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00:02<@jchun>Peng: I've always been an advocate of implementing a support ticket octagon. Support members should totally work off each vertice.
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00:04<dwfreed>jchun: sometimes I wonder if the current setup should be replaced with a "get next task" button, which'll just get whatever is oldest, whether that's mail, signup, cancellation, or ticket
00:06<Peng>The button must be triangular or octogonal
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00:17<mmustac>i swear to kek if fucking sportsball bumped Homeland......
00:25<arlen>it bumped 24
00:25<arlen>cause fox was dumb to schedule it at 8pm
00:29<mmustac>never watched that...I always used to think Homeland was the more thinking persons 24...but honestly the last few seasons have been kinda crap...soo whatevs, maybe Ill give 24 a try
00:32<FluffyFoxeh>I'm watching Fringe currently
00:32<mmustac>ahhh that show was comfy
00:32<mmustac>3rd season was so good
00:32<FluffyFoxeh>i'm on 3rd
00:33<mmustac>nice, keep note of the red and blue credits ;0
00:33<mmustac>sadly thats the peak, but was worth it
00:33<FluffyFoxeh>I finished Person of Interest a couple weeks ago
00:33<FluffyFoxeh>I only cried twice during the final episode :v
00:34<mmustac>and jesus h christ is the woman that plays the lead so beautiful...Anna something..
00:34<mmustac>PoI is on my list...i love michael emerson, so yeah def
00:34<FluffyFoxeh>it starts slow but it's amazeballs
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01:15<mmustac>y0 comeone let me join the buadmin channel for old time sake...its all love here
01:16<mmustac>fuck ill even fix something for good measure
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01:27*dcraig tickles mmustac around a bit with a large minnow
01:27<dcraig>what's a buad min?
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01:34<sean>Hey there, can anyone send me a link on how to register multiple domains in my linode server I have different ip's for them to use.
01:37<sean>or can help me
01:40<mmustac>dcraig: its the best linode channel in existenace, where all the coolest peeps that work there hang out.
01:43<Cromulent>sean: set the domains to use linodes DNS servers and then just add them to linodes DNS panel and away you go
01:43<Cromulent>sean: you'll need to register the domains first though linode don't offer domain name registration
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01:57<sean>done but still not working. my 1st wordpress site was fine running but the 2nd one is naaah
01:57<mmustac>dns is like a fine wine brah, give it some time
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02:14<mmustac>ok so real talk, is this universe a hologram?
02:15<mmustac>only the highest caliber youtube videso will be considered for evidence
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02:20<mmustac>this is current year 2017, dont link me to some academic paper on pubmed or something. I only ingeest 9 min or less youtube videos by balding guys with problem glasses
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02:23<mmustac>ok, at this point Ill show myslef out. peace and love. slavs are wh...
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02:43<mmustac>one more thing....ok so griffith did some wrong, but in this world tell me you wouldnt do the same. Why not become a god when the other option is to be dead and not exist or excert influance at all.
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02:53<mmustac>griffith, thats who
02:57<FluffyFoxeh>Jason Griffith?
02:58<FluffyFoxeh>voiced Sonic the Hedgehog?
02:58<mmustac>nah bro, I dont know his last name now that I think about it...hes just Griffith
02:58<arlen>Griffith Griffith jr
02:59<mmustac>he like a bishoen guy....but its from the 90s so theres now liek yuir on ice shit
03:00<millisa> ?
03:02<mmustac>i like you millisa
03:04<millisa>Well. I can check that off my list.
03:06<millisa>Sir, did you happen to catch the professional sportsball contest on television last night? Oh sir, the Patriots of New Eng Land took on the Falcons of Atlanta. And in the end, the Patriots triumped by moving an oblong ball made of pigskin into a zone near a big "H". It was a most ripping victory.
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03:08<mmustac>yes, god bless this mess
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03:09<mmustac>my twitter feed told me somehow this means white supramcy has won again. hmmmm... ok I guess.\
03:09<mmustac>i like that
03:11<millisa>The folks I was with ended up watching some standup comedians, streamed when they got bored with large men kissing trophies. Did they end up time shifting that 24 show?
03:11<millisa>Or did they just not do it?
03:12<mmustac>yeah they handed out chrome dildos
03:12<mmustac>as far as 24...not sure. I know Homeland got bumped so prob 24 too
03:13<arlen>millisa: they showed it after the trophy presentation at 11pm est
03:14<millisa>I barely follow it, but it looked like they were doing some interesting immersive thing using VR goggles or something. I have never tried the phone based headsets (only tried that expensive occulus thing once). it sounded neat.
03:14<arlen>yeah some vr prequel thing
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04:23<mmustac>dammit, offbytwo.jpg
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09:40<mahmoudgebril>9 11 attacks, Did USA do it itself or it just let it happen?
09:40<mahmoudgebril>Did USA administration murder 3000 American citizen in 9 11 attacks to justify starting a war against iraq?
09:40<mahmoudgebril>If al-qaeda did it, why go to kill 2 million Iraqi?
09:40<mahmoudgebril>Some of the benefits Americans say they achieved after 9 11 attacks include:
09:40<mahmoudgebril>*constant flow of oil, which price is in continuous decline. Trump said he will simply take the Iraqi oil, and when he was told that Iraqi oil belongs to iraq he said there is no iraq(after usa destroyed it ).
09:40<mahmoudgebril>*Invasion of afghanstan with construction of not less than 14 american military base which give a close eye on china.
09:40<mahmoudgebril>*Removal of potential threat to isreal represented in iraq which throw isreal with more than 30 rocket after American assault on iraq during 2nd gulf war.
09:40<mahmoudgebril>So oil was the motive of the crime….
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09:40<mahmoudgebril>Did Usa ambassador at iraq implicitly encourage Saddam hussien to invade kwuit?
09:40<mahmoudgebril>Usa used al-qaeda against soviet union. Did Usa continue to use it against others in the world, did usa use al-qaeda against moderate muslims?
09:40<mahmoudgebril>Did Usa use al-qaeda against its own American citizens? not in 9 11 , which is technically impossible for al-qaeda to do it even with help from Usa administration.
