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00:26<joinusworld>hello, my Linode server cannot boot!!!. Anybody can help me...
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00:27<@mquatrani>joinusworld: Sure thing! Would you be able to open a support ticket with us?
00:29<joinusworld>I am making the ticket. Please help us ASAP
00:30<joinusworld>the ticket ID is 7603585
00:30<joinusworld>plz help us asap.. many thanks
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00:55<joinusworld>any supporter from Linode in here?
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00:57<arlen>I support linode by paying for servers
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01:04<joinusworld>my server cannot boot. I need help from Linode support. I also fired the ticket, but no response yet. my ticket number is 7603585
01:05<arlen>why can't it boot?
01:05<arlen>check lish?
01:06<arlen>this is the user community so we can't help with tickets, could try calling them
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01:13<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Point Linode hosted URL at another server? <> || Web Servers and Web App Development • Absolute novice - point Linode hosted URL to new website on other host. <>
01:16<joinusworld>Here are the photos of my problem :
01:30<synapt>... Lish is reporting max'd disk? o.O
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01:38<joinusworld>I think it is allocated space, not USED space in my host (check 1st photo) . It has 40G space, and I am sure it cannot be used over 50% at this time. It cannot boot, so I cannot check by "df -h" command
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01:41<nish>anyone here?
01:42<nish>I am after infor if anyone experienced attempts Failed password for root from port 15300 ssh2
01:43<kyhwana>nish: it's just the internet to brute force passwords on your box. It happens
01:43<nish>thanks; I just set up an instance; and when i try to restart apache get the above disallowing it
01:44<kyhwana>You can either do something like deploy fail2ban, move the ssh port to another port <1024 to get rid of the noise or roll public key logins only.
01:45<nish>just backtracking; ok ; i followed securng guide on linode
01:45<kyhwana>XY Problem here
01:45<kyhwana>What's your _actual_ problem and what have you tried to do to fix it?
01:46<nate>joinusworld: No I meant it looked like the host system itself is complaining about space I think
01:47<nish>kyhwana: well i just tried set up a basic vps with lamp using linode guide
01:49<nish>when i go to the step of restarting apache it didnt allow me to ; journalctl gave me the above error (perhaps due to brutal attack etc)
01:49<kyhwana>nish: that line you pasted isn't relevant to apache not restarting
01:50<nish>kyhwana: this is what i see : Job for apache2.service failed because the control process exited with error code. See "systemctl status apache2.service" and "journalctl -xe" for details.
01:53<nish>kyhwana: I can post journalctl | tail here ??
01:53<kyhwana>use a pastebin
01:59<nish>kyhwana: i got to admit I am not much into this game (or at least not for a while) and it is getting too demanding for me this now; the message anyhow I see there has some relevance at all is : Connection closed by
02:05<kyhwana>nish: you want to find the errors to do wo with apache
02:07<nish>kyhwana: that's right
02:10<nish>kyhwana: apache log says caught SIGTERM,
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02:11<kyhwana>nish: and does it say why?
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02:15<nish>kyhwana: they dont seem like related just somethning like certain threads shutting down
02:16<nish>kyhwana: restart effort is not causing error messge there; have to look else where.
02:17<kyhwana>What does "sudo apache2ctl -t" say?
02:19<nish>kyhwana: thanks ; seems like some configuration typos on paths i made is causing it; got to look into it now; thanks
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09:10<Darxus>I've been hosting a DNS mirror of for years, including over IPV6. For some time recently, I've been getting intermittant alerts that IPV6 DNS access is failing. I don't currently have access to another machine with IPV6, and I suspect the problem is linode's IPV6 connectivity. Anybody up for checking if you see the same thing via http, from somewhere other than freemont? Hitting it once a minute for a ...
09:10<Darxus>... day and logging if it's successful would probably be what I'd try. My email address is The IPv6 DNS test that's failing is looking up the A record for on the host
09:23<dzho>Darxus: the A record, or the AAAA record?
