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00:06<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Block storage <>
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02:43<Trinity>weird, a game server I host temporarily on Linode just got DoSed via DNS spoof
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02:43<Trinity>popular server but there was only 4 people online at the time lol. I am confused
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02:51<Trinity>yea logs show that it's all from weird ass IPs with DNS contacting my server at port 53 which triggered a UDP flood
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02:52<Ikaros>Define "weird ass IPs"
02:53<Ikaros>Heh probably Chinese, Russian, I bet
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04:01<jotunn>i don't see any options to purchase additional disk space. is that a possibility, or would i need to buy a new linode / move my linode to a higher tier?
04:03<Peng_>You'd need to resize to a higher tier. :(
04:03<Peng_>A block storage thing is in the works.
04:04<jotunn>OK, thanks
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05:17<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • do-release-upgrade 14.04-16.04 fails with 404 errors <>
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07:12<Sanjay>I want to buy a CPAnel license. If i have multiple liinodes do i require license for each of them ???
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07:14<Sanjay>Can anyone help me?
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07:29<Sanjay>I want to buy a CPAnel license. If i have multiple liinodes do i require license for each of them ???
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08:02<hawk>Sanjay: That sounds like a question better directed at Cpanel
08:02<hawk>Sanjay: (I would guess "yes")
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08:13<Celti>Having dealt with cPanel in the past, yes, you need a license per Linode
08:13<Celti>However Linodes qualify for their cheaper virtual machine license, IIRC
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11:09<Nivex>oh lovely, I'm getting disk errors on my Linode: sd 0:0:2:3: [sdc] tag#2 abort
11:10<arlen>uh oh
11:11<Nivex>and I'm getting the rcu_sched problems I had earlier. ticket time!
11:12<Nivex>assuming I can get the data off the machine to submit :(
11:12<Nivex>I just lost access again
11:14<Peng>Just replace any information missing from the ticket with exclamation points.
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11:15<Nivex>Ticket 7655049 in.
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11:23<Nivex>I just hope it's not another 6 hours before the ticket is opened like last time
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11:23<Peng>Phone call?
11:23<Nivex>[1365227.802323] systemd[1]: Unit systemd-journald.service entered failed state.
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11:32<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
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11:38<MajObviousman>did anyone get a blip to dallas just now?
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11:38*MajObviousman has a 4s or so gap in mtr, looks like a rstp reconvergence
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11:57<Nivex>oh neat, there's a gap in the CPU graph this time
11:57<Nivex>that's got to be a host fault
11:58<grawity>hmm that sounds familiar
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12:03<ryu>Does anyone here use a separate database server from their web server and if so was there a noticeable difference in performance?
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12:10<synfinatic>ryu sure, i've done that many times. better performance? yes, always. but then again I looked at my disk/memory/cpu stats to know that I needed it
12:13<ryu>how did you go by setting it up, did you just buy a server yourself?
12:14<synfinatic>well usually I had my employer pay for it :)
12:15<ryu>we are looking to launch a new website and want to know how it would perform under heavy load
12:15<ryu>are there any tools you would recommend?
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12:16<synfinatic>siege works. my previous employer made this:
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12:19<ryu>thanks ill try out siege
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12:28<bmbraga>Newark is offline????
12:29<Peng>It's online
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12:29<Nivex>bmbraga: what issue are you seeing? I had an issue with a newark node earlier.
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12:34<bmbraga>Left offline for a few minutes, but now it's normal
12:36<Nivex>Check the manager and see if there's a gap in your CPU graph for the time affected. Trying to see if we're chasing two different problems.
12:36<Nivex>the gap on mine was around 11:00 ET
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12:38<bmbraga>No, the network problem occurred within 5 minutes. Even all the graphics were cleared for a few minutes.
12:38<linbot>New news from status: Support Phone Outage <>
12:38<Nivex>Peng: hahahha ^^^^
12:39<Nivex>Peng: I couldn't call if I wanted to :)
12:39<Peng>You could have before :P
12:39<Nivex>perhaps the blizzard is to blame
12:39<dwfreed>no, it's probably just comcastic
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12:45<Nivex>ofc if the phones are down that means more time to work tickets :)
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14:07<ryu>does the amount of php-fpm processes depend on the # of people viewing your site?
