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02:13<kuldeep_>i am using postfix on centos 7 and mails are running fine by mailx in cli mode but when i am trying to send mail by simple php mail fucntion i am not getting any mail
02:13<kuldeep_>please suggest on this
02:14<arlen>try google, check logs
02:15<kuldeep_>gud help arlen and no logs here
02:20<kuldeep_>can you help me on this
02:21<arlen>check logs, if there aren't any find out why there aren't any
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02:33<kuldeep_>so what i do for this
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02:39<Zimsky>look at your logs
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02:44<kuldeep_>i have already checked no logs here
02:44<kuldeep_>tailf /var/log/maillog
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02:46<Zimsky>look in other logs too
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03:29*dcraig tickles zimsky around a bit with a large gulf menhaden
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03:52<rick111>i'm running php 5.6.29-0+deb8u1 (cli) (built: Dec 13 2016 16:02:08) with Apache/2.4.10 (Debian) SVN/1.8.10 mod_fcgid/2.3.9 OpenSSL/1.0.1t mod_perl/2.0.9dev Perl/v5.20.2 and it's all working fine.
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04:16<jstitt>Any Linodians around? :P
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04:23<topper>Hey. How can I get access to a MySQL server from the outside. I have already commented out the bind-address from the mysql-configuration in "my.conf". But still I do not have access from the outside. Any ideas what to do next?
04:24<topper>Note: I am running Debian.
04:26<jstitt>Check your iptables rules, makes sure the user you're using has access to the db on the ip
04:26<jstitt>make sure it is actually bound (do something like netstat -plant)
04:27<jstitt>Need to isolate whether it's a connection issue or a permissions issue
04:28<topper>jstitt: Seems like there are no rules in iptables at all. But there are a binding on to mysqld
04:28<jstitt>Did you check to make sure the user has permissions for the database
04:28<jstitt>What are you connecting with?
04:29<topper>I'm connecting from my own machine using Sequel Pro and the server IP as host and then the username and password that is defined in the configuration. The username and password works when running `mysql -u username -p`
04:29<topper>on the server
04:30<jstitt>from the mysql console you can do something like show grants for user@
04:30<jstitt>where is the IP you're connecting with
04:30<topper>Sure, hold on.
04:31<jstitt>or even just
04:31<jstitt>show grants
04:32<jstitt>(also don't forget to check firewall rules on the source connection/SQL Pro computer)
04:33<topper>Running `show grants` on the server output the following lines (NOTE: private information changed)
04:33<topper>GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'root'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY PASSWORD '*123jfaaefuoeaf' WITH GRANT OPTION
04:33<topper>GRANT PROXY ON ''@'' TO 'root'@'localhost' WITH GRANT OPTION
04:33<jstitt>Yep you only have grants for localhost
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04:33<topper>Thanks, will try adding granting my ip
04:33<jstitt>You need to do like GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON <whatever> to user@
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04:35<jstitt>TO 'user'@'%'
04:35<jstitt>that would give you all IPs but I would recommend just adding a specific one unless you are roaming a lot
04:37<topper>Do I need to reload the mysql service after adding a grant?
04:37<jstitt>You need to do flush privileges;
04:38<topper>Doing `show grants` still show the same to rows after running `GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* to 'root'@'';` and then `flush privileges;`
04:40<jstitt>show grants shows the current user
04:41<jstitt>you can confirm it by doing something like use mysql;
04:41<jstitt>select * from user;
04:42<jstitt>or I guess more succinct: select * from mysql.user;
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04:44<topper>Hmm. Seems like it does not have a password for the newly created grant for a ip? Could that be right?
04:44<jstitt>topper: need to get going but you can always check a specific user too:
04:44<jstitt>show grants for 'root'@'%';
04:44<topper>Thanks for your help, have a nice day ;)
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04:45<jstitt>You too! Good luck. btw, more likely to be a grant problem than something password related
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04:48<topper>Thanks, and I'm sure it is, since I get a error starting with "MySQL said: ...." in Sequel Pro :p
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08:41<Hardik>I can not change the nameserver details of
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08:43<@nbrewer>Hardik: if you want to switch the nameservers that your domain uses, you need to make that change at your registrar (where you purchased the domain)
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08:44<Hardik>Can you please give me url for it?
