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00:00<FluffyKitteh>the second line is usually the one you want, or the "available" column if your free has one
00:00<Cromulent>just noticed that the command has changed in manjaro it is now free used instead
00:01<DrJ>so then you don't really have a problem it sounds Cromulent, you just misread it
00:01<Cromulent>yep - thanks :)
00:02<DrJ>no worries... many people get confused on that
00:03<DrJ> <--there's even a help/panic site for it :)
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00:14<MJCS>I am getting packet loss at the California DC
00:14<MJCS>Is anyone else getting that?
00:15<MJCS>Also awesome name
00:15<FluffyKitteh>lol :p
00:15<FluffyKitteh>thank HoopyCat
00:16<@mquatrani>We think we have identified the problem and things should be returning to normal shortly
00:18<retro|blah>In other news, there's yet another car chase in the LA area. woooo
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00:23<Peng>does the problem involve fire? :D
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00:50*dcraig tickles mjcs around a bit with a large skilfish
00:50<dcraig>I'm in ur linode stealin ur packets
00:52*MJCS slaps dcraig around a bit and dcraig likes it..
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01:32<antiraza>i have a n00b q
01:32<antiraza>so, there's the domain name registrar
01:32*dcraig tickles antiraza around a bit with a large bighead carp
01:32<antiraza>then, there are the name servers
01:32<antiraza>then there's the DNS zone file
01:32<antiraza>do the name servers control which zone file gets loaded?
01:33<antiraza>if there are multiple ones (eg. at the registrar and at linode)
01:33<antiraza>dcraig you got quite the fish collection there
01:33<Peng>In the registrar's control panel, you set which nameservers the domain will use.
01:33<dcraig>at the very minimum, the registrar specifies the list of nameservers that are authoriative for the domain
01:34<antiraza>so, real world example:
01:34<dcraig>they may not actually provide nameservers
01:34<dcraig>but many of them do
01:34<antiraza>domain's at godaddy, nameservers point to linode
01:34<dcraig>and in those cases, you can use the registrar's nameservers or provide your own
01:35<Cromulent>antiraza: yeah set nameservers to linodes and then add DNS to linodes DNS manager - job done :)
01:35<Peng>I could start up BIND, create a zone file called, and configure BIND to use it.
01:35<dcraig>if you're using linode nameservers, you would edit your DNS records via the linode manager
01:35<Peng>But i can't go to MarkMonitor and tell them to set's DNS to my server.
01:35<antiraza>got it
01:35<antiraza>so for example MX servers and the like -- once the name server points to linode, the linode DNS manager takes precedence?
01:36<antiraza>i.e. it is the current and active zone file?
01:36<Peng>The Linode DNS manager becomes the only thing that matters
01:36<antiraza>got it
01:36<antiraza>i figured it was nameserver >> all other records
01:36<antiraza>but wasn't sure it would get split up between the registrar and linode
01:36<Peng>Only if you set it that way.
01:37<dcraig>I just point all my domains at peng
01:37<antiraza>i see
01:37<Peng>Registrars often run a DNS serviuce, but conceptually i's completely separate.
01:37<Peng>It's just a good value-add
01:37<antiraza>i see
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03:20<denyx>I would like to ask if linode is accepting a torrenting?
03:20<Peng>Is it illegal, or otherwise troublesome?
03:20<twodee>Did Linode just crush Digital Ocean with the new update?
03:20<denyx>illegal torrent
03:21<millisa>Illegal things generally aren't allowed on linodes.
03:21<Peng>also it's illegal
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03:21<denyx>Thank you
03:21<Ikaros>Nor will they be allowed on any other legitimate host
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03:21<denyx>Can you recommend me a vps hosting allowing torrents
03:22<millisa>Are you asking us to provide you with places to go do illegal things?
03:22<JeremyE77>Hint on that: If you are asking. You are probably doing it wrong.
03:22<twodee>How do I apply for a job at Linode?
03:23<denyx>I want to create a vpn service and my client is asking me if my vpn is available for torrenting
03:26<Ikaros>*sigh* You can torrent so long as it's (a) NOT ILLEGAL CONTENT and (b) does NOT disrupt any other customers (either by disk I/O, bandwidth, CPU usage, etc or all of the above). In other words: Legal by US law AND you're courteous to other customers on the same node.
03:28<Peng>denyx: I'd suggest your VPN service have a similar AUP
03:29<denyx>Downloadign Crack apps and Movies are Illegal right?
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03:29<Ikaros>So don't do it.
03:29<denyx>Thank you for answering my question. tia
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03:30<denyx>Last Question. Do you have Ph server location?
03:31<millisa> those are the locations
03:31<twodee>Does Linode own it's datacenters?
03:31<denyx>Thanks Millisa :)
03:31<Peng>twodee: No.
03:32<Ikaros>Mmm, everyone always seems to want a DC where they live -_-
03:32<twodee>Well XD
03:32<Peng>There's a VPS provider with a DC where i live, but their AUP bans anything fun, and i don't think they have IPv6 :(
03:32<denyx>Is it True that Linode Crush Digital Ocean ?
03:32<twodee>A DC in India wouldn't be a bad idea
03:33<denyx>I have 10 servers on DO right now All singapore servers
03:33<twodee>Lot of traffic around here. Lot of population. XD
03:33<millisa>I don't think I'd use the term 'crush'. Linode's winning when it comes to ram allocation still, and that's enough to sway me.
03:34<Ikaros>I still haven't rebooted mine to take advantage of the outbound bandwidth
03:34<twodee>Oh Linode did CRUSH DO
03:34<Peng>One of Linode's data centers is pretty much in the best city nearest me, but RIGHT HERE is still cool.
03:34<denyx>I will try linode. Once my subscriptions end to DO
03:35<twodee>DO has subscription?
03:35<denyx>What i mean when my funds got empty :)
03:35<denyx>Sorry for my bad english :)
03:36<twodee>We want block storage!!!
03:36<millisa>That we do
03:37<millisa>The love-blog said beta for it was coming up sometime soon
03:37<twodee>DO recently launched loadbalancers for $20, bringing the fight closer.
03:38<twodee>I called 'em last January, they did say that.
03:39<denyx>yup the loadbalancer now is available
03:39<twodee>Linode should really look at India.
03:41<twodee>Did Linode strip down the outbound network for 12 GB linodes to 1000 Mbps?
03:41<twodee>What was it earlier?
03:42<millisa>no. it was 1gbps before.
03:42<millisa>125/250/500/1gbps for 2/4/8/12 respectively before the valentine's change.
03:44<twodee>Well, we do <3 Valentine's day!
03:44<millisa> was what it was before
03:45<twodee>I have a bad memory, thanks.
03:46<twodee>Why would I use the high memory servers in DBs when they have low cpu cores? MySQL utilizes all the cores.
03:46<millisa>why do you think the high memory servers are just for db servers?
03:47<twodee>I don't.
03:47<twodee>Redis on those servers would do just fine
03:47<twodee>But what good it do to something like mysql?
03:47<millisa>low traffic, huge index mysql?
03:47<millisa>low traffic ridiculously badly written joins?
