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00:16<ang>dwfreed, i'm gonna go with that :)
00:20<zifnab>feature request: "sane defaults for alarms"
00:20<zifnab>10mbit/s is nothing
00:20<zifnab>(i mean, its 3TB/mo, so its something, but its really nothing)
00:23<FluffyFoxeh>problem is, the value of sanity for those values is pretty dependent on the user
00:23<dwfreed>that's exactly why they haven't changed
00:24<FluffyFoxeh>bandwidth equivalent to 3TB/mo sounds reasonable since if you're routinely exceeding that on a small plan you'll go over
00:25<FluffyFoxeh>though I set mine to 100 or something because my usage is sporadic
00:25<FluffyFoxeh>and I don't want emails every time I proxy a big file :p
00:29<zifnab>i just want sane defualts account wide :P
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00:37<FluffyFoxeh>that would be a useful and (I would think) reasonably easy to implement feature
00:39<dwfreed>that's what you think
00:40<FluffyFoxeh>being able to set values that apply to new linodes created on your account would be hard to implement?
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01:02<millisa>Isn't a single api call?
01:04<FluffyFoxeh>I was wondering about that
01:04<FluffyFoxeh>looks like it
01:05<millisa>and for the new api:
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01:32*dcraig tickles millisa around a bit with a large dartfish
01:37*rsdehart replaces dcraig's dartfish with mountain grown Folgers crystals
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01:39<eblip>hey if i am on linode server with multiple clients and the vmware goes there a backup
01:40<eblip>also if i am on linode server and someone else gets ddossed, we are using the same lines will a backup line become available
01:40<eblip>or is there no protection whatsoever
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01:49<tharkun>eblip: There are lots of people making sure that connectivity is almost allways there. This are professional guys that make a living out of you not having to worry about that. So you extrapolate. Their choice of advertisement company sucks but then that is not relevant to their infrastructure.
01:49<eblip>cool...its just they look too good to be true
01:50<eblip>im trying to find the big catch
01:50<tharkun>define that and we can make the go for the kill question :)
01:51<tharkun>eblip: I've been a customer for quite some time now and I haven't got a problem that deserved writing a ticket.
01:51<eblip>great stuff
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01:53<arlen>linode uses kvm not vmware btw
01:53<eblip>ah ok
01:54<arlen>if someone else gets ddosed they'll nullroute the ip so others on the host dont slow
01:54<tharkun>eblip: research linode on you will find when they have screwed up and why. It is not kept secret. It is well documented and taken care of.
01:55<eblip>im reading about them now...its just that go daddy is not an option proper thieves, and digital ocean seems ok but linode seems to be cheaper
01:55<dcraig>DO used to be the cheap option in town
01:55<tharkun>eblip: linode is not the cheapest. But it does give you a run for your money.
01:56<eblip>yes i found some dirt cheap sites but they have some terror stories, plus one of them is using ARM servers home built
01:56<eblip>i dont fancy running a simple startup off a raspberrypi
01:56<millisa>arm doesn't necessarily mean cheap...
01:57<eblip>this thing they are using is about same size as a raspberry pi maybe a little bigger
01:57<tharkun>eblip: do the proper analysis of your apps and build your server around it.
01:57<eblip>i know size doesnt matter but still
01:58<dcraig>we've been running an IRC server on an ARM VPS....
01:58<dcraig>seems to be ok for that :)
01:58<eblip>im just beginning so just going to set up a mailserver and then maybe host a very simple site
01:58<eblip>that sells something
01:59<tharkun>eblip: IIRC that can be done with 384 MB and a single core.
01:59<eblip>nice, im just getting the 5 dollar package and if it gets too much ill get the 10 dollar and expand as i need
02:00<tharkun>eblip: the 5 will be more than enough. unless you have like 50 domains and a heck of lot of traffic.
