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00:01<quangnhut>i try to it right now
00:01<quangnhut>deploying image to linode
00:01<quangnhut>it's very fast
00:04<quangnhut>how about Paravirtualization
00:04<quangnhut>and Full-virtualization
00:04<quangnhut>should i choose what ?
00:04<Peng>Paravirtualization is faster.
00:04<Peng>Full virtualization allows you to run weird OSes.
00:05<Peng>If you're just deploying normal Linux, use paravirtualization.
00:08*Woet reinstalls Peng's PC to WinPE
00:08<quangnhut>how my VPS will run on KVM right ?
00:09<quangnhut>i got network speed from cachefly CacheFly: 8.31MB/s
00:09<quangnhut>why too slow ?
00:11<Kyhwana>from where to where?
00:14<quangnhut>from singapore to cache fly
00:14<quangnhut>but it's not impportant
00:14<quangnhut>because cache fly is CDN
00:14<quangnhut>so it's will match with location download
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03:30<qntech>Hi every one i have just request a cancel and how long i have refunded ?
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03:35<Qntech_>Hi any one there ??
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07:23<pwol>Hello, I have a question regarding pricing for a managed VPS account
07:24<pwol>How much is it for the 2g account?
07:30<pwol>Anybody there?
07:31<Peng>The 2GB plan is $20/month. Managed adds $100/month.
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07:38<pwol>Ok, thanks
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07:44<Richard>hey ( pre-sales question ) - on a ubuntu server linode distro, what version of apache, mysql and php come installed? is it the latest versions by canocial or is there a specific version with the linode ubuntu sever image ?
07:45<HoopyCat>Richard: they do not come installed. you'll have to use the distro's tools (or whatever you want to do) to install them.
07:45<Richard>ahh okie dokie, i was wondering if that was the case, thaks :-)
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07:50<HoopyCat>i have a scheduled migration pending! current linode state:
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09:55<quangnhut>anyone here ?
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09:56<Peng>why am i here
09:57<quangnhut>hi peng
09:57<quangnhut>i have just request a cancel account on linode
09:57<quangnhut>but i cannot login anymore
09:58<quangnhut>and no information about my refund money
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11:53<eugeneg>Do you guys know if I can freely change OS (ubuntu > archlinux/opensuse) on my linode vps package?
11:53<Cromulent>yes you can
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11:55<terabyte>if i need more disk space, what's the best way of going about it?
11:55<Cromulent>upgrade your plan
11:55<Cromulent>or use Amazon S3 or similar services
11:56<eugeneg>Thanks for the answer
11:59<terabyte>Cromulent is there a neat way of treating S3 as a regular disk on linode?
12:00<Cromulent>terabyte: - I've never used it myself so it might not be ready for production use
12:01<terabyte>nice thanks
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12:07<rnowak>you really don't want to pretend that S3 is a block device
12:10<Peng>terabyte: No. There are ways, but they are not "neat". They are terrible.
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12:35<vishnudath>Do linode provide custom plans ?
12:36<vishnudath>or multiple IP adresses to a server ?
12:36<Ttech>you used to be able to get another ip address v4 if you had a good reason
12:37<Ttech>v6 you can get lots of addresses by just requetsing
12:37<vishnudath>how much they charge for an extra IP ?
12:37<+linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
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12:48<TecnoBrat>Okay, I am totally confused. I just had a support member tell me that 2400:8900::0e:b000/116 does not include 2400:8900::0e:b000 .....
12:49<TecnoBrat>I'm like .. wut?
12:49<TecnoBrat>Not to mention my manager clearly states Public IP Pools 2400:8900::0e:b000 - 2400:8900::0e:bfff (4096 addresses)
12:49<TecnoBrat>which of course is what 2400:8900::0e:b000/116 is
12:50<grawity>afaik it's the "subnet-router anycast" address, so not exactly available for use
12:51<TecnoBrat>I'm using the first address in the pool in other places too (and it works).. and if thats the case, the manager should not tell me "2400:8900::0e:b000 - 2400:8900::0e:bfff (4096 addresses)" ... cause it would also only be 4095 addresses then.
12:51<TecnoBrat>Also the fun fact is that it magically fixed itself anyways
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12:58<Peng>grawity: The subnet is the whole /64, though.