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09:51<Darxus>dzho: I suppose the forward lookup for an IPv6 address would be an AAAA record.
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09:54<UKn0Me>everyone knows ipv6 runs on txt records and pixie dust
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11:00<kyawzawwin>how long does it take to get activated after payment is charged?
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11:01<UKn0Me>4 years
11:01<UKn0Me>really though, it should be instant
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11:07<@mcintosh>some accounts are reviewed manually, but it's usually not more than a few minutes for most to get a response
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12:03<felixjet>what people use as 3 letter abbreviation for linode? lnd ?
12:04<Cromulent>I use a one letter abbreviation - 3 letters is just too much
12:04<felixjet>or n?
12:05<Cromulent>L would be my choice
12:05<felixjet>are you being sarcastic right?
12:05<Cromulent>no of course not I'm being perfectly serious /s
12:05<felixjet>i just want to get the same letters for aws, gce, etc
12:05<felixjet>number of*
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12:09<Peng>How about "LLL" for "Linode, LLC" :D
12:12<felixjet>Linode Limited Liability
12:12<felixjet>lol xD
12:13<Peng>If you like three-letter codes how about IATA codes for where they're located instead of company names :D
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12:23<@mcintosh>felixjet: "lin" is probably the closest you'd get, but people don't call us by any 3 letter abbrevation really
12:23<@mcintosh>if i'm abbreviating linode in some context (like a hostname) i would use "lin"
12:24<felixjet>but yeah, nobody uses lin >.<
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12:24<Peng>I had to abbreviate it "L" in some of my rDNS because the manager limits the length :(
12:25*Peng exaggerated sigh
12:25<grawity>as in the person, or the software?
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12:26<@mcintosh>Peng: ours?
12:26<Peng>mcintosh: Yup! The HTML limits it to like 63 characters
12:27<@mcintosh>hm - i don't think it should do so
12:27<Peng>Which is also approximately how long you can make your rDNS before OFTC opers start threatening you with a flamethrower
12:27<@mcintosh>should allow 255 for the tld, and 60 for each label
12:27<@mcintosh>err 255 for the fqdn
12:27<grawity>do opers care about that
12:27<grawity>I thought most ircds just quietly ignore it
12:28<Peng>Some do!
12:28<Peng>mcintosh: 63 for each label, right?
12:28<@mcintosh>(should be)
12:28<Peng>mcintosh: <input name="hostname" id="hostname" type="text" maxlength="64" size="36" />
12:29<@mcintosh>oh no - I believe you that it's wrong heh
12:29<@mcintosh>I don't think it should limit like that though
12:31<bdube>lish also limits TERM and complains that "screen.xterm-256color" is too long
12:32<bdube>so I have to set a shorter TERM in my lish script
12:33<Peng>mcintosh: I half agree with you. Technically, it shouldn't be restricted, but honestly long rDNS is pretty awful.
12:33<Peng>Speaking as someone who uses long rDNS names that get truncated in some software...
12:34<grawity>bdube: I never quite got the point of tbh
12:34<grawity>bdube: I mean, the app is talking only to screen regardless of the outer terminal
12:34<grawity>bdube: so what's wrong with just "screen-256color"
12:35<bdube>grawity: I don't get it either, but if the restricted length is arbitrary, why restrict actual working TERM strings
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12:35<grawity>because it's based on GNU screen
12:35<grawity>which had this silly limit itself for a long time
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12:35<bdube>I see
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12:36<grawity>(some distros would even carry patches for it)
12:36<grawity>so maybe your local version allows it, but lish's older and/or unpatched one doesn't
12:37<bdube>my local version not only allows it, but that's what set it in the first place
12:38<bdube>but oh well, I just set TERM in my local lish launch script and it's done
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14:39<atian>upgrade my linode senpai
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15:16<felixjet>should i use dhcp?
15:18<felixjet>and if i do, is ipv6 configured too?