09:40<mahmoudgebril>Could al-qaeda personel who received few weeks of aviation lessons in Usa and most of them never did fly single engine aircraft alone, can target the towers with a big high sophisticated boeing airplane ?
09:40<mahmoudgebril>If al-qaeda did it ,and that is far from possible , why go to kill 2 million Iraqi?
09:40<mahmoudgebril>Usa declared its intent to start creative chaos in the middle east “which we saw as wars and violence involving most countries of the middle east” , in order to start all these wars usa needed a big event to use it a as a cause to start these wars and violence . They simply needed something as big as 9 11 attacks
09:40<mahmoudgebril>Did usa train and supply isis with weapons like it with al-qeada to play a major role in creating chaos in the middle east?
09:40<mahmoudgebril>Saddam Hussien who lost most of his power in 2nd gulf war and further by siege “in oil for food program which deprived Iraq even from pencils for the kid” , he did not allow al-Qaeda to enter Iraq , not even to support him against Usa.
09:40<mahmoudgebril>But only after Usa occupation of Iraq, Isis started to appear in Iraq. Did Usa pave the way for al-Qaeda to Iraq to play a major role of creative chaos that still burning Iraq?
09:40<mahmoudgebril>Please publish my questions
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10:13<mondy>hi, i want to transfer from bluehost vps to linode. which plan is best ?
10:14<mondy>i have 5 million pageviews a month. sometimes traffic hikes to 3000 to 5000 visitors at a time
10:14<Nivex>page views and visitors are a useless metric
10:14<Nivex>what system resources does your app require?
10:15<mondy>my site stops loading on bluehost vps when traffic increases
10:15<mondy>server doesn;t handle the load
10:15<@nbrewer>what resources do you have at bluehost? also, keep in mind that that could be a configuration issue as opposed to a resource issue.
10:17<mondy>i have 8 gb ram, 3 tb band,4 core cpu
10:18<@nbrewer>when the site goes down under increased traffic, what sort of stuff do you see in your logs?
10:20<@jdfriedrikson>mondy: have you taken any metrics at all to identify what your bottleneck is?
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10:22<mondy>no, i am a non tech blogger. so i do not know much about anything
10:23<@jdfriedrikson>do you have anyone to manage the linux end of things on your behalf?
10:23<@nbrewer>while i'm pretty confident we outperform bluehost (anecdotally, based on my own experience) in general you're not going to have much luck throwing resources at a config issue.
10:24<@jdfriedrikson>mondy: while I do like for us to have new customers, is there a reason why shared hosting is not a good solution for you?
10:24<mmustac>mondy, go to
10:25<mmustac>they cant say that
10:25<@jdfriedrikson>you'd probably save yourself a lot of headaches unless: a) you want to get your hands dirty with a bit of linux-related maintenance, b) you try your luck and maybe you can set things up in a way that your application will continue standing with minimal maintenance, or c) you hire someone to do this for you on your behalf
10:26<mmustac>also, good day when you wake up and know you need at least two bottles of water in you right away, and you have three by the bed. sometimes life isnt all trash
10:26<dzho>mmustac: that sounds like a win, yes
10:26<@jdfriedrikson>are you sure those bottles are filled with water?
10:26<mmustac>riiight!? and the tums were right there too. im texting my gf thanks now
10:27<mondy>is there any developer who will help me out with a solution ?
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10:28<@jdfriedrikson>that's not really a question I can answer
10:28<@jdfriedrikson>we do have a proservices team
10:28<mmustac>mondy, squarespac
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10:28<@jdfriedrikson>it's not ongoing systems administration, just a project for a quote
10:30<@jdfriedrikson>I would also inquire about their systems administration package
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10:40<linbot>all hail mcintosh o/
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10:46<mmustac>RICH I LOVE YOU!!!
10:46<mmustac>paste the key in here next time dou
10:47<cbirk>!w 1238904823482389234
10:47<linbot>cbirk: No weather information found. Please try again later.
10:47<cbirk>!w 1238%%%%%%%%
10:47<linbot>cbirk: cbirk is a loser
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10:52<@mcintosh>cbirk: ur fault :p
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10:53<cbirk>when you reach into your girl scout cookie box and it's empty:
10:53-!-mode/#linode [+l 319] by ChanServ
10:57*csnxs does an offensive salute in honour of mcintosh and hits him in the face
10:57<@mcintosh>how offensive we talkin'?
10:59-!-sauug [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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11:01<csnxs>mcintosh, mass genocide offensive!
11:02-!-mode/#linode [+l 319] by ChanServ
11:02<@mcintosh>oh heavens...
11:02*mcintosh runs away
11:02<mmustac>titus, get the cross
11:03*csnxs tuts
11:03<csnxs>you're no fun
11:05-!-MJXII [] has joined #linode
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11:22<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
11:25<linbot>csnxs: Yo momma's so dumb, she can't spell a.
11:25<csnxs>!to linbot urmom
11:25<linbot>linbot: Yo momma's so clumsy, she tore her POSIX ACL!
11:27<@jdfriedrikson>spell a what?
11:31<@mcintosh>jdfriedrikson: fixed :p
11:31<@jdfriedrikson>mcintosh: your linbot is so shortsighted, it makes grammatical errors while spewing insults.
11:33<csnxs>I'm so shortsighted, if I take my glasses off I won't be able to read your messages!
11:34<@jdfriedrikson>csnxs: but you could have seen it coming from a mile away
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12:32<jpd_dds>hello. What is the current version of ubuntu and where does the documentation state that?
12:33<jiggawattz>jpd_dds: Ubuntu 16.10 is the current stable - is that what you mean?
