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00:03<Zimsky>JamesTK: you fucker
00:03<JamesTK>I'm running a linode clone on an ovh dedi
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00:39<FluffyFoxeh>!jeffk [swap]
00:39<FluffyFoxeh>oh dear
00:42<Eugene>My name is Eugene, and I approve this message.
00:42<Cromulent>that is a bit random
00:42<Eugene>Some of us remember jeffk
00:42<Cromulent>ah OK
00:42<arlen>tell us about jeffk
00:43<Eugene>Some say that he was... something awful.
00:44<Cromulent>heh something awful - now that is a website I haven't read in years
00:45<Eugene>It hasn't changed a bit
00:45<Cromulent>there was an awesome tattoo thread on it with mistakes that had been made
00:45<Cromulent>I felt sorry for them
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00:47<Eugene>No ragrets
00:48<Eugene>Do you remember the crazy guys with the submarine rocket?
00:48<Cromulent>nope I wasn't a big reader just read it every now and again
00:49<Eugene>This started as a SA forum thread, I kid you not
00:50<Cromulent>wow that looks awesome - if it was April the 1st I'd think you were screwing with me :)
00:55<Eugene>You should think that every day, but only because I said it.
00:59<Cromulent>just watched one of the videos of a rocket launch - I didn't even know you could permission to launch things like that
01:00<Eugene>How do you think SpaceX does it? File for a permit with the FAA(or local equivalent). They'll ask you to prove it won't blow up, or that it can be blown up if it needs to be.
01:00<Eugene>That's really about it for safety
01:01<Eugene>There's a lot more paperwork to it than that, but the basic idea of range safety is very simple
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01:20<Zimsky>TIL Eugene is a SpaceX ops director
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01:27<markleetibet>I don't know why I cannot get a reply from the professional service. I sent them my request by having filled out the form. but get no reply.
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01:28<Meyer_>markleetibet: When did you do this?
01:28<markleetibet>the day before yesterday
01:29<Meyer_>markleetibet: I would suggest you contact to check the status of it. In my experience they should have responded quicker so something could possibly have gone wrong
01:29<Meyer_>markleetibet: Or, they should have responded by now I mean. Have you checked your spam folders and so? Just to be sure that any reply has not mistakenly been flagged as spam?
01:30<markleetibet>I double checked my spam or junk emails, there is no reply either
01:30<Meyer_>markleetibet: Ok, then I would suggest you contact support and they should be able to help you out
01:31<markleetibet>I heard that the help from is fast, so I came here but the situation is not like that.
01:31<markleetibet>thank you so much for your help, Meyer
01:31<Meyer_>markleetibet: Linodes support is very quick in my experience
01:31<Meyer_>markleetibet: I have been a long time customer and been very pleased with the response times
01:32<Meyer_>markleetibet: This is why I suspect something has gone wrong in this partiuclar case. It sounds unusual that you would go this long without a reply
01:32<markleetibet>let me go to my account again and see in the Support for help.
01:32<Eugene>Heh heh, fire
01:32<markleetibet>I think so but I cannot find where the mistake is
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01:38<millisa>I am amused.
01:38*dcraig tickles millisa around a bit with a large sarcastic fringehead
01:38<dcraig>there's nothing more sarcastic than a fringehead
01:39<millisa>"When two fringeheads have a territorial battle, they wrestle by pressing their distended mouths against each other, as if they were kissing." right from the wiki.
01:40<dcraig>nature is so amazing
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01:46<liu_lei>there have some network problem in Atlanta, GA, USA ?
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01:47<millisa>haven't seen any for my linodes
01:47<millisa>nothing on the status page at the moment, what are you seeing?
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01:51<Eugene>For the first time in history, its raining men.
01:51<liu_lei> Some servers are packet loss
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01:53<liu_lei>Some servers are packet loss ? example ,
01:55<millisa>i'm getting no packet loss to that IP coming from a dallas linode.