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15:22<Peng>1.) I dunno, your choice. 2.) IPv4 and IPv6 are separate. For IPv6, Linode can use a static configuraton or SLAAC.
15:25<felixjet>but dhcp can't configure ipv6?
15:25<Peng>It's separate.
15:26<Peng>DHCPv6 is a thing, but Linode doesn't use it.
15:30<felixjet>what about the private ip btw?
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15:31<Woet>what is wrong with just the way the network is set up by default?
15:31<Woet>pretty sure it takes care of everything for you
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15:33<Peng>felixjet: If you have multiple IPv4 addresses, you'll need to use a static configuration, either writing it by hand or by enabling the Network Helper.
15:34<felixjet>Woet, what do you mean?
15:35<felixjet>Peng, so dhcp will be able to set only the public ip and not the private?
15:35<Peng>felixjet: Right
15:35<felixjet>right, thanks!
15:35<Peng>...I guess you could combine DHCP with a separate static configuration for your private IP, too...
15:36<felixjet>yeah, thats what i was doing to be honest
15:36<felixjet>but mixin them is weird
15:36<felixjet>i was hoping that dhcp could configure both
15:36<felixjet>but since it doesn't, maybe configuring all manually makes more sense
15:38<dcraig>hey 2 days from now
15:38<dcraig>Taco Tuesday at Linode HQ
15:45<dwfreed>felixjet: DHCP can only provide one IP address
15:49<felixjet>dwfreed, ty
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15:55<flabouch>Hello. Where are Linode server located (country)?
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17:11<shenkwen>Hi, can anyone answer some basic questions about ssh?
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17:13<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
17:21<shenkwen>I am trying to connect to some shared webspace via SSH. Following their insturction, I've been able to generated a "id_rsa" file and downloaded it to my local Mac's ".ssh" folder. But when I tried to create a 2nd SSH connection, I found I would have to override the first "id_rsa" file. When I tried to find a solution for this, I realized that with linode,I had already set up multiple SSH connections, but I couldn't remember the detail, and I also can't r
17:21<shenkwen>.... why I never had the same problem with linode.
17:23<shenkwen>So I am trying to find out where the private keys for my linode SSH connection is stored. But I can't find the exact linode Doc for this.
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17:51<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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17:57<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • Absolute novice - point Linode hosted URL to new website on other host. <>
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18:07<linbot>New news from forum: Web Servers and Web App Development • Absolute novice - point Linode hosted URL to new website on other host. <>
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20:45<hojoongkim>hello question for you
20:46<hojoongkim>i bought linode instance and bought a domain from elsewhere. how do i do the dns thing? im not familiar with this
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20:47<@mcintosh>hello hojoongkim!
20:47<hojoongkim>can you guide me so i can take care of dns thing?
20:47<@mcintosh>the first thing you need to do is point your domain name towards Linode's nameservers -- you'll do this within your domain registrar's control panel for the domain
20:48<hojoongkim>i can change the nameserver1 & 2
20:48<@mcintosh>once you've done that, you add the domain name to your Linode account in the Linode DNS Manager (the link at the top when you log in) and you'll be able to start creating DNS records for the domain
20:49<@mcintosh>does it give you the option to add more fields? if it does, you want to do so to add all 5
20:49-!-tephra [] has joined #linode
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20:49<@mcintosh>the list of servers is here:
20:50<hojoongkim>they only have 2 fields 1 & 2
20:50-!-tephra is now known as user
20:50-!-user is now known as bms
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20:50<@mcintosh>then I would just put the first two - it should work
20:51<hojoongkim>thanks. also, under linode DNS manager, there are two options. Import a domain, Add a domain zone. which one i choose?
20:51<@mcintosh>Add a domain zone
20:51<hojoongkim>thank you so much
20:51<@mcintosh>happy to help :)
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20:57<hojkim>im trying to do the dns setup. for "insert default records", which one do i choose?
20:57<hojkim>yes or no?
21:00<hojkim>can anyone help me?