14:07-!-biax [~biax@] has joined #linode
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14:08<biax>is it actually possible to move an ip address from 1 node to another? (by request)?
14:09<arlen>biax: yes
14:09<arlen>no for a ticket either
14:09-!-marshmn [~matt@] has joined #linode
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14:09<arlen>no need*
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15:23<id10t>anyone from linode around? i'm gonna have students creating accounts tonight... when a small batch (7) did it monday, one was instantly successful, the others were prompted for extended validation. which extended class time quite a bit. any suggestions? we'd all be coming from the same public IP due to NAT in our labs... i'm guessing that is what triggered it?
15:26<@jalter>id10t: That was most likely what triggered it - we have a note out for our Support team that this is due to your class
15:27<id10t>jalter - thanks, I appreciate it. should it happen again, i expect it will be 615ish eastern time
15:27<@jalter>I'll get the word out for you. :) Feel free to open a ticket or email if for some reason those accounts aren't activated right away, but this should hopefully take care of that for you
15:28<id10t>responses like this are why I love linode so much :)
15:28<id10t>y'all have a great day
15:28-!-id10t [~id10t@] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
15:28<@jalter>You too!
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15:31<dwfreed>so fast
15:45<Nivex>I'm waiting to see if I'm migrating my node again
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18:46<AlexMax>If I'm running an app that is honest-to-god CPU constrained
18:47<AlexMax>is the only way "out" to get a multi-core machine? Or will a $10 Linode give me more CPU allotment for that single core?
18:49<Eugene>AlexMax - you get a "fair share" of the host's CPU time, according to your Linode's relative size. Bigger plans have a bigger share, and access to more vCPUs in total
18:49<Eugene>The exact situation varies based upon the host you have and your neighbors usage of CPU
18:50<Eugene>In general, if you want more CPU then you need to upgrade to a bigger plan. There are no CPU extras
18:50<AlexMax>Eugene, Yeah, I'm aware that i get more vcpu's if I upgrade further, but what you're telling me is that a $10 will get more "CPU time" on that single core than a $5 box?
18:51<Eugene>If the host is CPU-constrained, yes, that is my understanding. I haven't done a double-blind test or anything since the $5 plan was introduced
18:51<Eugene>If the host is not constrained then you get to use your whole core ;-)
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19:23<MrPPS>I'm presuming AXFR's against linode's nameservers are still permitted when the correct IP address is specified in the SOA record?
19:26-!-eyepulp [~eyepulp@] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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19:34<dwfreed>MrPPS: the only IPs that can AXFR the zone are the ones specified in the DNS Manager, and then you have to AXFR against through, *not* through
19:34-!-mode/#linode [+l 356] by ChanServ
19:34<MrPPS>dwfreed: ah, that's where I was going wrong - I was trying against ns1->ns5
19:34<MrPPS>thanks :D
19:35<MrPPS>was starting to wonder if perhaps it was tied up in SOA record propogation or something
19:35-!-icepcux [] has joined #linode
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19:36<dwfreed>it's not actually part of the SOA record, but it's still affected by the 15 minute update interval
19:36<MrPPS>thanks for that :)
19:43-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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19:47<arlen>hmm 502 on the manager
19:48<@mquatrani>arlen: we are currently investigating. Putting up a status page now.
19:48<arlen>!point mquatrani
19:48<linbot>arlen: Point given to mquatrani. (4)
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19:52<linbot>New news from status: Connectivity Issues -, Linode Manager and Linode API <>
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20:30<brainhalt>trying to follow this guide:
20:30<brainhalt>getting stuck on step 3.
