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00:55*CCF slaps caceyjon4s around a bit with a large fishbot
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00:56<Peng>Please don't be violent
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01:48<arlen>so no to irc violence
01:53<Peng>except state op violence
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01:53<Peng>say yes to ops
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02:03<arlen>Peng will lead us to victory
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04:27<CP31>Hi :)
04:27<CP31>First time here, I have a question
04:27<Peng>Ask away
04:28<CP31>My team and I are developing an MMO using Unity, would Linode's $10 service be suitable for us at least for the early stages (testing etc..) ?
04:29<Peng>I don't know. If it doesn't, it's easy to upgrade.
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04:31<arlen>I'll say thanks for him, thanks Peng.
04:37<Peng>You're welcome <3
05:05<getsmart>that's really a general purpose answer. genius
05:05<getsmart>of course it must be based to a general purpose system
05:05<getsmart>on a system may be better even
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05:37<Kumar>can we have multiple domains on a single linode pack??
05:40<synapt>"linode pack"? A linode is otherwise your own server, if you're talking about hosting websites, you could otherwise probably host a thousand domains if you add vhosts for them all in your choice of httpd
05:40<synapt>er your own instance
05:40<Kumar>how to do that (i didn't get that httpd)?
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07:17<MaliutaLap>I'm having a problem with some things not starting because there is not modules.builtin file
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09:00<florian_>hi, i was looking for a sales channel for linode to ask couple pre sales questions
09:16<HoopyCat>florian_: this is the community support channel, which is as close to a sales channel as you'll get on IRC :-)
09:17<HoopyCat>florian_: feel free to ask (many of us have been around long enough to know some of the answers), but if you need official linode response,
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09:18<florian_>sure ,i'll send them an email directly.
09:19<HoopyCat>florian_: you're welcome. have a good one!
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11:37<dzho>tmux fail
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12:50<rebelx>hi any question:) Linode planned restart the server with the IP 212.71.xx.xx should be when?
12:51<rebelx>Came email us a lot of times...
12:52<rebelx>And I read on a forum that also on Monday, tomorrow
12:53<grawity>"a lot of times" is the same time in different timezones
12:55<rebelx>grawity: yes, thanks. so, that restrictions will be from Monday?
12:56<rebelx>grawity: restart physical server(s)
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13:05<Jeremy>Hey guys
13:05-!-Jeremy is now known as Guest826
13:06<Guest826>Does anyone know how long it takes to deploy a linode from API? I'm wondering if it would be a viable alternative to digital oceans
13:13<SleePy>I'm just unlucky with this kvm. Moved from one host to another due to hardware issues and now a scheduled emergency reboot is needed. All in the same month.
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13:23<\\>looks like it
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13:32<\\>ya lol
13:32<\\>something's slowing my irssi client down
13:32<\\>trying to figure otu what it is
13:32<\\>which script
13:33<\\>looks like 0.8.17 broke some scripts as well
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14:37<dzho>seems like a channel with >300 people in it might not be the best place to test?
14:37<dzho>there are probably worse, but still
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14:52<DistantOrigin>This has probably been said 100 times already, but is Atlanta having connectivity problems?
14:57<HoopyCat>Guest826: it's usually pretty darn quick. should be the same as via the dashboard. i haven't timed it in awhile tho.
14:57<HoopyCat>DistantOrigin: you're the first person to mention the word "Atlanta" in at least a day here
15:01<DistantOrigin>Very weird. I can't connect at all to my Linode through multiple sources but the dashboard says it's running. Also doesn't respond to pings and connections from the server to the world have been broken.
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15:02<HoopyCat>DistantOrigin: can you get into it via lish? how does mtr/traceroute look?
15:03<HoopyCat>your finger should be creeping ever closer to the "open a new ticket" button too :-)
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15:06<DistantOrigin>I can get in via lish, but can't connect outside the network.
15:08<HoopyCat>DistantOrigin: ah! so it's probably just you, alas.
15:08*HoopyCat rummages
15:10<HoopyCat>DistantOrigin: 'ip addr' and 'ip route' might be interesting things to check, to ensure you've got the right network config in there. also try pinging your default gateway (fe80::1 for IPv6, your linode's address but with .1 for the last octet for IPv4)
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15:11<HoopyCat>(afk for a bit, fire maintenance)
15:13<DistantOrigin>I figured it out.
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17:10<dcraig>fire maintenance?
17:12<HoopyCat>dcraig: do you think a good grill-roasting fire maintains itself?
17:13<dcraig>ideally, yes
17:14<dcraig>you can automate this
17:14<HoopyCat>there's airvents and charcoal banking and woodchip packets and thigh temperatures and schmaltzfires
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17:15<dcraig>I didn't say it would be easy
17:16<HoopyCat>the hard part by this point is keeping a weber at 325 degrees F after drinking 3 beers/hour for the past two hours
17:16<dcraig>see? it really should be automated
17:16<dcraig>there is too much room for human error here
17:16<HoopyCat>this is a skill, dcraig
17:17<HoopyCat>how do i avoid sustaining serious injury while handling a chicken with a can of boiling genesee cream ale shoved up its
17:17<HoopyCat>hint: practice
17:18<HoopyCat>the sunburn on the soles of my feet is going to be a wicked pisser for the next week tho
17:18<dcraig>you're doing all this without sunscreen?!?!?
17:19<dcraig>I don't even know where to begin
17:19<HoopyCat>dcraig: only way i'm going to be rich is by selling my story to oprah
17:19<dcraig>this entire operation needs shut down
17:19<HoopyCat>dcraig: a tragic story of the first person to have melanoma on the bottom of his feet
17:20<dcraig>hold on let me find my cancer jokes
17:20<HoopyCat>dcraig: now, the part where i handle a charcoal chimney barefoot is a little bit nuts
17:21<dcraig>how much liability insurance do you have
17:22<dcraig>on an unrelated note, 2 of my fremont linodes have scheduled emergency reboots coming up...
