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00:49<linbot>A cat's whiskers are thought to be a kind of radar, which helps a cat gauge the space it intends to walk through.
00:54<dwfreed>dude, you're too fat, you can't fit through there
00:55<Eugene>My big orange boy is actually underweight
00:55<dcraig>the linode administrators have detected an issue affecting the physical hardware my linode resides on
00:55<dwfreed>oh no
00:55<dcraig>and it is "stopped" in the manager
00:55<dcraig>but it is still up and running
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01:03<Eugene>I blame cthulu for node issues
01:03<Eugene>Some day I wi
01:03<Eugene>Some day I will make my pet projects HA. But not today.
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02:38<dcraig>Eugene is highly available
02:38<Eugene>What would you value a Vendcoin at relative to Bitcoin or Shitcoin?
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04:02<fsiu38>any operator here?
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04:54<sachin>There ?
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04:54<sachin>linode has cpanel ?
04:55<sachin>I have to choose between DO and linode ?
04:55<sachin>Which is good ?
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04:56<nate>Linode has cPanel if you pay for managed, otherwise you have to pay for it yourself. As for choosing between DO and Linode, this is #lin... nevermind then
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06:12<brainhalt>(not sure why it was spelled different)
06:12<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Hello Everyone <>
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09:34<wehaye>any support in here? i need help
09:34<rsdehart>wehaye: just ask your question please
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09:34<rsdehart>yes, this is community support
09:34<rsdehart>once you've asked a question someone will have the opportunity to answer if they know the answer
09:34<wehaye>I re-install my new cell phone, so I also lost authenticator app. Another option uses sctartch code, but I never get a scratch code. I can not log into my linode dashboard.
09:35<rsdehart>I don't use 2fa for linode, unfortunately
09:35<wehaye>What should I do?
09:35<DrJ>wehaye, you're going to have to use email or phone support
09:36<DrJ>they will ask you to provide a few methods of ID most like;y
09:36<wehaye>I've sent an email to the support, but have not been able to answer.
09:36<DrJ>how long ago?
09:36<DrJ>it may take a bit for them to respond
09:36<DrJ>Honestly, for something like this I would recommend calling
09:37<wehaye>yet there is one hour.
09:37<DrJ>also, the scratch code is given when you first activate 2fa
09:37<DrJ>you have to write it down when it is shown because you'll never see it again
09:38<brainhalt>yeah 2fa, ouch
09:38<wehaye>may be lost or accidentally deleted. I have checked in the mail but did not see.
09:39<DrJ>they don't email it to you
09:39<wehaye>meant I did not record it. :(
09:40<DrJ>if you scroll down they even have a small recovery procedure section
09:41<wehaye>Recovery Procedure If you lose your token and get locked out of the Linode Manager, email to regain access to your account.
09:42<wehaye>Well the only way just waiting for email replies.
09:42<DrJ>it tells you what they will ask for
09:43<DrJ>so, while you wait I would go ahead and get photocopies of your credit card and government id
09:44<wehaye>Well, thank you very much for the advice. I really appreciate it..
09:45<DrJ>and don't forget to write down that scratch code once you get back in :)
09:45<wehaye>Okay. Thank you very much.
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10:15<brainhalt>anyone know a command in finnix to tell if a drive/partition has MBR installed?
10:19<brainhalt>I think I got it...
10:19<brainhalt>root@ttyS0:~# dd if=/dev/sda of=mbr count=4 bs=512
10:19<brainhalt>4+0 records in
10:19<brainhalt>4+0 records out
10:19<brainhalt>2048 bytes (2.0 kB) copied, 0.000177618 s, 11.5 MB/s
10:19<brainhalt>root@ttyS0:~# file mbr
10:19<brainhalt>mbr: isolinux Loader (version 4.04)
10:29<@nbrewer>brainhalt: "parted -l" should tell you. look for "msdos" in the partition table section. mine looks like this:
10:31<brainhalt>root@ttyS0:/# parted -l
10:31<brainhalt>Error: /dev/sda: unrecognised disk label
10:31<brainhalt>Model: QEMU QEMU HARDDISK (scsi)
10:31<brainhalt>Disk /dev/sda: 3146MB
10:31<brainhalt>Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
10:31<brainhalt>Partition Table: unknown
10:31<brainhalt>Disk Flags:
10:31<brainhalt>Warning: Unable to open /dev/sdh read-write (Read-only file system). /dev/sdh
10:31<brainhalt>has been opened read-only.