21:01<arlen>choose whichever one you want
21:02<arlen>personally I choose no and do everything myself
21:03<hojkim>ok i see. i would do that them.
21:03<hojkim>thank you!!
21:03<arlen>you can also delete any of the default records it adds
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22:31<Hojkim>I put on my domain cpanel, but it says invalid. Whats the problem?
22:31<Hojkim>I put 1 to 5
22:32-!-mode/#linode [+l 342] by ChanServ
22:32<Peng>We can only guess
22:33<Hojkim>I saved the nameserver to linode and keep saying invalid
22:35-!-Hojkim [~oftc-webi@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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22:44<atian>Hobbyboy add a .
22:46<arooni>i need to restore a backup via linodes backup service from feb 26th
22:46<arooni>how can i do this?
22:47<react>usually I just start clicking around until i figure it out
22:48<UKn0Me>Secretly that's all "computer geniuses" do
22:48<react>looks like there is a backups tab per linode instance, I'd start there
22:48*react has never used the service
22:49<Cromulent>arooni: the linode backup only does daily, weekly and bi-weekly backups you can't just restore from an arbitary date
22:50<Cromulent>unless you have a snapshot
22:50<arooni>a ha
22:50<Cromulent>for that particular date
22:50<arooni>but it also looks like i need to have some place to restore it to
22:50<atian>arooni i'm sorry to inform you all your data is lost
22:50<Cromulent>yep you need to restore it to a linode
22:52<arooni>looks like restoring it from a week ago
22:52<arooni>would work just great
22:53<arooni>ok so i dont have enough disk space
22:53<arooni>so i need to create a new disk image for the restore, then restore it to that?
22:55<arooni>guess i'll need to resize my existing image
22:55<arooni>i took a manual snapshot first incase i fubar this all up
22:55<Cromulent>good plan
22:56<Cromulent>I always do a manual snapshot before I do anything major
22:56<arooni>is it kosher to shrink an existing image? how does linode do this without chopping off data
22:56<arooni>at the wrong place ?
22:57<atian>can't downsize
22:57<Cromulent>I've never shrunk a disk so I can't answer
22:57<atian>whats the fs type
22:58<arooni>well it just let me resize
22:58<arooni>should my new disk be ext4 or ext3
22:58<atian>well that's disappointing
22:58<arooni>using ubuntu lts server if it matters
22:59<arooni>why? you dont like to be wrong :P?
22:59<Cromulent>my current linode is quite new so uses ext4 I think
22:59<atian>i have never been able to do that
23:00<arooni>i dont think think ext4 is a bad idea; running it on my ubuntu laptop and no problems
23:00<arooni>trust me you dont want to downsize ; it usually means something bad happened lol
23:00<arooni>like it did to me
23:01<atian>arooni restore to a new linode
23:01<atian>no messing with disks
23:02<Cromulent>atian: problem with that is you new IP addresses
23:02<Cromulent>so then you need to mess with DNS
23:02<atian>Cromulent well not strictly switching to the new one
23:02<atian>do the diff between them
23:03<arooni>in general is resizing disks dangerous/illadvised?
23:03<Cromulent>I'd take a backup first but when I have to resize up it has always worked
23:04<Cromulent>like their was a storage upgrade a month or two ago and resizing up worked great
23:05<atian>Cromulent he can also ip swap
23:06<arooni>pretty convenient that the exact backup i need is exactly 7 days ago and was all set up for me
23:07<arooni>i was under theimpression that the backups were done nightly but i'm glad i know thats no longer the case
23:07<UKn0Me>always read the fine print
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23:13<arlen>arooni: backups are done nightly
23:13-!-kydiep [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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23:14<kydiep>I would like to ask you
23:14<Cromulent>ask away
23:14<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
23:14<draoidh>well hello
23:14<kydiep>Why when the registration of the account discount $ 20
23:14<react>this gon be good /me popcorn.gif
23:14<arlen>feel free to type the entire question before hitting the enter button
23:15<atian>there is no penalty for asking a complete question
23:15<kydiep>Why when the registration of the account and usePromotion Code PodcastInIt2017 discount $ 20 ?