08:44<_23>Hello House
08:45<Hardik>registrar means>
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08:45<_23>Can anuone help me with a Tutorial on how to install 2 different php versions on centos 7 using nginx. I already have php-fpm, and php7 installed on my nginx server
08:46<@nbrewer>Hardik: I don't know what registrar you used to purchase the domain. Just to be clear, are you trying to add a record for the domain, or use entirely different name servers? It looks like you're using ours currently, which means you can add records through the DNS Manager:
08:47<_23>any help?
08:47<Hardik>my client has purchased this domain on linode. I want to move it on another hosting provider.
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08:48<@nbrewer>Hardik: we don't sell domains, they would have had to purchase it from a registrar.
08:49<ponas>Hardik: that domain was purchased from namecheap
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08:50<_23>Can you help me out <nbrew> and <ponas>
08:50<Hardik>How can i check purchase from it?
08:51<@nbrewer>_23: are you asking if we can recommend a guide, or are you trying to follow a guide?
08:52<_23><@nbrew>, am asking for a guide as I have nothing to follow at the moment
08:52<_23>I already have nginx, php7 and php-fpm installed on my centos 7 server but i also want to install php5.4 on same server to run one of my other website
08:52<ponas>_23: try this search: multiple php-fpm versions
08:53<_23>have made lot's of seraches but they aren't clear and some even said i would have to compile the php
08:53<ponas>add your distribution to narrow it down
08:53<_23>can i achieve my aim without having to compile php
08:55<ponas>I think you might need to compile one of the versions. phpbrew can help you manage that
08:58<_23>Okay that means since i already have php7 and php-fpm installed, i will only have to compile php5.4
08:58<_23>also what is phpbrew? is it a website or repo
08:59<ponas>it's a piece of software
08:59<ponas>you'll probably only have to compile php5, yes
08:59<_23>Thanks @ Ponas.
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09:02<_23>is phpbrew optional? Am asking because some guides say i can configure nginx to use a particular php version via socket or port
09:04<_23>i have 4 websites and just 2 needs php5.4 while the remaining 2 are already using php7
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10:08<MrKeuner>hello, why would I get this in dmesg? EXT4-fs (sda): couldn't mount as ext3 due to feature incompatibilities... As far as I can tell, disktype /dev/sda reports ext4 and /etc/fstab appears to mount the partition as ext4. Ubuntu 16.04 here...
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10:34<v0lksman>hello all! I have a VPS with a shitty host that is hosting a PBX. I would like to pick up and move that to Linode. I'd like to avoid a full build from scratch. Wondering if it's even possible? like a dd over netcat or something. But will that even work?
10:35<dzho>v0lksman: you *might* make it work, but it's hard mode all the way
10:36<dzho>it might work, I doubt it will be easier.
10:36<dzho>at the end of it all the pain should be making you think about using stuff like configuration management tools
10:37<dzho>on the linode end, you'd boot your destination system in rescue mode
10:37<dzho>on the far end, who knows what provisions they have for you.
10:38<v0lksman>dzho: they have none. they basically setup a crappy VPS host to host PBXs but they don't manage it or provide the tools like linode does
10:38<v0lksman>rediculously slow leading to dropped calls etc...
10:38<v0lksman>and it's based on CentOS *spit*
10:39<v0lksman>but that I can live with as long as the host is fast and responsive
10:39<v0lksman>though just realized this won't work anyways...I have commercial modules and those aren't transferable to a new host....grrrrrr
10:43<dzho>v0lksman: sorry to hear that
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10:51<hawk>MrKeuner: Does everything work? Because I suspect that message is normal
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11:08<MrKeuner>hawk, everything seems to work otherwise but the message doesn't look normal. Why do you think it is normal?
11:09<MrKeuner>why would the kernel try to mount an ext4 as a ext3, first?
