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11:22<financeMan>mcintosh is there an easy way with the load balancer to redirect http traffic to https? Only thing I am seeing is I have to do a redirrect on the webapp server itself
11:25<@caker>nope - that's your webserver's responsibility .. redirects are easy
11:25<MajObviousman>urmom is easy
11:27<linbot>MajObviousman: Unknown host.
11:27<dwfreed>RIP !urmom
11:28<MajObviousman>oh man
11:28*MajObviousman mourns for what has been lost
11:28<@mcintosh>!wx kphl
11:28<linbot>mcintosh: [metar] OBS at KPHL: 37.4F/03C, visibility 10 miles, wind 0.00 mph, chill N/A (altimeter: 30.49) [KPHL 161554Z 00000KT 10SM FEW120 BKN280 03/M06 A3049 RMK AO2 SLP323 T00281056]
11:28<MajObviousman>!wx kf46
11:28<linbot>MajObviousman: [metar] OBS at KF46: 55.4F/13C, visibility 10 miles, wind 4.60 mph, chill 54.77F (altimeter: 30.02) [KF46 161615Z AUTO 27004KT 10SM SCT006 13/11 A3002 RMK AO2 T01260112]
11:28<MajObviousman>!help urmom
11:28<linbot>MajObviousman: (urmom <an alias, 0 arguments>) -- Alias for "web title [concat$nick&q= [cut -1 [urlquote $*x]]]".
11:28<MajObviousman>SelfishMan: ^ ???
11:28<financeMan>the load balancer does a nice job of off-loading the connection management from the server, seems way more stable with it
11:29<financeMan>I setup managed services on our linodes, I'm almost done configuring them all but I see they have free site migration with it, I wonder if they'd be willing to do a final inspection/optimization of the setup once I'm done just to make sure I didn't miss anything obvious
11:30<financeMan>redirects are all done, just had to open up the port 80 rule on the balancer
11:30<dwfreed>MajObviousman: I think he changed DNS providers and missed that name, or got rid of it, because it NXDOMAINs now
11:32<MajObviousman>I haven't seen him in a long while
11:36<dwfreed>all the old regulars are long gone, except for a couple diehards
11:36<MajObviousman>we all grew up and got lives, I think
11:37<MajObviousman>and then there's rnowak who never changes
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11:49<vishal_>I am not able to get away with 404 error page not found
11:49<cbirk>neither am i
11:49<cbirk>i tell them its there, but they dont believe me.
11:50<vishal_>Tried giving .htaccess permission,enabled a2enmode
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11:51<vishal_>@cbirk, you addressed me?
11:54<vishal_>Can anyone help me?
12:00<MajObviousman>vishal_: you'll have to give more details before someone could decide if the could help you
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12:03<vishal_>@MajObviousman tell me what I should tell you
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12:06<vishal_>@MajObviousman It has been solved, thanks for your kind efforts
12:10*MajObviousman is glad he could help
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12:41<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
12:42<MajObviousman>every single day? Like without fail?
12:42<MajObviousman>you don't ever take a day off?
12:45<Eugene>Does this look like a game to you
12:47<ponas>I have logs from 2016-09-12 which is 126 days ago
12:47<ponas>a quick check: $ cat irc.oftc.#linode.weechatlog | grep -i eugene | grep -i every | grep -i linodin | wc -l
12:47<ponas>almost checks out, Eugene seems to be slackin' some days
12:48<Eugene>Linodin' continues 24x7, announced or not.
12:48<ponas>might be that day is defined as weekday
12:49<MajObviousman>you're conflating Linodin' with Linodin' publicly
12:49<Eugene>Minus downtimes for maintenance, outages, or because I was too drunk to restart nginx.
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12:53<dzho>> you don't ever take a day off? <-- welp, neither does Linode!
12:54<dzho>IT IS KNOWN
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12:59<cbirk>mlk day
13:00<cbirk>its a federal holiday
13:00<cbirk>i bet MLK didn't have to work on MLK day
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13:57<Speedys>anyone knows, can I have gaming servers on Linode vps?