10:31<brainhalt>Error: Invalid partition table - recursive partition on /dev/sdh.
10:31<brainhalt>Ignore/Cancel? ignore
10:31<brainhalt>Model: QEMU QEMU HARDDISK (scsi)
10:31<brainhalt>Disk /dev/sdh: 168MB
10:31<brainhalt>Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/512B
10:31<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
10:31<brainhalt>Partition Table: msdos
10:31<brainhalt>Disk Flags:
10:31<brainhalt>Number Start End Size Type File system Flags
10:31<brainhalt>ive been smacked down!
10:33<brainhalt>anywho no worries.. workin in out :-P
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10:39<brainhalt>that really odd
10:39<brainhalt>i made all my changes to the partitioons
10:39<brainhalt>did my thing
10:40<brainhalt>rebooted.. and its all gone .
10:40<brainhalt>im such a noob at this kind of stuffs
10:42<@nbrewer>brainhalt: if this image has grub installed, you could just skip to the linode manager compatibility section, dd the image to an ext4 disk, update your fstab and your grub config, then boot with grub 2 mode
10:42<@nbrewer>just keep in mind since it's centos 7-based you'll probably need to symlink /boot/grub/grub.cfg to /boot/grub2/grub.cfg
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10:49<Zimsky>can I pay by cash
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10:49<Zimsky>and just hand a wad of bills to someone at the office
10:49<Zimsky>or cakes
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10:49<Zimsky>I want a provider that takes payment in cake
10:53<Peng>try Hurricane Electric
10:56<Zimsky>peng, is that some reference I don't get
10:56<@jfred>mmm, cake
11:04<Meyer_>Zimsky: I have one of those!
11:05<Zimsky>you'll need to be more specific
11:05<Meyer_>Zimsky: I once gave Telia a cake when they helped me reroute some traffic from Sweden to Linode ;)
11:06<Meyer_>I can't remember the reason. I believe it was some fibre between UK and Denmark that was broken and I convinced them to reroute all traffic to Linode through frankfurt instead
11:07<Meyer_>It was a couple of years ago
11:07<Meyer_>the powers of irc
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11:08<Meyer_>The times when London was the only european location if I recall correctly
11:09<Meyer_>for Linode that is
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11:19<Peng>What were they doing, routing through the US?
11:21<Meyer_>Peng: routing it over congested links so it caused packet loss
11:21<Meyer_>if I recall correctly
11:23<Peng>Ah :X
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11:40<Eugene>Every day I'm Linodin'
12:03<brainhalt>lol I got tired of copying a 1.4G iso over and over again. so im made a 3G ext4 "src" disk to use ..
12:03<brainhalt>this is the last time im copying this
12:11<JamesTK>are people ddosing linode's support line?
12:11<Peng>You go to the pay phone on the left, i go to the pay phone on the right, we both put a quarter in.
12:11<Peng>two calls is probably enough to crash it.
12:11<Peng>(I was joking. I doubt people are DDoSing it.)
12:12<JamesTK>You could send through a few thousand calls
12:12<jiggawattz>Linode is getting a lot of support traffic after the $5 drop
12:12<JamesTK>Works for Centrelink
12:12<jiggawattz>that's what happens when you go low-end
12:14<brainhalt>ouch lol
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12:23<@mcintosh>!boo jiggawattz
12:23<linbot>mcintosh: Point taken from jiggawattz! (-1)
12:23<jiggawattz>the $5 offer was good mcintosh
12:23<jiggawattz>but I realize that a fucking bajillion newbs probably flooded your ticket system
12:24<Zimsky>eviscerate them
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12:32<Zimsky>don't ignore me zifnab :(
12:32<zifnab>Don't ping me everywhere...