03:48<millisa>joins on extreme datasets?
03:48<millisa>or even using the qcache
03:48<twodee>Well, I would prefer writing better code over using bigger joins
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04:10<denyx>I just Create 1 account now
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04:17<Woet>denyx: linode certainly crushes DO in amount of hacking incidents
04:17<Woet>he left
04:17<Woet>now he wont appreciate my edgy remark
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04:21<Zimsky>now he woet*
04:21<Zimsky>btch pls
04:21<Zimsky><Ikaros> Mmm, everyone always seems to want a DC where they live -_-
04:22<Zimsky>gosh the absolute nerve of some people
04:23<millisa>Well, he has one near him, so . . .
04:23<Zimsky>. . .
04:23<millisa>. dot .
04:23<Zimsky>pls no
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07:00<Dominic_>Does anyone know why Linode support is so much slower? Its averaging 4 hours. I remember it being more like 4 minutes previously.
07:01<jiggawattz>they are probably flooded after the $5 launch
07:01<jiggawattz>give it some time
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07:30<Woet>wow, averaging 4 hours
07:31<Woet>way too slow for support without any kind of SLA at all on $5 plans
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07:34<@jchun>Dominic_ : Sorry about the delayed response times! We're certainly trying our best to respond to all tickets within a reasonable timeframe. That being said, we're definitely a bit busier than usual this week (and please remember that it is a weekend right now). If you have an urgent issue that can't wait, I'd recommend giving us a phone call and we'll try and help you out from there.
07:37<Woet>jchun: you know he quit 30 minutes ago right
07:37<@jchun>Oops... didn't see that.
07:38<Woet>just try to auto complete their nick, if it fails they left
07:38<jiggawattz>Wouter u so smart
07:38<@jchun>I usually type it out just because of autocomplete fails I've had previously :P
07:38<jiggawattz>jchun: do you need a remote worker
07:38<jiggawattz>for support
07:39<Woet>stop deadnaming me
07:39<jiggawattz>Wouter we love you
07:41<@jchun>jiggawattz : Linode doesn't have remote workers :(
07:42<nate>to be fair I imagine they might keep some local people on retainer for DC stuff at the distant centers
07:47<jiggawattz>yeah of course
07:47<jiggawattz>they got some remote hands contractors
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08:00<Steve^^^>Anybody have experience with docker and volumes? If I follow the instructions for setting up the official mysql image with a data volume then the permissions aren't right
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08:10<JOhn_>Hello, I just migrated my old Centos 5.11 server to Linode but am unable to load kernel. When I boot it than i get "you need to load kernel first" - may I kindly ask somebody for help?
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08:34<grawity>JOhn_: you're trying to boot a non-linode kernel?
08:34<grawity>JOhn_: which bootloader are you using?
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08:43<JOhn_>grawity: I have two kinds of kernel installed in the OS -- classic 2.18 e5 and Xenified
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08:49<linbot>New news from forum: Sales Questions and Answers • Is outgoing bandwidth pooled like transfer? <>
08:50<JOhn_>grawity: when I try to boot the disk with "Grub legacy" option than I seen in Lish listed the kernel variants but every single option ends on "kernel not found"
08:51<JOhn_>grawity: while running command promt from grub - it has "root - command not found"
08:51<csnxs>any reason you cant use a linode kernel?
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08:51<JOhn_>am trying to do Xen domU Centos 5.11 x86 to Linode
08:52<JOhn_>I tried to boot with 4.x linode kernel but it ends quickly
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09:11<JOhn_>am new to linode/kvm
09:11<JOhn_>for paravirtualization you should have /dev/sda or /dev/xvda in grub.conf?
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09:59<linbot>New news from forum: Sales Questions and Answers • Is outgoing bandwidth pooled like transfer? <>
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10:18<grawity>JOhn_: KVM Linodes aren't Xen, so the disks are sd*, i.e. regular virtio-scsi
10:29<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • clinical psychologist Rouse Hill part <>
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10:37<John__>I would like to ask you abt the additional IP price
10:37<John__>how cost is it?
10:37<linbot>Each Linode comes with 1 public IPv4 address and 1 public IPv6 address. Additional IPv4 addresses are $ 1 per month, and require technical justification. A /64 or /56 of IPv6 can be routed to your Linode at no charge.
10:37<Eliz>You need to justify the usage though
10:38<cviniciusm>Hello, what happened with additional RAM and Disk, please ? I am using hourly billing on my Linode VPS.
10:38<dwfreed>cviniciusm: those were killed off a *long* time ago
10:38<Eliz>a very very long time ago, had to think about it,
10:38<John__>How many additional ips?
10:38<Eliz>dwfreed: weren't you still working back then? lol
10:38<dwfreed>they were not cost effective, and made things incredibly complicated
10:38<dwfreed>Eliz: yes
10:38<Eliz>John__: 1 ip/dollar.
10:38<Eliz>John__: you need to provide justification as well,
10:39<John__>How many additional IPs for 1 vps?
10:39<Eliz>as far as I know, there is no limit to the amount you can request, as long as your justification for more is valid, priced at 1$ per additional IPv4
10:40<dwfreed>there's no technical limit, but Linode generally only allows 25 per Linode
10:40<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • separate Web server & DB server and connect via private IP <>
10:40<cviniciusm>I had a Linode VPS by 2011 and back to Linode by July of 2016.
10:41<dwfreed>cviniciusm: they were killed somewhere between 2012 and 2013
10:43<John__>How about the IP Class? They will all difference A Class, right?
10:43<Eliz>John__: what?
10:43<dwfreed>classful routing has not been used in *decades*
10:43<Eliz>John__: you'll be assigned a random IPv4 from a pool,
10:44<dwfreed>and whether they're close by is completely irrelevant
10:45<John__>I would like to build some website with difference A Class
10:45<dubidub>Is network transfer quota shared across my linodes?
10:45<dwfreed>there's no valid reason for that requirement
10:45<Eliz>`that doesn't sound like very good justification to get an additional ipv4
10:45<Eliz>dubidub: yes
10:46<dubidub>Is it a hard limit these days (used to not be)?
10:46<Eliz>dubidub: you'll be charged for overages
10:46<dwfreed>(fun fact: buying Linodes to increase your pool is cheaper than paying the overage fees)
10:47<dwfreed>because a $5 Linode comes with 1 TB of transfer
10:47<dwfreed>which is 1000 GB
10:47<dubidub>Yes, but it costs Linode more.
10:47<Eliz>dubidub: not really
10:47<dwfreed>not really
10:48<dubidub>You are occupying RAM, disk, etc.
10:48<Eliz>dubidub: to them it's a sold product
10:48<Eliz>profit, not loss :)
10:48<dwfreed>the capacity is there, whether you use it or it sits idle
10:48<dwfreed>but Linode pays providers based on the transit they actually use
10:48<dubidub>Don't follow the reasoning.