13:57<Peng>You can.
13:58<Speedys>thank you for answer.
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15:53<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Debian 8 image has mangled sshd_config file <>
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17:02<financeMann>I am setting up linode managed services and I set up a basic URL one and when I hit save it's saying "Please enter a hostname with only one AAAA record"
17:02<financeMann>I dont have any DNS setup in linode
17:03<@mcintosh>financeMann: are you using cloudflare for DNS? they use multiple A/AAAA records
17:04<financeMann>yup, cloudflare
17:07<@mcintosh>that's a known issue -- it's on our radar but I'm afraid I'm not sure when it might be fixed
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17:11<@jdfriedrikson>financeMann: a good work around is to add a randomly generated subdomain to your domain
17:11<@jdfriedrikson>and then point to that directly while making your application respond to that as well
17:11<@jdfriedrikson>if you only keep that to yourself, no one should find it
17:11<@jdfriedrikson>yourself and us*
17:11<financeMann>I haven't even looked at the AAAA's used by Cloudflare, do they need more than one?
17:12<@jdfriedrikson>probably. it's difficult to be a CDN without having some sort of dyn-dns setup
17:13<@jdfriedrikson>afaik CF does a thing where they'll serve you different IPs based on your geolocation. helps with latency
17:19<Peng>I'm not sure they do.
17:19<Peng>They heavily rely on anycast.
17:19<Peng>I looked up a Cloudflare site from different places in the US, all had the same IPs. Maybe they use different IPs over a farther distance, though.
17:20<Peng>financeMann: I don't know if they *need* more than one, but they happen to use more than one. Specifically, two IPv4 IPs and two IPv6 IPs. Look and see. :)
17:21<Peng>The number of IPs doesn't matter anyway. Linode won't let you set your rDNS to a hostname with someone else's IPs.
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18:15<financeMann>jdfriedrikson My CloudFlare only has a single A record, no AAAA records
18:15<financeMann>unless they have some behind the scenes that I cant see
18:16<Peng>Do you have Cloudflare's proxy enabled? The orange cloud?
18:16<Peng>What's the name?
18:18<financeMann>yea I got the orange cloud
18:18<financeMann>proxy thing enabled
18:21<financeMann>Any idea how long they keep the same ip's, do they rotate them or if i ping my CDN DNS url will that IP always point to my cdn url?
18:21<financeMann>Figured I could point the linode managed serviced health check url to that static ip if it didnt change
18:21<financeMann>much like i'll do for the load balancer
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18:22<@jdfriedrikson>you can't use their IPs
18:22<@jdfriedrikson>and you shouldn't tbh
18:22<@jdfriedrikson>why would you want to uses cached content for health checks?
18:22<@jdfriedrikson>point an obfuscated subdomain directly to your Linode's ip and you should be good
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18:23<dwfreed>jdfriedrikson: then you're always up!
18:24<@jdfriedrikson>why do I even try anymore? :')
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18:26<dand>why am I getting a grub message on ubuntu 16.04?
18:26<dand>A new version (/tmp/grub.abcdfg) of configuration file /etc/default/grub is available, but the version installed currently has been locally modified.
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18:26<dwfreed>probably because grub-pc is installed
18:27<dwfreed>if you're using the linode kernel, you can just remove it
18:27<dand>dwfreed: I'm using the official ubuntu 16.04 linode kernel
18:27<@jdfriedrikson>sounds more like an ubuntu question and less like a linode question
18:27<dwfreed>there isn't a Ubuntu Linode kernel, there's just *a* linode kernel
18:27<dand>should I choose: keep the local version currently installed?
18:28<dwfreed>if you're not actually using grub to boot your linode, it doesn't matter what you pick
18:28<dand>jdfriedrikson: I don't think I should see grub when using the official image
18:28<@jdfriedrikson>it'll still exist, you just won't be using it when you use the Linode kernel
18:29<@jdfriedrikson>any time!