12:33<jiggawattz>16.04 is the current long-term-support release
12:33<Peng>^ what Linode has
12:33-!-mode/#linode [+l 317] by ChanServ
12:33<Peng> <- Ubuntu
12:33<jiggawattz>good job Peng
12:34<MajObviousman>congratulation Peng on doing a good job
12:34<jiggawattz>17.04 should be coming pretty soon
12:34<jiggawattz>within a few months
12:34<@jdfriedrikson>well, someone had to ask
12:34<jiggawattz>!gj Peng
12:34<jiggawattz>how do I give points to Peng
12:34<@jdfriedrikson>mcintosh: feature request ^
12:34<jiggawattz>!give Peng points
12:34<@jdfriedrikson>chop chop
12:34<jiggawattz>mcintosh: yes add that plez
12:34<MajObviousman>jiggawattz: well it's super difficult to offer a distribution that isn't yet published, but we'll do our best
12:35<jiggawattz>sounds good
12:35<MajObviousman>hang around for a few months and we'll let you know when it's ready
12:35<@mcintosh>I can probably do that
12:35<jiggawattz>Linode is always behind by negative a few months or so
12:35<MajObviousman>might not be until April though
12:36<Peng>MajObviousman: Install away :D
12:36-!-jpd_dds [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
12:36<@jdfriedrikson>hacking Canonical right now. shouldn't take too long
12:37-!-mode/#linode [+l 316] by ChanServ
12:39<MajObviousman>I knew it was that image before I clicked the link
12:40<MajObviousman>I adore the single gif flame that pops up about 2s into it
12:40<MajObviousman>all it lacks is a random exploding van
12:40<MajObviousman>.bugrep the new name for Ubuntu is frickin stupid, make it less so
12:40<@jdfriedrikson>I almost got it guys. We'll have yet another step up on other hosting providers soon.
12:41<@mcintosh>jdfriedrikson: what's a good trigger for point giving? straight up ++ won't work well
12:41-!-matx [] has quit []
12:41<csnxs>!lick mcintosh
12:41<@jdfriedrikson>!pluses mcintosh
12:42-!-mode/#linode [+l 315] by ChanServ
12:42<@jdfriedrikson>!pluses mcintosh for adding stuff to the linbot
12:42<@jdfriedrikson>from linbot - mcintosh: you're really cool and stuff
12:44-!-larsdesigns [] has joined #linode
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12:44<csnxs>woo grammer
12:45<dwfreed>MajObviousman: I like that the fourth scene, he's typing on the scanner flatbeds of multifunction printers
12:45-!-mode/#linode [+l 316] by ChanServ
12:45<@jdfriedrikson>I need a shortener :(
12:47-!-mode/#linode [+l 316] by tkaufman
12:47<@mcintosh>jdfriedrikson: !shorten
12:47<@jdfriedrikson>no, I mean I need to make one
12:47<@jdfriedrikson>to host from my domain
12:48<dwfreed>there's a little PHP host-your-own-shortener
12:48<dwfreed>no need to reinvent the wheel for the 50th time
12:48<csnxs>wait, the wheel was already invented? FUCK
12:48*gparent writes a new 2FA implementation
12:49*dwfreed throws U2F at gparent
12:49*gparent waves his arms and dodges it similarly to Neo from the Matrix.
12:49-!-mode/#linode [-l] by mcintosh
12:49<dwfreed>Universal 2nd Factor
12:49<gparent>only compatible with movies from Universal Studioes.
12:50-!-mcintosh [] has left #linode [WeeChat 1.6]
12:50-!-mcintosh [] has joined #linode
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12:50-!-mcintosh is "look" on @#linode #moocows #oftc @#linode-beta
12:50<linbot>all hail mcintosh o/
12:50<@jdfriedrikson>mcintosh: I saw that
12:50<gparent>im waiting on a coworker to give them a quick git class
12:50-!-w0lfeh [] has joined #linode
12:50-!-w0lfeh is "kalmisto" on #linode
12:52-!-mode/#linode [+l 317] by ChanServ
12:52<@jdfriedrikson>!pluses mcintosh
12:52<@jdfriedrikson> :(
12:54<linbot>Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows the answer to your question, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try using Google, or make a post at
12:55<@jdfriedrikson>ugh I was hoping for a "not a valid command"
12:56<csnxs>hey mcintosh, !lick when?
12:56<csnxs>hey mcintosh, !lick when?
12:56<csnxs>hey mcintosh, !lick when?
12:56<csnxs>am I doing it right mcintosh?
12:56<gparent>ur doin it left
12:57<csnxs>aw damn
12:57<csnxs>hey mcintrump, !lick when?
12:57<csnxs>like that?
12:59<csnxs><linbot> Error: "lick" is not a valid command.
12:59<csnxs>gosh darnit
13:06-!-mr-spoon [~mr-spoon@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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13:07<linbot>New news from forum: Linux Networking • sending and receiving string through TCP/IP <>
13:08-!-bingopajama [] has quit [Quit: leaving]
13:08<csnxs>just send it by FedEx
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13:09-!-dumle29 [~quassel@] has joined #linode
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13:12<dumle29>Hey there guys. We are around 10 students hosting a LAN event, and this year we sadly have to say goodbye to our old server guy, who both set up our gaming servers, and had the hardware to run it on. Therefore we are looking for alternatives now, but it'd be preferred if we saved money this year, to show that we can generate revenue (we have a lot of revenue from earlier years, but have had some bad expeirences with excessive food orders we couldn't sell,
13:12<dumle29> and have therefore had negative income the last two events) so we considered renting a linode48GB for 5 days
13:12<dumle29>as I understand, that should be doable.
13:12<dumle29>Now I wanted to ask, is it allowed, and feaseable to host CSGO servers on linode?
13:12<dumle29>we are going for the 48GB plan, as it is the only plan that provides enough cores to run ~10 concurrent servers
13:13<gparent>is there a lot of the execution of the stack script
13:13<dumle29>gparent: Can you refrase that for me? :P
13:13<@nbrewer>dumle29: yes, you can host a CSGO server on a Linode.
13:13<Knofte>dumle29: yes, you can run csgo on linode.
13:13-!-steveski [] has joined #linode
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13:13<Eugene>dumle29 - Linode bills hourly, so that should be fine. I would advise using more, smaller servers though
13:14-!-mode/#linode [+l 318] by ChanServ
13:14<dumle29>Eugene: Hmm, is that cheaper?
13:14<dumle29>or is it for a different reason?
13:14<Eugene>You get more-cores-per-$ on the smaller plans
13:14<Meyer_>dumle29: spread the risk
13:14<Eugene>And unless your app is truly monolithic(multiple instances of a Game server are not), then a big node is silly
13:14<dumle29>so a 4gb node?