10:49<Eliz>dubidub: the reality is that, most people don't use anywhere close to their caps
10:49<Eliz>they make up for the people that do in the people that don't
10:49<dwfreed>Linode's costs in areas other than transfer don't really increase when somebody purchases a Linode
10:50<Eliz>a few kb in databases,
10:50<dwfreed>because the servers deployed already have the capacity for it, and Linode pays the same for servers, power, and cooling whether that capacity is used or not
10:50<dubidub>How can I safeguard against overage charges, if I'm on a fixed budget?
10:51<Eliz>being proactive about monitoring, I guess
10:51<Eliz>resorting to things like CDNs, etc
10:51<dwfreed>set notification thresholds for your Linodes to email you when they're getting close to their quotas
10:51<dubidub>Yes, but I could be in a coma.
10:51-!-John__ [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
10:51<Eliz>dubidub: sounds like you have bigger problems then
10:52<dubidub>maybe :)
10:52-!-sandeep [] has joined #linode
10:52-!-sandeep is "Laptop" on #linode
10:52<Eliz>and if you're that worried, need a secondary contact ;)
10:52-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
10:52-!-eyepulp is "eyepulp" on #linode
10:52-!-JOhn_ [~oftc-webi@2a00:ca8:a14:61db:b959:6ebc:ee27:ee89] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
10:52<dubidub>But what about ato-shutdown or something?
10:52<Eliz>not available, afaik
10:52<dwfreed>you could rig something in your Linode to do that
10:53<Eliz>isn't bandwidth monitoring slightly delayed, in the API, though?
10:53<dwfreed>just use Linux's counters
10:53<dwfreed>it'll be close enough
10:53<Eliz>which are lost on reboot, i.e. emergency maintenance
10:54<dwfreed>rrd, yo
10:54<dwfreed>or just a sum file
10:54<dubidub>how much delayed?
10:55<dwfreed>I think the cache is 15 minutes? but don't quote me on that
10:58-!-Dominic_ [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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10:58<Dominic_>Does anyone know what would happen if a Linode VPS had a DDoS attack? Would they null? Would they charge extra?
10:58<Eliz>Dominic_: if it
10:58<dwfreed>inbound transfer is free, so they'd never charge you anything
10:59<Eliz>if it's big enough, you'd be nulled.
10:59<dwfreed>if the attack is service affecting, you'll get null routed
10:59<Dominic_>Ok thanks. Is there ever any extra charges?
10:59<Eliz>outgoing bandwidth is metered, Dominic_
10:59<Eliz>inbound isn't.
10:59<Woet>aka if the DDoS attack causes your server to respond, you might get charged if its a lot.
10:59-!-mode/#linode [+l 340] by ChanServ
10:59<jiggawattz>well bandwidth is metered too at 1 Gbps
11:00<Woet>e.g. a HTTP flood
11:00<jiggawattz>but bandwidth != traffic
11:00<Eliz>jiggawattz: dwfreed: give me a break today ;) lol
11:00<dwfreed>jiggawattz: throttled, not metered
11:00-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
11:00<jiggawattz>dwfreed: wrong
11:00*Eliz grabs the popcorn.
11:00<jiggawattz>throttled isn't different than metered
11:00<jiggawattz>it's the samet hing
11:00<dwfreed>so how is that wrong?
11:01-!-Dominic_ [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
11:01<jiggawattz>your insinuation that I am wrong is wrong :P
11:01<dwfreed>also metered generally means 'accounted' not 'limited'
11:01<Nivex>"A booming voice says ‘Wrong, cretin!’ and you notice that you have turned into a pile of dust"
11:01-!-mode/#linode [+l 338] by ChanServ
11:02<jiggawattz>wut evs
11:26<Steve^^^>I want to replace my webserver with a new one in the coming week and I'm basically starting from scratch. I'll bring up a second Linode for the new version but then what's easier, moving the DNS to the new IP or moving the IP between Linodes?
11:28<@mcintosh>they're both pretty easy honestly, but moving the IP is almost always going to be faster
11:28<@mcintosh>DNS takes time
11:30<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • separate Web server & DB server and connect via private IP <>
11:31<Steve^^^>OK cool, I'll do that then
11:32<Steve^^^>I was worried moving the IP might be complicated for reasons
11:35<@mcintosh>as long as the linodes are in the same DC it's not too involved
11:36<@mcintosh>usually, if you don't want to muck with network configs, a reboot will suffice to bring the IP up on the new box once you use the IP swap feature
11:42<dwfreed>just make sure your webserver isn't configured to listen on a specific IP address
11:42<dwfreed>(by default they aren't)
11:45<Steve^^^>the old version is, but that one won't matter
11:46-!-cviniciusm [~oftc-webi@2804:14c:6581:5f57:dd71:de3a:3bfb:2906] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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11:53-!-pranaysoni [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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11:54<pranaysoni>how linode postgresql performance in $5 plane
11:55<dwfreed>(the point is that depends on a number of factors, many of which we cannot know, making it impossible to give you a solid answer)
11:57<pranaysoni>for example i have 150 field table with 10k record
11:57<pranaysoni>and avery user can filter most of 5 between and and or condition
11:57<Eliz>150 fields, ooook
11:58<pranaysoni>basic a work on a diamond industry
11:58<pranaysoni>diamond have 150 propertys
11:58<dwfreed>it's likely postgres won't be the performance bottleneck
11:59<pranaysoni>i need a basic performance benchmark
11:59<pranaysoni>i use a node js backend
12:00<dwfreed>benchmarks are useless
12:00<dwfreed>they don't tell you how *your* workload would perform
12:00<pranaysoni>ya , but estimated
12:01<dwfreed>the only way to answer that question is to actually test your workload on it
12:01<pranaysoni>ya , you are right
12:03-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
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12:03<pranaysoni>but i need a benchmark for $5 , $10 , $20 plan so i can setup my business plan or convince to my customer if you buy 5$ plan then responce time in 5 second , 10$ then 2.5 second
12:04-!-mode/#linode [+l 339] by ChanServ
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12:15<pranaysoni>how to payment using net banking.
12:19<@mcintosh>pranaysoni: does it offer a virtual debit card? that usually works
12:21-!-pranaysoni [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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13:00<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Linode and Domain question <>
13:10<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Linode and Domain question <>
13:10<Steve^^^>My apache config is expecting traffic on 80, but I have it hooked up to 30080 on my host machine, is there a clever way to rewrite the request properly? (My setup is a little convoluted, desktop -> vagrant -> docker)
13:12-!-ausjke [] has joined #linode
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13:13<ausjke>trying to test a $5 plan with my annual-prepaid plan under one account, and they're mutual exclusive?
13:13-!-mode/#linode [+l 337] by ChanServ
13:13<ausjke>why can't I have two plans under one account? or for the future linode will only do metering plan?
13:14<Nivex>Yes, they are trying to move people off pre-paid.
13:14<ausjke>is the prepaid plan being phased out? unclear to me for sure. so I need create a new account just to try the $5 linode then
13:14<Steve^^^>that would seem illogical to me
13:14<Steve^^^>as you're meant to have many linodes
13:15<ausjke>Nivex: that's strange indeed, many people like me still host sites annually without those hourly cloud fancy stuff
13:15<Nivex>They are incentivizing moving to metered. If you want the new shiny, go the way they want you to go.