18:31<@caker>we've started rolling out distro templates that work with either our kernel or the distro's kernel (via setting GRUB2 in your Linode Configuration Profile).
18:31<@caker>out of the box.
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18:32<financeMann>jdfriedrikson I need to confirm that the whole service is working, if I create a new subdomain pointing only to the linode instances I have no confirmation that the site is actually working then since I skipped the CDN
18:32<dwfreed>also ubuntu's metapackages like to pull in shit you don't need in a VPS environment
18:32<@jdfriedrikson>financeMann: you can set up your vhosts to respond to the subdomain in the exact same way you would the actual domain
18:32<dwfreed>if cloudflare is down, you have other problems anyway
18:33<@jdfriedrikson>also that ^
18:33<@jdfriedrikson>we can't really do anything about the CDN messing up anyway
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18:33<@jdfriedrikson>we *can* do things with just the Linode messing up
18:34<@jdfriedrikson>you might want to go with an additional monitoring service from the outside if you want it from that perspective
18:34<financeMann>haha yea but there are certain scenarios where the CDN could be fixed or could cause a problem based on the configuration and managed services would be able to see it at whatever time and escalate it to our on call
18:34<financeMann>i'm not too worried about you guys fixing it if it's done more so that we get notified if you guys cant fix it
18:35<financeMann>it's just customary to have the full loop of things verified instead of bypassing anything
18:35<financeMann>i can add additional checks outside of linode like you said but preferred to have it centraliezd
18:35<@jdfriedrikson>hmmm. you could just set an additional monitor straight to the domain and make a note about it
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18:41<financeMann>I have put extensive notes on all the monitors I've placed at every step of the chain of possible breaks, what do you mean by straight to the domain though? I tried placing the monitor straight to the main domain URL and thats when i got the AAAA error
18:41<financeMann>Right now I have monitors on the load balancer, and node, but still dont have one on the main domain URL that would test the whole system end to end
18:42<financeMann>including the CDN
18:42<financeMann>I'm more worried about a CDN misconfiguration or something
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18:47<Cromulent>caker: oh that sounds cool - I take it that means it'll be easier to compile and use your own kernel as well?
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19:56<Eugene>It sounds exactly as easy as it is to do now
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21:24<financeMann>I removed the public facing ip interface from /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/cfgeth0 but looks like external requests from the server itself are failing. The server application is trying to perform a request to an external service and I am assuming it's not getting routed back properly since it doens't have a public ip?
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21:25<financeMann>i'd have expected it to get routed properly but maybe since linode thinks it still exists it's not routing it properly and still thinks the public ip exists
21:28<Peng>You need a public IP if you want to exchange traffic with the Internet. Linode doesn't provide NAT. Though, with some setup, you could tunnel/VPN to a different node and have it do NAT.
21:31<financeMann>ah gotcha Peng, guess I will have to leave it and enable firewall
21:31<Zimsky>so much juice
21:31<juice>Drink me.
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21:48<Zimsky>juice: what do you do
21:49<juice>I do the dew.
21:50<Zimsky>mountain jew
21:51<juice>Like totally.
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22:27<stdaro>I created a new node to restore a backup to, is there any way to see the progress? the new node has an empty host queue
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22:28<Peng>Check the old node's queue
22:30<stdaro>yea, nothing there
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22:52<stdaro>I picked a 2048, which doesnt have enough space to restore a backup from a 4096, but didnt realized it
22:52<stdaro>might be good to provide some UI feedback when that mistake is made
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23:57<huyenhoang>Hi, Im using this method to disable ipv6 on centos 6.5. How to enable it back?
23:57<huyenhoang>sysctl -w net.ipv6.conf.default.disable_ipv6=1 sysctl -w net.ipv6.conf.all.disable_ipv6=1
23:57<alexf>huyenhoang: run the commands again but with 0 instead of 1
23:58<alexf>plus whatever else you need to do to enforce it and/or make it persistent.
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