>kcaj: europe and usa
16:36<kcaj>dand: Scaleway have an S3 product hosted at their Paris data centre. Object storage is replicated 3 times, pricing is $0.02/GB.
16:37<kcaj>RunAbove (an OVH brand) has an OpenStack object storage product located at their Strasbourg (France) and Beauharnois (Canada) data centres, storage is replicated 3 times and costs €0.01/GB. Outbound transfer is €0.01/GB.
16:38<kcaj>I should mention, all data transfer is free on the Scaleway S3 product and can be used as a public facing CDN etc.
16:40<dand>kcaj: unlimited transfer doesn't seems reasonable :)
16:41<Peng>OVH uses quantum physics
16:43<kcaj>The unlimited outbound transfer is free on the Scaleway product, a brand of
16:43<kcaj>They have like 800Gb/s of transit at their Paris DC
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17:16<Smarter>Has anyone tried out ECManaged ( with any success?
17:20<akerl>this has to be satire
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17:25<Smarter>I am not having much luck with it =\
17:26<akerl>Is this one of those services where you give them total access to your hosting account and they set up a bunch of stuff and then you hope that you never have to check the underlying config because they make it really complicated
17:27<Smarter>No, it's a quite impressive platform from what i've been experimenting with.
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17:28<Smarter>It's poorly documented, as it's a small startup.
17:28<akerl>So how do you get their stuff running on your servers?
17:28<Smarter>It's API/SSH Based integration, they can provide auto-scaling capabilities for Linode.
17:29<Smarter>they have a Longview like monitoring system that can trigger a host of things.
17:29<Smarter>But I haven't been able to get anything working quite yet.
17:29<akerl>So you give them an API key and they set up your account w/ that?
17:29<akerl>So, it's what I said earlier
17:29<akerl>Is this one of those services where you give them total access to your hosting account and they set
17:29<akerl>up a bunch of stuff and then you hope that you never have to check the underlying config because they make it really
17:29<Smarter>Well, I find it mostly simple, but lack documentation.
17:30<Smarter>As in, you have I guess what they call Recipes, which are StackScript or that "P" named one.
17:30<akerl>Have you tried logging in to one of the Linodes they configured and manually tweaking something?
17:30<Peng>Smarter: Puppet?
17:30<Smarter>Then you have Scripts that can be in any language, Perl, PHP, Bash, Powerscript etc.
17:30<Smarter>Puppet yes.
17:30<Smarter>Then you have all these variables they provide.
17:30<Smarter>I am monkeying with scaling a galera cluster.
17:30<Smarter>On Linode.
17:30-!-EyePulp [~EyePulp@2604:2d80:8002:801d:99d:a9af:518b:b72d] has joined #linode
17:31<rnowak>master master for everyone!
17:32<Smarter>So essentially, when my Linode hits 80%, it will use a Backup Image (clone) of my Primary Node, then it updates the config with the new Local IP Information Linodes API shoots to EC and they give me in a simple variable I plug into the updated config.
17:32<Smarter>Then it kicks it on and syncs it up.
17:32-!-RumpledElf [] has joined #linode
17:32<Smarter>And then scales back down when the load is under.
17:32<Smarter>I have that working decently thus far, but anything more complicated I've been flying blind.
17:37<ctpdump>don't you love these magic things. who cares about any sort of security, especially these days with all the news, it only happens to others
17:38-!-EyePulp [~EyePulp@2604:2d80:8002:801d:99d:a9af:518b:b72d] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:39<ctpdump>but then again, people need to learn the hard way how things work
17:41<Eugene>TOTP Captcha: 404503
17:41<Eugene>Story of my day :-/
17:42<Smarter>Lol, I need a method of Autoscaling our Galera Cluster @ Work.
17:42<Smarter>I'm getting near ready to do anything.
17:46<akerl>Sounds like something you should use the API for
17:52<Smarter>That would require me to build something.
17:52<Smarter>I need a point and click service.
17:52<Smarter>I wish Linode offered such things like Azure does.
17:52<akerl>Yea, see, that's what I'm talking about
17:52<akerl>You're setting yourself up to crash and burn
17:53-!-WedTM [] has joined #linode
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17:53<Smarter>Well right now we run 4 x Nodes + 1 x NodeBalancer per company, and it's burning $$s.
17:53<Smarter>For 3 companies.
17:53<Smarter>And they're up 24/7/365.
17:53<Smarter>When we realistically only need them for 11-6PM EST, M-F.
17:53<Smarter>Otherwise 1 per company will do.
17:54<akerl>Yes, I understand the use case
17:54<akerl>I mean that outsourcing how your systems work is how you shoot yourself in the foot
17:54<Smarter>I suppose, but I would settle for somewhere in the middle.
17:55<Smarter>I could do without my pinky-toe if it saved us a decent amount =D.