02:00<dcraig>it scales right up
02:00<eblip>6 domains
02:00<eblip>not much traffic
02:00<eblip>about 2 emails per domain
02:01<eblip>if all runs well then ill add another 3 domains for friends
02:02<tharkun>eblip: 8 domains 250 users email, mailstore and 384 mb with AV and all the usual windows required stuff. and it worked like a charm
02:02<tharkun>Then the free upgrades came :)
02:03<tharkun>If your site does not require a dbms you are good with the $5 package.
02:04<eblip>either way i think ill just go for the 5 dollar option and then when its time to host just spin up 1 server per 2 domains depending on how much traffic they get
02:04<eblip>it may not be the cheapest but if it is reliable, then its far cheaper than go daddy
02:05<tharkun>1 server can handle all email and another can handle all http or whatever aditional service you might want to deliver.
02:05<tharkun>You can squeeze a lot of punch for 5usd
02:05<eblip>yes for 10 dollars a month, and if my mates come onboard, then they can pay my 5 dollars a month per server so it will be free
02:05<eblip>not bad
02:06<dcraig>is this the start of a pyramid scheme
02:08<eblip>dont could turn into one if everyone is happy
02:10<eblip>if anyone is spening 100 dollars a month on email and tiny hosting ..ill tell them straight..that i will do it at cost price
02:10<eblip>80 dollars a month
02:11<eblip>and see if i can squeeze another 10 accounts onto my 5 dollar server
02:11<tharkun>BTW I came to complain that I am a long time customer and the targeting of Google ads is as allways a disgrace to whomever hires them. Please take a deep look into it if I didn't know better I would distrust linode for all the google ads hitting my browser.
02:12<eblip>ah ok
02:13<eblip>i always worry that they send themselves or people on their servers a lot of junkmail. and push their accounts over the limit
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02:13<millisa>i don't think I've ever received a junk mail from linode in the 10 years I've been with them...
02:13<eblip>and make extra dollars that way
02:13<eblip>ah i will be running my own spam server
02:13<eblip>but good to hear millisa
02:14<tharkun>millisa: They did once do send a mail to all the admin addresses they required. They got such a nice set of rants that they never again did it.
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02:15<tharkun>BTW they did apologize for the mistake.
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02:26<rollingWolf>If feels like ive taken the crazy pill
02:26<rollingWolf>1) Ive completely forget how the INS key works and I have no longer any idea how to code properly without going crazy
02:26<rollingWolf>OR: 2) Goct/Aliens/whatever has changed everyone elses mind so that my perception of what the INS key actually does and change it to something else
02:27<millisa>It toggles between overtype and insert mode?
02:27<rollingWolf>In one of the cases yes
02:27<rollingWolf>but no, it doesnt
02:28<rollingWolf>are we .... somehow connecting here? What the probelem is ? :(
02:29<rollingWolf>Ohwell its early in the morning and should try and go back to sleep with more morphine against my fracking pain >_<
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05:46<kyhwana>^ nooope
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06:07<rick111>shake it all about
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09:39<cnf>i see about 40 to 45ms latency from connecting to linode resources from outside linode networks, does that sound about right?
09:39<cnf>also, the NodeBalancers add about 50ms for doing SSL termination, does that also sound about right?
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11:28<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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12:01<cruxeternus>Do you know how disappointed I would be, if I found out Eugene didn't really have any Lindoes. :(
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12:12<Eugene>!dig aaaa
12:12<linbot>Eugene: [dig] status: NOERROR | ;; ANSWER SECTION: 3586 IN AAAA 2600:3c01::14:7116 | ;; AUTHORITY SECTION
12:12<Eugene>I assure you, I Linode ^
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14:26<@nbrewer>feel free to ask your question
14:28<cnf>i see about 40 to 45ms latency from connecting to linode resources from outside linode networks, does that sound about right?
14:28<cnf>also, the NodeBalancers add about 50ms for doing SSL termination, does that also sound about right?
14:28<@nbrewer>cnf: that's going to depend on where you are in relation to the data center, and a lot of other factors
14:29<cnf>any place i have tried so far
14:29<cnf>and i'm on london
14:29<@nbrewer>and you're connecting to a Linode in our London data center?
14:29<grawity>cnf: you don't happen to have a traceroute/mtr showing this, do you?