20:30<brainhalt>Error: Cannot Direct Disk boot a disk with no MBR:
20:30<cbirk>install gentoo
20:31<brainhalt>i have to install a custom distro from an iso
20:31-!-mode/#linode [+l 355] by ChanServ
20:31-!-brainihalt [] has joined #linode
20:31-!-brainihalt is "..." on #linode #chat
20:32<brainihalt>well ok then...
20:32<cbirk>two of you
20:32<brainihalt>i was dc'd
20:32<cbirk>that will cost you EXTRA
20:32<brainihalt>I can pay you in honey badger currency
20:32<cbirk>it seems theres an error with this doc brainihalt
20:32<cbirk>step 1 should be to install gentoo
20:32-!-mode/#linode [+l 356] by ChanServ
20:32<cbirk>let me find step 3 and see if i can contribute
20:32<brainihalt>lemme guess, no steps after that?
20:33<cbirk>step 2) get good
20:33<@nbrewer>brainihalt: ok so
20:33<@nbrewer>presumably you booted into rescue mode, downloaded the image
20:33<@nbrewer>and then used dd to put it on the installer disk, right?
20:33<brainihalt>and if i reboot the install image in rescue mode and mount /dev/sda i can see it
20:34<brainihalt>(just as a test)
20:34<@nbrewer>ok, is the image an installer? or is it a pre-built distro image?
20:34<brainihalt>pre-build ISO, based on CentOS, but hardened
20:35<@nbrewer>okay. that's probably the issue.
20:35<@nbrewer>direct disk needs a MBR to boot
20:35<brainihalt>so in the example where they tell you to d/k and ISO and use it...
20:35<brainihalt>it can't just be.. any.. ISO?
20:36<@nbrewer>well, no. direct disk will not work with literally anything. but if you have a MBR and a bootloader you should be ok.
20:36<cbirk>it can't boot your grandpappies warez
20:37<brainihalt>how can i tell if the ISO image has an MBR?
20:37<brainihalt>i tried to google that, no luck
20:39<brainihalt>what if I mount the iso image as rw in an appliance that has the same OS loaded.
20:39-!-brainhalt [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:39<brainihalt>can i put an MBR on it?
20:39<@nbrewer>i believe "sudo parted -l" should let you know
20:39-!-mode/#linode [+l 355] by ChanServ
20:40<brainihalt>ok one last question
20:40<brainihalt>how do i "set my console to kvm mode"
20:40-!-anomie [] has joined #linode
20:40-!-anomie is "Anomie" on #linode
20:40<brainihalt>i saw someone post that as an issue they were having that was similar
20:40-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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20:41<@caker>just use Glish, no?
20:41-!-mode/#linode [+l 357] by ChanServ
20:41<@nbrewer>brainihalt: i don't really understand what you mean by "kvm mode," could you clarify?
20:41<@caker>keyboard, video, mouse
20:41<@caker>= Glish
20:41<brainihalt>was reading this:
20:41-!-anomie [] has quit []
20:41<brainihalt>"Is your account hypervisor set to KVM?"
20:42<cbirk>ya thats the hypervisor
20:42<cbirk>as opposed to xen
20:42<@nbrewer>ah ok
20:42<@nbrewer>we don't allow Xen Linodes any more.
20:42<@nbrewer>Unless you created this Linode a while ago, it is KVM.
20:42<cbirk>breaking the law, breaking the law
20:42<brainihalt>ok. this was about 8 mo
20:42-!-mode/#linode [+l 356] by ChanServ
20:43<cbirk>brainihalt: is the machine not booting or what
20:43<@nbrewer>brainihalt: direct disk boot is only an option on KVM
20:43<@nbrewer>so you're definitely using KVM.
20:43<brainihalt>i think nbrewer make the fairly accurate observation that my ISO image ,for some reason, doesnt have a MBR, while a net-installer ISO does...
20:43<brainihalt>so im not entirely sure of the difference tbh
20:44<brainihalt>and how it couldnt have an MBR and yet still boot in ESX, VirtualBox, and physical appliances.