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13:11<rafael>Hey, I was wondering what I should do if someone using this service has copied content from my website?
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13:15<FluffyFoxeh>maybe wait longer than 2 minutes for an answer
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13:36<estr>Any Linode's support user?
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13:42<linbot>If you have a question, feel free to just ask it -- someone's always willing to help. If you don't get a response right away, be patient! You may want to read
13:42<linbot>Users with ops are employees of Linode, and know what they're talking about. The rest of us are the ever-so-helpful(?) community. Official Linode contact information:
13:43<Cromulent>back in a sec restarting
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13:55<estr>How do I contact Andrew Orme?
13:56<@mcintosh>estr: it's unlikely you'll directly reach him but anyone in support department can assist you
13:57<@mcintosh>in our support department*
13:57<estr>Then who can I talk to?
13:58<@mcintosh>well, you can talk to me
13:58<@mcintosh>or you can submit/update a ticket, or call in, and talk to someone else
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14:11<Woet>whats so special about Andrew?
14:11<Peng>what ISN'T
14:12<Woet>his name
14:13<csnxs>anne drew what?? D:
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15:56<Eddie>howdy. would someone help me understand why the output of "free -m" on my linode box doesn't add up?
15:56<Eddie>free should be equal to total - used. it isn't
15:57<Eddie>available should be "free + buffers/cache", but it isn't either
15:57<Peng>is it close?
15:57<Eddie>not even. look at the link
15:58<Peng>I have *no* idea. I don't know how exactly Linux calculates that stuff.
15:58<Eddie>this is how:
15:59<Eddie>well, how it SHOULD
15:59<Eddie>not in my case.
16:02<Eddie>anyways, if someone wants so SF points
16:03<nate>Eddie: "Available" is what is available. It's what used to show up under 'free' under the buffers/cache section before they made the new column.
16:03<nate>What's under buffers/cache may not nessesarily be 'used'
16:03<nate>Or specifically, some may be reserved
16:04<Eddie>thanks nate. i get that. but 'available' should make sense how it relates to the other numbers. it doesn't
16:04<iSRAELi>as you guys helped me before :(
16:04<iSRAELi>im super fraustrated with this
16:05<iSRAELi>how do i get to log the actual message in the file
16:05-!-bud [~oftc-webi@] has joined #linode
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16:05<iSRAELi>and not just "Error message\n"
16:05-!-bud [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
16:06<Woet>Eddie: $ man free
16:07<Eddie>Woet, I read
16:07<Eddie>I doubt that site has wrong info.
16:07<Woet>Eddie: what makes you doub that?
16:07<Woet>doubt *
16:08<Eddie>I don't doubt anything, not even free -m
16:08<Eddie>sorry, not even man free
16:09<Eddie>I am saying the question I have is not about how it should work. It is about how it is working. it is deviating from the should, be it man free, the indicated site or any other up to date resource
16:09<Woet>Eddie: what part of man free is deviating?
16:10<Woet>Eddie: and what part of the site is deviating?
16:10<Eddie>Woet you are not making sense
16:10<Eddie>are you a bot?
16:10<Woet>Eddie: nope, can you answer my question?
16:10<Woet>Eddie: what part of "man free" is deviating from your output?
16:12<Eddie>[12:56] <Eddie> free should be equal to total - used. it isn't12:57] <Eddie> available should be "free + buffers/cache", but it isn't either
16:13<Woet>Eddie: "man free" does not claim either of those things.
16:13<Woet>Eddie: have you even read it?