14:29<@nbrewer>yeah, an MTR would help
14:29<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
14:32<cnf>hmm, how do i get copiable output from mtr again
14:33<@nbrewer>you should just be able to copy it from the terminal, i'm not sure how it works on windows
14:33<relidy>mtr -6 --report-wide --report-cycles 5 $HOSTNAME
14:34<cnf>hmm, mtr only gets me to about 25
14:34<cnf>anything on http is way longer
14:35<grawity>so you're including the TCP handshake as well?
14:36<cnf>yeah, i'm comparing between another linode vm, and something not on linode
14:36<cnf>that seems to add about 40 to 45ms in responde time between the 2
14:37-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
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14:37<cnf> is the mtr anyway
14:37<cnf>and to the nodebalancer
14:38-!-mode/#linode [+l 354] by ChanServ
14:38<cnf>so an httping to the nodebalancer from a linode vm is 2.5 to 3 ms
14:39<cnf>an httping to the same nodebalancer from outside linode is 45 to 50 ms
14:39-!-steveski [~steveg@] has joined #linode
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14:39<@nbrewer>that doesn't seem unusual to me, linodes in the same datacenter are going to have very low response time, especially compared to something external
14:39-!-mode/#linode [+l 355] by ChanServ
14:40<cnf>sure, but it's a big difference :P
14:40<cnf>and add to that the 40 to 50 ms delay for ssl termination
14:40<cnf>and we are at 100ms minimum
14:40<@nbrewer>also, are you connected to a vpn? it looks like you're in belgium
14:41<cnf>vpn? no
14:41-!-marshmn [] has quit []
14:41<cnf>i am in belgium
14:41-!-mode/#linode [+l 354] by ChanServ
14:43<@nbrewer>i don't think there's anything unusual about the speeds you're getting, then. they seem reasonable considering the distance.
14:44<Cromulent>I'm currently getting an average ping to London of 22ms
14:44<Cromulent>normally it is about 15 - 17ms
14:45<cnf>nbrewer: and the 50ms added delay on the node balancer as well?
14:46<arlen>I see 23 in both pastes
14:46<arlen>not 50
14:46<cnf>arlen: as said, i'm talking about http loads
14:47<@mcintosh>cnf: it's hard to give you an exact amount that SSL termination might increase latency, but that number doesn't sound odd to me, no
14:47<cnf>and SSL on the node balancer adds about 40 to 50ms per request
14:48<@nbrewer>cnf: if you're terminating SSL at the nodebalancer, keepalives are disabled
14:48<cnf>nbrewer: can't use keepalive anyway
14:48<grawity>40-50 ms for TLS does sound slightly larger than usual
14:50<@nbrewer>cnf: could you try running an mtr with the --tcp flag?
14:50<cnf>nbrewer: that is with --tcp
14:51<cnf>so the main problem is that
14:51<cnf>an ab test returns 50% 93 and 100% 273 (longest request)
14:51<cnf>which is just high
14:51<cnf>and that's from a VM in london
14:51-!-marshmn [] has joined #linode
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14:54<cnf>for example
14:54<cnf>those are not fun times :P
14:55<cnf>hmm, even http requests fluxuate wildly
14:56<cnf>maybe we should not use the NodeBalancer
14:56<@nbrewer>your speeds are going to suffer on tests like this if you're not using keepalive, but your mtrs show that this doesn't appear to be a routing issue.
14:57<@nbrewer>unless there's one between your vultr vm where you're running the tests, and your Linode
14:57<cnf>nbrewer: real life can't use keepalive anyway
14:58<cnf>every client does 1 requests, and that connection is then never used again
15:00-!-steveski [~steveg@] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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15:02<@nbrewer>have you tried running mtrs in each direction from your vultr machine and your Linode? even if they're both in London it's possible there's a problem there.