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11:10<Karrde->I googled it :
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11:10<gparent>someone said to copy /proc/mounts to /etc/mtab but I have no idea if that makes any sense
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11:23<MrKeuner>all right, thanks
11:44<Zimsky>alt-right, thanks
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11:49<FluffyFoxeh>me too thanks
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11:53<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
11:57<relidy>:sigh: _23 ran off before I could point out
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12:13<eyepulp>anyone have a domain/dns @ ? Looks like their dns servers are getting hit with... something.
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12:24<millisa>I also see . . something . .with my domains
12:24-!-acald3ron [] has joined #linode
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12:25<millisa>"We are currently experiencing an ISP outage that is affecting our support systems. Please know we are working with the ISP to resolve." is on their twitter.
12:25-!-mode/#linode [+l 320] by ChanServ
12:28<eyepulp>they have twitter?
12:28<eyepulp>millisa: do share
12:29<ponas>so much for redundant name servers
12:29<millisa>er, or without all the gunk
12:30<millisa>getting timeouts from whois, too
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12:33<goose>I know this is a *bit* outside the scope of this channel, but I was hoping for ideas as to what's wrong - My cell phone (Sprint/Android) gives me a 503 error when attempting to pull up a page on my server over the air/off wifi. there's no log of any client connection attempt on nginx's side. it works fine when on wifi. works via v4 and v6 from multiple other devices. it's just my phone that's throwing this
12:33<goose>issue. any ideas why?
12:33-!-mode/#linode [+l 319] by ChanServ
12:41<synfinatic>sounds like sprint is doing some MITM thing and they broke it
12:42<synfinatic>ok, this is a first. a mailing list I moderate just got it's first wedding invite spam.
12:42<eyepulp>millisa: back up for us
12:46<nate>goose: have you checked your servers logs? 503 is a server side issue (service failure of some sort usually)
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12:57<goose>nate: no access or error log entries
12:58<goose>I feel like it could be an issue with sprints nameservers
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13:53<Zimsky>what a silly goose
13:53<Zimsky>juice is part of a balanced diet
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14:14<knofte>Yo champs, any supporters available? having issues logging in with newly created account. (all old accounts work)
14:14-!-knofte is now known as Knofte
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14:15<Knofte>It says in the email "join us on irc for support" :) Maybe time to change that then? ;)
14:15<Nivex>moral support maybe :)
14:15<goose>really more of emotional support
14:15<Knofte>Haha fair enough :)
14:15<goose>we're a "safe space" here
14:16<Nivex>goose: you can't tell that from the number of people I've had to mute
14:16<DrJ>Knofte, you can get support here
14:16<DrJ>but for account issues you pretty much have to contact linode directly by ticket/phone/email
14:16<JorgeGuru>Namesrvers on Domain registrar are, etc... under whm setup, nameservers are etc, which are the correct nameservers??
14:16<Knofte>DrJ: understood, cheers.
14:17<DrJ>mostly because it's hard to confirm you are who you say you are
14:17<Nivex>JorgeGuru: is correct. doesn't appear to exist
14:17<DrJ>and not some hacker trying to get into someone's account
14:19<JorgeGuru>same goes for hostnames, under domain site, each hostname must include the domain name afterwards.. lets say im trying to set a hostname for, If I try to set a host name (ns1) then hostname will be, that doesn`t match with, will it still work?
14:20<DrJ>nameservers are set with NS records
14:20<DrJ>not A records
14:20-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
14:21<DrJ> A has nothing to do with nameservers
14:21<JorgeGuru>hostname not nameservers
14:21<Knofte>Unless it IS a nameserver, then it has _something_ to do with nameservers of course. *here to confuse a bit*
14:21-!-mode/#linode [+l 322] by ChanServ
14:21<DrJ>well it could point to one
14:22<Knofte>See ;)
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14:25<MajObviousman>goose: we're a safe space? Well then I'm the fuck outta here pronto
14:27<DrJ>JorgeGuru, to answer your ultimate question... due to what I just said... yes it will still work
14:27<DrJ>because you are setting an A records, not a NS record
14:27<DrJ>besides... I don't think even if it was a NS record that those really matter much on your top level
14:29<DrJ>because they are set by your registar or whomever controls that level
14:30<JorgeGuru>DrJ: Thanks!