16:14-!-fridaynext [~fridaynex@2605:6000:1715:4008:e8af:a723:f04e:d688] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
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16:17<Eddie>i did. it doesn't state how the numbers relate to each other aside from "used" is calculated
16:17<Eddie>which doesn't mean necessarily that the site has incorrect info
16:17-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
16:18<Woet>Eddie: are you sure? because mine has a 3 sentence explanation on how "available" is calculated for example.
16:19<Eddie>the 3 lines state WHERE the numbers came from. not how they relate/are calculated with the other numbers
16:20<Eddie>it doesn't say PLUS or MINUS or EQUAL. like "used" does
16:22<Woet>Eddie: yes, it tells you what it actually means. and if you use logical thinking, you can turn that into math
16:22<Woet>Eddie: if for whatever reason you care a lot about that
16:24<Eddie>Woet, thank you for your help.but pls find someone else to teach life lessons to. I am just trying to get a simple answer to a simple issue. I am not going to dissect the logic behind free -m. I like dedicate my time for in depth learning of other things in life.
16:24<Woet>Eddie: like finding connections between numbers that dont necessarily have connections
16:24<Woet>Eddie: alright
16:25<Peng>I can't imagine kernel memory management is simple
16:25<relidy>!point Peng
16:25<linbot>relidy: Point given to peng. (6)
16:26<Eddie>Def not simple Peng. But it doesn't mean there is a simple explanation to what is going on here. Or the site linuxatemyram is incorrect (unlikely)
16:26<csnxs>!lick Peng
16:26<linbot>csnxs: Point given to peng. (7)
16:26<Woet>Peng: just give him a simple answer dude
16:27<Woet>Peng: free + used - shared + cache / 2 * 10 - total ^ 2 = available
16:27<csnxs>available = magic
16:28<relidy>The man page says it's an estimation. That means it's probably really "magic-y".
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16:29<Woet>relidy: oh damn, if only someone told him to read the man page
16:30*relidy smiles.
16:31<relidy>I don't personally understand enough of the underlying system to even guess if reflects current behavior.
16:32-!-Eddie [~oftc-webi@] has quit []
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16:34<neoark>i just spun a ubuntu my ipv6 is not working
16:34<neoark>is there anything i need to do to fix it?
16:35-!-neoark is now known as Guest478
16:35<relidy>Guest478: Can you better define "not working"?
16:35<Guest478>0% [Connecting to (2001:67c:1560:8001::14)]
16:36-!-mode/#linode [+l 363] by ChanServ
16:36<Guest478>stuck there
16:37<Peng>All IPv6 or just
16:38<Guest478>ping6 doesn't work either
16:38<Peng>Could you pastebin 'ip -6 a' and 'ip -6 r'?
16:38<linbot>Please paste longer snippets over at and not in the channel
16:38<Guest478>wait it pings google but its really slow
16:39<Guest478>to push that first ping
16:41<Guest478>must be cause it new isntance its working better now
16:41-!-Guest478 [] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
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17:04<Eugene>Does anybody have a stockpile of Dogecoin? I want to spend $20, but that seems to be easier said than done.
17:12-!-eangert [] has left #linode [*poof*]
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17:25<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Hello Everyone <>
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18:55<Eugene>Peng - your name came up in a tcpdump of NTP troubleshooting. I laughed.
18:55<dwfreed>one of the most popular stratum 2s in NA
18:56<Eugene>Some day I'll get off my butt and buy a GPS receiver
19:04<relidy>Anyone have experience with chroots and "bind mounts"? It looks like the perfect answer to my use case (PHP-FPM chrooted) and works on my one-off test, but I have no idea how well it scales (50 - 75 virtual hosts in individual chroots).
19:05<Eugene>chroots are not a security mechanism against a talented attacker
19:05<relidy>Yep, aware of that, but it's an additional layer against stupid.