15:03<cnf>well, i get the same results +- from any place i try
15:03<cnf>but i can do that
15:04<cnf> other way
15:10<cnf>hmm, i think we'll disable the NodeBalancer
15:10<cnf>it's just too slow
15:15-!-steveski [~steveg@] has joined #linode
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18:31<Eugene>ur a wall
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18:40<arlen>!point kyhwana
18:41<linbot>arlen: Point given to kyhwana. (1)
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20:12<praetorian>!point arlen -1
20:12<linbot>praetorian: Point given to arlen. (4)
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20:12<arlen>think it's !boo
20:12<arlen>to take away
20:12<praetorian>!boo arlen
20:12<linbot>praetorian: Point taken from arlen! (3)
20:12<praetorian>!boo arlen
20:12<linbot>praetorian: Point taken from arlen! (2)
20:13<praetorian>ok had to deduct the wrong point
20:13-!-mode/#linode [+l 349] by ChanServ
20:13<arlen>!point praetorian
20:13<linbot>arlen: Point given to praetorian. (1)
20:15<HoopyCat>!point HoopyCat
20:15<linbot>HoopyCat: That URL appears to have no HTML title.
20:16<@mcintosh>HoopyCat: can't vote for yourself!
20:16<praetorian>he also has no reflection in the mirror
20:16<HoopyCat>mcintosh: it should provide a more useful response =^.^=
20:16<@mcintosh>i forgot to wrap the error for that in <title> :x
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20:17<HoopyCat>i should be in QA or something. i have a knack for finding edge cases and prying at them.
20:17<Peng>Send this man a Linode QA t-shirt
20:18<HoopyCat>still proud of the day i shut down a security checkpoint at an airport for 10 minutes without anyone noticing what was happening
20:19<dwfreed>linbot: web fetch
20:19<dwfreed>linbot: web fetch
20:19<linbot>dwfreed: Access denied.
20:19<@mcintosh>it says Access denied because you get added to the ban list if you vote for yourself heh
20:21<HoopyCat>hint: there's finite capacity on the sterile side of the x-ray belt, and if there's two people waiting for an opt-out screening, they will lose track of the second one
20:22<@mcintosh>!point mcintosh
20:22<linbot>mcintosh: That URL appears to have no HTML title.
20:22<@mcintosh>ah im already banned
20:23<@mcintosh>!point mcintosh
20:23<linbot>mcintosh: That URL appears to have no HTML title.
20:23<@mcintosh>eh, oh well
20:24<HoopyCat>why ban? no harm in just dropping it. will cut down on support time.
20:24<HoopyCat>oh btw i'm banned from the internet points plz fix
20:24-!-KindOne_ [] has joined #linode
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20:43<@mcintosh>HoopyCat: try again
20:46<@mcintosh>!point mcintosh
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20:56<HoopyCat>!point mcintosh
20:56<linbot>HoopyCat: Point given to mcintosh. (4)
20:58<@mcintosh>!score dwfreed
20:58<linbot>mcintosh: dwfreeds score: 6
20:58<dwfreed>needs apostrophe
20:59<@mcintosh>it's there but linbot strips the entity
20:59<@mcintosh>(i didn't make it an entity - flask rendered it as such apparently)
20:59<HoopyCat>"the score for ${NICK} is ${SCORE}" could get around it
21:01<HoopyCat>the grammatical situations around which i have experience carefully bending are myriad
21:02<@mcintosh>!score HoopyCat
21:02<linbot>mcintosh: hoopycats score: 0
21:03<@mcintosh>!score dwfreed
21:03<linbot>mcintosh: dwfreeds score: 6
21:03<dwfreed>linbot: help score
21:03<linbot>dwfreed: (score <an alias, 1 argument>) -- Alias for "web title$1/".