17:57-!-ViciousPariah [] has joined #linode
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19:03-!-richard [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
19:04<richard>hi, does linode have a way to automatically upgrade a linode if it reaches pre-specified limits such as 1GB away from the max TB bandwidth quota?
19:04<kcaj>richard: how many Linodes do you have?
19:05<Kyhwana>richard: nope
19:05<richard>for example if a 8gb linode reaches 7.9TB band then have it automatically upgrade to a 16gb linode?
19:05<richard>i dont have any linodes, i am working out budgetary requirements for my project
19:05<akerl>A) that's transfer, not bandwidth, B) why not just let the overage fee kick in
19:06<kcaj>akerl Rarely do I meet somebody who knows the difference between bandwidth and transfer
19:06*kcaj applauds akerl
19:06<richard>$0.02 per GB overage == $20 per TB per month but if the band gets exceeded ( particularly if a smaller linode gets super popular super fast ) then other resources like cpu/ram would need ot be upgraded to handle the increased popularity
19:06-!-Sputnik7 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:06<akerl>richard: That's possible but not definitive
19:07-!-EyePulp [~EyePulp@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
19:07<akerl>CPU/RAM usage probably does scale somewhat connected to *bandwidth*, but not transfer
19:07-!-steveski [] has joined #linode
19:08<akerl>And in that case, you're far better off triggering scaling on the resource you're actually exhausting
19:08<synapt>depends if you're image heavy
19:08<akerl>something somethign CDN
19:08<synapt>one of my older client sites does something like a good 1-3k hits a minute depending on the time of day, resource-wise I could PROBABLY fit it on a 4G linode, but it does 10+ TB a month
19:09<richard>i am just concerned about starting small then all of the sudden get a huge jump in popularity for my project. if i start with say a 2GB linode then i get a massive surge of interest -- then i'd want tp upgrade to get the extra ram and cpu to help faciliate them
19:09<kcaj>richard: The Linode Manager has a setting you can configure to send you an email aletr when you hit X% transfer.
19:10<kcaj>Also it may be useful to know that transfer is pooled across your Linode account.
19:10<Kyhwana>richard: looked at a CDN like cloudflare, etc?
19:10<kcaj>Eew the C-word
19:10<Kyhwana>kcaj: better than the A word
19:10<richard>kcaj: Awesome :-) is there a demo or wiki on the site to showcase the various options in the linode manager so I can get a general idea on what to expect while i'm deciding on my budget for my project?
19:11<kcaj>richard: I'd say put $10 in and play about with it for yourself. But there is a setting you can configure per Linode, to send you an email when you hit a certain % of transfer usage. You can configure the % at which the email is triggered.
19:11<richard>what is clousflare? ( note i've never used lcoud before, i've always been a dedicated or co-lo guy )
19:11-!-kmcguire [] has quit []
19:12<richard>kcaj: i think i'll take your advise and do the $10 for a while to get the hang of things, is there a doc for setting up the o/s and security options that you guys can point me to?
19:14<richard>also what do you mean about pooling the transfer across the account? ( are you saying if i have more than 1 linode then all the transfer alowaces are added up and whichever linodes gets all the band gets all the band before i get overage charges or ? )
19:14<akerl>and yes
19:14<kcaj>richard Pretty much that yes.
19:15<richard>that's super awesome :-D
19:15<richard>so if i have 10 linodes but 1 of then can use the band of the other 9, sweet ^^
19:16<staticsafe>its ok akerl
19:17<kcaj>staticsafe: *It's, you'll upset him.
19:18<richard>akerl: is cloudflare a competetor of linode ?
19:18<kcaj>Completely different product.
19:18<kcaj>It's a proxy, for your website. It will sit between your Linode and your visitors, if you opt to use it.
19:18<richard>i'll look into them, thanks
19:18<richard>oh you mean like a secondary dns or something?
19:20<kcaj>They do DNS hosting.
19:20<kcaj>But in addition, they'll route your website traffic via their servers and cache it for you.
19:20<richard>just read that part on the wikipedia, rock on
19:22<richard>btw, i just read the blog on the new frankfurt dc; it uses DDR4 ram; do all the other dc's use ddr4 or do some use ddr3?
19:23<kcaj>Pure guess: I'd say some of the nodes in the legacy locations have ddr4.
19:23<akerl>I'm always a bit intrigued when people hosting on VMs are concerned with the particular bits of hardware
19:24<Celti>I think all KVM Linodes are on basically the same hardware
19:24<arlen>it's all cookies and milk
19:24<akerl>The whole idea is that you get a chunk of cloudstuff and benchmark it for your particular task; if you had to give a shit about the underlying metal, what's the point
19:24<kcaj>Celti Some are using E5-2680 v2 and others E5-2680 v3
19:24<arlen>whoa a v upgrade
19:25<kcaj>The v3 benches faster for me.