20:44<cbirk>it's a custom ISO or it's deis
20:44<brainihalt>its a custom ISO based on CentOS
20:44<cbirk>oh isee
20:44<@nbrewer>brainihalt: there's a few different ways you could get it working as-is, though it's going to be a little more involved than the guide
20:45<brainihalt>i tried the old guide
20:45<brainihalt>rsyncing each partition
20:45<brainihalt>lost half my hair
20:45<cbirk>like this?
20:45<brainihalt>yes like that
20:45<@nbrewer>kvm made things a lot easier, especially with the addition of Glish.
20:45<cbirk>maybe your iso is b0rk3d
20:46<cbirk>can you boot that thing in virtualbox
20:46<cbirk>or vmware _fusion_
20:46<brainihalt>and esxi
20:47<brainihalt>thats why im like wtf
20:47<cbirk>yeah, odd
20:47<millisa>I just tried those instructions with the current centos7 minimal iso and it appears to work.
20:47<cbirk>nice work millisa
20:47<brainihalt>though, to be honest... i havent specifically tried this version of the iso.
20:47<brainihalt>ill put it in virtualbox and see what it does.
20:47<cbirk>maybe you should
20:47<cbirk>to be certain
20:48<@caker>if I needed to install from an ISO, I'd do it locally via virtualbox or whatever, and then lob the resulting disk/files up to Linode via rescue mode, and be done
20:48<brainihalt>i tried that before
20:48<@caker>works every time<tm>
20:48<brainihalt>but that is way beyond my skill set
20:48<brainihalt>i totally borked it lol
20:48<cbirk>the isos messed up? or you mean rsyncing
20:48<cbirk>rsyncing is easy and so can you
20:48<@caker>if you think that's hard, booting from an ISO and getting the ISO to do the needful is going to be way harder. Most ISO installers expect the media to be on /dev/cdrom, and there's no way to do that currently under Linode
20:49-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
20:49<@caker>so the installer itself won't probably work, even if you do get it to boot
20:49<@nbrewer>the majority of installers work pretty well in direct disk now
20:49-!-mode/#linode [+l 355] by ChanServ
20:49<@caker>they do? amazing! they used to all be hardcoded to /dev/cdrom and not detect the media it was actually on
20:49<@nbrewer>ubuntu is the notable exception, you have to "mount /dev/sdb1 /cdrom" for it to install correctly
20:50<brainihalt>trying ISO now
20:50<cbirk>iso, not even once
20:51<cbirk>you should try stage3 tarball brainihalt
20:51<@nbrewer>brainihalt: the issue is likely that 1) you don't have an MBR or 2) yout partitioning is weird in some other way i can't picture
20:51<@nbrewer>might help to see what your partition table looks like.
20:51<brainihalt>ISO booted right up in VirtualBOX
20:52<Eugene>I use Rufus to create a bootable USB stick, then dd THAT into /dev/sdb and set it as bootable
20:52<Eugene>After install, remove /dev/sdb and change the boot device to sda
20:52<brainihalt>interesting idea
20:52<@caker>3) it wasn't uploaded correctly (file inside a filesystem, or something else weird)
20:52<brainihalt>aight.. gonna go eat and will come back to these suggestions.. thanks much
20:53<Eugene>Some ISOs can boot if dd'ed directly; I believe the CentOS and Ubuntu currnet images do support that, but I was not able to make it work with Windows, Tails, or any of the BSD installers i tried
20:53<millisa>centos7 definitely did
20:54<brainihalt>thanks much for all the assistance..
20:54<brainihalt>be back in like 30-45mins
20:54<@nbrewer>brainihalt: cool, feel free to open a ticket (and mention my username) if you keep hitting a wall with it, i've been adding stuff to that guide as i go along
20:54<brainihalt>thanks nbrewer. im actually working with Coby and waiting on someone in Support to contact me anyway)
20:54<brainihalt>perhaps that will expedite it
20:54<cbirk>this is pretty elite
20:55<Eugene> I haven't gotten a chance to install it on a physical machine yet, but it looks neat in a VM
20:55<cbirk>Eugene: you tried it out?
20:55<@caker>ugh, that site screws with scrollspeed. Filed this under personal offenses log.