13:16<ausjke>Steve^^^: i have pre-paid annual plan for years, now I want to test the new $5, and I was told i have to convert my prepaid plan to metering first, not user friendly to say the least
13:16<@mcintosh>unless you have a discount, there's no advantage to sticking with prepaid
13:16<ausjke>mcintosh: i do, which is why I do pre-paid each year
13:16*Nivex holds onto his discount as long as he can
13:17<@mcintosh>well, you won't be able to keep it if you want the new stuff (though, you are permitted to open a new account if you wish to do so)
13:18<ausjke>i host sites 7x24, not into those 2 minutes docker instance with restful apis for IoT projects here and there, not interested in the metering part
13:18<ausjke>mcintosh: yes i will have to open another accout, just want to ask here, why the inconvience...
13:19-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
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13:19<@mcintosh>the billing system doesn't require you to only have 2 minute docker instances
13:19<@mcintosh>but, if you do that, you don't have to pay for the full cost ahead of time, you only pay for what you use
13:19-!-mode/#linode [+l 338] by ChanServ
13:20<ausjke>mcintosh: i know all those difference...just wondering why not support both, prepaid and metering, at least for the transitional period of time
13:20<ausjke>it sucks, back to DO for testing
13:20<ausjke>at least i don't need create a new account
13:20<Steve^^^>I'm about to do the exact same thing and it does sound a bit backwards
13:23<@mcintosh>prepaid billying is a legacy system and is being phased out - we have grandfathered use of the discounted annual plans but they are just not part of the new system
13:23<@mcintosh>sorry for any inconvenience that might cause
13:23<Nivex>"transitional period" you mean like the two years that have passed since they announced metered?
13:24<Nivex>oh wait, that's three years
13:34<@mcintosh>ausjke: I think I missed your question above - as Nivex has noted we've been supporting both for several years now
13:38-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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13:50<ausjke>mcintosh: when I add a new linode I was asked to convert to metering that is
13:50<@mcintosh>ausjke: you should still be able to add none 1024 and non-highmem linodes
13:50<@mcintosh>without converting
13:51-!-Kyle [] has joined #linode
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13:51-!-Kyle is now known as Guest1128
13:51<Guest1128>I can't find any updated guides for setting up ssl on apache with linode server
13:51<Guest1128>I have ubuntu
13:52<nate>Guest1128: Define updated? Most of the https:// config stuff for apache has been the same for years
13:52<Guest1128>Ah, well I see guides on linode that says its deprecated
13:53<Guest1128>Would I be able to achieve the same result if I searched for "ubuntu 16.04 apache ssl tutorial"
13:53<Guest1128>or is it important to note that I'm using linode server
13:53-!-mode/#linode [+l 339] by ChanServ
13:53<@mcintosh>Guest1128: this perhaps?
13:54<ausjke>mcintosh: i think support both billing is an advantage for different customer needs, unlike DO, which not so many hosting customers like, i have to run my site 7x24 why the metering anyways
13:56<@mcintosh>hourly billing doesn't negatively impact people who run their services 24x7
13:56<@mcintosh>all it does is ensure that you are only paying for what you actually use
13:56<@mcintosh>i think you could argue that supporting multiple different billing platforms would benefit some users, yes, but it isn't something we're going to do long term
13:57<Guest1128>looks good mcintosh thanks
13:57<ausjke>it makes some non-tech customers confused
13:57<@mcintosh>i think any system will always be seen negatively by certain customers for various reasons
13:58<@mcintosh>perhaps we could do better at explaining the advantages of hourly billing, but it's not super complex - you pay what you see on at the end of the month
13:58<@mcintosh>if you use more bandwidth than you're allowed, you pay for that too - but that's not unique to hourly billin
13:59<ausjke>but i have to sacrifice some annual-discount to try the new metering plan
13:59<@mcintosh>yes, that is a legacy plan - that plan is no longer offered (you have been grandfathered in because we didn't want to just take your plan away upon introducing metered billing)
14:00<@mcintosh>in order to move from the legacy system, you must give up the legacy plan
14:00<@mcintosh>they're totally separate systems, so they can't co-exist
14:01<@mcintosh>i know that can be annoying - i'm sorry - but it's easier/simpler for most people (generally)
14:02<ausjke>basically you do not care much for your loyal old customers for 10+ years, in this case you would keep the discount for them so everyone is happy
14:03<@mcintosh>i don't think that's being very fair
14:03<ausjke>same here...
14:06<Nivex>Let's see: $5 * 12mo = $60 * 0.1 (10% discount) = $6
14:06<Nivex>So you're giving a weekend customer service rep merde over $6/year?
14:07<csnxs>darned cheapos :<
14:07<JeremyE77>ANd no value added services
14:07<JeremyE77>(new ones)
14:07<Nivex>I stand to lose $24/year when I finally get moved over to the new system, but oh well.
14:08<csnxs>its worth it!
14:08<Steve^^^>prices do go up over time
14:08<Steve^^^>I assume I'll get a pro-rata refund when I switch
14:08<Nivex>Still best bang for buck:
14:08<@mcintosh>Steve^^^: yes, you will
14:10*Nivex reminsces about his Linode 360
14:12-!-seanh-corona [] has joined #linode
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14:57<Guest1128>Hey guys, when making an ssl do I want to choose the country and state the linode server is in, or the place I am living?
14:57<Guest1128>or does it not matter?
14:57-!-lwin [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
14:57<Guest1128>this is my first time doing it
14:58-!-mode/#linode [+l 340] by ChanServ
14:59<millisa>Usually you pick the country and state of the entity that is registering the cert. You could move the cert later to some other server in some other country.
14:59<HoopyCat>Guest1128: it doesn't matter; those fields are ignored by most CAs i think
15:06<Guest1128>hoppycat I'm guessing its the same with company name? I don't have a "company" registered anywhere. I have a portfolio page that I will setup an eshop for learning purposes that they could "hire me" through (I highly doubt they will use it but I need to learn to use ecommerce plugins)
15:06-!-seanh-corona1 [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
15:06<Guest1128>so setting up ssl is needd
15:07<Guest1128>could I just put the title of my website for the Organization name?
15:08-!-mode/#linode [+l 339] by ChanServ
15:10<HoopyCat>Guest1128: sure
15:16-!-seanh-corona [~Adium@] has joined #linode
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15:36<grawity>Guest1128: you're filling information for a CSR in `openssl req`, I guess? most CAs will ignore nearly *everything* in there, except mayyyybe the domain name in "CN" field
15:37<grawity>Guest1128: most cheap certificates are domain-validated only, so the CA won't let you put random company stuff without verifying it
15:37<Guest1128>ahh okay
15:38<grawity>the CSR is just used proof of holding the private .key, that's all
15:38<grawity>used as proof*
15:38<grawity>and even for OV & EV certificates, the organization info isn't taken from the CSR, it's always filled in by the CA
15:39<Guest1128>LetsEncrypt is looking promising, I think i will set it up through that
15:47-!-Cromulent [] has joined #linode
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15:53<nate>grawity: Well if the OV information in the CSR matches the company details of who applied, the CA will generally use it
15:54<nate>But yeah lets encrypt is more than enough for most, OV/EV stuff is if you're going to be doing financial/marketplace/etc stuff, as people might like to see your website/company details in the padlock data rather than just the default DV "Comodo" or "GeoTrust", etc
16:06-!-seanh-corona [] has joined #linode
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16:27-!-DrJ is now known as DrJ-
16:27-!-DrJ- is now known as DrJ
16:39<kyhwana>Guest1128: hmm, any particular reason you're not using letsencrypt?