13:14<cbirk>the bigger the better
13:15<cbirk>get a 96 gb linode
13:15<cbirk>for good measure
13:15<dumle29>to be honest, the 2gb could probably be fine
13:15<Eugene>However big it needs to be to run your app. Test it ;-)
13:15<Knofte>2gb should be fine yes.
13:15<cbirk>120 gergabytes
13:15<Knofte>and if not, it takes minutes to upgrade.
13:15<Knofte>better than downgrading.
13:15<Knofte>and you can still run multiple simultanously.
13:16<Eugene>I have no problems running Factorio(a VERY cpu-heavy game, single-threaded as of yet) on a 8GB
13:16<Eugene>YMMV of course
13:17<Knofte>Your Much Much Versatile?
13:17-!-seanh-corona [] has joined #linode
13:17-!-seanh-corona is "Adium User" on #linode
13:17<Eugene>Your Mother M*** V******
13:17-!-mode/#linode [+l 319] by ChanServ
13:18<Knofte>You know my mom? *mindblown
13:20-!-w0lfeh [] has quit []
13:22-!-mode/#linode [+l 318] by ChanServ
13:24<MajObviousman>dumle29: you might strongly consider firing up more than just one server and putting all 10 game instances on it
13:24<MajObviousman>because-- oh Eugene already told you
13:25-!-allenmelon [] has joined #linode
13:25-!-allenmelon is "Curt`" on #linode
13:25<dumle29>MajObviousman: Heh, thanks though :)
13:25-!-mode/#linode [+l 319] by ChanServ
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13:38<linbot>New news from docs: Install OpenVAS 8 on Ubuntu 16.04 <>
13:39<dumle29>so the human nose is very good at picking up burnt things
13:39<dumle29>I have less rice than expected, and a very hot pot...
13:41<Zimsky>burn your house down
13:41-!-steveski1 [] has joined #linode
13:41-!-steveski1 is "purple" on #linode
13:42<dumle29>I considered it, but I was hungry so I ate what wasnt burnt and turned off the stove
13:42-!-mode/#linode [+l 321] by ChanServ
13:44-!-steveski [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
13:45-!-mode/#linode [+l 320] by ChanServ
13:46<dumle29>Does linode offer full image downloads?
13:46<@caker>sure ... one way is to boot into Rescue Mode and copy it down yourself using the Linux tools available there
13:46<dumle29>Like, If I set up the servers, confirm everything works, test it and such. I can download an image, cancle my plan, and then later I can install from that image?
13:46<dumle29>caker: Neat
13:47<@caker>or you can use the "Images" feature - it will take a snapshot of your gold master Linode/disks, and then you can deploy from that image later (it appears in the drop-down with our Distro templates)
13:47<dumle29>caker: Cool
13:48<dumle29>caker: If I cancle my plan, will I be able to download those images?"
13:48<@caker>yes, yourself - via a Linode and Rescue Mode
13:49<dumle29>That's a much more, complete I guess, feel to a vps
13:49<dumle29>I'm used to OpenVZ vpses
13:50-!-mormon420 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
13:50-!-raulml [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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13:51<dumle29>How long does "Your account is currently being reviewed." usually take? :)
13:52<raulml>hello, daily basis
13:52<@caker>dumle29: usually just a few minutes. Hang tight.
13:52<dumle29>hanging tight :D
13:53-!-mormon420 [] has joined #linode
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14:00-!-Frostshifter [] has joined #linode
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14:00<dumle29>neato. Up and running :)
14:00-!-mode/#linode [+l 320] by ChanServ
14:14<dumle29>Made this quickie
14:20<Eugene>Yup, the $10 is the best value on all measures.... but you need a herd of them to go Butt Scale
14:22<dumle29>Danm, is all KVM like this?
14:22<dumle29>I mean, this feels like I'm actually playing around with hardware, instead of just a cheap openvz vps.
14:22<dumle29>Like, I can setup discks and mountpoints and this and that
14:22<Eugene>Linode's dashboard does a good job of not getting in the way.
14:23<dumle29>It's really nice
14:23<dumle29>It's a shame I'm looking to save money on hosting not pay more :P
14:23<Eugene>Most VPS dashboards that i've encountered get the level of abstraction wrong - they're intended for "web hosting plans". Linode is more like "heres a cloud, have fun"
14:23<Zimsky>colocate and rent out spare VMs
14:23<Zimsky>save money
14:24<dumle29>I use INIZ (well and have a 5GB ram package for 4.12 GBP / month
14:24<Zimsky>Eugene: don't swear like that
14:24<Zimsky>dumle29: #brexit
14:24<dumle29>awh shiet
14:24<dwfreed>dumle29: but it's openvz
14:24<dumle29>Am I going to have to pay import taxes on my vps soon? :P
14:24<Eugene>OpenVZ is garbage and not virtualization. You don't get your own kernel
14:24<dwfreed>which means you're stuck with their kernel
14:24<dumle29>dwfreed: I'm not hardcore enough to care :P
14:24<mmustac>Are you guys having chik-fil-a on Wed?
14:25<Zimsky>I was watching the house of commons arguing earlier
14:25<Zimsky>the speaker is marvellous
14:25<dumle29>dwfreed: It's running an IRC bouncer, and a torrent seeder
14:25<dwfreed>dumle29: seeding "linux ISOs" right?
14:25<dumle29>dwfreed: I'm too paranoid to seed anything illegal :)
14:25<Zimsky>Eugene: do you really need your own kennel?
14:26<Zimsky>also that's what they all say
14:26<dumle29>octopi, an sd card image for octoprint for the raspberry pi
14:26<Zimsky>it's not illegal if you don't get caught
14:26<Eugene>Zimsky - if you want to have actual isolation from your neighbors, yes, having root kernel access instead of a chroot is nice
14:26<Knofte>Zimsky: +1
14:26<Eugene>Zimsky - I dont mean "run your own kernel", I mean "openvz is chroot+"
14:26<dumle29>I have a script that runs, and on the release of a new image, the script automatically makes a new torrent, magnet uri and rss entry
14:26<dumle29>and then starts seeding
14:27<Zimsky>Eugene: I know, but for a myriad of purposes, ovz would suffice
14:27<Zimsky>it's not like web languages where it's plain and simple you DO NOT USE PHP
14:28<Zimsky>it's like, it does the job you know
14:28<Eugene>Yup, and kleenex works great for blowing my nose, but I'm not relying upon it for doing my homework on
14:28<dumle29>So am I understanding this correctly? Do I have 10 public IPs for that one server?