19:05<Eugene>They are decent for preventing accidental contamination between environments, but I honestly don't even bother because it doesn't matter to me
19:07<Eugene>The information that you will find about setup, especially for php-fpm related stuff, is of varying and dubious quality. The good news is that #linode is an excellent resource, and if you document your setup well and post it here somebody with a clue might read it and laugh
19:08*dwfreed casts summon MajObviousman
19:09-!-anew_ [] has quit [Quit: Leaving]
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19:10<relidy>Yeah, I'm aware that most of what I'm finding is, as you say, dubious, hence asking some targeted questions. If anyone has broader input, that's certainly welcome as well.
19:11<relidy>I'm certainly not relying on it as my grand plan to stop all evil. It's just one cog.
19:11<Eugene>My 2c: guess & check from the blog posts, write your own, and tell us about it.
19:11<Eugene>Its probably fine
19:11<Eugene>Totally won't just catch fire and steal your bitcoins
19:12<relidy>Love that word: probably
19:12<Peng>Eugene: <3
19:13-!-RumpledElf [] has quit [Quit: My iMac has gone to sleep. ZZZzzz…]
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19:20<millisa><---uses chroots and bind mounts for some of the dev's content folks so they don't have to do anything technical, like changing a directory...
19:21<relidy>Heh, takes a special kind of lazy I guess.
19:22<relidy>I really don't know how a "typical" Linux machine would handle having hundreds of them at once. I'm guessing it wouldn't care one bit, but that's guessing until I can do some testing.
19:24<Eugene>You'll run into some ulimits, which can be adjusted
19:25<Eugene>This is true of most things in linux.... the kernel/distro defaults are normally "fine" for desktops, but when you're doing a C10K challenge or whatever it gets weird
19:26<relidy>Absolutely. I wasn't thinking specifically about that right now, but I should be.
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20:55<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Gotchas when upgrading from Xen to KVM? <>
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21:04<millisa>These fanless boxes look interesting:
21:05<millisa>that little pocket UPS for the little one is neat
21:05<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • Gotchas when upgrading from Xen to KVM? <>
21:08<cbirk>anyone here read/write japanese?
21:08<cbirk>mainly read
21:08<millisa>sorry, gave it up for lent
21:13<cbirk>really would like to know wtf this is
21:15<linbot>New news from forum: General Discussion • What Do I Need To Open A Paypal Account <>
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21:21<@mcintosh>you sure it's japanese?
21:22-!-mode/#linode [+l 358] by ChanServ
21:23<dwfreed>lemme ask somebody I know
21:23<cbirk>cool, thx dwfreed :)
21:23<@mcintosh>!point dwfreed
21:23<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to dwfreed. (7)
21:23<cbirk>how are you mcintosh ?
21:24<@mcintosh>a bit chilly but great!
21:24<@mcintosh>and you?
21:24<cbirk>turn up the heat sahn
21:25<dwfreed>mcintosh's house is always cold
21:27<cbirk>cold as ice
21:27<arlen>just like his heart
21:27<cbirk>sup arlen how are you m8
21:27<arlen>great, you?
21:27<cbirk>also great
21:29-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
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21:43<cbirk>dedn haa
21:45<mmustac>cbirk has no honor not being able to read master language
21:47<millisa>well, to be fair, it was just the lyrics to some boy band's song
21:47<cbirk>mmustac: teach me senpai
21:48<mmustac>ok, first thing you learn is how to go to soaplands
21:49<mmustac>for reasearch of course.
21:51-!-eyepulp [] has joined #linode
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21:51<cbirk>maybach mmustac
21:51-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
21:53<mmustac>also, watch Yōjo Senki. cute grills in SS uniforms making "definitelyNotGermanyBrah" great again.
21:54<mmustac>cbirk, can I just say I love your twitter cause its like the only lefy leaning stuff in my feed. its a nice break up of my day. reminds me of being young.
21:54<mmustac>ty fam, for real
21:55<cbirk>im socialist 4 life
21:57<cbirk>White House staffer scrolling 4chan in the Columbia Heights Chick fil A
22:00<mmustac>totally not suprised
22:01<mmustac>also, plebs get on 8chan and become full wizards where you cant even tell if youre joking anymore the layers of irony are so deep
22:03<mmustac>youre right of course
22:04<mmustac>well about 8ch, not socialism
22:08<@mcintosh>!point cbirk
22:08<linbot>mcintosh: Point given to cbirk. (1)
22:08<mmustac>no i get your stupid lefty CTR meme, but its not even funny
22:08<mmustac>why a point?