02:02<liu_lei> You can ping our IP,, to see if there is packet loss
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02:05<millisa>i don't see any loss from an atlanta linode until it gets way outside of linode's network
02:07<millisa>here's a paste of what it looked like from my atl linode:
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04:40<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • permission denied (public key) <>
04:40<us23>Additional IP possible?
04:40<us23>want to to setup a VPN. Each user should have unique IP.
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04:40<millisa>ipv4 requires technical justification, ipv6 you can have a whole bunch
04:41<us23>So for example if I purchase the linode 2GB plan. Can I add additional IPs? What is the price for each additional IP?
04:41<us23>Location Frankfurt
04:42<millisa>additional ipv4 addresses are a dollar a month, but again, each one requires technical justification. I'm not sure wanting 1 user per IP on a vpn would qualify
04:43<us23>What do you mean by technical justification?
04:43<nate>us23: They mean a VERY good reason
04:43<Ikaros>And there are not many of those nowadays.
04:43<nate>ie; Stuff like SEO, SSL, etc, are generally not good reasons anymore
04:44<nate>extra IP's are irrelevant to those things these days
04:45<us23>Problem is that I want unique IPs. Many VPN providers I have asked offer only a shared pool of IP address. So today I am using that IP and tomorrow maybe another user.
04:45<Ikaros>As far as I know you can run pretty much any type of VPN on a single IP too, even users with unique logins. So that is highly unlikely to be a good reason towards justification.
04:46<millisa>well, if you make a $5 linode, it gets its own IP. make the first one, then clone it to each one you want for a dedicated user?
04:47<nate>us23: If your main purposes for your linode is gonna be running a VPN for yourself, you may want to stick to VPN-explicit providers then
04:47<millisa>(your linode isn't going to change IP's though, so maybe it doesn't matter for the problem you are trying to solve?)
04:47<nate>Most you can do is ask linode, but my bet would be on "Extra IP's for a VPN" is not going to fall under acceptable reasons :P
04:47<us23>I need a fixed static IP
04:47<Ikaros>And not to sound mean here but they only care about the technical aspects of why you want IPs, not your personal preferences to that end.
04:47<millisa>linodes are static ip's
04:47<nate>us23: Well that you get
04:48<us23>German location. Best Frankfurt.
04:48<nate>every linode gets it's own static to-that-linode IPv4 as well as a range of IPv6 addresses upon request
04:49<us23>OK so if linode does deny to provide additional IPs workaround will be to purchase a 5$ linode for each user right?
04:49<Ikaros>Correct, but I'd probably glare at you for hogging IPs in that manner. >.>
04:49*Ikaros ducks the punch from others
04:49<millisa>if you really want to manage a bunch of linodes just for one person, each, sure.
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04:52<Ikaros>Personally I fail to understand why you have to have a unique IP per VPN user. You can run VPNs for unique users off a shared fixed IP, heck some types work over IPv6 too.
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04:52<millisa>it's even a 'normal' thing
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06:02<praetorian>alternatively just make everyone use ipv6 only.
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06:30<fqedbk>9 11 attacks, Did USA do it itself or it just let it happen?
06:30<fqedbk>Did USA administration murder 3000 American citizen in 9 11 attacks to justify starting a war against iraq?
06:30<fqedbk>If al-qaeda did it, why go to kill 2 million Iraqi?
06:30<fqedbk>Some of the benefits Americans say they achieved after 9 11 attacks include:
06:30<fqedbk>*constant flow of oil, which price is in continuous decline. Trump said he will simply take the Iraqi oil, and when he was told that Iraqi oil belongs to iraq he said there is no iraq(after usa destroyed it ).
06:30<fqedbk>*Invasion of afghanstan with construction of not less than 14 american military base which give a close eye on china.
06:30<fqedbk>*Removal of potential threat to isreal represented in iraq which throw isreal with more than 30 rocket after American assault on iraq during 2nd gulf war.
06:30<fqedbk>So oil was the motive of the crime….
06:30<fqedbk>Did Usa ambassador at iraq implicitly encourage Saddam Hussien to invade kwuit?