14:28<Zimsky>I'm slowly becoming the dude
14:28<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
14:28<dumle29>oh it's DNS resolvers. gotcha :P
14:28<Zimsky>yes, you definitely have 10 ips.
14:28<Zimsky>because we need to get rid of ipv4 quicker
14:29<Zimsky>it's taking up internet space
14:29<dumle29>how come IPv6 hasn't made it's way in yet?
14:29<Zimsky>which we need to store more clouds
14:29<Zimsky>because ipv6 is a hoax invented by the communist kazakks
14:29<dumle29>is it because consumer routers have been super skimpy on RAM and can't deal with the larger addresses?
14:29<Zimsky>kazakhs even
14:29<Eugene>IPv6 has. Everybody with a recent Comcast residential install($BIGNUM of the US) has IPv6 automagically
14:29<Eugene>The content providers are getting it too. If you don't, you're behind.
14:29<dumle29>I wonder if I have IPv6
14:29-!-Frostshifter [] has quit []
14:29<dumle29>I have 50/50 fiber
14:30<Zimsky>you should eat dairy too
14:30<dumle29>Eugene: Waoo
14:30<dumle29>Eugene: Denmark :)
14:30<Eugene>ah. Good luck.
14:30<dumle29>Eugene: 139 dkk / month for 50/50
14:30<dumle29>that's 20 usd
14:30<Zimsky>139 dicks per month
14:30-!-mode/#linode [+l 319] by ChanServ
14:30<Zimsky>colon pee
14:31<dumle29>Nope, I don't have IPv6
14:31<dumle29>hey, if my internet works I'm happy
14:31<Zimsky>try harder
14:31<dumle29>I know I'm on a LSN in this appartment complex, but they gave me a static global IP for free because I needed that to be able to port forward
14:31<dumle29>or I'd be double NATed :p
14:32<Zimsky>nate someone wants you
14:32-!-mr-spoon [~mr-spoon@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
14:32<dumle29>This Zimsky is active :P
14:33-!-larsdesigns [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
14:34-!-mode/#linode [+l 317] by ChanServ
14:34<Zimsky>this little zimsky went to the market
14:35<Zimsky>and this little zimsky went wee wee wee wee wee wee all the way home
14:37<dumle29>It's weird seing ipv6 used for apt upgrade :)
14:39-!-cooey [] has joined #linode
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14:45<Eugene>Its about time
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14:47<cbirk>y'all heard this remix?
14:48<cbirk>its pretty good
14:48<Zimsky>is it
14:48<cbirk>reminds me of systemd
14:48<cbirk>and pulseaudio
14:48<cbirk>thanks poettering
14:48<Eugene>Its Raining Men and Let The Bodies Hit The Floor are describing the same event
14:48<Eugene>You're welcome
14:51<Zimsky>I've just realised, trump is kind of like a kid playing with the "advanced options" menu of some important thing in a BIOS
14:51<csnxs>let the bodies hit the floor
14:51<Zimsky>mate, your body is gonna be hitting the floor pretty soon
14:52<@jdfriedrikson>cbirk: this. this is good.
14:52<csnxs>let the bodies hit the floor
14:52<cbirk>suits the shitty software im working on
14:52<@jdfriedrikson>cbirk: this is like every day of my life
14:52<csnxs>let the bodies hit the
14:52<@jdfriedrikson>put into a song
14:53<@jdfriedrikson>I feel at peace now
14:53<Zimsky>jdfriedrikson: yes hi can I throw csnxs at a wall
14:53<Zimsky>you know what
14:53<Zimsky>I'm just gonna sign off an exec order on that one
14:53<Zimsky>and do it myself
14:53-!-csnxs [sean@2a01:7e00:e000:187:666:666:666:666] has left #linode [my body has hit the floor :(]
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14:54<csnxs>i get knocked down, but I get up again
14:54-!-mode/#linode [+v mcintosh] by ChanServ
14:54<gparent>wow rude
14:55<Zimsky>how peculiar
14:56-!-mode/#linode [+l 319] by ChanServ
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15:14<jiggawattz>was that a netsplit
15:14<jiggawattz>wut wuz dat
15:15<jiggawattz>ah yeah that was a yuuuuuuuuuuge netsplit
15:15<cbirk>we need to build a wall
15:16<Peng>build a dike to stop the flooding
15:17*cbirk passes an executive order to ban dikes
15:17-!-mode/#linode [-o sweitzman] by ChanServ
15:21<mmustac>YO LINODE, i aint larping here...
15:22<mmustac>if I dont get a reply within 24 hours I will install windows 10 on it before I behead it
15:22-!-mps [] has joined #linode
15:22-!-mps is "Catsceo" on #linode
15:22<mmustac>and I will only talk though soh
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15:23-!-Al_ [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
15:23-!-Al_ is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
15:24<Al_>can I create subdomain and have it point to a non linode server?
15:24<@jdfriedrikson>Al_: yup
15:24-!-mode/#linode [+l 320] by ChanServ
15:25<Al_>just adding A record with subdomain name and the external server IP?
15:29-!-Al_ [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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15:30-!-seanh-corona1 [] has joined #linode
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16:08<@mcintosh>!point jdfriedrikson
16:08<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to jdfriedrikson. They now have 1 points.
16:08<@mcintosh>gud grammar
16:08<@jdfriedrikson>!score jdfriedrikson
16:08<linbot>jdfriedrikson: jdfriedrikson has 1 points.
16:08<@jdfriedrikson>!point mcintosh
16:08<linbot>jdfriedrikson: Point given to mcintosh. They now have 1 points.
16:08<@jdfriedrikson>!point mcintosh
16:08<linbot>jdfriedrikson: Point given to mcintosh. They now have 2 points.