20:55<brainihalt>ok brb
20:55<Eugene>Ya. At $DAYJOB we deploy a Freenases
20:55<cbirk>the UI looks cool
20:55<Eugene>We're excited for the prospect of doing stuff like unifi in a bhyve/docker
20:55<cbirk>looks like my ubiquitiunifi UI
20:56<Eugene>It would simplify our rollouts considerably
20:56<cbirk>i want to upgrade to this but im scared ill lose all of my home videos
20:56-!-moss[m] [~mossmatri@2001:470:1af1:101::568] has joined #linode
20:56-!-moss[m] is "" on #linode
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20:58<Eugene>Some day I will do another forklift of my home fileserver and migrate my Linux ISO Collection to openstack
20:59<Eugene>42TB! Yeesh.
20:59<dwfreed>Eugene: you can fix all of those with isohybrid
20:59<Eugene>I don't even know how to back this up cheaply. The individual files won't fit onto a BD-R, and I'm not excited about the idea of doing tarballs
20:59<cbirk>42 TB good lord
20:59<cbirk>i thought i was all enterprise with my 8TB of movies
20:59<Eugene>dwfreed - wtb blog post
20:59<millisa>a synology with some ratchetting straps on it for a handle
21:00<dwfreed>Eugene: isohybrid thing.iso
21:00<cbirk>i heard synology stuff is pretty good millisa
21:00<@ctarquini>caker: add smoothscroll.js$script to adblock, 60% of the time it works every time
21:00<millisa>i like them ok.
21:00<millisa>well, as long as you get the plus models
21:00<Eugene>As in `isohybrid` ? I've never heard of this tool
21:00<millisa>1515+ or above
21:00<dwfreed>Eugene: comes from syslinux; all it does is make a fake mbr that just loads the iso9660 bootloader
21:00*nbrewer has approximately 6.5 tb spread across usb externals that aren't even using the same filesystem
21:00<cbirk>you need a freenas box nbrewer
21:00<dwfreed>Eugene: where the MBR goes is all 0s on an iso anyway
21:00<cbirk>retired linode hosts work well :)
21:01<Eugene>My home fileserver is a Supermicro Xeon board with 10xSeagate 8TB Archive drives in md level 6... it works fine, but I'm really not too happy with the performance
21:01<cbirk>ctarquini: does that really work?
21:01<cbirk>dam eur
21:02<Eugene>The wife would have my head if I upgraded it before we buy a house though
21:02<cbirk>i just bought a house
21:02<@nbrewer>if i had a house, with a basement, i would use those servers
21:02<cbirk>and shoveled snow
21:02<cbirk>you wont have time to use those servers sir
21:02<cbirk>you would be too busy shoveling snow
21:02<Eugene>I have gigabit in my apartment and I only push 10TB/mo :-(
21:02<cbirk>fibre gewgs?
21:02<dwfreed>Eugene: if the first 16 KB of an iso is 0s, it hasn't been isohybrid-ized; if it isn't, it has, and thus will boot from a disk of any type via a regular dd
21:02<Eugene>I would redirect the server exhaust under the driveway
21:02<@ctarquini>My microwave broke so I just fire up an old host and start mining bitcoin when I need to heat up leftovers
21:03<@nbrewer>i bought a jeep so that i don't have to shovel snow
21:03<cbirk>good thing your microwave broke
21:03<Eugene>dwfreed - makese sense. I put basically zero effort into getting Tails to boot... I havent' read the iso9660 standard in too many years
21:03<cbirk>now the CIA cant spy on you
21:03<dwfreed>Eugene: booting an iso9660 is the El Torito boot floppy
21:04<dwfreed>yes, I said floppy
21:04<cbirk>3 1/2 floppy
21:04<Eugene>Don't copy that floppy
21:04<cbirk>Eugene: you have google fibre?
21:04<Eugene>WaveG, formerly CondoInternet. Seattle-area local provider
21:04<dwfreed>presumably started from needing a separate floppy disk to boot the disc, and then they incorporated it straight into the disc
21:04<cbirk>oh nice
21:04<cbirk>is that expensive?