06:30<fqedbk>Usa used al-qaeda against soviet union. Did Usa continue to use it against others in the world, did usa use al-qaeda against moderate muslims?
06:30<fqedbk>Did Usa use al-qaeda against its own American citizens? not in 9 11 , which is technically impossible for al-qaeda to do it even with help from Usa administration.
06:30<fqedbk>Could al-qaeda personel who received few weeks of aviation lessons in Usa and most of them never did fly single engine aircraft alone, can target the towers with a big high sophisticated boeing airplane ?
06:30<fqedbk>If al-qaeda did it ,and that is far from possible , why go to kill 2 million Iraqi?
06:30<fqedbk>Usa declared its intent to start creative chaos in the middle east “which we saw as wars and violence involving most countries of the middle east” , in order to start all these wars usa needed a big event to use it a as a cause to start these wars and violence . They simply needed something as big as 9 11 attacks
06:30<fqedbk>Did usa train and supply isis with weapons like it with al-qeada to play a major role in creating chaos in the middle east?
06:30<fqedbk>Saddam Hussien who lost most of his power in 2nd gulf war and further by siege “in oil for food program which deprived Iraq even from pencils for the kid” , he did not allow al-Qaeda to enter Iraq , not even to support him against Usa.
06:30<fqedbk>But only after Usa occupation of Iraq, Isis started to appear in Iraq. Did Usa pave the way for al-Qaeda to Iraq to play a major role of creative chaos that still burning Iraq?
06:30<fqedbk>Please publish my questions
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08:17<satya>how to configure MX record in linode for mail?
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09:24<simon88>Hello, I'm running Centos and need to update to at least PHP 5.5 though Yum only seems to support 5.4. Could you recommend any docs to update it?
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09:33<@pzona>simon88: i haven't tested, but this seems like it should work:
09:35<Woet>simon88: PHP 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6 are EOL - 5.6 only gets security updates for a few more months.
09:35<Woet>simon88: i recommend going to PHP 7 straight away.
09:41<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • permission denied (public key) <>
09:42<simon88>I've tried a couple of tutorials but none of them have worked. I think it has installed but Apache is not using them
09:43<Woet>simon88: might as well use this opportunity to switch to a better distro
09:44<Woet>Zimsky: of all choices, ruby?
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09:45<Zimsky>Woet: /anything/ is better than PHP
09:45<simon88>Like Debain?
09:45<Zimsky>I'd rather write all my sites in 6502 asm
09:45<Woet>simon88: Ubuntu 16.04 would be a good choice
09:45<Zimsky>why ubuntu over debian?
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09:47<Woet>its not much difference
09:47<simon88>Will Ubuntu (apt-get?) have an updated version of php?
09:48<Woet>simon88: yes
09:48<simon88>If I have to follow another tutorial on some random blog I'm going to kill myself
09:48<@nbrewer>simon88: Ubuntu 16.04 has php7..iirc Debian 8 does not.
09:48<Zimsky>god forbid one would have to resort to tutorials
09:48<Woet>simon88: you also wont have to reinstall your server just to do a major upgrade and you wont have to deal with yum/finding repos
09:48<Zimsky>such horrors
09:49<simon88>Sounds good. I'll go with Ubunbu then
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10:14<Darxus>I feel like chanserv could adjust that limit only, say, 5 at a time. Which would substantially reduce how often it happens.
10:21<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • "Host XXX is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server" change XXX for another name <>
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10:23<migangelo11>hi i had a few questions since i am looking into switching hosting servers
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10:25<Darxus>migangelo11: Just ask.
10:26<migangelo11>so i had an application created and connected to my site and as i spoke to my programer he saids that the hosting is really slow when accessing the database from the app.
10:26<migangelo11>since the application's goal is to have alot of users is there a package here that you guys will recommend?