16:40<Guest1128>I have decided to use letsencrypt
16:40-!-RumpledElf [] has joined #linode
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16:40<Guest1128>because I don't have the money atm and realized those commercial places are expensive
16:41-!-mode/#linode [+l 342] by ChanServ
16:42<nate>Guest1128: If you ever want to get an OV/EV stuff, look into places like or Never go direct-vendor, they're definitely always gonna charge you an arm and a leg
16:43<Guest1128>Thanks, I need to learn what the OV/EV is first. But I'll save this as a note for when I do thanks mate.
16:46<nate>Guest1128: They're company-validated certificates. An OV cert will generally show your companies details under the cert details if someone clicks on the padlock. And EV cert does the same thing except it'll also add a little green bar w/ your company name in the address bar. EV's are what you'll usually see for banks, financial, etc stuff. Like
16:47<millisa> has one
16:53<jiggawattz>EV is the expensive shit
16:53<jiggawattz>like thousands and thousands of dollars per year
16:53<dwfreed>it's not thousands, but it's not exactly cheap either
16:55<jiggawattz>it's anti-business
16:55<jiggawattz>gives an unfair advantage to large businesses over small
16:57<dwfreed>a symantec ev cert valid for 1 year is about 1k
16:58<dwfreed>if you can't afford that, you probably don't need it anyway
16:58<jiggawattz>yeah that's a ridiculous price
16:59<dwfreed>not really
16:59<dwfreed>there's a lot of work involved in validation for an EV cert
17:00<jiggawattz>that's..... a wildly better price
17:00<jiggawattz>isn't there some controversy around Comodo though?
17:06-!-acald3ron [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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17:15<nate>jiggawattz: Like I said, use somehthing like or comodosslstore, they're $100 or so on there for an EV. As far as controversies go though, prettym uch everyone of them have had them, but Symantec is the main culprit as they've been caught several times handing out bad certs or co-signing for shady groups
17:19-!-cviniciusm [~oftc-webi@2804:14c:6581:5f57:c5d2:410f:98fd:d76] has joined #linode
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17:22<cviniciusm>Hello, I am a bit confused about dns resolvers and nameservers: at Linode Site -> Linodes -> Remote Access -> DNS Resolvers, should I use those as nameservers on my resolvconf configuration, please ?
17:24<Peng>cviniciusm: Yes.
17:24<Peng>If you allow DHCP to manage it, or use Network Helper, you shouldn't have to configure it by hand.
17:25-!-seanh-corona [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
17:26-!-mode/#linode [+l 341] by ChanServ
17:28<cviniciusm>Riht, I am not using Network Helper, neither DHCP. I am using static ip's.
17:28<cviniciusm>I mean Right.
17:32-!-DrJ is now known as Guest1144
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17:33<Guest1128>kyhwana how secure does the letsencrypt make your site? Like i did the test it told me and its grade A. But when I visit my site it says "Your connection to this site is not fully secure"
17:33<Guest1128>and its not a green lock
17:35-!-eggstyrone [~textual@2602:304:59ac:a320:41df:42ce:512b:abe4] has joined #linode
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17:35<Guest1128>it says that on the icon in the top left*
17:35<nate>Guest1128: That's unrelated to the certificate, that's due to you having content on the page loaded over http:// instead of https://
17:35<Guest1128>okay thanks. i have alot of learning to do I suppose
17:35<Guest1128>on security
17:36<kyhwana>Guest1128: it only protects your website traffic in transit
17:36-!-mode/#linode [+l 343] by ChanServ
17:36<kyhwana>If you're not getting the green padlock, it's probably because you have mixed content. You need to load everything on your site over https
17:39<Guest1128>yeah its wordpress so I will look into solving that
17:39<nate>Yeah thats pretty common with wordpress
17:39<kyhwana>Guest1128: make sure you remove all the plugins you're not using, keep the ones you are up to date, and turn on wordpress core automatic updates (and keep that updated)
17:39<nate>especially if you use plugins as plugins are notorious for hard-coding http:// instead of using site_url
17:40-!-Guest1144 [~Bacon@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
17:40<kyhwana>Roll some 2fa on the admin/user logins too, if you're using shit passwords
17:40-!-eggstyrone [~textual@2602:304:59ac:a320:41df:42ce:512b:abe4] has quit [Quit: My MacBook has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
17:40<Guest1128>its only a portfolio site
17:41<Guest1128>but will keep that in mind for anything bigger than that
17:41<nate>That's not a good excuse, becuase if someone jacks your WP and abuses your linode from it, that's -your- responsibility :P
17:41-!-mode/#linode [+l 341] by ChanServ
17:42<millisa>if? it is wordpress...
17:44<nate>millisa: if you don't go crazy with plugins and you keep things up to date, you're -usually- okay, it's just heavy effort
17:44<millisa>until they add a fiddly api bit to the newest release, don't high light, and it end up with exploits in the wild before they patch...
17:45<millisa>er, don't high light that they are enabling it by default for everyone that is
17:45<Eugene>Wordpress is fine if you keep it hidden behind varnish or something
17:46<nate>millisa: Otherwise fairly rare in the core of things
17:46-!-phylophyl [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
17:47<Guest1128>sweet greenlock we're good ot go now
17:47<nate>Don't get me wrong, I don't care for WP myself, but as someone who rolls a night gig literally watching hundreds and hundreds of WP installs across several servers, as long as you maintain shit, actual issues are pretty few and far between :P
17:48-!-mode/#linode [+l 340] by ChanServ
17:48<Guest1128>I'm hoping to use wordpress as a side income, a lot of plug and play and customizing plugins isn't too hard either
17:58-!-jr_net [] has joined #linode
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18:04<BM>Hello.. anyone here?
18:04<millisa>lots of folks
18:04<BM>I want to test linode
18:04<millisa>Go for it!
18:04<BM>I am hosting my sites @ramnode
18:04-!-mode/#linode [+l 342] by ChanServ
18:04<BM>Do you have any site hosted in Linode?
18:05<BM>just to understand the latency here in Brazil
18:05<millisa>a majority of us here are customers that have one if not hundreds of linodes.
18:05<millisa>There's some sample speedtest files at
18:06<BM>this is a VPS, right? CentOS?
18:06<millisa>it's a vps. it can be centos if you'd like centos. there are lots of supported linux distros ready to go. or you can do your own. (and adventurous folks even do non-linux)
18:07<millisa>These are the current supported distributions that you can just pick from a drop down:
18:08<millisa>they are similar to ramnode's premium kvm ssd vps's
18:08<jr_net>BM: why are you looking to switch from ramnode?