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16:43<JorgeGuru>Nameservers are currently on both domain registrar and Linode DNS yet I`m still getting a 500 error. I think it`s the host name.. GoDaddy's format is followed by IP address box.. what i'm doing right now is with the ns1 nameserver ip address given to me by Linode..
16:43<JorgeGuru>still not working though.. little bit lost
16:49<relidy>JorgeGuru: If is your real domain, you have your nameservers set to {ns1|ns2}, and no glue records that resolve either of those addresses. It is *not* set to Linode's nameservers as you stated earlier. You'll need to get your NS records pointed to valid hosts before you get anything to work.
16:50<JorgeGuru>running test on and getting some error, first off, 'NS records got from your nameservers listed at the parent NS are: Oop! I could not get any nameservers from your nameservers" also "One or more of your nameservers did not return any on of your NS records" and "One or more of your nameservers did not respond"
16:51<JorgeGuru>Can't edit anything within DNS settings within Linode, through ns5 have "edit" function blocked
16:52<relidy>At this point, Linode's DNS manager is not what you need to be editing. As someone pointed out earlier, the nameserver records are set with your domain registrar (where you bought the domain name).
16:53<JorgeGuru>so nameservers on my domain registrar should be instead of
16:53<relidy>No, they should be (looks like you may have gotten that fixed and it's just taking time to propagate)
16:54<JigmeDatse[m]>Is this a recent change? Depending on how things are set, up to 48 hours (apparently) is not unreasonable to end up waiting. Less than an hour is rare.....
16:54<relidy>The TTL on your NS records is 48 hours, so you may not see any change for quite some time.
16:55<JorgeGuru>Ok, so nameservers are fine within GoDaddy and within Linode DNS settings, still have to check with cPanel DNS editor
16:55<JorgeGuru>but, DNS editor within cPanel only lets me add records in the format of
16:56<@mbeach>@JorgeGuru I think this might help you:
16:56<relidy>Your cPanel editor is out of the loop. If you've set the NS records properly (which it looks like you have), you now need to wait until that change fully propagates. The Linode DNS editor will be where you'll make any future changes to your DNS.
16:57<relidy>But it's going to take some time (~48 hours) before the Internet as a whole gets the updated information about where to look for answers about your domain.
16:58<JigmeDatse[m]>TTL set at 48 hours? If I recall, it can take 3 times TTL before everything has propogated.
17:00<relidy>JorgeGuru: I don't see that anyone's asked, but you've actually set this domain up in the Linode DNS Manager, right? Also, you have at least one active Linode on your account?
17:01<JigmeDatse[m]>I have found `dig +trace` helpful to see why my local resolver may be having issues. But you probably will just have to wait from what you've said...
17:02<relidy>The Linode nameservers aren't returning any responses for your domain, which leads me to believe that one or both of those things might not be true.
17:03<JorgeGuru>The domain is up and our Linode is active
17:03<JorgeGuru>it's set as master though
17:04<relidy>That would be the proper configuration given your setup.
17:04*relidy shrugs.
17:05<relidy>You might consider opening a support ticket. Someone at Linode might be able to diagnose things more for you with the information they'd have available.
17:07<@jfred>JorgeGuru: check and make sure your zone is for "" and not ""
17:10-!-madbytes [~madbytes@] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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17:12<JorgeGuru>Ok, just made that change
17:15<linbot>New news from forum: Customer Testimonials • Easiest process ever. <>
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18:14<millisa>because I know there are other factorio fans: new circuit networkable speakers for 0.15
18:17-!-internat [] has joined #linode
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18:18<relidy>Factorio for life (well, it's consumed mine, at least)
18:25<pharaun>factorio is life
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19:00<webbles>hey i was wondering if there is a known problem with the nameservers linodes use. My linodes currently aren't resolving an address which I can resolve locally.
19:02<Peng>What address? Which nameservers?
19:02<webbles>name server:
19:02<webbles>also another name server:
19:03<Peng>I can't resolve that using Google Public DNS either.
19:03<webbles>hmm it must be cached locally
19:04<webbles>strange thing is, google is the dns host, so it must be something on their side
19:04<webbles>thanks for checking for me at least
19:04<Peng>Mm. Google Public DNS and Google Cloud DNS may be very separately operated services, though.