16:08<@jdfriedrikson>!point mcintosh
16:08<linbot>jdfriedrikson: Point given to mcintosh. They now have 3 points.
16:08<@jdfriedrikson>that was worth 3
16:09<@jdfriedrikson>it would be cool if there were a finite amount of points, and if we could pass them around like currency
16:09<Eugene>Imma need about tree fiddy
16:09<@jdfriedrikson>!point jdfriedrikson
16:09<linbot>jdfriedrikson: Something went wrong.
16:10<@jdfriedrikson>I guess the honor system doesn't have to work here
16:12<@mcintosh>jdfriedrikson: im still working error handling language but no you cant give yourself points :p
16:14-!-Al_ [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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16:18-!-philp [] has joined #linode
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16:18<philp>hi, can you run windows on a linode instance?
16:18<rnowak>needs more demerits
16:19<linbot>It is possible to run Windows on !kvm Linodes. Here's a set of unofficial instructions:
16:19-!-mode/#linode [+l 322] by ChanServ
16:19-!-philp [] has quit []
16:20-!-Tol1_ is now known as Tol1
16:21-!-Al_ [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:21-!-mode/#linode [+l 320] by ChanServ
16:29<csnxs>!lick mcintosh
16:31<mmustac>dont you dare, he's mine
16:31<csnxs>!lick mmustac
16:31-!-Al_ [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
16:31-!-Al_ is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
16:32<mmustac>also, csnxs, Ill allow it
16:32-!-mode/#linode [+l 321] by ChanServ
16:32<mmustac>Al_: do you have a question. We're all here to help as much as possible.
16:32<Al_>in order to create subdomain to point to non linode server, do I have do make any configuration to that non linode server?
16:35<mmustac>at the most basic level, no. but you prob want more than that, so if for instance you want a website to come up you will need to configure the web server on the dest host to respond to requests to that url.
16:35-!-GuntherDW [] has quit []
16:36<mmustac>Linode has docs that will describe in detail how to do so.
16:36-!-mode/#linode [+l 320] by ChanServ
16:36-!-Al_ [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
16:37<csnxs>desktop typing:
16:37<csnxs>laptop typing: manager.linood.coon
16:38-!-mode/#linode [+l 319] by ChanServ
16:38<Eugene>Lil Node in the manger
16:40<csnxs>I blame ubuntu
16:40<mmustac>send noods plz
16:41<csnxs>but 16.10 sure is nice
16:41<csnxs>Client: HexChat 2.12.0 • OS: Ubuntu "yakkety" 16.10 • CPU: AMD E-450 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics (1.32GHz) • Memory: Physical: 5.3 GiB Total (3.9 GiB Free) Swap: 5.5 GiB Total (5.5 GiB Free) • Storage: 40.1 GB / 618.2 GB (578.0 GB Free) • VGA: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Wrestler [Radeon HD 6320] @ Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Family 12h/14h Processor Function 5 • Uptime: 15m 42s
16:41<csnxs>my shitty little laptop does well enough for browsing and twatting about on irc
16:41<relidy>Wow, so many uptimes.
16:43<@jdfriedrikson>Eugene: you're not wearing a shirt again
16:43<@jdfriedrikson>you really need to open a ticket with us so that we can send you one
16:43<Eugene>Excellent idea!
16:43<csnxs>does Eugene even know what a shirt is?
16:44<csnxs>jdfriedrikson, can you send me 3d printer schematics?
16:44<Zimsky>jdfriedrikson: are they free
16:45-!-yuastnav [] has joined #linode
16:45-!-yuastnav is "hifi" on #linode
16:45<@jdfriedrikson>¯\_(ツ)_/¯ why don't you ask?
16:45<@jdfriedrikson>(not here)
16:45<csnxs>i can haz free lindoe?
16:45<Zimsky>hello 2008
16:45<mmustac>plz send noods in a 3d maker format I can 3d print
16:46<csnxs>make sure Microsoft(R) 3D Builder(R) can open it!
16:46<Zimsky>that's a very obnoxious error message
16:46<Zimsky>should really notice it
16:46-!-mode/#linode [+l 320] by ChanServ
16:46<Zimsky>instead of privmsg
16:46<csnxs>jdfriedrikson, can I get paid to be an idiot on irc all day?
16:47<@jdfriedrikson>csnxs: no, because I won't let you take my job
16:47<Zimsky>excuse me, jdfriedrikson
16:47<Zimsky>that is my job
16:48<@jdfriedrikson>Zimsky: do you have any certs?
16:48<@jdfriedrikson>I have my idiot+
16:48<Zimsky>yes, I renewed them last year
16:48<Zimsky>oh, certifications of profession
16:48<Zimsky>I thought you meant SSL certs
16:48<mmustac>I learned about Linux in a classroom. plz hire me kthx
16:48<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • CentOS v7, not booting from latest updated kernel. <>
16:48<Zimsky>I think I've just proven "idiot on irc"
16:48<@jdfriedrikson>Comptia has a whole bunch of stupid random questions in their tests, so it only made sense to make a test about being randomly stupid
16:49<Eugene>jdfriedrikson - #7479689 is open
16:49<csnxs>I got an A********************* in GCSE IRC Usage
16:49<@jdfriedrikson>my god
16:49<Zimsky>yes, jdfriedrikson
16:51<zifnab>You asked jdfriedrikson.
16:52<csnxs>sup jdfriedeggs
16:53<Zimsky>zifnab you seem to like bricks
16:53<csnxs>i like d--
16:53<zifnab>Zimsky: I'm rather fond of them. Why?
16:54<Zimsky>I can arrange for a speedy delivery of many right to your face
16:54<csnxs>hmm, I can Enable_Gallium Nine for better D3D9 graphic performance.
16:54<zifnab>Zimsky: could we throw them at Eugene instead?
16:56<Zimsky>Eugene has so many bricks hurled at him there's a new factory next door to him
16:56-!-bryan [~oftc-webi@2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fe96:bb6] has joined #linode
16:56-!-bryan is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
16:56<Eugene>Don't bring a brick to a ___ fight
16:56-!-mode/#linode [+l 321] by ChanServ
16:56<Zimsky>what about a cinder block fight?