18:09<BM>I think I am paying more than Linode..
18:09<jr_net>what is your current plan on ramnode?
18:10<millisa>the 2048mb skvm plan?
18:11<BM>I don´t know.. probably yes
18:11<millisa>there's a $28 4096mb svzs plan, too
18:12<jr_net>for ramnode
18:12<millisa>at ramnode; I see 2 plans that are $28/month
18:13<BM>one of them I have, plus the cpanel
18:13<millisa>ah well, cpanel is something you'd need to do yourself on a linode.
18:13<linbot>Install cPanel on CentOS: Linode does not sell cPanel licenses, but it's provided free to Linode Managed customers: Or try a free panel like Webmin: Or just use the command line:
18:15<millisa>it looks like ramnode charges extra for cpanel? ($13/month?)
18:16<millisa>(its easy enough to get your own cpanel vps license for about $15)
18:19<jr_net>BM: what Linode plan are you looking at?
18:19<Steve^^^>Are the linode numbers a true indication of how many linodes there are? Did I really have a 5 digiter before and my new one is a 7 digiter?
18:20<Steve^^^>This reminds me of the old 8 digit ICQ number I had
18:20<millisa>I doubt it. they've changed naming convention on those systems a couple times
18:22<BM>Don´t know yet, jr_net
18:26*millisa has a 6 digit icq starting with a 2...
18:31<zifnab>entirely off topic question time!
18:31<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • NGINX rewrite rule to redirect directory <>
18:31<zifnab>anyone know of a decent irc library for python
18:31*millisa is ready!
18:32<zifnab>i'm trying to write a slack-irc bridge, and remember this being a huge pain in the ass last time i did irc+python
18:32<Steve^^^>eek, if you create a new Linode with 16.04.1, and do an apt upgrade, you get a grub-pc config conflict
18:33<Steve^^^>I'm guessing I should ignore it
18:38<cviniciusm>Hello, I just got a new Linode and uprade Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS and I don't saw this issue.
18:38<cviniciusm>I mean I didn't see this issue.
18:39<millisa>are you talking about the warning that there is a new version of the config file that was locally modified?
18:41-!-Dataforce [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
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18:45<Steve^^^>millisa, yes
18:45<Steve^^^>cviniciusm, I literally booted it and ran "apt-get update && apt-get upgrade" and saw it, strange
18:48-!-Guest1148 [~Bacon@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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18:50<millisa>you probably want to keep the original; it's the console stuff
18:50<Steve^^^>I kept the original
18:52-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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19:10-!-sanmarcos [] has joined #linode
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19:11<sanmarcos>I used to have a Linode 1024, if I want to switch to Linode 1gb I have to switch to hourly?
19:11<sanmarcos>and I assume there are no more prepay 15% discounts in hourly ?
19:11-!-mode/#linode [+l 340] by ChanServ
19:12<sanmarcos>it seems it is still cheaper to switch to hourly
19:12<sanmarcos>1024 for 2 years with 15% discount is 8.5 a month
19:15<sanmarcos>I assume Linode 1024 is the same as Linode 1GB ?
19:15<sanmarcos>I only have that option when choosing to resizse?
19:17<Peng>Yes, 1024 (MB) is 1 GB.
19:17<Peng>Back in the day Linode had plans that were smaller than 1 GB, so it made sense to demarcate them in MB. :P
19:17<Peng>Not everything has been adjusted after the transition.
19:20-!-G4sp3r [~quassel@2804:14c:de84:845b:9e2:a606:6762:929e] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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19:22<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • NGINX rewrite rule to redirect directory <>
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19:27<dnewkerk>excited… deploying the biggest Linode I’ve ever used today for a client :D Linode 24GB
19:33*Eugene adjusts Peng
19:41<Cromulent>wow that is pretty big - what are you using it for if you don't mind me asking dnewkerk?
19:41<Cromulent>I can easily fit all of my stuff on the $10 Linode :)
19:43-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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19:45<dnewkerk>Cromulent: LEMP stack for a pretty popular site. App runs Drupal so quite a memory hog. Goal is to refactor/change the app toward being able to scale horizontally instead, and will then downscale to several smaller instances with a load balancer. In the mean time though, moving them to Linode with a server with more than enough headroom, and actually costing a good bit less than their previous host with far less resources
19:46<Cromulent>dnewkerk: ah cool :) Well good luck with the move :)
19:46-!-md_5- [] has joined #linode
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19:47<dnewkerk>Cromulent: thanks :) Right now I’m sitting back and enjoying a smooth automatic deployment due to using Ansible this time
19:47-!-DrJ is now known as Guest1155
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19:47<dnewkerk>Apache Solr server is building itself at the moment :P
19:49<Cromulent>I just wish Linodes DNS updated more than once every 15 minutes it is such a pain to verify a domain with Office 365 you end up having to wait for 15 minutes for it to verify you own the domain
19:51-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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20:05<staticsafe>that would be cool yeah
20:05<trippeh>ha, passing nic SRIOV VF into a container worked, no slow bridging to get onto the network ;)
20:05*trippeh is doing silly things
20:10-!-yuicat [~jordan@] has quit [Quit: bye ;w;]
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20:32*Eugene is curious
20:34-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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20:35-!-ArcaneFeenix [] has joined #linode
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20:35<ArcaneFeenix>Does anyone have experience with Amavis? More specifically using Amavis with SQL and the bypass_spam/virus_checks not working.
20:36-!-mode/#linode [+l 338] by ChanServ
20:37<millisa>I've done a couple things with amavis... what is your question?
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20:40<ArcaneFeenix>millisa, I have Amavis working with SQL and white/blacklists which is great. I would now like to be able to turn off the spam/virus for certain users. I saw there are bypass_*_checks columns in the policy table but they seem to be ignored (I put Y to bypass and it still marks spam as spam)
20:44<millisa>what does your $sql_select_policy line in the amavisd.conf look like (use bpaste or for this) (the followup is going to be to do a 'describe' on the tables you are using, and probably manually run the sql query to match the user you are testing with)
20:46<ArcaneFeenix>millisa, I didn't set that variable as it seemed like it was for using a different table structure than the default. Perhaps that is my issue.
20:49<millisa> " $sql_select_policy setting in amavisd.conf tells amavisd how to fetch per-recipient policy settings." Your policy is usually what's going to determine the virus_lover/spam_lover/etc/bypass_virus_checks/taglevels/spam_quarantine_to/
20:50<ArcaneFeenix>The ultimate reason I figured it was optional is because the white/black lists work perfectly without the $sql_select_white_black_list var
20:50<millisa>that'd be a different setting, different sql query
20:51<ArcaneFeenix>And I am using the provided SQL structure that they offer in the mysql readme
20:51<ArcaneFeenix>I'll give that setting a shot.
20:51<millisa>the mysql read has the policy table in it.
20:52<millisa>and the users table. the users table could have a single line with an email of just '@' in it that matches policy_id 1 with a priority of 1. you could also have a user of @yourspecificdomain in that users table that points to a different policy_id that has different values.