19:25<arlen>it better
19:25<arlen>or else
19:25-!-Sputnik7 [] has joined #linode
19:25<richard>fine-tuning for band intensive tasks is pretty important for some projects such as multi-player or if you get very large databases
19:26-!-CoMa [] has quit []
19:26-!-lobstar1 [~xanax`] has joined #linode
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19:26<akerl>That's why I suggested you benchmark
19:26-!-Ikaros [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:27<richard>i agree with you akerl; i have no idea how to benkmark a cloud server; can you suggest a good package ? ( ubuntu or cent )
19:27<akerl>It doesn't matter if it's DDR2 or DDR20, there's a layer between the metal and you, which is why you're paying a premium over the cost of the metal, so why bother imagining what the metal's perf is when you're getting the perf provided by the layer on top?
19:27<akerl>Set up your services, slam them with the kind of traffic they'll get in production, see what falls over
19:27<akerl>If nothing fell over, you didn't slam them hard enough
19:28<richard>well... that'll do it
19:28<richard>good point about the underlying hardware
19:30<richard>on this blog here:
19:31<richard>do all linodes come with KVM by default or is it based on dc?
19:31<akerl>Did... you read the post?
19:31<richard>"In your Account Settings you can set ‘Hypervisor Preference’ to KVM. After that, any new Linodes you create will be KVM." answered my own question, sorry
19:31<richard>i just got to that part lol xD
19:32<kcaj>Just stick with KVM.
19:32<richard>sorry, i'm getting pretty excited, i'll start off with the $10 linode and start getting my feet wet, many thanks for all your help everyone
19:32<kcaj>Xen will vanish from Linode over time.
19:33-!-steveski [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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19:48-!-ali [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
19:48<kcaj>Hi ali
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21:01<akerl>"Why is this message in Spam? We've found that lots of messages from are spam" heh
21:02<arlen>fried with bacon
21:05-!-rabbitheart [~winry@2600:3c03::f03c:91ff:fe98:5aba] has joined #linode
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21:39-!-JordanJ2 is "Jordan" on #linode # @+#Yoda #linux #oftc #help
21:39<JordanJ2>Can I get a london test ip?
21:40<dcraig>and how!
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22:19<zifnab>any idea why a linode wouldn't be working with vpnc?
22:20<zifnab>oh got it nevermind
22:20<zifnab>i'm an idiot
22:21-!-selsta [] has joined #linode
22:26-!-luigiman [] has joined #linode
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22:39<zifnab>to avoid the 'forum problem' of 'i fixed my problem,thanksguys' - i had the wrong psk
22:46-!-therock247uk [] has quit []
22:47-!-Sputnik7 [] has quit [Quit: -=SysReset 2.53=-]
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22:53<dcraig>anyone know how to get vpnc working? I've been searching chat logs for help
22:56-!-MatthewH12 [] has joined #linode
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23:02-!-kaare_ [~kaare@] has joined #linode
23:05<ctpdump>is there any way I could automat a drag&drop in xfce? (eg: select some files in the file manager and drop them in firefox)
23:05<Woet>what are you actually trying to do?
23:06*Kyhwana headtilts
23:06<ctpdump>I'm semi ashamed to say but I'm backing up some files to onedrive for business
23:06<ctpdump>and drag&drop into a browser window is the only way to do it
23:06<Kyhwana>Hey, at least you're doing backups
23:07<ctpdump>onedrive != onedrive for business (which is a sharepoint)
23:07<ctpdump>(I'm actually doing long term backups since I have 1TB of free backup space)
23:07<Woet> then?
23:08<ctpdump>I already tried all methods
23:08<Woet>why didn't it work?
23:08<ctpdump>including those that involve powershell under a windows session
23:09<ctpdump>one of the show stoppers was the 2fa
23:09<ctpdump>which is incompatible to pretty much everything apart from web based logins
23:09<ctpdump>including their own powershell admin tasks!
23:09<ctpdump>even mapping a network drive is a pain but that's a different story
23:10<ctpdump>anyhow, coming back to the automatic drag & drop ;)
23:10<Woet>yea, that's gonna be difficult
23:10<@caker> db maint happening in 2 minutes...
23:17<tburke>hooray, another backup failure. fun times :-)
23:19<ctpdump>looks like XDnD may be the answer
23:20-!-ideopathic [] has joined #linode
23:29<zgrep>Aww... I was just about to do stuff... :(
23:29-!-seanh-corona [~Adium@2601:646:8101:3df0:7cb0:605a:c747:e3ee] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
23:42-!-EyePulp [] has joined #linode
23:47<dcraig>when does it end?!?!
23:50-!-Drone4four [] has joined #linode
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