21:05<cbirk>most i can get is 750mbps
21:05<Eugene>$80/mo for gigabit; $60 buys you 100mbps but that's peasant-level
21:05<cbirk>yeah that is
21:05<dwfreed>brb, moving to Seattle
21:05<@mquatrani>welp. that makes me sad..
21:05<cbirk>man, they kill us here
21:05<Eugene>They only offer a single static IP. Commercial quote started at $500/mo for a /29
21:05<cbirk>its $145/mo for 750mbps verizon fios
21:05<@nbrewer>i have never received 100Mbps from comcast, ever.
21:05<dwfreed>Eugene: can do a lot with 1 IP
21:05<cbirk>nbrewer: problem -> comcast
21:05<Eugene>Or else I would have had the apartment building remove my washer+dryer and installed a 42U rack in the closet....
21:05<dwfreed>nbrewer: doingitwrong
21:06<dwfreed>nbrewer: when I lived in Galloway, I could hit that all the time
21:06<cbirk>dwfreed is a comcast fanboy
21:06<Eugene>dwfreed - I have this odd idea that 1 public IP = 1 machine = 1 TCP:22. I know. IPv6 etc, but I don't like NAT.
21:06<Eugene>Its a religious objection to legacy IP features
21:06<@nbrewer>there was probably only 3-7 people accessing the internet at any given time in GW
21:06<dwfreed>Eugene: bastion host
21:06<cbirk>true facts
21:07<@nbrewer>most of them in the Linode office.
21:07<Eugene>dwfreed - doesn't work for my userbase(family)
21:07<cbirk>is your family in 4k
21:07<dwfreed>Eugene: force-command by ssh key to bounce them to the right server
21:08<Eugene>Yeah I know. Effort.
21:08<Eugene>Besides, I like giving Linode $40/mo for that server
21:08<cbirk>i miss my Linodes
21:09<dwfreed>fun fact: ssh subsystem request is just a special way of saying force command
21:09<Eugene>IIRC its only for internal things, eg sftp-server?
21:09<dwfreed>that's the only thing that *uses* it, at present
21:10<dwfreed>there's no limitations imposed by either side
21:10<dwfreed>ssh has a 'subsystem request' flag you can use to specify whatever you want
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21:14<@ctarquini>main difference afaik is subsystems don't have to be external programs and do not use the user shell to execute/lookup the binary path, subsystems need to be defined in sshd_config
21:16<dwfreed>openssh has both an sftp-server built-in, as well as available as an external binary
21:20<linbot>New news from forum: Feature Request/Bug Report • Block storage <>
21:22<cbirk>i have rolled the dice
21:22<cbirk>and am upgrading to Corral
21:24<Eugene>I predict fire
21:24<cbirk>for real
21:25<cbirk>all my warez
21:25<cbirk>good thing i have backups
21:25<cbirk>not like amateur hour gitlab
21:25<cbirk>testing their backups after shit fails
21:26-!-anomie [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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21:28<cbirk>system is rebooting
21:28<cbirk>gonna take forever to count all NINETY JIGGABYTES
21:29<cbirk>of RAM
21:29<@ctarquini>if someone other than dominos would deliver to me, I'd be so happy
21:29<brainihalt>i just came back from little ceasars
21:29<brainihalt>all delivered pizza is ewwww
21:30<cbirk>pizza pizza
21:30<cbirk>ctarquini: lash delivery
21:30<cbirk>ya dig
21:31<@ctarquini>could ask magic to do it but that'll probably cost $100+
21:34<@ctarquini>This requires leaving the house
21:34<cbirk>it's dead jim
21:34<cbirk>upgrading to corral
21:36<dwfreed>ctarquini: magic's rate is $35/hr these days
21:36<dwfreed>they'll also ask you to confirm the purchase of what you're asking for
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21:41<millisa>noticed something odd - spun up a new linode a couple days ago and when setting the reverse dns, it finds the ipv4 forward just fine, and after I clicked on the 'use this address' button, it brought up a white page.