12:58<TecnoBrat>It was a miscommunication
12:59<TecnoBrat>Wrong words and stuff
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13:02<dcraig>such a brat
13:02<TecnoBrat>always :)
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13:50<ausjke>i use nslookup mysite that gets my IP correctly, if i do 'nslookup linode-ip' it resolves to something like instead of my own domain, how can I get this working
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13:53<ausjke>similarly, 'nslookup' give me a list of ip, then 'nslookup one-of-the-google-ip' resolves something like
13:54<ausjke>today's virtual hosting/load balancing make dns-ip mapping totally unpredicatble, how to mitigate this?
13:57<grawity>I am not sure what exactly is the problem here
13:57<grawity>for your VPS specifically, if you want a custom rDNS, set that in the manager dashboard
13:58<grawity>but generally, uh, what's the problem if Google has multiple IPs?
13:59<ausjke>grawity: i found that under remote-access-->reverse DNS
13:59<ausjke>only that i have a few virtual hosting sites and the reverse dns only support one host
13:59<grawity>that's fine
14:00<grawity>for most kinds of "virtual hosting", rDNS is not even important
14:00<grawity>point it at a domain that describes the server itself, rather than at any particular site
14:01<grawity>like or or whatever it is that you have
14:01<ausjke>should bhe rDNS be configured under DNS-Manager instead of remote-access->rDND?
14:01<dcraig>1e100 is a googol.. get it?
14:01<ausjke>dcraig: know that
14:01<ausjke>is rDNS the PTR thing?
14:02<ausjke>then why not under dns-manager tab and add a option there...
14:02<dcraig>that's a good feature request
14:02<dcraig>currently, it is in a different area of the manager :p
14:02<grawity>I suppose it'd make sense
14:03<ausjke>dcraig: it took a few google clicks to find it, i would think it's under dns-manager by default
14:03<dcraig>the things in the DNS manager tab are domains that YOU own
14:03<dcraig>while the IP addresses are things that linode owns
14:03<dcraig>and they change as you add and remove servers from your account
14:03<grawity>sort of an artificial distinction
14:03<grawity>as both are things you have edit rights to
14:03<dcraig>in a way...
14:04<dcraig>but the IP addresses are definitely "connected" to a particular linode or datacenter
14:05<dcraig>a single page for configuring the PTR records for the entire account would be nice
14:05<ausjke>i want to block some urls, via dnsmasq it's easy to do, then you can circumvent it by using ip directly for some cases, so I want to do rDNS to double check its corresponding FQDN is not in my url-block-list, then ip-FQDN mapping are no longer 1:1 made things complicated
14:06<ausjke>even proxy get confused by the dns-ip mapping these days
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14:24*Toolsadmin slaps trippeh around a bit with a large fishbot
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16:23<vishnu>Do linode provide additional IPV4 adreeses for a VM ?
16:23<+linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
16:23-!-vishnu is now known as Guest3057
16:24<Guest3057>Mr bot, when i say your support team, that i need them for a SEO cause, they are not listening to me :(
16:24<akerl>SEO is a bullshit reason, they will not give you IPs for SEO
16:25<Guest3057>why do you think SEO is a bullshit reason ? :O
16:25<akerl>Because spreading content onto multiple addresses to try to boost "rankings" has been debunked over and over
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16:26<akerl>The only use case there is if you're trying to do shady shit, and it only works until google gets wise, and they're already pretty wise
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16:33<Guest3057>@schwa yes! google thinks they are pretty wise. and they believe in themselfs. and you beleive in google. But i belive in myself and my plan!
16:34<sandeep>no they don't
16:34<akerl>Guest3057: Thankfully, what you believe doesn't impact Linode's IPv4 allocation policies
16:34<Guest3057>haha :D
16:35<Guest3057>sandeep, you know any place where i can get a server with around 30 class C-IP adresses ?
16:35<akerl>You realize that CIDR has been a thing for a while now, yes?
16:35<Guest3057>we are acutally planning for a 500 class-c and class-b adresses.
16:35<Guest3057>that for a private blog network. but not for our main sites.
16:36<grawity>you'd think Google would know that a blog network can run off one IP address
16:36<akerl>grawity: That would be nuts, wouldn't it?
16:36<grawity>given that they have their own blog network
16:38<synapt>What google knows and what google cares about are generally two different things
16:39<synapt>Anyways you're definitely not going to likely find anywhere that will give you IPv4 for "SEO Reasons"
16:39<synapt>that's goofy as all hell :P
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16:41<akerl>I heard that even digital ocean limits each server to 100 class C IPs
16:41<Eugene>I want a Class E address
16:41<Eugene>Can I get that at a discount
16:42<akerl>So I figure class D is NAT'd, class E is CGNAT
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16:51<dzho>how much for a class NCC-1701 address?