21:03<@mcintosh>ah, caching
21:03<dwfreed>oh, right, not linbot's IP
21:03<Eugene>Dolla dolla bills y'all
21:04<@mcintosh>!score Eugene
21:04<linbot>mcintosh: eugene's score: 13
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23:26<crimp>retro|blah Steve^
23:26<crimp>🅿🆁🅾🅱🅻🅴🅼 🆆🅸🆃🅷 🅳🆂🅻 🅼🅾🅳🅰🅼 🅰🅽🅳 / 🅾🆁 56 🅺🅷🆉 JOIN MY IRC NETWORK NIGGERS! ! ! ! ! JOIN MY IRC NETWORK IRC.MYCOOLDUDE.INFO #COOLDUDE13233 dwfreed danstoner UKn0Me Edgeman karstensrage Jonis branko eblip TacoThief jfred-znc vpaloc amayer jr_net Peng Eugene KCinJP___
23:26<crimp>mcintosh[m] Woet eNbass epochwolf
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23:26<crimp>pharaun aspis jas4711 shinji257
23:27<crimp>🅿🆁🅾🅱🅻🅴🅼 🆆🅸🆃🅷 🅳🆂🅻 🅼🅾🅳🅰🅼 🅰🅽🅳 / 🅾🆁 56 🅺🅷🆉 JOIN MY IRC NETWORK NIGGERS! ! ! ! ! JOIN MY IRC NETWORK IRC.MYCOOLDUDE.INFO #COOLDUDE13233 MJCS Asandari- Dianoga v0lksman agracie tkelso elky ang jhowson DrJ mormon420 staticsafe notagain encode dzho tbsaunde micro
23:27<crimp>fapestniegd Meyer_ mr-spoon
23:27<crimp>🅿🆁🅾🅱🅻🅴🅼 🆆🅸🆃🅷 🅳🆂🅻 🅼🅾🅳🅰🅼 🅰🅽🅳 / 🅾🆁 56 🅺🅷🆉 JOIN MY IRC NETWORK NIGGERS! ! ! ! ! JOIN MY IRC NETWORK IRC.MYCOOLDUDE.INFO #COOLDUDE13233 tharkun cooldude dumle29 kyhwana Ttech DrJ raj fo0bar funnel Iguil FluffyFoxeh Eliz ang zaquest csmith FastLizard4 Tol1 Sophira
23:27<crimp>deathspawn descender
23:27-!-mode/#linode [+b *!*] by mcintosh
23:27-!-crimp [] has quit [autokilled: This host violated network policy. Mail if you think this is in error. (2017-03-14 03:27:13)]
23:27*staticsafe yawns
23:27<dwfreed>mcintosh: lol
23:27<kyhwana>ops plz
23:27<millisa>'deathspawn descender'. that's the name of my new band.
23:27<dwfreed>kyhwana: too slow
23:28<AlexMax>i have a morbid curiosity as to what that irc network actually contains, but part of me reaslly doesn't want to know
23:28-!-mode/#linode [+l 348] by ChanServ
23:29<praetorian>!score HoopyCat
23:29<linbot>praetorian: hoopycat's score: 16
23:29<praetorian>also his age
23:33<FluffyFoxeh>what does 56kHz refer to?
23:35<TacoThief>Errm wrong chan
23:37<synapt>AlexMax: Fairly good chance it's not even their network
23:37-!-RumpledElf [] has quit [Quit: My iMac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
23:38-!-mode/#linode [+l 347] by ChanServ
23:39-!-simplydrew [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:39-!-mode/#linode [+l 346] by ChanServ
23:40-!-cps [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
23:40<FluffyFoxeh>My economics textbook is missing the last chapter and the index
23:40<FluffyFoxeh>I feel ripped off
23:41-!-mode/#linode [+l 345] by ChanServ
23:42<AlexMax>synapt, seems like a weird prank if so
23:42<AlexMax>"Oh man, a bunch of strangers are now on your network, how exciting"
23:43<synapt>AlexMax: generally just a way to bring a network drama. ie; Dude probably got banned from that network so now he goes around and spams about it knowing some people might go there and berate the guy for 'spamming his network'
23:50-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
23:50-!-eyepulp is "eyepulp" on #linode
23:51-!-mode/#linode [+l 346] by ChanServ
23:51<zifnab>IRC network had a botnet controller
23:51<zifnab>As soon as you join they scan your machine & akill you
23:52<zifnab>I was curious
23:52<zifnab>(nmap it looks like)
23:52<zifnab>I don't get it
23:57<MrPPS>unfortunately a fairly common trick
23:58-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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