19:04-!-fridaynext [~fridaynex@2605:6000:1715:606c:384b:5c0d:3588:9447] has quit [Quit: Leaving...]
19:05<webbles>Gotcha, I'll report this issue to the proper team then, thanks for your help
19:06-!-webbles [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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19:40<goose>nate: for what it's worth, confirmed it's an issue on Sprint's end
19:40<goose>found another Linode/Atlanta customer who reproduced the issue on his iphone
19:41<goose>called, filed a ticket with sprint tech support, they confirmed they were having DNS issues with some addresses (the entire Atlanta Linode datacenter included) on IPv6
19:41<goose>Guess they put a temporary fix on it cause it works now, but uses v4 only
19:42<Peng>Wait what
19:42<goose>I was having a weird issue earlier where I couldn't connect to my linode from my phone while over the air/off wifi, but it worked fine on wifi
19:42<goose>confirmed with sprint tech support that the issue was on their end
19:44<goose>it confused me because I was trying to connect to a web page and getting a 503 error, but no entries in nginx's access or error logs
19:44<nate>goose: Are they doing some kind of MitM proxy? I'd try visiting your site over https:// and seeing if it still does it, if it does, I'd question if your phone doesn't have some kind of sprint mitm cert
19:45<goose>well.. I only run https on nginx, don't have any plaintext to test on, other than the redirect on port 80 to 443
19:45<goose>same issue over both mediums
19:45<goose>so I don't think MITM
19:46<goose>but an interesting find, none the less. this also explains why my scp app wasn't properly sending screenshots to my linode unless I was on wifi
19:46<nate>goose: If your server isn't showing the hit in -any- logs at all, and yet you don't get any kind of certificate error over https://, then I would think it's some kind of MitM cert if you're on a sprint-provided cellphone
19:49<goose>well, before the "fix", I couldn't resolve a complete traceroute either
19:49<goose>it would look up the correct AAAA record, but the traceroute would end prematurely around the 7th/8th hop
19:50<goose>I don't think any data even made it to/from the server
19:50<goose>there weren't any entries in auth.log about the failed scp logins either
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20:04<Guest1786>I have question
20:04-!-mode/#linode [+l 314] by ChanServ
20:05<Guest1786>I want to point my domain to a linode server but i dont want to change my dns to linode
20:06<Guest1786>when I point the A record to linode sever using he IP the site does not come up
20:06<Guest1786>even after a full day
20:07<Guest1786>the IP resoves whn you check using dnscheck,org and locally nslookup
20:08<Guest1786>but the site does not show
20:09<Guest1786>any help
20:10<nate>Guest1786: is the linode actually running? Do you have things configured properly? Added the right IP? etc
20:11<Guest1786>check the linu security to only outside traffic in on port 80?
20:18-!-Sputnik7 [] has joined #linode
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20:19<Guest1786>remote access?
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20:24<goose>Guest1238: if you run (in a bash terminal, or similar) "host {your-domain}", does the returning IP point to your Linode's IP address?
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22:00<Helix_>Hi all
22:00<Helix_>Question...if i run a 2GB server for development and then need an 8GB server for production
22:01<Helix_>do i have a way of increasing the capacity without having to rebuild the server?
22:01-!-mode/#linode [+l 316] by ChanServ
22:02<Helix_>thank you
22:02<Helix_>very helpful
22:02<Helix_>have a good one!
22:02<millisa>you too!
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22:25<nick>Hi Guys
22:26<nick>Does anyone here know if Linode offers dedicated CPUs or shared CPUs?
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22:26<Sputnik7>it's all vps as far as i know
22:26<Peng>They're shared, but contention is usually low and performance is usually high.
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22:28<nick>I currently have some chat servers hosted on linode
22:28<nick>sorry on softlayer
22:28<nick>Costing me a lot
22:28<nick>so was thinking about moving to linode or not
22:29<Peng>I dunno. You could give it a shot.
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22:47<cbirk>for the record
22:47<cbirk>the new macbook with touchbar is the absolute worst
22:48<cbirk>possibly more terrible than donald trump
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23:03<motwa>hello, can you run xenserver on linode?
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