20:54<millisa>there should be example data in the users table and the policy table in that doc (it's a little over halfway down -
20:54<ArcaneFeenix>Right, I understand that. I have a @. for a "catchall" with a low priority, a with a little higher and with a priority of 9. Each points to a different policy. The policy for my user has bypass_spam_checks set to Y
20:55<ArcaneFeenix>I have all 8 tables in my database from that readme
20:55<millisa>then it sounds like you may just be missing the $sql_select_policy set in the amavisd.conf; if you don't have it set, it's going to just use the values in the conf file for the bypass_spam_checks and such (try setting your conf file to some other value for the spam scores . .like 6.4 instead of 6.3, that is different than the db values - it should make it obvious)
20:58<ArcaneFeenix>No, I think it is using the values from the DB already...
20:58<millisa>if you set the amavisd log level to some high value (might have to be 5), I think it shows the sql queries it's running
21:00<ArcaneFeenix>In the config, i have tag set to -999, tag2 is 6.31 (default). In my headers, it says tagged_above=3 required=6 and those are the tag and tag2 values for the policy for my user
21:01<millisa>So back to the first response then. what does your $sql_select_policy line in the amavisd.conf look like
21:01<ArcaneFeenix>Mind you, this is without the sql_select_policy var. I put in the sample from the readme and it makes no change.
21:02<millisa>yes, that doesn't make sense. sql_select_policy is what is used to do the policy lookup.
21:03<ArcaneFeenix>Again, I dont have the white_black_list var set either but that it working.
21:03<ArcaneFeenix>So, I figure there are "default" values that work with their DB structure
21:03<millisa>not unless they changed it recently
21:04<millisa>the default is to use the values in the conf file. it shouldn't be doing stuff to the db unless you give the queries and dsn.
21:05<millisa>it doesn't matter. change your log level to 5, restart amavis, and look in your mail log. there will be lines that show the sql prepares and executes. It hopefully should show whats there in your sql_select_policy paste. If it doesn't, we need to figure out why.
21:06<millisa>if it *does* show what you pasted, then we need to try running that query on the mysql server directly; replace the %k in it with the email of the person you are testing with.
21:08<ArcaneFeenix>I think I found my mistake...
21:09<millisa>what was it?
21:09<ArcaneFeenix>Standby, testing
21:09<ArcaneFeenix>Passed CLEAN
21:09<ArcaneFeenix>Ugh! By running that query I found out that the user was linked to the WRONG POLICY. -_-
21:10<ArcaneFeenix>I changed it to the correct policy (with bypass_spam_checks set to 'Y') and it passed it right through.
21:11<ArcaneFeenix>Also, log level 5 doesn't appear to output sql queries.
21:11<millisa>that's odd. i just tried it on one of mine. it definitely showed them (and thousands of other lines)
21:12<ArcaneFeenix>There is definitely more in the log but not thousands of lines.
21:13<ArcaneFeenix>Oh, whoa.. I also did $sa_debug = 1; and now I have thousands
21:13<ArcaneFeenix>I just did log_debug=5; before
21:15<millisa>do you see lines that have things like 'lookup_sql' 'wbl: ' 'lookup_sql_field', 'sql:' in there?
21:15<ArcaneFeenix>Nope, was just going to say I searched for sql and nothing. But it is working. I turned bypass_spam_checks to N and resent and it was blocked.
21:16<millisa>that sounds pretty darn odd, still
21:16<ArcaneFeenix>I am looking at /var/log/
21:16<millisa>do you ahve other /var/log/mail* files? (on centos it is all in /var/log/maillog)
21:17<millisa>sa_debug should just be spamassassin (which you may care about, but it won't need to be turned up to troubleshot the policy or whitelist/blacklist stuff in amavis)
21:17<Zimsky>check /dev/urandom, sometimes it has useful info
21:17<ArcaneFeenix>Ah, I have syslog=1 -_- checked /var/log/syslog and there are sql lines
21:17<Zimsky>or don't, because you should never trust a zimsky
21:18-!-steveski [] has joined #linode
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21:19<ArcaneFeenix>millisa, lookup_sql_field(bypass_spam_checks) rec=0, "" result: "Y"
21:19-!-mode/#linode [+l 339] by ChanServ
21:20<millisa>hooray. you'll want to turn that log level back down to 2 or so once you are satisfied things are looking up the way you expect.
21:20<ArcaneFeenix>This was a nightmare to setup and wrap my head around but it is working great (and all because I wanted to scan viruses too instead of just spam!)
21:23<Zimsky>millisa: but what if that log has a child
21:23*Eugene closes the window
21:23<arlen>and they did
21:23<Zimsky>and they did.
21:25<arlen>had me goin like ahahahaha
21:35-!-dbliu [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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21:35<dbliu>Your account is currently being reviewed. what should i do next?
21:36<millisa>Watch your email
21:36<dbliu>i have read.
21:36-!-mode/#linode [+l 340] by ChanServ
21:36<Woet>no one said read.
21:38<dbliu>email include some information about payment number etc. how i do use this information?
21:40<Nivex>If the instructions in the email are unclear, please telephone Linode support.
21:40<millisa> Signup section, step 2: "Most accounts are activated instantly but some require manual review prior to activation. If your account is not immediately activated, you will receive an email with additional instructions."
21:48-!-steveski [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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21:48<dbliu>my account has been activated.thanks.
21:49-!-emag_ is now known as emag
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21:49<dbliu>thank you @millisa. love you ^^
21:49-!-mode/#linode [+l 340] by ChanServ
21:50<millisa>I didn't do anything. Thanks the linode folks
21:50<millisa>er, thank
21:53-!-dbliu [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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22:02<arlen>thanks millisa
22:02<millisa>!point arlen
22:02<linbot>millisa: Point given to arlen. (2)
22:03<dcraig>what are these points
22:03<millisa>turn them in for amazing prizes?
22:03<dcraig>caker's beard trimmings
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22:34<ArcaneFeenix>They will make a fine winter coat.
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23:07<Ikaros>Hm. Interesting. A user connected to my IRC network with a Linode hostname/IP, and one of our DNSBL monitors got a hit on the IP in the XBL/CBL.
23:08<Ikaros>Note: Checks, not bans
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23:13<robby>dose anyone have freebsd running on linode?
23:14-!-robby is now known as Guest1171
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23:20<Guest1171>so it is not simple to install...get working....very VERY SUPER HARD to make it work...
23:20<Ikaros>Well you know you actually have to put some effort into it.
23:21<Ikaros>I'd say learning experience.
23:21<Guest1171>well I have been doing freebsd since it was before 1.0
23:22<Guest1171>I have no problems with hardware I can touch making it work...
23:22<Guest1171>amazon was no problem to get it up and running...
23:22<millisa>other than creating the disk images, much of the install is just like physical hardware.
23:23<Guest1171>but a friend of mine ask me to look at this...and I have zero clue on how to get this to work...
23:23<arlen>great time to learn
23:23<millisa>that doc literally gives you every step
23:23-!-mit122 [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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23:23<Guest1171>I just looked at the doc
23:23<millisa>It's a 12 step program!
23:24<mit122>Does the linode instances include anti-ddos?