10:31<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Better docker support <>
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11:52<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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11:55<csnxs>never do linode, kids, unless you want to end up like poor Eugene here
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16:12<zifnab>...i wish irccloud would filter out the +l from chanserv
16:13<zifnab>i've been halfway debating writing a web based irc thing, b ut irc as a protocol is a pain in the ass
16:15<relidy>I ended up writing a cheesy addon for HexChat to suppress the channel limit messages.
16:19<FluffyFoxeh>IRC is a pretty simple protocol
16:19<FluffyFoxeh>i imagine it's the ircd-specific extensions that make things a bit more difficult
16:20<FluffyFoxeh>relidy: yeah I could script them away but meh. I'm not bothered enough
16:23<Darxus>I've used it via telnet. The only real annoying part there was manually having to respond to pings with pongs. I've seen far worse.
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16:31<FluffyFoxeh>Darxus: yeah
16:32<FluffyFoxeh>try XMPP... isn't it all XML based? :p
16:33-!-toastedpenguin [~dchristen@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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16:44<Peng>Darxus: Even more annoying than doing TLS in your head? :D
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16:58<FluffyFoxeh>openssl s_client, or don't use TLS when you IRC over telnet
17:03-!-jcanto [~santi@] has quit []
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17:41<Eugene>relidy - you can just edit the entry under Settings --> Text Events....
17:41<Eugene>"Channel Set Limit"
17:43<relidy>Eugene: I probably wasn't aware of that at the time, but I think I like the isolation of the addon better than modifying application defaults that I'll never remember if I want to revert.
17:46-!-Sputnik9 is now known as Sputnik7
17:46<Eugene>Seet, Linode shirts arrived!
17:46<Eugene>Sweet, even
17:57-!-peter [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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17:57*peter slaps aforster around a bit with a large fishbot
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18:50<felixjet>vultr strikes back at linode :rolleyes:
18:51<felixjet>they changed their pricing
18:51<felixjet>seems like someone is mad at the new 5$ linode
18:52<Ikaros>The pressure is OON
18:53<felixjet>let's create a 1$ linode
18:57<millisa><-- has a $1 atlantic vps.
18:59<Peng>millisa: Do they have IPv6?
19:00<millisa>i dont remember. it's only purpose is to sit out there and answer nrpe in case someone ever asks me if they are historically dependable...
19:00<millisa>never ended up deploying anyone there
19:01<Peng>I hate to sound disloyal to Linode buut...
19:01<millisa>doesn't appear to have an ipv6 address
19:01<arlen>they've had IPv6 since 2012
19:01<Peng>I live near an Atlantic.Net location, so i might consider giving them a try.
19:01<millisa>(they don't offer the $1 vps anymore that I know of)
19:05<millisa>i dont see any obvious way to deploy an ipv6 address to it. probably my own incompetence with their panel
19:10-!-toastedpenguin [] has joined #linode
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19:13<Peng>millisa: Or they don't offer it.
19:13<millisa>I couldn't find it on a quick search on their community postings.
19:15-!-toastedpenguin1 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:16<arlen>this says they have it, no idea about their panel
19:16-!-marshmn [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
19:16<millisa>i wonder if that's for something other than their cloud stuff. they do dedicated and other types of hosting
19:17<Peng>All it *says* is that like their routers have it. :P
19:17<arlen>could be
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19:29<MrSleepy>Is this the place to ask questions about Linode issues...?
19:30<millisa>It's a community chat, someone might know the answer.
19:30<zifnab>you could always ask in #moocows but CowBot's a dick.
19:31<MrSleepy>I'm having some trouble with my website on Linode...pages load fast, but half the time, page saves timeout. The other 50% of the time pages save in about 1s
19:31<millisa>what do your log files show for those hits that timeout?
19:32<MrSleepy>There were no log entries matching the times where iti timed out.
19:33<millisa>that would be pretty unusual
19:34-!-Metallioc [] has joined #linode
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19:34<Metallioc>Is anyone on this atm?
19:34<millisa>lots of people
19:34<Metallioc>Ah, many people who know much about Linodes services?
19:34<millisa>it's our favorite topic
19:35<Metallioc>Ah, great! (Still new to this :P)
19:35<Metallioc>Are their services KVM or are the resources shared?