16:51<dzho>I need it for work, kthx.
16:51<Eugene>They use IPv8
16:51*Nivex pours everyone a glass of CIDR
16:52<dzho>isn't IPv8 the new JavaScript engine?
16:52<dzho>Nivex: it is, in fact, coming into cider season round here
16:52<Eugene>No, that's what ou say after having bloody mary's all night
16:52<akerl>dzho: Also pumpkin beer season
16:53*dcraig plans a pumpkin spice latte date with akerl
16:53<akerl>If you can get a PSL that's at least 10% alcohol, I will drink it and shout #YOLO while I do so
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16:54<dzho>akerl: I just loaded up on a bunch of märzen/oktoberfest style beer because I want to encourage retailers to continue to supply a seasonal style I can actually abide
16:55-!-sandeep [~sandeep@] has quit [Quit: sandeep]
16:55<dzho>"a bunch" at least in my terms, it'll last me months at any rate if I don't have opportunity to share
16:55<dzho>mabye I'll take some with me to OLF
16:56<dzho>I wonder how many people who buy "pumpkin something" consumables at this time of year have ever made anything ever with pumpkin themselves.
16:58<dzho>anyway, cider season in these parts is totally legit, since the main ingredient is in fact grown in abundance here
16:58<dzho>unlike "pumpkin spice" which ... doesn't.
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17:42<dcraig>I'm not going to let you rain on my pumpkin spice parade
17:44<dzho>as well you shouldn't
17:44<dzho>just so long as your pumpkin spice parade doesn't wash out my märzen party
17:44*dzho adjust his metaphors
17:44<dzho>s/wash out/stomp out/
17:47*schwa wonders if he's weird for imagining someone adjusting their glasses as a metaphor for "adjust his metaphors"
17:48<dzho>I was considering a weather metaphor in another channel, and that sort of, um, flooded over into my thoughts on this one.
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17:54-!-lex is now known as Guest3068
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19:04<dcraig>take this nonsense to #weathermetaphors
19:08<dzho>I'm afraid to look. is that even a thing.
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19:30<schwa>was that even a question.
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19:34<schwa>How many times does a question have to be asked before linbot gets a new trigger? <-- Also I think that should be one.
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20:18<Eugene>I'm bored. Must be time to KVMize one of my Linodes
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20:24<lisaaaaaaaaa>TLS or STARTTLS
20:25<synapt>Is that a question or a statement
20:26<lisaaaaaaaaa>Question ?
20:26<synapt>Then the question from us becomes, in what exactly are you refering to?
20:27<synapt>Some stuff supports both, some things support neither, some things support only one or the other
20:27<lisaaaaaaaaa>What is safer ?
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20:30<akerl>of course, tls without the right options is essentially as weak as no tls
20:31<akerl>and starttls can be attacked to equate it with no tls, given its opportunistic nature
20:31<akerl>so, depending on the circumstances, starttls is actually exactly the same as tls: plaintext
20:32<akerl>which brings us back to my initial answer, that seems snarky but is actually a quick summary of the difficult situation of ensuring encryption in a world with diverse client support and changing threats
20:35<lisaaaaaaaaa>My Server, my Client. I wanted to know if i should disable imap and smtp
20:35-!-EyePulp [~EyePulp@2604:2d80:8002:801d:5909:c125:93d2:8c3b] has joined #linode
20:35<akerl>Do you intend to use IMAP and/or SMTP?
20:37<akerl>You don't plan to send or recieve emails?
20:38<akerl>If you aren't sending or receiving emails, what emails do you plan to access with IMAP
20:40<lisaaaaaaaaa>I want to send/recieve mails , that´s why i said no
20:40<akerl>You may want to look up what your SMTP service does
20:42<trippeh>akerl: starttls doesnt have to be opportunistic (but it happens to be for smtp mx)
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22:18*dcraig tickles d1b around a bit with a large round herring
22:19<dcraig>mission accomplished
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22:51<synapt>how rude
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22:51*Celti blinks.
22:51<pharaun>oh good to see this spam is back
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23:58<dcraig>the people who were highlighted on the same line as you are now your Cloud Siblings
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