22:09<@mcintosh>!boo mmustac
22:09<linbot>mcintosh: Point taken from mmustac! (-1)
22:09<cbirk>dam son
22:09<mmustac>!boo mmustac
22:09<linbot>mmustac: Point taken from mmustac! (-2)
22:09<mmustac>!boo mmustac
22:09<mmustac>!boo mmustac
22:09<linbot>mmustac: Point taken from mmustac! (-3)
22:09<linbot>mmustac: Point taken from mmustac! (-4)
22:09<@mquatrani>!boo mustac
22:09<linbot>mquatrani: Point taken from mustac! (-1)
22:09*cbirk unplugs his microwave
22:09<@mquatrani>i mean !boo mmustac
22:09<@mquatrani>welp. i'll see myself out
22:09<mmustac>how will youre mommy make you tendies tou?
22:10<mmustac>man you guys are so triggered in public
22:11*mmustac goes back to his hugbox
22:11<mmustac>for real though. i spent two weeks in zucciti (sp whatever) park when you guys were prob in middle sschool, so bite me
22:11<mmustac>wait till you get old
22:11<cbirk>wtf is zucciti
22:11<mmustac>that was a real battle. untill progressive stack took over
22:12<mmustac>youre kidding right
22:12<cbirk>OH ZUCCOTTI
22:13<cbirk>i thought youy were talking about spending two weeks in a zuccini matt
22:13<cbirk>i was like "this man has lost his mind"
22:16<mmustac>anyway im totally just larping of course. I LOVE HILLARY AND EVERYTHING SHE HAS EVER DONE AND SAID. SHE IS PERFECT AND I VOTED FOR HER. You can now not hate me or think im terrible cause i acgree with your amazing candidate.
22:16<mmustac>nite guys, I gotta golf kart to get a best time on.
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22:26<staticsafe>before I go searching, is there a recommended way to redirect one domain to another in nginx ( ->, HTTPS only)? 301?
22:28-!-eyepulp [] has quit [Ping timeout: 480 seconds]
22:28<@mcintosh>i think you can do a rewrite but I believe a 301 is the recommended way
22:28-!-Cromulent [] has quit [Quit: KVIrc 4.2.0 Equilibrium]
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22:31<staticsafe>return 301 $scheme://$request_uri;
22:31<staticsafe>looks like that will do it
22:47<dwfreed>cbirk: my resident japanese expert believes it's chinese
22:47<cbirk>it's japanese calligraphy
22:48<staticsafe> great success
22:49<@mcintosh>21:21:15 @mcintosh | you sure it's japanese?
22:49-!-nagchampa [~nagchampa@2001:44b8:2139:f500:b15d:15eb:9ceb:4d6c] has joined #linode
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22:49<cbirk>dwfreed: it could be c hinese calligraphy
22:49<cbirk>chinese too
22:50<cbirk>in any case, thanks for asking
22:51<cbirk>so far i have "high end japanese confectionary company" and "probably chinese"
22:54-!-fstd_ [] has joined #linode
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23:25<staticsafe>kyhwana: seeing Signal in 'Connecting' network status here
23:28<kyhwana>staticsafe: oop, guess it's down
23:33<staticsafe>wish I had people to use Signal with tbh
23:33<dwfreed>I mean, Whatsapp is basically the same thing
23:34-!-larsdesigns [] has joined #linode
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23:34<dwfreed>the only difference is one choice of convenience over security, which is harmless for pretty much everybody using it
23:36-!-mode/#linode [+l 358] by ChanServ
23:37<arlen>but whatsapp has a backdoor
23:37<arlen>I kid
23:42-!-ang [] has joined #linode
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