21:41<millisa>it *is* making the setting, so it's not broken, just something up with the output of the page after the last step. just tried it with a new system, and it did the same thing. different datacenter
21:42<dwfreed>it's probably bugging out
21:42<millisa> is the page it's on when it's just doing a white screen
21:43<@nbrewer>millisa: could you open a support ticket? i think we'll need to check all the specifics
21:43<millisa>i guess the button i click is just 'yes' in the green box
21:44*caker looks
21:44<millisa>i was able to repeat it on a different account after resetting. i'll get a ticket (again, it's not *broken*; it's just not displaying whatever the form result is)
21:45<@caker>found it ... one moment
21:45<millisa>still want the ticket?
21:45<@caker>fixed - thanks for the heads up
21:45<@nbrewer>heh, or that. thanks caker
21:45<dwfreed>yeah, it's just missing the redirect back to the remote access tab
21:46<millisa>yep, looks fixed
21:48<@nbrewer>^ srsly, all salesmanship aside, that's some quick turn around
21:48<millisa>it was a serious issue. required executive intervention.
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21:51<millisa>I like how they had to put 'As Col. Travis' there on the cover. That clearly mattered to someone.
21:52<@nbrewer>yeah i was just wondering about that myself
21:53<millisa>I guess I have to do this then. my queue was almost empty
21:54<@nbrewer>i i totally loved that movie when i was a kid, and most of the stuff that was recommended to you
21:55<dwfreed>millisa: not exactly an uncommon request by actors
21:55<dwfreed>millisa: in the opening credit of Charmed, you'll see "Holly Marie Combs as Piper"
21:57<millisa>based on the images I'm finding when I search for 'charmed', I'm assuming it's a movie/show about a world that knows nothing about sleeves.
21:58<millisa>fabric must be controlled by a group of robber barons.
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22:21-!-Peter is now known as Guest426
22:22<Guest426>is here have customer service ??
22:22<millisa>it's a community channel, but someone might be able to help you if you have a question
22:23<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
22:28<Guest426>Can i use the module of "PHPMailer" on Linode to send the mail ??
22:28<millisa>You get root access to a vps you setup. You can run just about anything (that is legal)
22:29<millisa>(since you mentioned sending mail, make sure to read the TOS , pay attention to section 3)
22:29-!-saphirblanc [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:30<nate>Guest426: If anything, it's technically -better- to use something like that (w/ SMTP authentication) rather than use system sendmail, if you want mail to probably reach it's destination. Just keep in mind millisa's comment about legality (and further link there) though if you're planning to be spammy :P
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22:41<Guest426>So i can do anything i want, but just no illegal will be ok. Isn't it ?
22:45<millisa>Pretty much. People use linodes for all sorts of things.
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23:00<Guest426>Sorry, confirm again.
23:01<Guest426> It's can use on Linode, right ??
23:01<Guest426>Ok, thanks very much for all.
23:02<cbirk>Eugene: i had to do some trickery
23:02<cbirk>but it works
23:02<cbirk>gotta take note of your network interface prior to upgrade
23:02<cbirk>then do something like
23:03<cbirk>network interface alias create <ip of yuour nas> netmask=
23:03<cbirk>this interface is beautiful
23:09<millisa>had you been using the older version(s) of freenas before trying this?
23:10<cbirk>i was on 9.10
23:10<cbirk>went from 9.10 -> Corral
23:10<cbirk>all my plugins tho
23:10<cbirk>plex, transmission
23:10<cbirk>everythings gone
23:10<millisa>and here I was thinking I'd get work done this evening.
23:10<cbirk>going to investigate now
23:14<cbirk>im goingt o kill this thing
23:14<Ikaros>Is it bad i just burst out laughing
23:15<cbirk>did you just go to the bathroom?
23:15<cbirk>if so, normal
23:15<Ikaros>Eh I don't quite get the relation
23:19<cbirk>this is a great excuse for me to upgrade my hardware
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