19:35<millisa>it's kvm
19:35-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
19:35<millisa>MrSleepy: you'd need to give some more details. what web server are you running, what logs are you looking at, are there entries in those logs when things are normal
19:36<Metallioc>Ah great! Do they get issued if a program is quite resource intesnive?
19:36<millisa>I doubt they want you doing bitcoin mining on the systems, but their definitions of 'abuse' are pretty reasonable.
19:37<Metallioc>Ah, just read it and I agree, they are pretty reasonable compared to most other providers. Thanks for the quick answers!
19:37<millisa>(it just generically says: "Misuse of System Resources: Intentional misuse of system resources, including but not limited to employing programs that consume excessive network capacity, CPU cycles, or disk IO.")
19:38-!-Metallioc [] has quit []
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19:39<MrSleepy>I'm on Apache 2 and Ubuntu 14.04. I set my logs to debug, looking again at error log now. There are things there but no matches..
19:40<millisa>I suppose the other questions would be if you can reproduce the issue reliably and when it happens, do you see a connectivity issue (us ping or mtr or something from the system and from whereever you are coming from)
19:41<millisa>I would make sure you are looking at the right log (go request something that you *know* is broken and find the matching error log entry)
19:42<MrSleepy>I can reproduce the issue reliably. Unfortunately, I'm not sure how to trouble shoot network issues...
19:44<millisa>confirming that there is one would be the first step - using something like mtr while reproducing the issue should help you rule out the network:
19:44-!-Edgeman2 is now known as Edgeman
19:45<MrSleepy>Thank you for the link. I will read that carefully.
19:48<MrSleepy>Thank you for the help millisa, I appreciate it. I will have to continue investigating this tommorow. Goodnight :)
19:48<millisa>good luck
19:49-!-MrSleepy [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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20:25<Broodyguy>Hey guys
20:25-!-mode/#linode [+l 351] by ChanServ
20:25<Broodyguy>I wanted to know about GlusterFS.
20:25<Broodyguy>How does it help us?
20:29<Broodyguy>If I am to host a website in a cluster of servers, I could just push the code in all of the servers and store user uploaded files to S3. How does having GlusterFS help?
20:31*Broodyguy slaps AngryAnt[m] around a bit with a large fishbot
20:34-!-anomie [] has joined #linode
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20:36<vtranet24>hi all
20:36<vtranet24>I've got a account vtranet24
20:36<vtranet24>and I've 1 vps on it
20:36<vtranet24>now I cann't login this accout and vps
20:36<vtranet24>what can I do now?
20:36-!-Broodyguy [~oftc-webi@2405:204:b081:d5bb::87e:40b0] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
20:37<millisa>why can't you login?
20:39<vtranet24>hi millisa
20:39<vtranet24>I've tried function find username
20:39<vtranet24>and I've got 1 email, it's said that
20:39<vtranet24>Support Ticket 7582139 regarding account 'vtranet24' has been closed by 'thoplock' -------------------------------------------------- Hi, The account has been deleted. - TJ Linode Support Team -------------------------------------------------- Thank you,
20:40<vtranet24>The account has been deleted? why?
20:40<millisa>You'd probably need to reply to that ticket
20:40<@mcintosh>that suggests your account was closed for some reason - I recommend emailing for further information
20:41<vtranet24>yes, I should do that,
20:52<Zimsky>yes, you should
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23:32<LostInBKK>Hi :-)
23:33<LostInBKK>Can you move up and down plans as you require?
23:33<linbot>Linodes can be resized to a different plan size via the Resize tab in the Linode Manager. Doing so will shut down your Linode and copy your disk images to their new host(this will take a few minutes). Your IP addresses and data will be unaffected, but you will need to resize your disk images.
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23:34<LostInBKK>Thanks Arlen :-)
23:34-!-LostInBKK [~oftc-webi@2405:9800:b408:5915:2780:be5d:cc00:cab7] has quit []
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