23:15<arooni>well that went well; thanks for your help folks. reminds me that i need to get my primary backups working ettter
23:15<arlen>kydiep: do you mean the credit given from that promo code?
23:16<arlen>that promo code is for $20 because thats what Linode chose to give for it
23:16<FluffyFoxeh>that's the point of a promo code isn't it
23:17<atian>i think he ask when will discount be applied
23:17<arlen>never because its not a discount code
23:18<kydiep>no :D
23:18<kydiep>When you sign up for an account with a discount code, pay $ 20 to my account, I can not get $ 20 or my $ 20
23:18<arlen>kydiep: did you receive an error when using that promo code?
23:18<arlen>otherwise just wait for linude to approve your account and you'll have $40 available on it
23:18<kydiep>I can not receive any errors
23:18<FluffyFoxeh>hehe linude
23:19<arlen>kydiep: so signup successful?
23:19<arlen>kydiep: check your email, linode might need more info from you to verify your account
23:19<kydiep> signup not success
23:20<kydiep>email :
23:20<kydiep>Company Name: kydiep Payment Number: 5740170 Payment Date: March 05, 2017 Payment Card: 1216 This is your receipt of payment against your credit card in the amount of $20.00.
23:20<FluffyFoxeh>don't paste that here
23:20<arlen>oh boy
23:20<kydiep>hi sr
23:20<atian>please add more info for assistance
23:20<arlen>kydiep: what happens if you try to login now?
23:20<atian>*do not
23:21<kydiep>noti :Your account is currently being reviewed.
23:21<arlen>so now just wait
23:21<arlen>signup successful, linode has to verify your information, nothing you can do except wait for them to contact you. keep checking your email inbox and spam folder
23:22<kydiep>So I still get a $ 20 discount on a visa and get 40 into a linode account?
23:23<kydiep>ok, thank sr
23:23<arlen>when your account is approved you'll have $40 credit on it
23:23<kydiep>thank u
23:23<Cromulent>one of these days I'll need to purge my logs - some of them are getting quite long
23:24-!-seanh-corona [] has quit [Quit: Leaving.]
23:24<arlen>i just moved all mine to a new server
23:24<arlen>if you mean irc logs...
23:24<FluffyFoxeh>I keep all my IRC logs
23:25<FluffyFoxeh>they don't take up much space :p
23:25<atian>i stream my irc logs to s3
23:25-!-mode/#linode [+l 343] by ChanServ
23:25<FluffyFoxeh>they're very useful also, I grep them multiple times a week
23:25<Cromulent>FluffyFoxeh: I'm pretty sure Ubuntu comes with log rotate already set up for the major system logs but it is things like my Apache access logs that are taking up lots of space
23:26<FluffyFoxeh>Cromulent: logrotate is set up by default for that too, AFAIK
23:26<FluffyFoxeh>Check /etc/logrotate.d
23:26<FluffyFoxeh>It's configurable
23:26<Cromulent>I'm using custom log locations and a different log for each site so I don't think it is - I'll read up on log rotate though it sounds like exactly what I need
23:27<react>I've forced myself to blog my snippets instead; chances are someone else will benefit
23:27<praetorian>feel free to do the same but with passwords too
23:27<praetorian>we'll remember them for you
23:27<FluffyFoxeh>Cromulent: yes, you will probably need only minor modifications to the default Apache logrotate script to accommodate that
23:28<FluffyFoxeh>praetorian: a distributed password manager :)
23:28<arlen>so lastpass?
23:28<FluffyFoxeh>this is the last time you will use this pass
23:28<praetorian>said sean spicer
23:28<arlen>cause someone else will use them and change everything
23:29<retro|blah>Are we playing password hangman now?
23:29*react high fives arlen
23:29<FluffyFoxeh>that sounds like fun
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