23:24<Ikaros>Yeah and it lays it out for you step by step, if you follow that to the letter I'm pretty sure you can get it working
23:24<staticsafe>mit122: no.
23:24<Ikaros>mit122: No
23:24-!-mit122 [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
23:24<Guest1171>hmm.... well I do not understatd how to dd something you can not have access too...
23:25<staticsafe>you need to boot into Rescue mode
23:25<millisa>it's like booting off a rescuecd
23:25<staticsafe>actually read the doc, lol
23:26<millisa>step 1-3 is like setting up your hardware and getting it ready to boot off the cd. step 4 is like booting off the cd. step 5 is like being at the prompt from the cd boot
23:27<Guest1171>1-4 is what I have zero clue about
23:27<staticsafe>what exactly do you not understand?
23:28<Guest1171>1 2 3 4
23:28<staticsafe>be more specific
23:28<Ikaros>You say 1 through 4...
23:28<Ikaros>What about those steps exactly
23:28<Guest1171>5 and up appears you have some kind of access to a SSH or serial console or VGA...
23:29<Ikaros>You do.
23:29<Guest1171>1 requires access to hardware so dose 2 and 3 and maybe 4
23:29<Ikaros>To your own Linode that is
23:29<staticsafe>you always have out of band access via LISH to your own Linode
23:29<millisa>step 1 ' create your linode in your preferred datacenter'.
23:29<Guest1171>since you only have access to website you can not touch the hardware then 1-4 is not possible
23:29<millisa>did you skip 'preparing your linode'?
23:29<Ikaros>Oh boy...
23:30<staticsafe>im not sure if we are being trolled or not tb
23:30<arlen>do you know what ssh is?
23:30<arlen>Guest1171 ^
23:30<Guest1171>yes I know ssh
23:30<Guest1171>I do not do VPS
23:31<arlen>same thing as a dedicated server except you dont get to lick the metal
23:31<Guest1171>I run systems that I touch all the time
23:31<FluffyKitteh>I should go to my OVH dedi and ask if I can lick the metal
23:31<arlen>i lick the servers at work sometimes
23:32<Guest1171>some how via the site 1-4 must be able to be done... I will haft togo get the user / pw and login to this and see...
23:32<millisa>maybe that doc is too far ahead, conceptwise? Do you get what linode is and what the linode manager is for?
23:33-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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23:33<Guest1171>I have just looked at this because david said to look at it... setup freebsd on this system
23:33-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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23:34<millisa>the linode manager lets you provision 'linodes' which are effectively just virtual servers that have some allocation of disk, memory, cpu. the disks aren't provisioned in any way; there is nothing on them. it also allocates an ipv4 address to that machine.
23:34<Guest1171>so I am looking to see how to do it...dose not appear to be straight forward why I am asking questions in here...if anyone has done it...
23:34<Ikaros>What we were trying to explain is pretty much what millisa just said there
23:34<Guest1171>so lmanager = to disks?
23:34-!-mode/#linode [+l 337] by ChanServ
23:35<arlen>linode manager = control panel for creating servers
23:35<millisa>and starting/stopping the servers (like hitting the power button)
23:35<Ikaros>You provision it from the Linode Manager which becomes available to you once you have your first Linode. It lets you manage all aspects of it, almost as if you were physically there tinkering with a server.
23:35<millisa>you can get serial/console access to that virtual server from the linode manager as well
23:36<arlen>you'll need access to your buddies account if he wants you to install freebsd, or a sub user of his account
23:36<Guest1171>so how would you take a ISO and say boot from this ISO....that would be from the lmanager?
23:37<Guest1171>lmanager is where you setup the disk / ram... I get that... but how do you basically put a usb drive in the box or CD = ISO in the box and set the boot to hit that img ?? that is my main question....
23:38<millisa>in that bsd install doc, that's pretty much what you are prepping in the 'preparing your linode' section. You are booting into the rescue mode in the linode manager, you're getting on the console, and dd'ing the bsd install iso over to a temporary second disk that you are eventually going to install from
23:39<Guest1171>some how you haft to set the boot on that second image....
23:41<millisa>when you are looking at your linode, the profiles determine things like how it is booting. that doc has you setup an installer profile and a boot profile. the installer profile has the settings to boot to that bsd install image.
23:41<Guest1171>reboot into your Installer profile.... how do you do a reboot into installer do you rebood a profile....????
23:43-!-anomie [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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23:45<Guest1171>do not get it...
23:45<millisa>What do you not get
23:46*Ikaros sighs
23:47<Guest1171>lmanager you can setup disk and ram.... and some how with lm you can also set profiles to look at each drive that is created....
23:47<Ikaros>I'd almost think you're skimming through it instead of reading through it carefully.
23:47<millisa>seeing as I didn't finish reading it . .
23:47<Guest1171>from that stage you can go to the ssh
23:48<millisa>Guest1171 - do you have access to the linode manager? can you login? at this point, you are probably *not* going to get it if you can't actually see it.
23:48<Guest1171>and that will give you console access if it will boot from the image that is dd to the fake disk
23:48<Ikaros>"fake disk"...
23:48<Guest1171> be anything that is not physical filesystem on a drive is fake disk
23:49<Guest1171>if you overlay ufs on top of zfs it is a fake ufs filesystem
23:49<Cromulent>physical filesystem? You mean a chest of draws?
23:49<millisa>also, no
23:50<Guest1171>simulating something is not real and that is fake to I look at things...
23:50<JeremyE77>You are gonna go far :)
23:50<millisa>Then you are wrong. That's fine.
23:51<Guest1171>I am not here to discuss how I see os...I am just trying to understand how to install freebsd on this site for a friend of mine...
23:51<Ikaros>Alright alright
23:51<Ikaros>Back on to the topic of discussion
23:52<millisa>Are you logged into the linode manager?
23:52<JeremyE77>Guest1171: Step One: Log into the manager. Report back when complete.
23:54<Ikaros>Rather than get upset I'll just take my leave. You kinda remind me of why I left my tech support job in the first place...I'm not blaming you for how you are mind you, everyone's different...but that doesn't mean it doesn't still greatly irritate me. I do hope at some point you can figure it out with the docs we linked you, and wish you luck.
23:54<Guest1171>What I am fixing to do...waiting on my friend to email me his account...then I am going to try it... I think I kind of understand what has to happen... lm has a way of directing the boot process for the assigned drives / ram.... by the profiles you are talking about... from that stage once a image is booted then you can get ssh access that will give you console serial access at that stage you will be able to do a normal install....
23:56<arlen>please dont ask your friend to email his password to you
23:57<FluffyKitteh>alternative disks
23:57<Guest1171>no worried about is on systems we both trust cuz we have possession of the systems...
23:57<arlen>please dont ask your friend to email his password to you
23:57<arlen>if you do you're terrible
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23:59<JeremyE77>If you were pro active. You might consider going to . Using the $10 credit and setting up a practice Linode for a month.
23:59<dcraig>hello Hello
23:59<Hello>Hey guys, I just added new subdomain in linode, how long does it take to propagate?
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23:59<Guest1175>Just added about 10 mins ago
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