17:22<dcraig>are they doing all the fremont ones? or just KVM linodes?
17:22<dcraig>anyone know? :D
17:24<Xel>No idea but mine has one too
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17:24<Xel>What did the fremont staff break?
17:26<dcraig>fremont is the best
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17:33<arlen>fremont bestmont
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17:38<Xel>I love my fremont linode
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18:28<MaliutaLap>We just got notice that 3 of our linodes will be rebooted later this week for maintenance
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18:31<xar>I feel like there might be a question in there somewhere... lol
18:34<MaliutaLap>The bad thing is that it is happening in the middle of the day for us
18:35<retro|blah>No matter when an event is scheduled, it will be happening in the middle of the day for someone.
18:36<arlen>just take a long lunch break
18:37<MaliutaLap>oh, there was an outage? I didn't notice, I was with your wife ;)
18:38<dcraig>MaliutaLap, which datacenter? are these KVM linodes? :D
18:39<xar>drop your ttls, temporarily migrate your workload to a new set of instances, gg you win
18:41<MaliutaLap>dcraig: in freemont and kvm
18:41<dcraig>very interesting
18:43<tonyyarusso>If your applications are critical enough that they can't survived a planned outage, then you darn well better have enough redundancy in place for handling unplanned ones that a planned outage doesn't matter.
18:46<xar>going with a bare-metal solution is another thought, so one isn't subject to the pains of hyp-level incidents
18:46<xar>then again... people are cheap :D
18:47<HoopyCat>MaliutaLap: can you migrate to a new, not-scheduled-for-reboot host ahead of the reboot, at a time of your choosing?
18:48<Celti>I'm in Fremont and I've never had my Linode suffer a maintenance outage except for a) migrating to KVM, and b) that one 'reboot all the hypervisors!' security thing that happened a while back
18:49<tonyyarusso>I've had several (Newark, 8 years), but they're NBD.
18:49<Celti>not that I run anything mission-critical
18:49<Celti>I have IRC, a syncthing node, a VPN endpoint, and random hosted files
18:50<Celti>Oh, Jabber and mail too
18:52<MaliutaLap>HoopyCat: I'll look into that
18:52<xar>so basically, what I said ._.
18:56<MaliutaLap>I can't see an option on the dashboard to migrate hosts, only datacenters
18:57<tonyyarusso>MaliutaLap: You can do it by putting in a ticket though.
18:58<kcaj>What is the reboot for?
18:59<MaliutaLap>kcaj: something about the health of the server it's hosted on and the need for it to be rebooted
18:59<HoopyCat>MaliutaLap: you'd need to open a ticket to ask (or respond to the existing ticket)
19:00<tonyyarusso>Yeah, maintenance tickets rarely give detail about what they're for.
19:00<MaliutaLap>I'll talk to my boss - it would be his call.
19:00<HoopyCat>MaliutaLap: you could also resize the instances in question, which would probably land them on hosts not marked for maintenance (or not)
19:00<MaliutaLap>one of them is our main webserver, another is our redmine server
19:02<+linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • Longview apache tab not working <>
19:04<Eugene>The number of random reboots increases geometrically with the number of LInodes you oversee
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19:44<MJCS>I would like to get nano to open up with numpad support (nano -K) without having to type in -K every time. Can I just add alias nano='nano -K' to my bashrc file or will that cause a loop?
19:45<MaliutaLap>that is a perfectly valid alias - although you could be more correct and put the full path to nano into the alias
19:45<MJCS>thanks. It looks like I can just add set rebindkeypad to .nanorc
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20:09<Kyhwana>hmm, ah. running arpparmor in ubuntu on linode requires running a custom kernel. How hard is that on a KVM instance?
20:12<HoopyCat>Kyhwana's stack, after getting this going:
20:26<JamesTK>Kyhwana: very easy
20:26<JamesTK>Kyhwana: can even install grub to the MBR and it'll work
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20:52*dcraig installs JamesOS
20:53<rsdehart>dcraig: not on your own machine, I hope
20:53<rsdehart>that's clearly malware
20:54*rsdehart can't stop giggling at HoopyCat's gif
20:55<dcraig>it's on a linode
20:55<dcraig>hoopycat, more gifs pls
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21:10<HoopyCat>dcraig: linode maintenance:
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21:14<dcraig>I like trains
21:14<dcraig>thank you
21:15<staticsafe>trains are awesome
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21:16<tonyyarusso>I spent several hours recently watching YouTube videos of outdoor model railroads in people's yards.
21:16<HoopyCat>unrelatedly, this is not the cloud:
21:16<tonyyarusso>Looks like fun. Also expensive.
21:21<Cromulent>tonyyarusso: my great-uncle used to build model railways
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21:42<tonyyarusso>I like the random Tardis appearance.
21:43<HoopyCat>YOU WILL DIE
21:55<+linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • What ServerAlias for my Subdomain? <>
22:08<Nivex>"Don't try to stand on a black hole."
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23:22<pronto>hi <3
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23:35*dcraig tickles pronto around a bit with a large atlantic eel
23:35<pronto>dcraig: kinky o.o
23:35<dcraig>you don't even know
23:35<pronto>dcraig: i agree
23:35<pronto>im so drunk right now... my knowledge on things is limited
23:42<dcraig>good time to buy some more linodes
23:42<dcraig>do you have one in each datacenter?
23:42<dcraig>(maybe tonight's the night...)
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