16:56-!-bryan is now known as Guest11
16:57-!-Guest11 is now known as bryanr
16:57<Eugene>They're too brittle, you only get one throw
16:57<Eugene>After that its just chuckin' aggregate
16:58<bryanr>Are there any disk IO or throughput limitations on my linode?
16:58*csnxs throws mcintosh at Eugene
16:58<@jdfriedrikson>Eugene: where can I get one of those fancy whiteboards?
16:58<Eugene>bryanr - you will be fairly scheduled with the other guests on your Host. If your I/O is problematic(I have never seen this, but its probably not a good idea to run `stress` 24x7) then I would expect a ticket to be opened
16:58<Zimsky>fancy fightboards
16:59<Eugene>jdfriedrikson - the 8ft one behind me is a crappy old one that needs refinishing, got it for free from my boss's garage
16:59<@jdfriedrikson>ughhh I need one
16:59<csnxs>I have a whiteboard in my room that hasn't been used in like, 7 years?
16:59<@jdfriedrikson>I feel motivated to go to this business liquidation place i found in jersey
16:59<@jdfriedrikson>I also need a rolley chair
16:59<Eugene>Rule 1: never go to new jersey
17:00<zifnab>jdfriedrikson: for $50, shipping, and a bag of bricks I can go knock him out and steal it
17:00<Zimsky>s/new jersey/america/
17:00<Zimsky>no csnxs, too far
17:00<zifnab>Eugene: you can't steal my rules without linking to them :(
17:00<Zimsky>earth is aight
17:00<@jdfriedrikson>I'm forced to. For my job. Despite my high level of loathing toward our stalwart protectors of the peace there.
17:00<csnxs>yeah earth is a pretty good place
17:01<csnxs>would be better without those bloody homosapiens though
17:01<Zimsky>so what if I quantum tunnel to the united states? it's not technically illegal entry because I never crossed a border
17:02-!-tubbs [] has joined #linode
17:02-!-tubbs is "tubbs" on #linode
17:02<@jdfriedrikson>someday, we're going to have 3d borders
17:02-!-mode/#linode [+l 322] by ChanServ
17:02<Eugene>Borders have always been 3D. Source: thickness of paint on old-school globes
17:02-!-tubbs [] has left #linode []
17:03<csnxs>what if I just appear in the US?
17:03<@jdfriedrikson>I, for one, think it would be an interesting job to be part of the underground border patrol
17:03<csnxs>one moment I'm in the UK and the next I'm behind mcintosh looking vaguely threatening
17:04-!-mode/#linode [+l 321] by ChanServ
17:04<@jdfriedrikson>csnxs: nothing personal, kid
17:04<dzho>csnxs: you're not old enough to apparate on your own, yet.
17:06<zifnab>I interviewed with linode once. That was fun.
17:07<zifnab>"New Jersey"
17:07*csnxs waits for Portal to download so he can test out Gallium Nine
17:07<zifnab>Still laughing at the "what's the most frustrating part of your job" question I asked
17:07<zifnab>"Lack of racquetball at the gym next door"
17:08<zifnab>...that's not what I wanted to know but it said a lot
17:08<zifnab>Assumed someone didn't like constructive criticism, I wouldn't have lasted long
17:08<linbot>New news from forum: Performance and Tuning • off hours shut down <>
17:09<@jdfriedrikson>zifnab: if you can't handle constructive criticism, you won't last long here
17:09<zifnab>oh, i took a job in seattle instead
17:10<zifnab>i enjoy asking that question though
17:10<@jdfriedrikson>is seattle a good place for tech-related jobs?
17:10<zifnab>says a lot about whoever the interviewer person is and/or the company
17:10<zifnab>yeah, its great
17:10<Eugene>They hired zifnab, didn't they?
17:10<@jdfriedrikson>it's expensive to live there, though, right?
17:10<zifnab>its 2k/mo for a 1bdrm
17:10<zifnab>i'm also in a new building
17:10<zifnab>and i'm making 6 figures
17:11<Eugene>We have gigabit in this building. Worth it.
17:11<@jdfriedrikson>I have a friend in federal way
17:11<zifnab>oh and i get Eugene as a neighbor
17:11<@jdfriedrikson>WA is weird, but seems cool
17:11<zifnab>weed is legal
17:11<zifnab>cops aren't dicks
17:11<zifnab>its nice
17:11<@jdfriedrikson>do you have any degrees?
17:11<zifnab>amazon, facebook, and google all have offices in seattle
17:11<zifnab>i dropped out
17:11<zifnab>CS though
17:12<Eugene>Don't forget that you can have guns here, unlike jersey
17:12<@jdfriedrikson>oh yeahhh
17:12<relidy>*cough* Texas *cough*
17:12<@jdfriedrikson>is CC difficult there?
17:14<Eugene>Creative Commons? About the same as everywhere, I expect
17:14<Eugene>(It is a Shall-Issue state with good inter-state reciprocity)
17:14-!-yuastnav [] has quit []
17:14-!-`Jin [] has joined #linode
17:14-!-`Jin is "Xa" on #linode
17:15<csnxs>I'm unemployed, I'm living the dream :D
17:15<@jdfriedrikson>oh. really cool.
17:15<@jdfriedrikson>csnxs: explains your demeanor <3
17:16<Eugene>I don't remember if the statistic is "jurisdictions" or 'officers", but they have an unreasonably-1984 amount of cops in Texas. Never moving back
17:16<@jdfriedrikson>as long as it's not NJ
17:16<@jdfriedrikson>I was given a ticket for not having a front plate
17:16<@jdfriedrikson>said "unclear/missing plates"
17:16<zifnab>you get those here too
17:17<@jdfriedrikson>kicker is that their vehicle was dark gray with black lettering
17:17<csnxs>but was Texas in 1984 like 1984?
17:17<Eugene>How do I not have italics stripped
17:17<@jdfriedrikson>can't really read unless you're within 20-ft or so
17:18<zifnab>last july i got a new car (vw gti)
17:18<zifnab>the next day i got pulled over, having been told i was going 120 in a 60
17:18<Eugene>And you didn't even invite me for that trip
17:18<Eugene>120 is what he told you, not what he clocked
17:18<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Longview free tier only displaying 30 minutes data <>
17:19<Eugene>At what point does it move from "felony" to "high score"?
17:19<zifnab>well, 30 over is felony
17:19<zifnab>20 over is misdemeanor
17:19<zifnab>at least here
17:19<zifnab>60 over is probably "lol enjoy jail and revoked license"
17:20-!-steveski1 [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:20<csnxs>120 whats?!?! :(
17:20<zifnab>i refuse to answer that on grounds it may incriminate me.
17:20<zifnab>assume parsects per furlong
17:21<csnxs>Oh, freedumb units
17:21-!-mode/#linode [+l 320] by ChanServ
17:21<@jdfriedrikson>not to be unamerican, but the metric system is better. we need to use it
17:21<Eugene>I also prefer metric and attempt to use it in my calculations. L/km is way smarter than mpg
17:22<csnxs>Imperial is used over for distance measurement but I still don't understand it :)
17:22<@jdfriedrikson>I like measuring milliliters with a scale
17:22<@jdfriedrikson>since 1g ~ 1mL
17:22<Eugene>Of salt water at STP, sure
17:22<@jdfriedrikson>also cups, tablespoons, and teaspoons make no sense
17:22<@jdfriedrikson>in addition to pints, quarts, and gallons
17:29<zifnab>i think we need to go back to medieval emasures
17:29<zifnab>mpg should be hogsheads per furlong
17:30<csnxs>16.10 is the most I've enjoyed using Ubuntu in years tbh
17:35<zifnab>i'm still not a fan of systemd/linux, i miss GNU/linux
17:36-!-anomie [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
17:36-!-mode/#linode [+l 319] by ChanServ
17:36<zifnab>init should be tiny and do its job (start things)
17:38-!-sweitzman_ [] has joined #linode
17:38-!-sweitzman_ is "sweitzman" on #linode
17:39-!-mode/#linode [+l 320] by ChanServ
17:40-!-sweitzman is now known as Guest14
17:40-!-sweitzman_ is now known as sweitzman
17:44<Eugene>I thought it was hurd/systemd
17:44-!-`Jin [] has quit []
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17:47-!-bryanr [~oftc-webi@2600:3c00::f03c:91ff:fe96:bb6] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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17:52-!-bbankes [~bbankes@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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17:56-!-alfian [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
17:56-!-alfian is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
17:56<alfian>hello, if any support here, please help me [7472591] ToS Violation - Phishing Website
17:57<alfian>we have suspend account need up my network
17:57<linbot>Sounds like ticket time! Your problem will probably be solved much faster by submitting a support ticket, rather than hoping to catch an employee's attention here.
17:57<linbot>The staff may or may not be around but if you tell us your problem then someone in here may be able to help
17:57-!-mode/#linode [+l 318] by ChanServ
17:58<Eugene>Go talk to Linode staff, we're not them. If you have an actual issue then they won't talk to you here anyway
17:58<Woet>alfian: im sure the ticket included instructions on what to do once you solved the issue
17:58<Woet>alfian: and im sure "ask in irc" wasnt one of them
17:58-!-VitorPolegato [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
17:58-!-VitorPolegato is "OFTC WebIRC Client" on #linode
17:59<@jackley>alfian: we'll be grabbing your ticket shortly, hang tight
17:59<csnxs>Gallium Nine works quite well.
17:59-!-VitorPolegato [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
18:07-!-alfian [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
18:07-!-Bonzaii [] has joined #linode
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18:43<alexf>csnxs: what are you testing on it?
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19:40<Woet>arlen: people are stupid
19:40<Woet>the word "ftp" should give it away already
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20:37<Henry>Hi guys - Just signed up to Linode, I need 12 additional dedicated Ip's for SSLs. What's the best way to go about this?
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20:38<millisa>Setup your vhosts for sni
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20:39<Henry>I mean, will Linode accept this? How much do they charge per IP?
20:39<nate>Henry: SSL hasn't really been a proper reason for IP's in years. If your client base is that legacy, perhaps you should start motivating them to upgrade to stuff, because anything old enough to not support SNI is likely using insecure SSL implementations anyways
20:39<millisa>Extra IP's need a technical justification (you do that in a ticket), but if it's just multiple websites needing their own SSL - you shouldn't need it
20:39<millisa>$1/month/ip if you get through the justification
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21:05<staticsafe>if any y'all are using WordPress, update ASAP -
21:05<millisa>saw automated scans for that today, myself.
21:05<millisa>lots of them coming in with a python user agent.
21:06<staticsafe>Google has been e-mailing people about it via their Webmaster Tools thing
21:06<millisa>first instance I found of it in the logs was from Saturday.
21:08<AlexMax>staticsafe, I did upgrade
21:08<AlexMax>to a static site generator
21:08*staticsafe rolls eyes
21:08<AlexMax>i'm not joking
21:08<AlexMax>i seriously took down my wordpress site and rewrote the thing in a static site generator over the weekend
21:09<AlexMax>because of yet another wordpress security release that I couldn't be arsed to upgrade to
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21:19<FluffyFoxeh>I had a WordPress blog on my server. Hadn't used it in years so I mirrored it with HTTrack and replaced WordPress with the HTML files
21:22<FluffyFoxeh>seemed like the best solution because I wanted the content to stay online but I didn't want to maintain it anymore
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21:30<AlexMax>FluffyFoxeh, static site generators are like that, but actually maintainable
21:30<FluffyFoxeh>yeah I like Pelican
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23:36<ngshapir>So we are organizing a hackathon at Michigan Tech, and I'm wondering if Linode might want to get involved. Is there anyone here who could direct me on who to talk to?
23:37<dwfreed>ngshapir: email
23:37<dwfreed>ngshapir: and yes, I'm the same dwfreed as on the IEEE slack-IRC connection
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23:43<arlen>are you the same dwfreed on twitter?
23:43<dwfreed>no, I think dwfreed was taken
23:43<arlen>my dreams are dashed
23:44<dwfreed>I am dwfreed on bitbucket and github, though
23:45<arlen>I'm arlendotio cause someone took arlen :(
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